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Can You Use Gutters With A Metal Roof

Alternatives To Standard Gutter Guards

Can we use Gutter Helmet on a metal roof

If your particular situation does not lend itself to a traditional gutter cover or screen, you might consider one of the alternatives. A number of different manufacturers produce gutter filters that fit inside the gutter rather than over it. The most common are sponge and brush types. These typically are flexible, relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Although they do not significantly impede the flow of water through the gutters, there is a risk of debris clogging the gutters even though the filters keep out a great deal of larger debris.


Gutters Hung Too High Or Too Low

Gutters should be hung where a straight edge laying on your roof shingles can easily extend over the front lip of the gutter . In almost every instance, gutter installers take the path of least resistance and shove the gutter right underneath the roof shingles instead. While its easier to install a gutter this way, its not an ideal install. If you live in a cold climate, youre left with a gutter more likely to be pulled away from your home from snow melting off your roof. Tom Silva explains this in a video he did for This Old House. Youll find him covering this point for about 30 seconds starting at 730.

Gutters have to be sufficient in size to handle the roof above the gutter. In many modern homes with beautiful, intricate roof lines, there isnt sufficient guttering to handle all the water flowing off the roof. Sometimes this can be handled with larger gutters, but often, youd be better off with your new roof and gutters having extra downspouts or installing a Y downspout. Check the connector piece the gutter installer uses and insist on the widest possible to fit the downspout. Too often, gutter installers use tiny connectors, impacting the gutters ability to drain. Think of your gutter like a tub. The bigger drain pipe, the faster the tub drains. Add a second, and youll double the speed the water drains from the tub.

What Makes Our Shed Kits Easier To Assemble

Our shed kits use bolted connections instead of tek screws, even on our smaller sheds. We do still use teks for sheeting, to ensure that they are watertight.

  • Largely Bolted together
  • Less reliance on teks holding the structure together
  • Bolt holes are pre-punched, minimising the need for constant measuring and reducing mistakes

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Tired Of Cleaning Your Gutters

Each year homeowners spend a great deal of time and money cleaning out their gutters. Depending upon your leaf protection needs, Distinctive Metal Roofing offers several gutter guard options that virtually eliminate the annual task of cleaning debris and clogged gutters. Each system allows rainwater from your roof to drain through, but not much else. Leaves, twigs and debris will fall to the ground or settle on top while water continues to flow through. Air circulation from above and below allows any leaves and debris that remains on the surface to dry up and blow off.

Install Gutters On Metal Roof

High Quality Gutters For Metal Roofs #4 Metal Roof Gutters

Now it’s time to install gutters on a metal roof. First, cut your gutter with either tin snips or power tools depending on how much of an expert you are at this. Some roofs come pre-drilled, which makes adding new rain gutters pretty easy, but other structures may need holes drilled into their surfaces first before attaching anything like washers, brackets, and bolts! You can get special cutting bits from hardware stores as well to make the process simpler! Once all of your ends are cut off, attach the gutter to a bracket that’s been installed on your roof. Use bolts and washers or screws depending on how much you trust your skills at this point in time!

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Rhino Metal Rain Gutters And Downspouts

Over 60% of RHINO Steel Building Systems customers include our high-quality metal building gutters and downspouts with their RHINO building orders.

Heres why:

  • RHINOs 26-gauge steel building gutters are 7 x 7 large enough to handle even exceptional downpours.
  • These gutter systems come in 10 or 20 sections.
  • Downspouts are 4 x 5.
  • The steel rain gutter systems are easy to install and hard to beat.
  • RHINO offers metal rain gutters and downspouts in a wide choice of colors to match or complement any trim.

Call RHINO now for more details about our affordable steel building gutters and our other metal building accessories. You may reach us at .

Some Metal Roofs Have No Gutters Why

As you can see, gutters are a fundamental element in every roofing system. Yet, some homeowners prefer not to install them. Why this occurs?

Placing gutters in metal roofs brings some inconvenient:

  • Installing them is not an easy task. It requires a process different from traditional asphalt shingles. Thus, if their installation is deficient, harsh storms can tear the gutters right off, damaging the metal roof.
  • You have to perform regular maintenance tasks to keep them clean. If you dont, leaves and debris can clog them, and rainwater swells, causing damage to walls and roof.

Yet, you can avoid these problems. You can seize the metal roofs benefits by hiring a professional roofing contractor experienced in metal roofs.

Some roofers recommend to homeowners not to install gutters. Sometimes, they try to avoid the work that installing gutters implies. They even may tell you that during storms, gutters can splash your roof face boards, leading them to rot over time.

Remind that replacing these boards is far simpler and cheap than replacing your homes foundation.

