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How Long Does Roof Coating Last

How Much Does Silicone Roof Coating Cost

Metal Roofs, how long does the paint last?

For a silicone roof coating, you can expect to pay anywhere between a dollar and a dollar fifty for the pure material cost per square foot. For labor costs, you can expect to pay fifty cents to a dollar per square foot. These prices are according to the 2020 roof coating and sealing costs available through the internet.

Can Elastomeric Roof Coating Be Sprayed On

If you are looking to spray an elastomeric roof coating then you will need a large airless sprayer. This is because elastomeric roof coatings are quite thick and will need to be forced through the sprayer with adequate pressure and control. The Graco 733 is acknowledged to be a good resource for this process, as it is a direct immersion-style airless sprayer.

The Truth About Aluminum Roof Coatings

If you walk down the roofing supply aisle of your local home improvement store, you are bound to see a selection of aluminum coating products that promise to be effective solutions to your roofing problems. However, before you consider an aluminum coating for your commercial roof, you may want to do some homework.

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A Quick Recap Of What An Elastomeric Roof Coating Is

An elastomeric roof coating is a fluid applied coating thats sprayed or back-rolled directly onto an existing roof system.

Usually, these roofs are in good working order with minimal leaks, and their warranty is about to expire.

A building owner installs an elastomeric roof coating for a few reasons:

  • its more cost-effective than a complete tear-off
  • its considered maintenance
  • it adds a seamless, monolithic waterproof layer
  • its white, therefore it saves on energy costs compared to a dark-colored roof

Disadvantages Of Roof Coatings

How Long Do Certain Types of Roofing Materials Last?
  • Slippery when wet: Each type of coating may become slippery when wet. While this may not pose a problem on the average workday, it may become a hazard during rooftop maintenance projects.
  • Strong smell while curing: If your facility features multiple air intakes on the rooftop, you will likely smell the roof coating while itâs curing. The smell will disappear after the coating has cured, though.
  • Strict guidelines: Installation guidelines vary based on the type of roof you choose, but, in general, your roof must meet several criteria, including: well-maintained seams, no significant damage and less than 25% moisture saturated.
  • Professional installation required: Some may think that applying a rooftop coating looks as effortless as painting a wall. However, if you donât inspect, repair, and prepare the rooftop properly, your coating will not adhere to your roof system.

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What’s New At Toolassociatewhat Is Roof Coating

When your roofs lifespan is about to come to an end, like suffering from rough patches, temperature, or material conditions, a roof coating may be the best choice. It will extend the average lifespan.

What is Roof Coating? A roof coating is the second layer of material or fluid that you put on top of your existing roof to increase its life expectancy. Its intended to preserve your roof materials regardless of what happens to them.

What Are The Advantages Of Elastomeric Roof Coatings

  • Increased energy efficiency and UV protection. Elastomeric roof coatings offer a cool roof effect that lowers energy bills in the summer months.
  • Adds additional waterproofing and weathering protection. Elastomeric roof coatings provide a robust shield against rain, snow, ice, etc. They also provide additional reinforcement for roofs that may be subject to high winds.
  • Easy to repair and maintain once installed. Vulnerabilities can be easily resealed by applying more coating directly to the areas of damage.
  • Restores roof viability and extends the roof life expectancy. A well-applied elastomeric coating can last 10-20 years.
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    What Is Elastomeric Roof Coating

    Its important to relate a definition whenever it is pertinent. For this blog, lets delve into what an elastomeric roof coating is. An elastomeric roof coating is a liquid coating that is applied to low-slope roofs. They include metal, concrete, and membranous roofing. These roof coatings can be applied like regular paint but it offers a lot more surface protection than regular paint does.

    Ensuring You Get Quality Roof Coating Results

    How long will your Galvalume steel roofs last?

    This is a simple yet complex process that must be undertaken using the correct steps. Failing to coat your roof in the proper manner can result in a shoddy outcome. To ensure you get lasting results from your roof coating, you need to hire a professional company to assist.

    Since there are many service providers to choose from. Making a decision about which one is right for you can be challenging. So, you need to go online and compare the service providers near you. You can do this by looking at the reviews of each company. Doing so will enable you to get a close-up view of how satisfied previous customers were.

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    How Long Can A Roof Coating Last

    Roof coatings do not last for a lifetime, as the surface wears out through time. Roofers know better about the types of coating for your type of roof. Issues on recurring leaks, damaged membrane, or inadequate insulation performance could be addressed quickly when you get a licensed roofing contractor. Expect that in an efficient roof coating, even leaks not seen by the naked eye should be fixed.

    Roof coatings last based on the thickness applied on the roof. The ideal time it can last is ten years. Imagine that the additional years for your roofs lifespan is a matter of making the right decision and knowing how to improve the stability of your roof. However, the extensive protection of roof coatings depends on your area and weather conditions, too.

