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How Do You Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Roof

Pest Bird In The Us: Pigeons

How to Keep Pigeons Off the Roof

A pest is any species that is detrimental to human concerns. Measured against this definition, pigeons are clearly pestilential, especially in large numbers. In fact, by many measures, pigeons are the number one pest bird in the United States, causing more damage to public and private property than any other bird species around. Every urban area in the world boasts its own population of pigeons New York City alone has a pigeon population estimated at over 1 million birds. One single pigeon produces 25 pounds of droppings each year multiply that by 1 million pigeons and that adds up to a lot25 million poundsof pigeon poop. But its not just pigeon poop that causes problems their nests and nesting materials create health risks and unsightly messes on ledges, rafters, and beams, under bridges, inside barns and other buildings that are open to the outdoors.

How To Stop The Pigeons

There are three main methods to get rid of pigeons on a roof: you can use pigeon repellents, put in place a deterrent that makes it impossible to land on the area or you can scare them away continuously.

You first need to identify the areas where pigeons roost and nest, and limit their access to those areas before the nesting season.

Also, remove all food sources available to make the area less appealing to them. If there is a huge pigeon nuisance on your property, they are very likely to have a nearby food and water source.

Now, lets dive into the three different methods to get rid of pigeons. Remember that sometimes you will need to utilize more than one simultaneously to have the maximum benefit.

How Do I Stop Pigeons Nesting On My Roof

Deterrents are a smart way to stop pigeons nesting on a roof. However, theyre not a foolproof method, especially depending on how well and thoroughly you apply them. Lets look at the pros and cons of different deterrents below. Some of these are great immediate solutions, while others serve a better, long-term purpose.

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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Rooftops The Ultimate Guide

How to get rid of pigeons on rooftops effectively and permanently is a million-dollar question.

Industrial sites and factories are ideal places for pigeons to roost and nest, as they are composed of large buildings with long, flat rooftops. In simple words: pigeon heaven!

So when pigeons make a home out of your rooftop its very hard to keep them away but not impossible.

How To Get Rid Of Pest Pigeons In Arizona

Trapping Pigeons

So you may have noticed some pigeon droppings on the ground recently by the front door or along the side of the house and thought nothing of it until one day you looked up and discovered, lo and behold, you appear to have pest birds all over your house.

Pigeon problems are very common in Arizona. They could be loafing on your roof, roosting under your eave overhangs, or they could even be nesting under your solar panels. At this point, like many of us, you are searching the internet for terms like pest pigeon control, pigeon control, or bird control attempting to learn how to get rid of pest pigeons from your home.

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How Do You Know If You Have A Birds Nest In Your Gutters

Its relatively easy to tell whether or not you have birds nesting in your gutter system. Thats because birds usually make nests near where they gather. So, if you see a large flock in your yard, watch your roof and gutters closely. There could be a feathered friend inside.

Wild birds often flock together around porches as well. Youll sometimes see their droppings, feathers, and other signs of wildlife activity where they congregate. And you might even spot nesting materials around your gutters if you havent cleaned them in a while.

FACT: Birds like to hang out around houses with dirty gutters because it gives them more nesting materials to use.

Remove Nesting Materials And Pigeon Droppings

Whether you plan to use pigeons netting over your garden, use sprinklers as a natural pigeon deterrent, or hang streamers of reflective tape all over your house, there is one thing you should do before attempting any pigeon control methods: And that is to clean out all the pigeon nests and droppings in your home.

Remember that pigeon poop is particularly corrosive. It is highly acidic because of the uric acid content. This allows it to destroy a different building and roofing materials.

It can also be a source of zoonotic diseases that are transferable to humans. Remnants of pigeon nests should also be removed to make it easier to install deterrent devices such as netting, shock tape, and other fixtures.

It is best to wet pigeon droppings before removing them to minimize dust. Wear a dust mask to be extra safe.

Use warm water through a hose or power sprayer to remove them easily and to minimize contact. Soap can also help loosen them up. If you are cleaning poop off your roof, place a tarp on the ground below to catch the waste.

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Why Not Just Kill The Birds

Irrespective of any humane considerations, the casual observer often asks, why not just kill the birds for a prompt and effective resolution to a pigeon problem? While culling options provide an immediate and tangible solution to an acute pigeon problem, the effects are fleeting. More often than not, the population will simply backfill the void created by culling with increased reproduction and even more birds. Unfortunately, just killing the birds just provides the illusion of control. Only by limiting reproduction can you effectively manage the population in a manner to provide long-term control. Over time, killing pigeons more closely resembles a harvest as opposed to an actual control program.

