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How Long Do Pvc Roofs Last

Metal Roof & Wall Systems

How Long Does a Roof Last?

What is so nice about this templated website is that you have the ability to modify it to fit your companys needs.

You may or may not be installing the Metal Roof and Wall Systems that Duro-Last and Exceptional Metals has to offer but below is the copy you can use should you want to promote this product.

EXCEPTIONAL® Metals, a division of Duro-Last, Inc., has partnered up with MBCI®, the industry-leading manufacturer of metal roofing and wall systems, to offer a complete line of products.

We offer a full line of metal and wall panel systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. With a wide range of customizable options, there is a solution for everything.

We offer the following systems:

  • Standing Seam Roof Panels
  • Concealed & Exposed Fastening Roof Panels
  • Soffit & Interior Wall Panels

Vinyl Rib Roofing System

  • The Vinyl Rib system consists of the Duro-Last single-ply and separate vinyl ribs that are heat welded to the installed membrane.
  • Requires the use of an adhered membrane to the roof deck to provide a smooth roof surface.
  • Compared to standing seam metal roofs, the Vinyl Rib system offers waterproofing, not just shedding as well as more effective insulation options.
  • Available in all Duro-Last, Duro-Tuff® and Duro-Fleece® colors.
  • A complete line of custom prefabricated accessories is available for the Vinyl Rib system.

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Types Of Commercial Roofs And How Long They Last

A commercial roofing company offers many roofing systems in order to cater to the diversity of its customers needs. But like any product, roofs do not last forever. Timely inspection and maintenance, however, can substantially prolong your roofs life. Each kind of roofing material has its own longevity which further depends on the temperature and climate of your commercial buildings roof. The most common types of commercial roofing materials are TPO, EPDM, PVC, Mod Bit, BUR, and tar and gravel. It is a good idea to be familiar with each roof type and its lifespan before having one installed.

Extending The Life Of Your Commercial Roof

How Long Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Last Lynchburg VA

Despite the given lifespan of a commercial roofing system, you should always take proper care of it to extend its longevity. Since commercial roofing maintenance dates are not always recorded, it is best to hire a commercial roofing company to provide annual inspection, maintenance, installation and repair services.

Commercial roof maintenance should be based on the roofs age. Sometimes an annual inspection is enough at times, quarterly repairs are required. Different roof types have different lifespans. But no matter what, in order to extend the life of the roof, you will have to maintain it well.

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Whats The Life Expectancy Of A Flat Roof

For homeowners and property stakeholders, its important to estimate when the roof might give out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, flat roof life expectancy is more complicated than pitched roof life expectancy. The type of flat roof you have, your climate, the quality of the installation, and how much maintenance it gets will all play into how long your flat roof will last. While you could get 20 years from a flat roof, others might last less than a decade.

Whats The Life Expectancy Of Pvc Pipe

Overall, the life expectancy of PVC pipe is 50 to 100 years, according to the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Ltd.

PVC and PEX are relatively recent additions to plumbing. For the past 100 years, copper pipes have been the most trusted and used type of plumbing, and in my opinion, shiny copper pipes look the best. However, PVC and PEX share a range of advantages with copper.

Copper pipes are considerably more expensive than PVC or PEX pipes. They are also more costly to install. The reason is that copper pipes are rigid. Therefore, they are challenging to maneuver. PEX, on the other hand, is bendy and therefore is much easier to work with.

In some regions, PEX is favored over PVC and copper. However, the major drawback of PEX and PVC is they do not last as long as copper pipes. They can fail in half the time that copper pipes on average.

Additionally, PVC can only be used for cold water plumbing. Therefore, a secondary type of piping such as PEX or copper is used for hot water plumbing. Interestingly, though the cost of materials to install PEX and the decreased labor cost make it a far cheaper option than copper.

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About This Roof Lifespan Chart

The following table provides typical expected useful service life durations for various roofing materials and roof systems.

The values for the expected lifespans are based on recent developments in roofing materials technology. The table covers current roofing products, so in some cases the expected service life we give will be significantly longer than what can be expected from older products on existing roofs which were installed years ago.

Length Of Roofing Warranties

How long does a tile roof last? | Sharpe Roofing University

The warranty periods given in the table are for typical manufacturers material warranties. A material warranty only covers the performance of the roofing material itself .

The initial workmanship of the roof installation and the performance of other parts of the roof assembly, including the roof deck and any other components not produced by that manufacturer, will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Those things will be covered by the roofing contractors workmanship guarantee if they are covered at all.

Contractors workmanship guarantees last for a much shorter period of time, usually 1 5 years.

Many manufacturers have recently changed their warranties to limited lifetime warranties, especially for high-end asphalt shingles.