    Common Metal Roof Problems

    • Rust
    • Corrosion

    Its important to understand common metal roofing problems in order to effectively maintain the roof. Differences in temperature cause metal to expand and contract, which can loosen seams and fasteners and cause leaks. Other metal roofing problems, such as rust or corrosion, are often attributed to ponding water, debris or decaying organic materials. Building owners in coastal environments must remain vigilant about maintaining their roof systems, since salt air is particularly harsh on metal materials. And while metal roofs are more resilient to storms than other roof types, they can still sustain damage from excessive precipitation, hail and high winds.

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    Elastomeric Roof Coating Reviews And Ratings

    From the feedback weve heard from our own clients, plus the customer reviews weve read online at sites like Home Depot, AMES, and others, the general consensus is that people love how effective elastomeric coating is and they like its relatively low price point.

    Several reviewers have also pointed out how they really like that it prevents leaking and directs rainwater properly off the roof.

    Most of the complaints people bring up are a results of improperly applying the coating, such as applying it too thin or not mixing the solution properly before applying it. Of course you can avoid those problems by hiring an experienced professional.

    Roof Cleaning And Coating

    How Long Do Metal Roofs Last And Why Do They Last So Long?

    Overtime your properties roof tiles or roof slates are exposed to a variety of Scotlands harsh weather fronts, including rain, wind, snow, frost, UV damage and more.

    As moisture penetrates the surface water it creates extra weight for your roof to carry and moss, lichens and algae can start grow. This can damage the surface further and makes your roof look unattractive.

    Our roof cleaning & coating service not only makes your roof look like new, but it also adds extra protection from the elements.

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    Three Common Myths And Misconceptions About Elastomeric Roof Coatings

    Elastomeric roof coatings be still, our commercial roofing hearts! Were kidding, but we do have a thing for great elastomeric roof coatings and were not ashamed to say it! Its also why we take great energy and attention to ensure were tackling the right myths. Just because we love a product doesnt mean its without its fair share of flaws, rumors, and even flat-out myths!

    Myth #1: Elastomeric roof coatings arent up to the task of foot traffic and roof debris.

    Acrylic is strong, but it cant be strong enough to withstand foot traffic on flat roofs, right? With acrylics typically being thinner than silicones, this is an easy myth to believe.

    Fact: Elastomeric roof coatings are strong and flexible enough to be one of the most durable roof coatings available today.

    With its increased thickness and acrylic base, elastomeric roof coatings exceed expectations when it comes to protecting roofing surfaces. As an example, our R& A Contracting team uses Lapolla Industries Thermo-Flex Acrylic Base roof coating that exceeds performance standards. It carries an industry-leading UV protection that deflects the suns harmful UV rays and protects your

    Myth #2: Elastomeric roof coatings perform as well as silicone roof coatings when it comes to ponding.

    Fact: Ponding is often best fixed by installing spray polyurethane foam to level the ponding area and redirect water flow to the appropriate exit points.

    Myth #3: Elastomerics are too fragile to survive extreme weather.

    Advantages Of Roof Coatings

    • Durable and long-lasting: With regular care, a roof coating will last between one and two decades. Your roof coating can also extend the lifespan of your original rooftop by strengthening the membrane and reducing weather damage.
    • Reduced utility costs: Due to their high reflectivity, roof coatings can cut energy costs by as much as 35%.
    • Quick installation: The quick turnaround of a roof coating application will keep you and your employees working without interruption. Additionally, youâll save on labor costs compared to the cost of a new roof.
    • Backed by our signature Maxx Warranty: Many manufacturers provide warranties for their products. At Maxx Roof LLC, we also offer our Maxx Warranty for added protection and regular upkeep.

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    What Maintenance Is Done To Extend How Long Elastomeric Roof Coatings Last

    Most roofing maintenance programs begin with a visual inspection and reporting. They are looking for early signs of significant damage. Damage can be caused by numerous events such as wind, rain, debris, or any foot traffic having access to the roof.

    Maintenance also includes special attention to areas that impact water travel, such as gutters, drains, and scuppers. A roofing contractor wants to make sure that when it rains, that water is moving the way its designed to off the roof.

    NOTE: A maintenance contract is a great way to keep your facility in good shape while holding your contractor accountable for the performance of their work.

    How Do You Clean And Maintain Elastomeric Coating

    How Long Will My Spray Foam Roof Last? [Whiteboard Roofing]

    Another factor that impacts its lifespan is maintenance.

    One maintenance item you may be able to do yourself is to hose down the roof once a year. Beyond that, additional maintenance is best to be done by a trusted roofing contractor.

    A good contractor will be able to do a visual inspection to look for any damage and to make sure that rain water is flowing properly off the roof and into gutters, drains, etc. Its a good idea to schedule an inspection every year or every couple years, since detecting issues early on can make it possible to fix problems before they get too big. Also consider doing an inspection after a major storm, particularly hail storms.

