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Does Choice Home Warranty Cover Roof

Routine Maintenance To Mitigate Pre

Complimentary Property Warranties from A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

There are definitely things you can do to mitigate the chances that a pre-existing condition will turn into a problem. The main thing is to pay attention to routine maintenance on your septic system. Here are a few points to consider:

Know your system collect whatever records you can find about the company who installed your septic system. Understand daily capacity, and other relevant specifications that impact the day-to-day function of your septic system.

Know what should NOT go down there your local municipality doesnt want anything and everything to get flushed into the local sewer system. That goes double for your own septic system. Be sure to understand what should not get flushed through your plumbing system and into your septic tank. For instance, chemical drain cleaners can severely harm the drain pipes.

Follow a regular schedule do yourself a favor and create a maintenance log for things like the septic system. Make sure to stay on top of things like checking the drainfield, septic tank pumping

Here is a helpful video on the ins and outs of septic system maintenance:

Routine maintenance will likely be the first thing a home warranty company asks about when you make a claim regarding your septic system. Having done all that you can to make sure the system is functioning properly will go a long way in keeping to the letter and spirit of the terms of your home warranty agreement.

Home Warranty Coverage With Cinch Home Services

Your choice for your coverage depends on what you need for your home, so consider a home warranty company that offers a variety of protection plan options.

Cinch Home Services provides you easy-to-understand terms and conditions and reliable and prompt action from pre-screened, professional technicians for your service calls for a low service fee.

Most importantly, Cinch Home Services stands behind the work. You will be covered by a 180-day workmanship warranty after your repair, so if your repair is not satisfactory, Cinch will send someone to fix it at no additional cost.

Most home warranties will cover toilet repair, but the details of each home warranty plan vary, so your coverage will depend on the home warranty plan you choose.

Compare Home Warranty Companies

45 states

Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

  • Choice Home Warranty has more affordable plans
  • American Home Shield provides coverage for pre-existing conditions, appliances, and systems that are damaged due to rust/corrosion

If youre on a budget, Choice Home Warranty might be a better option for you. If you have appliances that might have been improperly installed, American Home Shield is the better choice.

Choice Home Warranty vs. First American Home Warranty

  • Choice Home Warranty offers coverage in 48 states
  • First American Home Warranty offers coverage in 35 states
  • First American Home Warranty has 24 more years of experience than Choice Home Warranty

Overall, both are highly reputable companies in the home warranty industry.

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What Makes Choice A Good Warranty Company

A good home Warranty will have thorough coverage to eliminate as much out-of-pocket cost for clients as possible while providing a seamless experience from placing a claim through completion of repair or replacement of a home system or appliance. Scott Titus of the Patriot Investment Group

Choice works hard to process claims quickly. However, they also bill the service provider directly. This means the homeowners dont need to be out-of-pocket more than their trade service fee. Their guarantee shows that they stand behind their work.

Maintain Your Roof To Minimize Repairs

Does American Home Shield Warranty Cover Roof Leaks ...

If you have had a leak in your roof, it can be stressful to deal with until you have fully assessed and repaired any damage.

Your roof provides protection from the elements, and when your roof has defects or is faulty, your home and your bank account are at risk.

Proper maintenance, regular inspections and good workmanship can help protect your roof from damage and prolong the life expectancy of your home.

Follow these tips to keep your roof protected from an early demise:

  • Repair and caulk your chimney and any connective spots to prevent leaks, and inspect periodically for any further caulking needs.
  • Clear large tree branches that are dangling over your home, as this will limit the chances of major structural damage and also discourage animals from spending any time on your roof or nesting there.
  • Monitor your roof for any missing or loose shingles seasonally as well as after any high winds.
  • Remove snow and ice if there is any buildup.
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris, and if there is any moss or mold growing, address this as soon as possible.
  • Check for any stains in your attic or ceiling that may indicate a roof leak. If you catch it early, you may be able to minimize structural damage.

If you identify any major issues with your roof, hiring a roofing contractor from a reputable roofing company to complete the work should also guarantee that your insurance policy stays intact.

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Choice Home Warranty Vs Global Home Protection

Upon comparing the cost of their premiums, Global Home Protection is more affordable than Choice Home Warranty. If you want to save money on premiums and fees, Global may be the better option. However, Choice Home Warranty features a larger confirmed number of contractors. If you value knowing the level of coverage and support that you can expect to receive when components break, Choice could be the right company for you.

Why Roof Leaks Are Bad News For Your Home And Must Be Addressed Immediately

Even a minor roof leak can cause major damage. Roof leaks should be fixed immediately even if there doesnt seem to be a big problem. Any roof leak can cause a big problem, leading to water in your home, damaged ceilings, damaged insulation, rotted framing and sheathing, even mold growth in your home.

