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How Long Will An Asphalt Roof Last

How Long Can I Expect My New Roof Shingles To Last

How Long Do Asphalt Roofing Shingles Last? – Honest Abe Roofing – America’s Favorite Roofing Company
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  • Many clients ask a similar question about the longevity of their new roof shingles. How long are they expected to last? What could decrease the life expectancy? With most homeowners selecting asphalt shingles these days, the answer is almost always the samearound 15-20 years. However, because there are more than one kind of asphalt shingle, as well as roofing materials not of asphalt, that common response isnt so general anymore.

    That is why today we are going to discuss how long you can expect new roof shingles to last and what you can do to get the most out of your investment. Lets get started.

    When Should You Replace Your Asphalt Roof

    Now you know how long your asphalt roof should last and the 5 factors that impacts its life. Knowing the lifespan helps you understand what you’re getting out of your asphalt roof.

    Now that you know how long your asphalt should last, are you wondering when you’ll have to replace it?

    Luckily, we’ve already thought about this. Knowing when to replace your asphalt roof comes down to knowing the right signs.

    To help you understand these signs, we broke it down for you.

    Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has offered high-quality asphalt roof repairs, replacements, and maintenance in the Nashville area. Our workmanship ensures your asphalt roof gives you peace of mind for years. That’s why we’re proud to offer you a lifetime warranty.

    Factors That Impact The Lifespan Of Architectural Asphalt Shingles

    Now you know the lifespan of architectural asphalt shingles. Im sure you also noticed I mentioned the factors that impact a roofs lifespan several times.

    So, what are these factors? For the rest of this article, Ill break down the 5 main factors that impact the lifespan of architectural asphalt shingles.

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    The Value Of A Long Lasting Roof

    Another reason to consider replacing your roof is the value that it adds to your house if you are planning on selling it in the near future and your roof is nearing 15 to 20 years old, depending on the type of material used, the quality of the build, and any damage that may have occurred.

    Getting a roof inspection, fixing any problems before they start, and potentially replacing your roof can make a significant difference in the selling price.

    In fact, a house with a new roof sells for an average of $12,000 more than a house with an older roof, which means that you may recover the costs of the roof replacement when you sell.

    Regardless of whether or not you are planning on selling your property any time soon, the condition and the longevity of the roof over your head is of utmost importance.

    While the length of time that your particular roof lasts depends on the type of materials used, the installation techniques involved, and any damage that may need to be fixed during its lifespan, all the aforementioned guidelines can help you determine when to replace your roof as well as to understand the potential lifetime value of your investment in a new roof.

    Clay Or Concrete Tile Roof

    How long do asphalt shingles last

    Clay or concrete tile roofs can withstand any type of climate or weather conditions and can stay strong for 50 years or more. They protect your roof from extreme heat, and the concrete tiles are effective in reflecting the sunlight. Similarly, they are the same as slates roofs. Clay and concrete are heavy-duty, but they are a significant investment, which requires additional framing and support for when it needs to be installed.

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    Does Insurance Cover Shingles Blown

    Homeowners insurance usually covers roof damage in extraordinary circumstances beyond your control. … For example, if a roof shingle came loose and blew off your roof, exposing the underlayment to rain, and you never fixed the issue, your insurance would likely not cover the resulting water damage.

    Most Common Roof Types And Their Lifespans

    Heres the overview followed by a deep dive on the longevity of all roofing materials and options within them, such as 3-tab vs architectural vs premium asphalt shingles.

    • Asphalt Shingles 12 to 30 years
    • Steel 30 to 60 years
    • Aluminum 40 to 70 years
    • Zinc 70 to 100+ years
    • Copper 100+ years
    • Clay Tiles 50 to 100 years
    • Concrete Tiles 40 to 80 years
    • Synthetic Composite and Rubber Shingles 20 to 50 years
    • Green or Vegetative Roofs Up to 40 years
    • Flat Roofs 10 to 40 years

    Lets discuss longevity for each material and knowing when it is time to replace it.

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    What Is The Average Lifetime Of Composite Shingles

    Composite shingles or tiles are tiles made of a mix of fiberglass, recycled paper products, and asphalt and they are designed to mimic the look of slate or cedar roofing.

    They are similar in pricing to standing seam roofs, are rated for up 110 MPH in wind uplift, and they can last for approximately 30 to 50 years.

    How Long Should Your Roof Last In Georgia

    Roofing University – How long should an asphalt shingle last in Tallahassee, FL?

    How long doroofs last in Georgia? There are certain factors you need to account for. Theweather and climate your roof deals with will have an impact on its lifespan.The quality of the installation and routine maintenance also play an importantrole. It isn’t just the type of roof that matters either, but also the specificroofing material as well.