    You may be wondering, if elastomeric coating is so great, why should I bother maintaining it? Simply put, if you can add an extra couple years of life to your coating and your roof, then you can put off the cost of major roof repairs or roof replacement even longer, ultimately saving you more money in the long run.

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    Considerations To Take Into Account

    If youre thinking about investing in a commercial or industrial property, there are multiple factors to be taken into account. At first glance, it may seem as though the roofs condition might be one of the least important considerations.

    For example, in an arid climate such as that in Nevada, it may seem logical to assume that the roof will be less subject to deterioration than in areas with more rainfall. Unfortunately, hurricanes and monsoons can come, seemingly out of nowhere, causing property owners millions of dollars due to leaks and the costs of complete roof replacements.

    The roofs of commercial and industrial buildings are typically flat rather than pitched. Theyre constructed using different techniques, with special materials, and their lifespan will be different from that of a traditional roof. How long is it since your roof was thoroughly inspected? What do you know about how to maintain it in optimum condition?

    Repair And Reinforce The Roof

    Any areas of damage should be repaired before applying the elastomeric roof coating.

    Use Polyglass PolyBrite polyester fabric and mastic to reinforce these repaired areas, as well as around any roof penetrations, curbs, and rooftop equipment.

    To address inside corner details:

    Apply a generous coat of Polyglass base coat to the inside corner, then embed reinforcing polyester fabric into the corner.

    Once the fabric is smoothed into the corner and adhered to the base coat, apply more base coat to seal overlapping pieces of fabric, then cover the fabric area with a saturation coat.

    To address outside corner details:

    Apply a generous coat of Polyglass base coat to the outside corner, then embed reinforcing polyester fabric over the corner to adhere it, then apply a saturation coat. Then connect the details with an additional 12-inch piece of polyester fabric, applied in the same manner.

    To address pipe penetration details:

    For pipes, stands, drains, and scuppers that penetrate the roof surface, cut the polyester fabric for the finger flashing so the fabric can cover and overlap the pipe by at least 3 inches.

    For the target flashing, cut an opening so the fabric can slide down over the drain pipe. Apply a base coat around the penetration area and work outward horizontally from the penetration point as well as up the pipe. Apply the finger flashing around the pipe, then apply an additional base coating to secure it. Fit the target piece over the pipe and apply a saturation coat.

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    How To Make The Silicone Roof Coating Last Longer

    If you choose quality elastomeric roof coatings for your business, you want to make sure they can last for as long as possible. You should work with a professional to provide you with the proper annual maintenance for your roof. They can let you know whether any issues need to be addressed in certain areas. Additionally, it is in your best interest to have a roof inspection after any serious weather events that could have impacted your roof surface.

    The amount of foot traffic that takes place on the silicone coating could affect the longevity of the coating, as well. Therefore, if you have a roof that may see a lot of foot traffic, you should use a high-quality walk-pad capable of standing up to the use.

    Remember the importance of maintenance to longevity. You or your employees can handle some of the maintenance on your own, such as hosing down the roof once a year. However, anything that goes beyond the basic maintenance of cleaning the roof should be done by a roofing contractor.

    The contractor can check the roof for any signs of damage and ensure that there is no ponding water that could somehow cause a leak or show signs of a problem beneath the coating.

    If you have leaks on your existing roof, you should work with roofing companies to have those leaks repaired before you apply the coating. This helps to improve the integrity of the roof. Additionally, keep in mind that this type of coating is for low sloped roofs rather than high sloped roofs.

    How Long Does Silicone Roof Coating Last

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    When contemplating whether you should get a silicone roof coating for your commercial property, one of the biggest questions thats likely to come up is how long it will last. After all, you want to make sure you have a roof coating that is durable and can withstand the test of time. You dont want to have to replace the coating in two or three years.

    The answer to this question can vary based on the thickness of the coating and how well you take care of the roof. Typically, moisture cure silicone roof coatings can last for about 15 years. This tends to be the average. This requires that you ensure the roof is properly cared for during that time.

    The thickness of the coating will affect how long it can last. When the coating is applied at 1.5 gal/sq , most roofing companies will provide a 10-year material warranty. When the thickness level is increased to 2 gal/sq , the warranty will generally be for about 15 years. This is because the thicker coating can provide added protection.

    The length of the warranty can vary based on the company you choose to apply the roofing. Naturally, you will want to check with them about their warranties before hiring them.

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    What Is The Best Roof Coating

    When choosing a roof coating for your building, you have several types of coatings available. Each has different properties that will be valued more than others. Some of the most common include:

    • Acrylic: These are water-based coatings especially fitting for areas of high UV radiation in which reflectivity is required for improved cooling.
    • Asphalt: Very effective coatings to use on asphalt-based roof substrates and for colder weather.
    • Polyurea: A polyurethane-based coating thats ideal for hail-prone areas or for roofs that get high roof traffic.
    • Silicone: Another coating valued for high UV reflectivity, silicone is really good for roofs exposed to heavy, frequent rainfall.


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