If you have a roof leak, dont wait until a major storm reminds you that you have a big problem. Roof leaks dont go away. In fact, they often get worse over time. Its best to take proactive action and get roof leaks repaired as soon as they are discovered.

Roof leaks can be caused by any number of problems. These include blown off or missing shingles, bad or leaking pipe flashing, problems with step flashing or valleys, ice dams, and more. Thats why its important to work with a professional roofing specialist such as Choice Home Warrantys so that your roof leak and subsequent repair can be professionally diagnosed and treated.

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Choice Home Warranty Coverage & Plans

Like the vast majority of home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty offers different levels of coverage. With a home warranty plan, you have a choice between two plans, the Basic Plan and the Total Plan.

The Basic Plan covers the following major appliances and home systems. The Total Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan plus some key additions.

$50.00 $60-$85

One of the biggest selling points for Choice Home Warranty is its straightforward pricing. Their service fees can go as low as $60, according to countless customer reviews praising Choices claims process. However, the companys sample contract specifies that a service fee can be as high as $85.

As you continue your research into home warranty companies, youll discover that there are companies that offer more coverage than you need and some who dont offer enough for an affordable price. Thats why its always important to read each companys sample contract for specifications that may affect your overall out-of-pocket costs.

When Something Major Goes Wrong

Best Home Warranty Companies Review 2021

Unfortunately, even proper maintenance cannot prevent major problems from occurring. The well-maintained car can still have expensive issues that arise, such as radiator or transmission failure. With pools, similarly, many things can go wrong.

One of the most expensive problems that can arise is a leak in the pool itself. Many warm-weather states, where pools are more popular, have soil conditions conducive to shifting. This is why homes in these states often have foundation problems, and a pool is not immune to such issues.

If a pool leaks, the minimum cost is $200 for a professional repair. Concrete pools must usually be completely drained and sanded down to be prepared, which adds an additional amount ranging from $800 to $1,550 10.

Filter and pump systems can break down over time and must be repaired. Depending upon the type, a filter replacement may cost from $150 to over $500, and a pump can cost between $185 for a smaller .75hp motor to $350 for a larger 2.5hp one.

Many new pools are also equipped with heaters. Pools in cold-weather climates often have heaters installed so that homeowners can enjoy the pool year-round. These, too, are prone to breakage over time. The average cost for heater repair is about $400 but can easily climb to over $1,200 in some cases.

While maintenance costs can add up, it is these major repair expenses that can most frustrate the experience of owning a pool.

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Does A Home Warranty Cover Your Roof

Because roof damage is considered structural, roof repairs or replacements are not usually covered by home warranties. However, you will want to keep up with the maintenance of other integral parts of your home in order to detect roof leaks early on.

Ensuring that your air conditioner and heating systems are well maintained will minimize your chances of having water damage as a result of equipment breakdown. Plumbing leaks due to normal wear and tear from your HVAC system will be covered through a home warranty plan. Catching repairs such as these will leave you better off financially and without the stress of having to find a contractor that is available whenever you are in need.

Purchasing a home warranty plan is still very important to save you money in other areas in your home. Your appliances and home systems are crucial for keeping your home comfortable. Paying for roofing repairs out of pocket can be debilitating financially, and if a roof leak causes structural damage, you may have no choice but to call a roofing company and pay for the expensive repairs on your own.

Choice Home Warranty Pricing

This Old House Reviews Team called Choice Home Warranty for a quote on a single-family home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and gathered the following data.

  • Plans range between $45 and $55 monthly
  • Plans range between $560 and $660 annually
  • Optional add-ons cost an extra $40-$180 annually
  • Service fees cost $85 per claim

Policyholders must pay a service fee directly to a technician when they arrive to address an issue. The average cost of a service fee generally ranges from $75-$125, so Choice Home Warrantys fee is in line with industry standards. This charge will hold regardless of the actual cost of the repair or replacement thats made.

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Understanding The Basics Of Roofing Warranties

Although it may seem as though theres a wide range ofwarranties offered on roofing, there are really just three main types:

  • The standard manufacturers warranty that covers the products you purchase
  • A workmanship warranty from your contractor that covers the installation
  • An extended manufacturers warranty that covers contractor workmanship along with expanded coverage for the products

Here, well take a closer look at the coverage providedby each type and explain what it means in practical terms.

Competition: Home Warranty Of America Vs Choice Home Warranty

Does Your Home Warranty Cover Your Roof?

We compared Choice Home Warranty with Home Warranty of America to get a sense of overall quality and satisfaction. Home Warranty of America has two plans to choose from, as does Choice Home Warranty. However, Home Warranty of America actually offers the same two plans with either a $75 or $100 service fee to offset costs while Choice Home Warranty has a flat $85 service fee regardless of which of the two plans you choose.