Dont Give Them An Excuse To Land

Trick to Get Rid of Pigeons on Roof – Dad’s Den

While pigeons dont need an excuse to land on your balcony, make sure youre not giving them any incentive. This means removing any potential sources of food and water, or at least covering them up.

It could be anything like plants, a water bowl for a pet, or trash. Try watching them when they land and see if they pay attention to anything in particular. If so, you know you need to remove this.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Roof

If you want to know how to get rid of pigeons from your roof, these are some of the best methods you can use to do so.

1 Stainless-steel Wire

You may use a stainless-steel wire to prevent pigeons from perching on your property. It prevents them from landing anywhere on your roof.

2 Pigeon Net

This is an effective way of excluding pigeons from your balcony. It is quite expensive, but it is one of the best ways to eliminate pigeons from your roof. This is a pigeon repellent that allows you to remove these birds from your home without hurting them. This pest control method is beneficial for those of you who have gardens to protect from these animals.

3 Loud Sounds

Pigeons can be deterred from coming to your house by loud sounds. A wind chime or loud music works perfectly for this as the sound will chase the birds off your roof.

4 Bright lights

Using bright lights can help to scare off pigeons from your home. You can use mylar balloons and aluminum foil strips to d0 this. You can also use hanging CDs to do this.

5 Scarecrows

This is a tactic as old as time. Using effigies or scarecrows to keep pigeons away from your house can be an effective pest control measure. The scarecrow can be in the form of natural predators of the pigeon-like an owl or a snake.

This methods effect will not last, though, because the birds eventually realize its not a threat. The best thing to do is to move the scarecrow to a new area every few days.

6 Bird Repellent Gel

7 Ultrasonic Devices

How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Roof Find Out Here

You have to admit it all birds flying around the village create waste in your area, most especially when pigeons live around you!

You might have tried so hard to clean your place, but later on, you will discover how many waste pigeons have brought in your area, especially now that they live on your roof.

Its frustrating, isnt it?

Pigeons are somewhat bullying to other birds, and they can disturb your place as well. Pigeons can also carry diseases, so if you want to get rid of them from your roof, you are in the right place.

We will give you tips on getting rid of pigeons on your roof, so read with me if you want to proceed!

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Light Pest Bird Pressure

The pest birds or pigeons are just loafing or sitting on your roof top, ridge cap, or parapet walls as a nice place to rest, take in the afternoon sun, watch for food, or be close by to their nesting sites. A light pressure site is a take it or leave it site and does not have any pigeon nesting areas.

Getting rid of pest pigeons from a light pressure area is a simple task.

You can usually apply some type of pigeon control product like bird control spikes, bird coil, bird tension wire or even a low voltage bird shock track system along the parapet wall, roof top tiles, ledges, or tile ridge areas the pigeons are roosting on to make them move away from their preferred spot. It may be as easy as cleaning up your dog food or asking the neighbor to do the same. If the pest birds or pigeons are getting water from somewhere around your home or pool, figure out how to stop the birds access to that water source.

Ultrasonic Devices To Keep Pigeons/birds Away

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Pigeons On The Roof

These devices can be installed by pest control companies and are effective bird repellers that produce sound waves we humans cant hear, but to pesky pigeons, and other birds its irksome. This device can be effective and the high frequency will be a sure way to make birds find another place to reside.

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How Do Professionals Get Rid Of Pigeons

If you have tried all of the previously mentioned methods to no avail and are at your wits end, it is time to call the professionals. To recap:

  • make potential nesting areas as unwelcoming as possible
  • eliminate food sources
  • make use of additional deterrents, such as pets, spices, or fake predators.

When you make a booking with the experts at Fantastic Pest Control, a fully trained professional will visit your home to conduct an inspection in order to locate potential nesting areas, as well as any food sources. Once the inspection is completed, they will begin bird-proofing your home. This may involve anything from the installation of durable spike strips to the application of a special bird-deterring gel.

Want professional help with the pigeons?

Note that we provide an information on possible ways to keep pigeons away. However, we cannot affirm that all of the above approaches will work for you.

Professional Bird Control In Illinois & Indiana

Are you in need of help getting rid of pigeons on the roof of your home or business? The team at Anderson Pest Solutions can clear your property of pigeons, identify the vulnerabilities that led to your infestation, and teach you how to keep them from coming back again. Reach out today to learn more about our bird removal services and receive a free quote!