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    Ready To Consult A Roof Expert Call Skywalker

    If you already have a shingle roof, you fall in the group representing about 75% of American homeowners. If youre currently considering a new shingle roof or shingle roof replacement, youre in good company there, too. But no matter where you are in your shingle roof journey, you need to be able to partner with a professional who can help you get the most out of your shingle roof. The pros at Skywalker Roofing provide the best inspection, maintenance, and repair services youll find anywhere. Theyll also be glad to help you explore all the roofing material options available to you when its time for you to consider having your roof replaced.

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    Are You Selling Your House In The Next 5 Years

    Just like every roof replacement is different, so is everyones situation. You have to take your future plans into consideration when deciding if you should replace your roof.

    If youre older, settled in your forever home, and know your roof is around that 20-year mark, then you might just want to throw a new roof on and forget about it.

    If youre close to the 20-year mark and know youre going to be selling your house in 2 to 5 years youre probably going to have to replace the roof to put your home on the market. So consider replacing it now, enjoy it as much as you can, and then get your investment back with the curb appeal when its time to sell.

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    Signs Its Time To Repair Or Replace Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

    The roof is an essential part of your home, so its paramount that it stays in good condition at all times. But, as you already know, every roof will at some point need to be repaired replaced. In this section, we discuss four tell-tale signs that you should start thinking of repairing or replacing your asphalt shingle roof.

    How Long Does A Roof Membrane Last

    How Long Do Asphalt Roof Shingles Last?

    If your home or property has a flat or low-sloped roof, some of the other types of roofing systems that weve covered wont be suitable.

    For these sorts of properties, a roofing membrane like EPDM is a common choice due to its low cost and easier flat roof repair.

    However, it only lasts for 5 to 15 years and is prone to leakage due to its taped or glued seams.

    PVC and TPO roof membranes are more costly but also more durable roofing membrane options.

    These are single ply roofing membranes with hot welded air seams that allow them to last nearly twice as long as EPDM rubber but of course these types of membrane roofs are more expensive to install or purchase.

    Keep in mind that if your property is situated in an area where hurricanes are likely, then you will want to invest in a fully-adhered membrane roofing system as opposed to a mechanically attached single ply membrane roof since those will be more likely to withstand the winds and water from a hurricane.

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    The Color Of The Materials

    In most cases, the color you choose for your shingles also affects the average lifespan of your roof. Especially in sunny areas, lighter colors are more recommended as darker colors will absorb more heat from the sun. Shingles that tend to get overheated are more prone to depreciation and make ventilation more difficult for your roof.

    Factors That Determine Roof Lifespan

    There are many factors that go into predicting the length of the useful service life of a roof.

    The type of roofing material selected for the roof will set a general limit on the roofs life expectancy. Some materials simply last longer than others, and all materials have their own design life expectancy. The quality of the materials and the reliability of the manufacturer is also very important when it comes to actually reaching that design life expectancy.

    Workmanship, or the quality of the installation, plays a huge part in the life expectancy of a roof system. Roofs that are installed improperly have been known to fail immediately after installation. Seam failure, massive leaking, catastrophic wind blow-off, etc. Even if the workmanship is slightly subpar, the lifespan of the roof will very likely be shorter than it should be as needless problems develop over the life of the roof.

    The local environment that the roof will have to endure is also a big piece of it. Roofing materials in coastal regions, with high levels of corrosive environmental salt, tend to deteriorate faster, for instance.

    Many types of roof dont perform well in deserts, with the continual barrage of UV rays.

    The use of proper fasteners and other accessories is crucial to long-term roof performance.

    An all-too-common reason for the premature failure of tile roofs, for instance, is the use of low-quality fasteners and battens, which fail long before the tiles themselves would have.

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    How Long Does A Roof Last

    by BarrettM | May 20, 2020 | Uncategorized |

    Are you aware of the condition of the roof over your family or employees?

    If you own a property, you should be.

    Most of the time, property owners dont realize that their roof is beyond repair until it is too late.

    Whats more, many property owners dont really know how long a roof lasts or when to replace a roof.

    In this guide, youll get answers to this question how long should a roof last?

  • The Value of a Long Lasting Roof
  • Influencing Factors For Your Roofs Lifespan

    How long should shingles last? | Sharpe Roofing University

    Below are factors which impact the lifespan of your roof:

    • Quality of the installation workmanship. Poor quality work will shorten your roofs lifespan.
    • Environmental conditions. Exposure to extreme temperatures, high winds, or falling debris can decrease your roofs lifespan and affect its granule loss.
    • The type of roofing material used. Roofing materials have varying durability, making them last shorter or longer in different conditions.
    • The quality of materials used. Cheaper materials cost less upfront and more in the long run.

