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Can Flex Seal Stop Roof Leaks

How Do You Apply The Flex Seal On Your Rv Roof

Using Flex Seal (as seen on TV) to prevent a roof leak

Flex Seal is designed for metal, copper, concrete, wood, SBS, APP, EPDM, TPO, PVC, as well as multilayer substrates and asphalt shingles. It is particularly suitable for applications requiring an elastomeric caulk, such as installing stop bars, or infiltration points around hose clamps.

FlexSeal can be used in cold weather installations, provided the material is stored properly and the substrate is dry prior to application. It is quite easy to use the Flex Seal for your RV roof, and heres how to do it step-by-step:

  • Inspect the roof for cracks and gaps that could cause leaks.
  • Look over the roof and remove all debris and reattach any screws protruding from the roof.
  • Wash the roof thoroughly with a garden hose.
  • Cover all seams and edges of the flashing with patch cement using a stiff bristle paint brush.
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    How To Use Flex Seal To Repair Rv Roof

    The cost of repairing your RVs roof is not as much as a house roof would cost. But it is still up there and may set you further back than you wanted to be. That is why you need to find those roof leaks and patch them as quickly as possible.

    The damage to your RV may not be just to the roof but to other interior parts of your vehicle. Here is how to apply Flex Seal to spare you this agony:

    • Dont cover the whole roof- spend the time and find the leak. Patching a small portion of your roof is a lot cheaper than recovering the whole roof.
    • Clean the leaky area- you should clean it very thoroughly. Your cleaning should be better than hospital clean. Get rid of all the dirt, debris, old sealant and more.
    • Shake a lot- Flex Seal come sin its own spray can. To get it to work right, you need to shake it up and shake it up well
    • Spray the contents- After shaking, make sure to completely cover the leaky area. By the time you are done the contents of the can will be on your RVs roof. Use more then one can if you have more leaks or a big one to seal
    • Let it dry

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    How Often Should I Seal My Camper Roof

    Of course its case by case, roof by roof, but the recommendation is to reseal your roof each and every year. Every 10 years it is recommended to replace the entire roof, failure to do so will cause leaks.

    What Is The Difference Between Solvent

    The easy way to coat and stop leaks fast. Flex Seal Spray is actual ...

    Solvent-based sealants are highly resistant to the elements, but theyre more expensive and take more effort to apply because of their thick consistency and requirement of wearing a respirator. Water-based sealants are less resistant to the elements, degrading faster and requiring more frequent touch-ups. However, theyre more cost-effective and easier to apply.

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    Reasons Not To Use Flex Seal For Your Rv Roof

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    As RVers, were all aware of the threats to the RV roof that can result in water leaking into various crevices of the rig, further threatening its structure and integrity, while potentially introducing mold into the RV environment. While weve used a few different products over the years to keep the roof of our 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire well sealed, weve heard about, but never used, Flex Seal for our RV roof.

    There are a number of reasons for this, and in todays post, were going to share them with you in hopes of bringing a bit of awareness to what this product may be good for and what it isnt good for, including your RVs roof.

  • 6)When Would It Be Appropriate to Use Flex Seal On An RV Roof?
  • Flex Seal Roof Coating

    Flex seal roof coating can be done in be anticipating way. You can use a coating technique to make coating layers. After you spray a roofing surface with the flex seal, you need to wait for drying. After those layers are dehydrated, you can coat the area covered by a flex seal with this product again. Then, let it dry. Do it two or three times until it is covered. Let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours to 48 hours. You can enjoy its benefits of a coating flex seal.

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    Does Flex Seal Work On Wood

    Yes. This is basically the same question as the one above, but it concerns Flex Seal. Even though the answer is the same for those 2 questions, weve decided to keep them separate and make it crystal clear they both work on wood. If you have a cracked wood problem you would like to seal, dont hesitate, and apply Flex Seal on it. You can rest assured it will do a wonderful job on this material.

    Flex Shot Fsh8w White

    How To Fix A Roof Leak With Flex Seal | THE HANDYMAN |

    Flex Seals Flex Shot product is designed for hard-to-reach locations on your RV roof and in other areas.

    This product can be useful for sealing around the cover of your RV air conditioning unit, for example.

    Flex Shot also works well for caulking around your RV windows when you can take the time to make sure you are doing a careful and visually appealing job.