If you read the fine print, however, youll see that the coverage becomes prorated after 10 25 years. This means that the manufacturer starts to guarantee less than the full replacement value of the roofing material after that point.

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What Is Pvc Roofing

PVC is a robust plastic that makes an excellent roofing material. The strong, stable plastic offers protection against UV, fire and water, and wont discolor in the sun.

The single-ply roof is often used on commercial buildings with flat or slightly sloping roofs. Its seams are usually welded, which allows for any expansion and contraction, as well as being impressively water-tight. It even survives water pooling on it during heavy rainfall.

Its also a popular choice because its easy to install. The lightweight plastic can be manufactured off-site and then simply attached over the existing structure. PVC is used in industrial buildings because it is chemical and heat resistant, and can survive in many harsh environments.

What about its green credentials? PVC has Energy Star and Cool Roof ratings, and is made using less oil and petroleum than similar tough plastics. It helps to hold the building at the right temperature, reflects the sun, and can be recycled after its long life.

In our yards, its most commonly found in corrugated form, used in garden buildings such as sheds and porches. It can also be used for extension roofs for conservatories and sun rooms. Its a good domestic choice for the same reasons that its a preferred material for commercial buildings.

How Is Pvc Roofing Made To Be Flexible

PVC roofingis made from two layers of PVC roof material with polyester added in between the layers to act as a reinforcement. The layers in a PVC roof include additives to make the material flexible, UV stable, and to prevent curing. By adding a layer of acrylic coating to roof membrane, a PVC roof is made reflective and repellent to dust and dirt.

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Reasons Why Epdm Is An Excellent Choice

Most contractors will recommend EPDM because of the following:

Durability:EPDM is durable enough to support rooftop gardens as well as TPO and PVC can. The material is seamless. This enables it to lock moisture and prevent any growth of fungi and other roof-harming lifeforms. If installed properly, EPDM roofs can last up to 40 years.

Lightweight: EPDM roofs weigh only two pounds per square foot, making them lighter than modified bitumen but more durable.

Only Requires a Good Installation: Seamless sheets of rubber membranes only need good installation to achieve its moisture-resistant and no-leak capabilities similar to TPO, PVC, and other more-expensive roofing materials.

Can You Paint Pvc Roofing

How Long Does a Roof Last?

Yes, you can paint PVC roofing sheets, but it involves preparation and specific paints. Youll need to use a paint thats formulated for plastics, like Krylon Fusion or Rust-Oleum Plastic. When its 100% dry, apply a coat of white PVC primer. You may need up to three complete coats of paint to cover the PVC.

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How Long Do Commercial Roofs Last

by Luke Armstrong·12/30/2019

The health of commercial buildings, in part, depends on the type of commercial roof installed. In turn, the type of commercial roof installed plays a role in how long the roofing system endures. While a commercial roof can last from 10 to 40 years, three main factors affect its longevity.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Flat Roof

A properly maintained flat roof can last for decades, depending on the materials. A built-up roof or layers of modified bitumen can last for up to 20 years. Lightweight thermoplastic polyolefin or spray-on coatings of polyurethane foam, acrylic or silicon have a similar lifespan. The longest-lasting roof materials such as ethylene propylene diene monomer and polyvinyl chloride roofing may endure for up to 10 more years than that, depending on the inspection and maintenance schedule. Learn more about the factors that determine the longevity of roofing materials to stay ahead of commercial roof repair and replacement.

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How Long Can Your Commercial Roof Last

The lifespan of a commercial roof can vary widely and usually depends on the roofing material as well as the installation process. As a commercial building owner or manager you want to know ahead of time the right roofing material which will offer longevity for your building. Although various roofing materials come with projected lifespan, keep in mind environmental factors such as rain, wind, snow, heat, and hail can all impact how long your commercial roof will last. Additional roof-top equipment such as HVAC systems can also potentially add stress to your roof. Overall, here is the approximate lifespan of various commercial roofing materials:

What Is The Difference Between Tpo And Pvc Roofing

How long should shingles last? | Sharpe Roofing University

Both PVC and TPO feature standard white surfacing for high light reflection . These two solutions both utilize heat-welded membranes for tightened water repellency. Both materials also offer great seasonal flexibility during temperature spikes, plus excellent chemical resistance.

Where TPO and PVC greatly differ is reliability. Despite numerous manufacturers attempting to refine TPO, material quality varies wildly. While certain brands offer remarkably durable and affordable products, many businesses have suffered from the design shortcomings of other manufacturers. In states with extended periods of intense light and heat, TPO products sometimes fail prematurely.

While businesses shouldnt write off TPO completely, its critical that you consult with a builder you trust before investing in a TPO membrane.