Again, you will not have these kinds of worries if you trust your metal roofing project on professional and skilled hands. They will install the necessary gutters on your metal roof.

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How To Install Gutters On Your Prefabricated Steel Building

A gutter is important to have because of the protection it provides. Gutters ensure that you do not get drenched when coming inside. Gutters drain off the water so that there are no sheets of rain falling off the roof. Gutters also keep you protected against leaks. Rain water can leak into a steel building especially if the windows and doors are not well sealed.

Gutters also keep a foundation protected. If rain water is not diverted from the top of a building, it can leak into the foundation and compromise the structural integrity. Evidence of a damaged foundation will be seen in cracks on a concrete slab and fissures may be seen on an interior drywall.

What Should You Install Gutters

How to install gutters on a metal roof

The main reason you should install gutters is that they protect your home from water damage that could be caused by ice dams in winter and heavy rains during other parts of the year! Installing rain gutters can save thousands of dollars for homeowners every single year and keep their homes safe throughout all seasons. When properly installed, these are one of the best ways to ensure your roof stays dry at all times, which prevents costly repairs or replacements down the road.

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What Type Of Gutters To Get

If youve decided your metal roof does need gutters, your next consideration is what type of gutter to get. This will usually come down to your priorities for function and aesthetics. From a materials perspective, you can get some made from copper, zinc, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, even galvanized steel. However, your decision here is how the weight of it will be supported. Your gutters shouldnt be attached directly to the roof deck like with other types of roofing material. Metal roofs need their gutters attached to the facia board. As such, you have to consider whether the facia board will take the weight of your gutter material as well as any water it will hold.

The next consideration is style. The standard gutter youll see on most buildings is the half-round type. However, on a metal roof this will need additional brackets as theyre not strictly designed to fit snugly against your fascia boards. Many people choose to instead opt for K-style metal gutters that are more like squared troughs and have an industrial look that is more in keeping with the roof material. These also tend to hold a larger capacity of water than half-round gutters, so theres less chance of overflow.

Benefits Of Having A Flat Roofing System Installed

There are many benefits to having a flat roofing system installed on your home.

  • One of the biggest reasons for choosing this type of roof is because it can create more usable space in an attic or penthouse area.
  • Having additional storage areas will not only free up floor space, but also allow homeowners to access their belongings more easily.
  • Flat roofing is also a good option if your home does not have the proper pitch to allow water drainage during heavy rains.

Many metal roofs can be installed over existing shingle or asphalt options and will provide protection from all types of weather conditions, including sun exposure and strong winds.

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S Of Fastening A Metal Roof

Metal roofs have gained much traction in recent years, as more and more homeowners have become aware of metal roofs’ incredible attributes. From strength, durability, to overall energy efficiency, the benefits of metal roofs simply can’t be denied. But those who have recently decided to upgrade to a metal roof still have some key decisions to make.

One of the most important of these decisions has to do with the method used to attach your new metal roof to the top of your home. Three main fastening styles exist today, each with its own unique set of benefits. This article takes a closer look at each of these three methods of fastening a metal roof.

Can You Use Metal Roofing On A Flat Roof

Pin by Scott

By: Author Ryan M.

Metal roofing is a great option for many homeowners, but there are some things that you need to know before installing it. Metal roofing can be installed on a flat roof as long as the home has an attic and metal rafters.

In this blog post we answer the question Can You Use Metal Roofing on a Flat Roof?

This blog post will provide information about what kind of insulation should be used in order to prevent condensation from forming between the metal and your plywood or OSB sheathing.

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How To Choose The Most Popular Best Gutter Guards For Metal Roofs

There are three most important factors to keep in mind while deciding on a product: pricing, quality, and popularity.One obvious consideration is price. You must make sure that the price matches your budget.To get the greatest product, you need to pay attention to the quality of the things you are purchasing.When it comes to acquiring new clients, popularity is just as important as pricing or quality, if not more so.

Why Distinctive Metal Roofing For Gutters

Rainwater is a natural element that can wreak havoc on a house if its not controlled by a properly installed gutter system. We form and install your seamless aluminum gutters on-site to provide a custom fit to your homes needs. Our seamless metal roof gutters and downspouts are properly sloped to prevent the holding of standing water and securely fastened to the fascia with the best hanging systems available in the market. Our extensive experience with the installation of metal roofing also positions us as experts in providing quality leaf management systems and gutters for metal roofs.

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To Minimize Flooding Potential

If you have a basement, the last thing you want is a lot of water running from your metal roof and pouring onto the ground. If you have no other design elements to run water away from your property, this can result in the rain water entering and flooding your basement. You may think this isnt so much of a problem in Texas, but its worth considering that the State is seeing increasingly high levels of rainfall, and this is only expected to get worse. Installing a functional gutter system helps to make sure the roof water only leads to the correct drainage point.