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Remove Bird Nesting Materials And Droppings

It is important to remove all pigeon nesting and feces prior to excluding pigeons. Nesting materials and droppings left on the roof will continue to cause damage.

If the roof has a pitch, using a power washer is generally the best way to get rid of pigeon waste. Put a tarp on the ground next to the roof to catch the debris as it is rinsed off the roof. It will be much easier to clean up the pigeon feces on the ground if it is contained on a tarp. Wear a mask to prevent inhaling fumes from pigeon feces and wet the feces down before rinsing off. Histoplasmosis is zoonotic disease that can be found in pigeon feces. Zoonotic diseases are caused by harmful germs like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi that are spread between animals and people.

If the roof is flat, you will have to wet the roof down , then rake and sweep up the pigeon waste prior to rinsing. Again, wear a mask to prevent inhaling fumes from pigeon feces.

Please be careful or better yet, call a professional. Using a power washer on the roof can be slippery and dangerous. Inhaling noxious pigeon feces can cause disease it is a biohazard.

History Of Modern Pigeons

The easiest way to get rid of pigeons on your roof.

Pigeons used to be a favored bird. They were raised for meat and eggs. They were used for entertainment and to win wars.

Hundreds of years ago, pigeons were tamed and called dovecotes. As domesticated pigeons escaped, they created feral colonies and flocks.

Until recently, pigeons were considered a great source of meat. The average person didnt have access to imported and shipped meat. Instead, they had to grow it.

Pigeons are very prolific and can reproduce quickly. This made them a good food source. Plus, their meat is high in vitamins. In many areas, pigeon eggs are considered a delicacy. Pigeons were used for meat until chickens emerged as a faster food source.

In World War II and in previous wars, pigeons were used as messenger birds. In fact of the 53 medals given to animals for saving human lives, 32 went to pigeons.

Domestic pigeons were carried to the New World in the 1600s. Because they reproduce so quickly, extra birds were often released into the wild.

Pigeons have no natural predators so they quickly flourished as feral flocks pretty much anywhere they were released.

They tend to especially flourish in the city where food is free and rampant and there are plenty of places to nest.

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Look For Their Nests On The Roofs

The other reason they are coming to your roofs is that they have nested on the chimneys or a vacant space there. If there are a number of crows that start gathering on your roof in winter it means they are roosting. . They do so to get warmth and protection.

Look for the nests, if there are any clean them. There may be nests of other birds like pigeons under your solar panel. Crows are predator birds. They may be coming for the pigeon eggs and babies. If you dont want them to visit. Remove that nests too. If you dont know how to deter pigeons from the roof, you can read our post here.

There are big trees around the houses. These are their favorite spaces for nesting. If they are living close to your house, they will surely look for food sources around. As we have removed the food sources earlier, its time to remove their nests. You should call the bird to deter companies in your area. They will deal with it better. After removing the nests the next step is to place a dead crow decoy.

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Balcony Or Patio

Find out how to get rid of pigeons, whether they’re roosting on your balcony or occupying your front porch or roof these tried and tested pigeon deterrent methods are used by professionals

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Want to know how to get rid of pigeons? We don’t blame you. Whether pigeons have colonized your balcony or porch, their cooing presence can get really annoying. Although usually harmless themselves, pigeons produce a lot of droppings. If you’ve been unlucky enough to be chosen by pigeons as an attractive spot for roosting and are tired of cleaning your balcony/porch/front yard constantly, it may be time to think about robust deterrent measures to keep them away.

And while investing in the best pressure washer will at least help you keep your home exterior clean, learning how to deter pigeons will save you constantly cleaning up feathers and poop, daily. Here are some proven methods professional pest controllers and bird specialists recommend.

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Is Pigeon Poop Dangerous

Many studies have shown that it can be perilous and biohazard to small children, older people, or anyone with a compromised immune system.

Keeping your home free of guano or pigeon droppings is essential if you see a lot of it gathering in one place.

Pigeons do not poop in flight because they do not want to get any of their excrements on themselves, so they are likely to look for a spot where they are comfortable and then return to that spot repeatedly.

If they have young, then they are also expected to bring them along or nest nearby. Their guano turns to dust when it dries and can cause serious infections when you inhale it.

You need to make sure that when you spot them around your home that you have taken all precautions to prevent them from leaving poop around, and here are some tips on how to keep them from coming back.

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