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Can Am X3 Roof Vent

Shade Roof Canam Maverick X3 Max Black



Motoroof Shade Roof is a mesh shade roof designed to quickly attach to your CanAm Maverik X3 MAX 4 seat. Our shade roof is an excellent warm weather roof option that gives you and your passengers shade and added UV protection from harmful sun exposure. You get an excellent open top feel with a 92 percent shade factor.

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Brp Made It You Make It Better

All new UTV owners have questions or problems. Some are new to a brand and more are brand new to the sport in general. Knowing how a particular machine holds up is important. We have gathered a list of parts that your machine needs to make it stronger and more user-friendly. Keep posted as we will add to this list.

The Can-Am X3 is an awesome car right out of the box, however its not perfect. The Rotax power plant and Fox Shox are so good, the chassis has trouble keeping up. There are a few critical areas that need immediate attention if you are doing anything more than tame trail riding.

For this article, Assault Industries takes care of the first five fixes. You can order each product through or call them directly at 799-6711.

Up front, the A-arm mounting points as well as the top shock mounts need bracing. Assault Industries developed a complete Front Structural Reinforcement Kit that fits all X3 models. The laser cut chromoly steel brace supplies a true double shear mounting point for these critical areas. Its a complete DIY, bolt on, you can install in a couple hours. It works with stock or aftermarket arms and shocks. Do yourself a favor and install this kit before its too late. Price: $349.99

Kemimoto X3 Roof Hard Top Compatible With Can


Stick strap installation, all windshield compatible, high-density material, aerodynamic design, and more

User experience

When it comes to choosing a roof for your Maverick X3, choosing the item for the two-seater or four-seater variation is always a concern. If you are looking for a roof to be installed on your Maverick X3 two-seater, consider grabbing this one from Kemimoto.

Features worth discussing

Getting a Maverick X3 compatible two-seater roof is not that hard, but getting quality from the item is what matters most at the end of the day.

When such is your concern, this Kemimoto roof is ready to be the solution. With a dense Polypropylene material and a decent ergonomic design, this roof will look pretty decent on your X3.

Another benefit of having this one for your Side-by-Side is that this one will not come in the way of your Can-Am windshield. This roof is compatible with all Can-Am X3 windshields, creating no disturbance in the visibility.

At the same time, the quick-release Velcro with all the necessary hardware will always come in handy to do the fastest and easiest installation possible.


  • The stick strap will lock down the front roof with ease.
  • The nice texture finish will retain durability for a long time.
  • The aerodynamic design will give minimum resistance to any air and fluid to keep you safe while driving.
  • Cons

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    Edition Dimmable Engine Temperature Gauge


    NEW! Dimmable display with 5 brightness levelsProgrammable unit of measure in Fahrenheit and CelsiusWater resistant sensor, connections & gaugeOne year warrantyThe newly added rocker switch now allows you to dim both the LED light as well as your LCD screen. Cycle between 5 levels of brightness to suit your riding needs!You can now …

    Can Am Maverick Sport Skid Plate Rivet To Bolt Conversion Kit



    Easier cleaning, servicing and installsDirect bolt in replacementConverts rivets to boltsEasily removableOur rivet to bolt conversion kit is a performance upgrade item designed to easily remove the skid plates for cleaning, servicing or installing aftermarket skid plates. Our button allen head bolts are exceptionally strong and will take…

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    Provent Roof Module Kit

    More Information

    Features Description Provides fresh air into the cab area.Optimal performance with full cab enclosure. 4 vents provide infinite adjustment of air flow for driver and passenger.Filter and pre-filter to limit dust intrusion.Easy cleaning of filter and pre-filter.Patent pending water management system to keep water out of cabin while maintaining air flow.Outer plug closes air intake completely for winter or heavy weather.Requires ProVent Roof Module Adapter Kit for Sport Roof .No requirement for Can-Am Aluminum roof.Not compatible with roof mounted LED bars, roof racks, roof liners, Bimini Roof, DragonFire roof and Lonestar Racing Aluminum Roof.
    Detailed Fits on

    Fits Any Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield

    The Versa-Vent self install kit from Seizmik, includes 2 Seizmik Versa-Vents, cutting template, and all mounting hardware. The dual vent system is designed to add driver and passenger ventilation and anti-fogging features to polycarbonate windshields.

    The scoop design gathers air off the hood and re-directs it to the inside of the vehicleeven slow speeds generate a surprising amount of air through the vent. The design of the scoop and the gasket between it and the windshield keeps precipitation out while still allowing airflow inas much or as little as either the driver or passenger desires.