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    The Importance Of Roof Maintenance

    Scheduling annual inspections with a licensed roofing professional will help ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible. Your roofer can ensure that you complete required maintenance tasks as needed and catch minor issues before they escalate into major problems. In addition, its important to keep an eye on your roof, especially after extreme weather hits. After a storm involving ice, hail, or strong winds, schedule an inspection or look over your roof yourself. If you spot signs of damage, schedule repairs.

    Lack Of Roof Maintenance

    Like many other products you use on a daily basis, a roof that isnt regularly maintained can be expected to lose its effectiveness more quickly. This includes things like keeping gutters clear and free-flowing, as well as performing routine inspections of your roof, its support structure, and the attic.

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    Why Is Roofing So Expensive Now

    Shutdowns in early 2020 caused severe inventory shortages for roofing supplies manufacturers. Couple that with a record-breaking storm season, and you have market conditions that the U.S. roofing industry has never been seen before. Production shortfalls of roof shingles are expected to continue for most of 2021.

    How Long Do Architectural Shingles Or Dimensional Shingles Last

    How long do asphalt shingles last and when should you change them ...

    Architectural or dimensional asphalt shingles are thicker and more durable and therefore more suited to places with more extreme weather conditions.

    That said, they are also more expensive but they do last between 15 to 25 years and can withstand wind uplift for up to 110 miles MPH, or even up to 130 MPH with specialized installation techniques and roof bracing.

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    Keep Covered Know Your Roofs Life Span By Type

    Okay, its quiz time. How long does an average asphalt shingle roof typically last? If you guessed 30 years, youre in the ballparkbut it all depends on the type of asphalt shingle. A very basic asphalt shingle, 3-tab style, lasts between 15 and 18 years. If your home has architectural-style asphalt shingles overhead, the durability jumps to between 24 and 30 years. The fact is, predicting a roofs life span depends on a number of important factors besides shingle type:

    • Amount of sun exposure
    • Wide temperature variations and severe weather
    • Roof colour
    • Overall slope
    • Two-layered roofing
    • Nearby trees
    • Installation quality
    • Quality of attic ventilation
    • Roofing materials

    How to Choose Your Homes Lid without Flipping Yours

    Choosing the right roofing materials matters. If you want your roof to outlast any of the elements listed above and keep frustration to a minimum, choose a contractor who uses superior roofing materials. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your roof:

    • Asphalt shingles last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on type
    • Metal shingles last between 30 and 45 years
    • Concrete tile lasts 35 to 50 years
    • Rubber shingles last 10-16 years
    • Cedar shingles and shakes last anywhere from 30 to 50 years

    Prolong the life of your roof by paying attention to the factors aboveand ask your Great Canadian contractor for more roofing tips today!

    How Long Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Last

    The most common type of roofing material in North America, asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive, easy to work with and come in a wide variety of styles. No matter the architecture of your home , asphalt shingles can be used to accentuate the home and are easily matched when repairs become necessary.

    So how long can you expect your asphalt roof to last? Not including accidents like fallen trees or other storm damage, asphalt shingle roofs are usually good for 25 to 50 years. A lot of this depends on their installation, so we always recommend using licensed roofing contractors for all re-roofs, installations, and repairs.

    Theres more to a roofing system than just the shingles, however. Even the best shingles wont keep a roof from failing if the underlayment, roof deck, and supporting trusses are poorly installed. In any roofing project, all roofing components should be professionally installed.

    There is a matter of safety to consider as well, too. Warner Roofing and Construction has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and always use the appropriate protective gear. This is especially important for heavily sloped roofing or in inclement weather.

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    And How Long Does A 30 Year Roof Really Last

    The lifespan of a 30-year roof can be 30 years or 3 decades, or it can last for significantly less time if you experience a disaster like a fire, major hailstorm, tornado, or a hurricane.

    Many roofing warranties may cover a roof for 20 or 30 years, depending on the location and type of roof, but youll want to always check the fine print and review your homeowners or property owners insurance policies as well, and ask any questions before you sign on the dotted line to buy a home or replace an existing roof.

    If you are looking to purchase a property with an older roof , you may even see 50 year old shingles or roofing systems on the market and while you should always get a roof inspection before buying a new home or building, it is possible for some types of roofing to last that long.

    Read on to learn more about the average life of various types of roofs, when you should get a roof inspection or consider repairing or even replacing your roof, and more


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