When Metal Roofs Need Gutters

EasyOn Gutterguard: Installing on standing lock metal seam roof

Although metal roofs are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and therefore can survive without a gutter system, gutters are designed to protect more than just your roof. Without them, other areas of your home are at risk of water damage.

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain throughout the year or snow in the winter months, its recommended that you have gutters installed on your metal roof.

Any responsible homeowner should seek to have their home properly fitted with an appropriate gutter system and by a trustworthy roofing professional. Going gutterless might work for a little while, but after years of rain, snow and sleet drainage, youre putting your homes foundation at serious risk.

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Can You Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and styles that can enhance the appearance of the structure, regardless of architectural style. Although typically more expensive than asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems can have a life that is at least twice as long as traditional shingles, says Metal Roofing Alliance. Metal roofs offer additional protection from wildfires and can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 miles per hour. Gutters can be installed with virtually all metal roofing systems, allowing you to install gutter guards. Before choosing gutter guards, however, there are several things you should consider.


You can install gutter guards on metal roofing systems.

Things To Keep In Mind

Remember that you will need to clean your gutter guards at least once every six months. If you own a tree growing near your house, thats best to clean it a bit more frequently especially from leaves and twigs.

If you leave the gutter guards for the metal roof unclean, the weight can cause the guards to tear off.

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Problems With Gutters On Metal Roofs

If gutters are so important to protecting the integrity of your homes siding and foundation, why do some metal roofs not have gutters at all? There are four main problems with gutters on metal roofs:

  • Difficulty of installation
  • Weather can rip them off
  • Water build up

Lets explore each of these problems with gutters on metal roofs in detail.

Metal roofs are installed using a different process than traditional asphalt shingles, and if a metal roof and gutter system is installed poorly, bad weather can easily rip the gutters right off and damage your premium metal roof.

Another problem with gutters on metal roofs is a poorly-maintained gutter system can become clogged and lead to water build up, resulting in a lot of the same damages that the gutters were originally designed to prevent.

Some homeowners prefer not to install a gutter system due to their fear of a poorly-installed system. When looking to get gutters installed on a metal roof, its very important to work with an experienced, professional team you can trust.

How Far Should A Metal Roof Overhang The Gutters

Can You Paint a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing experts say that the panels should overhang the gutters from 1 to 1.5 inches. But it depends a little on your climate, how big your roof is, the pitch of your roof and the type of metal roofing.

The gutter system on a metal roof needs to be designed to fit your climate. If you have heavy rainstorms, water may overshoot gutters that are too narrow and installed too low.

Ideally, a metal roof gutter system will be designed to handle the volume of snow or rain and the velocity of the water. The velocity of the melt water or rain depends on the pitch of your roof and the type of metal roofing.

Given all these factors, the overhang and the gutter need to be perfectly paired for your climate and your roof.

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How To Install Downspout Outlet

  • Determine the downspout location.
  • Trace the downspout outlet outline on the lower section of your gutter.
  • Using a step drill bit, make a hole at the center of your outline.
  • Using metal cutting snips, cut out the traced square. NOTE: The downspout outlet should fall through and stop by its flanges.
  • Place silicone sealant around the perimeter of the interior cutout.
  • Drop the downspout outlet into position, and secure it using three rivets on each side of the pre-hung box gutter.
  • Apply additional sealant around the perimeter and at any rivet penetration.
  • Gutters On Building With Metal Roof

    I am planning on having a standing seam metal roof installed on a summer house in Maine this spring. The roof has an 11/12 pitch and has had asphalt shingles. I was planning on replacing the gutters which help greatly with shedding the water away from the entrance as well as the rest of the building which is built on stacked stones and posts.

    My builder told me that most people do not use gutters with a metal roof because when the snow slides off the roof, it will take the gutters with it.

    Do you have any knowledge or experience with this situation? Is there a solution that anyone can recommend?

    Thanks, Allen

  • |#1


    It’s mainly a factor of the strength of the gutter system..Few gutters will have thwe strength required to withstand the ineveitable snow slides.. Classic gutters on the other hand can sell you gutters that A fat 285 pound guy can do chin ups on but the price will shock you.

  • |#4

    If you’re trying to keep water away from the entrance you don’t want 500 pounds of snow sliding down on someone either. Gizmos should be installed to keep the snow from sliding off.

    What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite. –Bertrand Russell

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    That makes sense, but we are not there when the snow is. We come back in the spring when the snow is gone. It is a summer place.

  • Thanks,

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