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    Can Am X3 Glass Windshield By Emp 13563 Features

    Now, you have a real Laminated Glass Windshield for your X3. This windshield features Automotive style glass, wiper options, and a slide vent for added airflow into the cab. NOTE: The wipers do not wipe the entire windshield due to the shape of the glass. Or standard color is texture black. We do offer a yellow that matches the Can-Am Sunburst Yellow and Iron Gray. If you want yellow or Gray you can pick it from the drop down. Custom colors are not returnable and are coated to order and require 2-3 days to ship.

    • 1/4 ” Laminated Automotive Style Glass.
    • Wiper options Hand operated or Electric/washer wiper kit.
    • Mirror Knock Outs.
    • Lower Slide Vent .
    • DOT Rated and etched into the glass.
    • Powder Coated Frame.
    • Works with the Factory Plastic Top.
    • Made In Cleveland Ohio.
    • NOTE: The wipers do not wipe the entire windshield due to the shape of the glass

    Electric Wiper Details:

    • Mounts above the glass on the EMP® Laminated Safety Glass Windshield 13563.
    • Does not include the windshield pictured.
    • Includes Wiper motor, wet wiper arm, 17-1/2″ wiper blade, 2 liter washer bottle, wiring harness with Rocker Switch, hardware and mounting brackets.
    • Single Rocker Switch operates wiper, washer and park mode.
    • The washer spray in integrated into the wiper arm insuring an accurate spray pattern.
    • Plug and Play wiring.
    • Drill or knock out holes in your windshield frame with the supplied template.
    • Same quality parts used in Automotive systems.
    • Quality Non-Chinese Motor.

    Add Led Lights To Oem Snorkels

    Tech Talk Tuesday | How to install the Can-Am Maverick X3 Sport Roof
    • These Are Led Lights With Plastic Defuser Covers To Provide Accent Lighting To Your Can Am X3 Xmr Snorkel Risers
    • Colors To Choose From Are White, Blue, Red, And Green
    • This Is A Key On System. This Means When You Turn The Key On Your Machine, The Lights Come On. Fuse, Wire, & Connectors Included.
    • This Listing Is For The Accent Light Kit Only. The Xmr Snorkel Kit Is Not Included With This Listing.

    This product is not returnable or refundable. There are no returns or refunds allowed from any Companies Brand of snorkel product in the industry. You may Contact us for assistance with your install or info about your product.

    SnorkelYourATV SYA assumes no responsibility for damage to your ATV, or personal injury by using our products and services. Our Snorkel kits are designed to protect your ATV UTV from extreme conditions as much as possible. You are using our products and services at your own risk. Please practice safe driving.

    Normal In-stock or Raw ProductsWe try to process and ship all products 1-3 Business Days after orders are placed, we only ship Monday Friday.

    Fabricated and or Powered Coating.Please Allow 10-14 Business days to process Fabricated and or Powder Coated Items.

    We strive to ship products out sooner than that , and often times next day, but we can not guarantee that with standard, free shipping.


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    Owcas Utv Hard Sport Roof Cover


    low profile design, durable, and more flexible

    User experience

    We could have completed our recommendation list without suggesting this one. But we want our users to have the best possible alternatives to choose from. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative for your Maverick X3 four-seater, this one is definitely worth giving a try.

    Features worth discussing

    In terms of features and specifications, this product and the previous one are almost equivalent except for the price.

    While the previous model had a price of more than $500, this one is pretty much gettable for about $459. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to save a little number of bucks with this one.

    The high-density molded plastic construction gives this product a superior look that you will love immediately.

    Besides, the essential construction of this item has a better quality to create better protection against harmful UV-rays. As a result, safety both for you and your UTV will be highly ensured.

    At the same time, this roof cover is intelligently designed to create a barrier against all types of obstacles, rollovers, and branches when you will drive in a complicated area.

    Moreover, the aerodynamics of this roof cover will make sure that your air passes through the edges of this cover comfortably without distracting you even the little.