When you look at both companies side-by-side, Home Warranty of America is much cheaper than Choice Home Warranty .

The determining factor that puts Choice Home Warranty slightly on top, however, is the additional coverage that is offered. The company offers limited roof leak repair coverage, for example, which is not offered by many other home warranty companies.


While we take into account that Choice Home Warranty has been around for a long time and is well-known in the home warranty industry, the lawsuit filed by the Attorney General for the state of Arizona against the company is a strong point of concern. This, along with the complaints that are mentioned, is something we feel should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

That being said, there are many who like the company because of the robust coverage provided for those with a limited budget. There are additional coverages available on items that other companies may not offer. This makes Choice Home Warranty a good option for anyone seeking to get the maximum cost-for-coverage.

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Does Your Home Warranty Cover Your Roof

Roof damage can happen slowly over time or as a catastrophic event either way, it can wreak havoc on your home. Slow leaks from roof damage can rot the structure of your home or cause mold growth, leaving you and your family at risk for breathing issues and more.

You are here for one of two reasons. The first: You are wondering if buying a home warranty plan will cover your roof. The second: You have already bought home warranty protection, which may lead you to wonder if your home warranty plan has roof coverage included.

It is important that you repair a roof leak right away so that you avoid water damaging the homes structure. Being able to afford the repairs allows you to make these repairs sooner rather than later.

In this article, we will answer what a home warranty is, how it is different from your homeowners insurance and whether or not your roof is covered by your home warranty.

Choice Home Warranty Plans And Coverage

Choice Home Warranty offers two home warranty service plans that policyholders may choose between the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. The Basic Plan covers items like an electrical system or dishwasher. For complete protection, consider purchasing the Total Planit covers essential items like a homes air conditioning, refrigerator, clothes washer, and clothes dryer.

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The Total Cost Of Pool Ownership

The total cost of pool ownership, then, is a combination of the regular maintenance of the pool and the breakage of major components that must be repaired. Inevitably, every pool owner who has their pool long enough will have to deal with, and pay for, both.

In the long run, pool owners can expect to pay varying amounts for pool ownership depending on the type of pool they have, what accessories theyve added, and the environmental factors their pool is exposed to.

Generally speaking, fiberglass pools are the least expensive pools to maintain. However, there are still regular costs involved in ownership beyond potential repairs. This includes electricity usage and chemical usage 11.

Vinyl pools, the least expensive kind, tend to cost more to own in the long run. The replacement of the liner becomes a factor, in addition to electricity and chemical costs. Vinyl liners only last 5 to 9 years, on average, and can cost $4,000 or more to replace.

Concrete pools carry the greatest cost. Sanding and resurfacing the pool every 10 to 15 years can cost $10,000 or more. Every 3 to 6 years, a concrete pool requires an acid washing that can cost in excess of $500. Further, concrete pools still incur regular costs for chemical and electricity usage. These all drive the cost up substantially.

As stated previously, however, choosing the right home warranty to cover a pool is a major task. Lets turn, then, to consider what these policies actually cover, and what they dont.

What Are The Benefits

What does a Home Warranty Cover?

The major benefit of septic system coverage with your home warranty is peace of mind. Make sure the warranty you are looking for will give you that kind of peace of mind. Knowing that the septic system that was builtwell, youre not sure whenis covered will help you sleep at night. Home warranties are great for those who are not especially handy with home repairs, and who is handy at septic system repair? Thats a short list!

Are You A First-Time Buyer? Check Out This Article!

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Roof Coverage In Home Warranty

In many of these situations, it may seem like the costs are minor, but that is only true for problems that are caught well in advance. However, given the fact that water takes a long time to do any noticeable damage, thats likely already the case when you realize a leaking roof. This is important to know what home warranty covers.

Also, many of these problems arise independently of each other. Shingles get damaged during vent installations or a hailstorm. Caulking erodes in the rain and gutters get clogged in fall. Insulation gradually absorbs moisture, cycles of freezing and thawing crack the roof tiles.

These never seem like a pressing fix at the time after all, its only a small hole here and there. The continuous, developing wear and tear is clearly visible to the professional eye, even if you can spot a couple of the leaks yourself.

As a consequence, getting your roof covered by a home warranty that covers roof leaks is always a good idea. This is because the problems caused by roof damage can lead to other, more serious structural issues which are far more expensive to fix than a few shingles.

Before doing that, however, its important to understandthe difference between home warranty and home insurance. The primary difference is not what items they cover, but the nature of the damage to those items. The home warranty is a service contract, and covers repairs to your home and appliances necessitated by wear and tear over time.


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