    Once applied, the solution expands to fill cracks and holes to prevent future leaks.

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    Best Sealant For Metal Roof Leak

    Sat, Sep 12, 2020 @ 09:27 PM|Perry

    In most cases, the best metal roof repair product isn’t a product at all, its the knowledge and skill to identify whats leaking and to determine if and how the metal roof can be repaired. That being said, once you find the leaks an equally import part of the metal roof repair process is using the right sealant to stop the metal roof leak. Using the wrong sealant or caulking on a metal roof can lead to adhesion problems, flexibly problems, or both and probably wont stop the leak even if you found the sources of the water infiltration.

    In this article well look at3 recommended metal roof sealants you can count on to get the job done.

    How Often Should The Rv Roof Be Resealed

    Ideally, an RV roof should be resealed every year and entirely replaced after 10 years of use. Not taking proper care of your RV roof will lead to water leaks, high damp levels and even mould inside the motorhome.

    The sealant that RV manufacturers use to keep RV skylights and roof vents from leaking can gradually dissolve over time. Sunlight, alternating hot and cold temperatures, and even heavy rain can take a toll.

    If you notice even a small amount of water coming through the skylight of your RV, it is most likely time to replace the sealing caulk. Before jumping into action, however, make sure that the water you are realizing is nothing more than condensation that forms on the cold surface inside the skylight.

    A roof sealer is essential to prevent leaks, leaks and moisture as well as the accumulation of fungi and bacteria. It is very important to apply it, especially in areas where humidity is frequent, where rainy seasons are very long or where weather conditions are very adverse.

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    Can I Use Flex Seal On My Rv Roof

    Yes, you can safely use Flex Seal on your RV roof. Flex Seal Sealer, allows to stop liquid or gas leaks in roofs, drains, skylights, ventilation systems, ducts, trailers, among others. It can be used on wet or dry surfaces. It is made with black liquid rubber that helps cover fissures, cracks and holes from any angle.

    Flex Seal will adhere to almost any surface including wood, metal, aluminium, plastic, fibreglass, rubber, or vinyl or just about any dry surface . It works best on dry surfaces, but if you are dealing with a leak in rainy weather, you can still stop the leak.

    The best roof coating can be applied to a roofing system using many different techniques including spraying or laminating. Silicone coatings are available in many colours, including reflective and translucent white.

    Some of the best RV roof sealers are:

    Why Use Flex Seal On Your Rv Roof


    Here are just a few of the benefits of Flex Seal:

    • Extremely flexible and durable
    • Ideal for stop bars, guardrails, stepped flashings or metal edging
    • Durable and UV resistant will not crack, crack, chip
    • Maximum seal clearance capacity of ± 25%
    • Adheres to many types of substrates, including metal, copper, concrete, wood, SBS, APP, EPDM, TPO, PVC, as well as multilayer substrates and asphalt shingles.
    • Can be painted.

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    Should I Seal My Rv Sunroof

    Yes, you should seal your RV sunroof as well. The sunroof on your RV can be prone to a great deal of leakage, especially if it is not properly maintained. These leaks can damage the interior of your car and cost you more money to repair. To prevent this from happening, you can seal your cars sunroof in a few simple steps.

    Sealing An Asphalt Roof

    Slight buckling or cracking over the entire asphalt roof surface can be sealed effectively with an acrylic formula. The acrylic is sprayed over the entire roof and will seal minor cracks, chips and slight buckling. The formula will actually seal and bond the shingles together and create a clear, ultraviolet radiation-proof film coating.

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    Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

    This five-gallon bucket of liquid rubber has enough product to provide several layers of sealant to a large roof. Once its applied, it protects your roof from both water and sunlight. It also has a water-based formula thats free of solvents, volatile organic compounds, and odors, making it safe for you and the environment.

    Check price on

    Is Flex Seal Good For Rv Roofs

    Fix Roof Leaks with Rubber Spray – Product Review

    If youve ever tried to make home repairs or worked on an outdoor project, you may be familiar with the Flex Seal family of products. These include a range of adhesive tapes, sealants, and sprays that are tough and waterproof. If your campers roof has started to leak or tear, you may be wondering, Is Flex Seal good for RV roofs?

    Although the Flex Seal family has some great products, this isnt a simple yes or no answer. There are a lot of angles to this question that have to be considered such as the RV roof material, the type of damage youre dealing with, and the size of the damaged area. Flex Seal wont make the problem worse, but it might not always be the best product to turn to.