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Debris And Weather Damage To Underground Pvc

For PVC piping systems that are buried underground, sunlight wont be a problem, but debris, soil movement, and freezing temperatures may be. The debris and rocks that are underground with your pipes can lead to friction, which can cause damage to PVC pipes. Additionally, in climates where freezing temperatures occur, PVC pipes may be at risk. When the ground freezes and thaws, it can cause soil to shift, contract, and expand, which can all damage a plumbing system. While PVC is more flexible than other materials, it does still have a breaking point, and its often soil movement that can cause it to fail.

Fortunately, there are some best practices that will mitigate the risks of damage for underground PVC pipes and piping systems. First, its important that as much debris and rock is removed from the soil where a piping system will be going. Whether its a contractor who is doing the work, or you as a homeowner, its essential that the soil is as rock- and debris-free as possible. That may mean removing rocky soil and replacing it with sand. Another best practice to remember is that PVC piping lines should be installed at least one to two feet below ground to prevent damage from freezing and thawing cycles.

Cost Per Square Meter

EPDM is cheap to manufacture because it uses recycled materials. The rubber membrane has an average price of $0.80 per square foot. This rate is affordable compared to TPO, which can cost about $5-$6 per square feet. The most expensive non-asphalt and metal roof membrane is PVC, which costs about $6-$9.5 per square foot. Metal roofs costs about $9 per square foot while modified bitumen costs about $7.

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Features Offered By All Duro

  • Proven Performance

    As the commercial roofing industrys leader in PVC roofing, Duro-Last produces roofing membranes with a history of providing long-term durability and watertight protection.

  • Superior Scrim

    Knitted in-house and with a density of either 18 x 14 or 18 x 9, the fabric is made from polyester threads that provide superior tear and puncture resistance and treated to prevent wicking.

  • Custom Fabricated Accessories

    Compatible with all thicknesses of Duro-Last membranes, custom fabricated accessories result in better first-time quality giving building owners peace of mind.

  • Energy Efficient:

    The highly reflective Duro-Last, Duro-Tuff, Duro-Last EV, Duro-Fleece and Duro-Fleece Plus white membranes are ENERGY STAR® qualified and provide energy savings in all climates.

  • Colors
  • Mechanically attached membranes are recyclable after their life on the rooftop.

  • Lightweight

    PVC is lightweight, and Duro-Last membranes can often be installed over an existing roof without a tear-off.

  • Serviceability

    PVC is a durable and serviceable product, meaning a Duro-Last roof can have a longer life than roofs made from other materials.

  • Code Approvals

    All Duro-Last roofing membranes are UL and FM approved. For the most complete and up-to-date listing of codes and approvals, visit

What Is The Difference Between Tpo And Epdm Roofing

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last

If you are vacillating between a TPO or an EPDM roof installation, it will be important for you to recognize the difference between these two kinds of roofs. Please review the following bullet-pointed list to discover more about the differences between these singly ply roofing materials.

  • EPDM has a dark roofing surface, which means that in the summer, the roof will absorb heat. Conversely, TPO roofs are generally white, which means that they reflect heat. TPO roofs are a better alternative for commercial property owners who are concerned about the energy-efficiency of their building.
  • TPO roofs are considered to be more resistant to punctures than EPDM, which means that if you need to walk on the roof with frequency, you may want to opt for a TPO roof, which is more puncture-resistant.
  • You could improve the energy-efficiency of your air conditioning unit with a TPO roof. If you would like to lower your air conditioning bills in the summer and you have a dark-colored roof, scheduling an appointment with your local, professional roofing company is a good option for you.

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Work With A Commercial Roof Contractor

Performing regular maintenance and roof repairs allows a commercial roof to endure, regardless of the weather, style or roofing materials used. The quality of installation is also a chief factor in furthering the roofs lifespan. When seeking excellence in roof installation, turn to Reliable Roofing.

Repeated clashes with natures harshest elements can take its toll on any roof. Reliable Roofings crews will repair any damaged roof and return it to a sound condition. In addition to commercial roof repair, our highly trained technicians offer replacement, maintenance, installation and construction services.

Reliable Roofings crews are experienced in successfully servicing a wide range of commercial facilities, including office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, schools and hospitals. Our skilled workmanship has earned the trust of countless business owners and property managers in the surrounding areas.

Reliable Roofing is also a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association . We are fully licensed and bonded to deliver maximum peace of mind to our business customers. Reliable Roofing is also known for our use of the best industry materials in every project, including Turbo-Set Roof Coating.

Large and small businesses in Lake Zurich, IL, turn to reliable and trusted roofing contractor. When you need a commercial roofing contractor, look no further than Reliable Roofing for the most dependable roof maintenance, repair, construction and installation services.


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