  • The roof cover kit comes with every necessary bolt and washers to complete the installation with ease.
  • Cons

    Snorkel Your Atv Vent Line Extension Tubing For Can

    These Maverick X3 XMR Vent Lines Extend your Current OEM Lines Up To Your Snorkels, OEM Only Installs Snorkels Not Vent Lines. Unlock the Protentional of X Mud

    • The XMR series did not address the vent lines. Weve put together a small vent line extension kit for extending the vent lines on the XMR. Protect your investment, extend the vent lines.
    • Comes with Vent lines and connectors
    • This extension kit only works on XMR models

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    Can Am Low Range Unlocker 2012


    Fools the computer into thinking you are in HIGH gear instead of being stuck at half throttle in LOW gear!Undetectable once removedEasy 2 part installPlug n PlayWaterproof design means you won’t short your gear position sensor in the big puddlesSubstantial increase in 0-40 mph accelerationThe Low Range Unlocker harness is a must for ev…

    Can Am Defender Skid Plate Rivet To Bolt Conversion Kit



    Easier cleaning, servicing and installsDirect Bolt In ReplacementConverts Rivets To BoltsEasily RemovableOur rivet to bolt conversion kit is a performance upgrade item designed to easily remove the skid plates for cleaning, servicing or installing aftermarket skid plates. Our button allen head bolts are exceptionally strong and will take…

    Usually ships within 24 hours

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    The Innovative Windshield Vents Include:

    • Durable glass-filled nylon construction
    • Variable airflow and defog
    • Gasket seals for minimizing water intrusion

    WARNING:-Installation requires cutting your windshield. Please read directions carefully and install AT YOUR OWN RISK. Only attempt to cut polycarbonate windshields. Acrylic windshields will most likely crack if you attempt to install this kit. DO NOT attempt to install in glass.

    Fits Any Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield

    Product Fitment


    Questions & Answers

    Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a VIP experience for all customers

    Our Can-Am Experts are standing by, ready to answer questions or go into more detail about the features and benefits of this product, help you to explore similar or complementary products, confirm vehicle fitment and more.

    Experience The Everything Advantage

    Roof Vents And Fourwerx Dash

    Silly question…. You mentioned the OEM windshield with the LS Roof. Any issues installing that? I have the BRP windshield and would like to do the LS roof. Just curious about modifications or if it aligns properly. I thought I read that they didn’t fit together???

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    Utv Hard Sport Roof Cover


    Windshield compatible for better visibility, extra protection, and safety, low profile design for better safety

    User experience

    When your preference is a hard rooftop for your Maverick X3 UTV, this NT Fairing roof will make it easier for you to grab the best possible item for your need.

    With a large number of exclusive features and durable construction, this roof is here to make a good impression so that you love it even after one year.

    Features worth discussing

    First of all, this UTV roof comes for some specific UTV lineups. Therefore, if you want to get high-end compatibility, you will need to ensure that you are choosing this item for the right and specific model.

    This hard roof from NT Fairing is compatible with the 2017 to 2022 Maverick X3 Max UTVs. Therefore, the first thing you will need to ensure is whether you have backed up your specific vehicle model or not.

    This one is constructed with high-density molded plastic material. At the same time, the intelligent and precise texturized construction will make sure that you always get the most durable and secured performance from the roof.

    This one will also comply with most Can-Am windshields and thus will cover the front edge of the visor so that you do not get any impaired look while driving the vehicle.

    Like the previous one, this one also comes with a low-profile design. Therefore, any kinds of unwanted obstacles will never be able to distract your mood.



    Can Am Defender Full Cab Enclosure Doors

    Tech Talk Tuesday | How to install the Can-Am Maverick X3 Sport Roof


    Can-Am Defender Full Cab Enclosure DoorsWhy We Make It:Keep the elements out and your comfort level high with SuperATV’s Can-Am Defender Full Doors and Cab Enclosure Components. The full selection of components from SuperATV provide the protection needed to keep you and your family out of the wind, rain, and snow! Whether you want to get out …

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    Can Am Maverick X3 Max Adventure Roof Rack


    Genuine OEM itemFits snugIdeal cargo solution for packing everything you need to live your off-road experience fully and completelyBuilt with light weight 1.25″ diameter steel tubingLoads of up to 75 lb.Integrated mounting points for lights can hold up to 8 pod-type LED lights or a 40″ LED bar …

    Can Am Maverick

  • 2018+ Can-Am Maverick Trail / Sport
  • 2021+ Can-Am Commander 1000
  • Does NOT Fit Standard 2013-2018 Maverick 1000 Models
  • Does NOT Fit 2011-2020 Commander 1000 | 800 Models
  • Note:Features:

    • Delivers fresh air into the cab area
    • Infinite adjustment of air flow
    • Filter and pre-filter to limit dust intrusion
    • Easy cleaning

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