    Lets explore this issue further below. Some people swear by Flex Seal as a cure-all product, while others have been unimpressed. It really all comes down to the problem youre dealing with and how long you need the solution to last.

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    What Kind Of Rv Roofs Can Be Repaired With Flex Seal

    There are two primary materials designed and used specifically for RV rubber roofs. They are EPDM and TPO. Both TPO and EPDM are classified as rubber roofs, but they are a bit different in form and appearance.


    TPO RV roofing is the most popular option for RV roofs in use today. It is a popular choice because it is inexpensive to buy and its white. The TPO membrane has a shiny, laminate appearance with the outer layer having a plastic look and feel to it. It can either be fitted with screws or otherwise mechanically attached. It can also be glued down. When it comes to detailed work and seams, both glue and heat can be used to create a seal.

    EPDM Rubber Roofs

    EPDM is a second popular option for RV roofing. It differs from TPO in several ways. EPDM is a synthetic rubber material which can be vulcanized. This means it can be dried and cured to form sheets. Alternatively, you can also use EPDM in its un-vulcanized form. In this form, itll never completely solidify. Its relatively common to use both EDPM types together for an RV roof. Vulcanized EPDM would be used for the roof membrane, while non-vulcanized EPDM can be used for any flashing or detail work. EPDM rubber roofs are usually maintenance-free for about ten years, but they will oxidize over time.

    Fiberglass Roofs

    Metal RV Roofs

    Its Great Stuff Wow How Did We Get On Without It Before

    it seals up just as advertised brilliant stuff. I have used it on the caravan and around the house on a couple of other little jobs. i still have a couple to go but i will be buying more in the future.

    Purchasedin August 2021at Global Shop Direct.

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    Repair Gutters With Flex Seal

    One of the first big TO DOs after winter, is to clean out your gutters and check for any damage where leaks may have formed.

    If you find any cracks and holes, spray Flex Seal® on the compromised area to create a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating. Our easy-to-use liquid rubber in a can sprays out as a thick liquid and seeps into those hard-to-reach places to seal leaks that you didnt even know were there. Coat, seal, protect, and stop those gutter leaks fast with Flex Seal.

    Does Flex Seal Work On All Rv Roofs

    How To Fix A Roof Leak With Flex Seal

    These days, RV roofs are made with one of four main materials: fiberglass, metal, TPO membrane, and EPDM rubber.

    The latter two are the most popular, but you will of course see vintage models like the Airstream that boast completely metal designs.

    The good news is that Flex Seals products adhere strongly to a wide variety of surfaces. That includes wood, aluminum, metal, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, vinyl, and more. So, yes, Flex Seal can be applied for temporary leak repairs on all types of RV roofs.

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    Can You Fix A Roof Leak In The Rain

    Make a temporary patch with roofing tar and a piece of shingle or plywood. Trowel the roofing tar into the leak on the underside of the roof deck, using a putty knife. … Wait for the rain to let up before you attempt to go on the roof. Put on rubber-soled shoes, go on the roof and measure the same dimensions on the roof.


    Will Flex Seal Stop Water Leaks

    Flex Seal is a water-based sealant that has been in the market for years and protects against leaks. It has proven to be highly effective in stopping water infiltration.

    Its no secret that roofs are one of the most important parts of a house. They protect you, your family, and your possessions from the weather, pests, and other threats.

    This is why you must invest in a waterproofing system like Flex Seal to protect your roof from leaks and protect your home from expensive damages.

    Will Flex Seal stop the leaks? The product claims to protect against leaks for up to 5 years after application, but we will have to wait until we see how long the product lasts on the roof before we can know for sure if it works or not.

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    When Would It Be Appropriate To Use Flex Seal On An Rv Roof

    We recommend using Flex Seal on an RV roof only in an emergency if you dont have the appropriate products on hand and Flex Seal is what you have for your time-sensitive repair.

    We choose to keep Dicor and EternaBond on hand, but if Flex Seal is your choice, then we certainly wish you the best with it. We dont feel its the best product for an RV roof.

    Just remember RVs are twisting and turning and bouncing and vibrating all the time. If you have an issue in your static home, you may have success with any one of the Flex Seal products. But for your home-on-wheels, we believe there are better choices.


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