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How Much Does A Drone Roof Inspection Cost

Why A Drone Roof Inspection Is Better Than Traditional Techniques

Whats the best drone for Inspections? – The ultimate breakdown!

I know you were expecting to hear otherwise, especially after seeing how drone roof inspections are priced higher than traditional roof inspections . But by the end of this, youll see why drones are a better option.

What makes drones ideal for roof inspections is the sheer amount of information they can give you on your roofs state, and the speed at which they do.

Below are some reasons that I compiled and that I think will make you see their advantage.

Number Of Stories And Roof Accessibility

Generally, you’ll be paying less if your house is more unrestricted and has an uncomplicated design. Since one-story homes are easily accessible, they’ll cost less than two-story homes. They’re also typically less complex because they’ll have fewer valleys.

To give you an example of cost differences, itll cost an average of $4 per square foot for a one-story house if you’re using asphalt shingles, but itll cost $5 to $7.50 per square foot for a two-story house.

Roof Report By Dronedeploy

Roof Report is another specialty software platform created by the DroneDeploy group. This end-to-end software solution provides a module for automated mission execution, all the data from which are uploaded to cloud servers. From the data on the cloud, Roof Report takes over to create high-definition 3D models.

One thing we like about Roof Report is that you can save snapshots of the 3D model and create detailed roof reports in PDF format. This makes it easier to share the results of your inspection to clients without having to resort to walking them through the entire model. You can also export the models as DXF files and edit them with the usual CAD platforms.

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As Part Of Home Maintenance

Even in the absence of a natural disaster, regular homeowners would still benefit from doing regular roof inspections. Theres no telling how regular wear and tear can slowly cause your roof to deteriorate if you dont inspect it regularly. In the case of prolonged cold weather, you might even detect moss growth in your roof, which could get worse if unchecked.

Yes, its possible to inspect your own roof without a drone, but youll me more pre-disposed to do it regularly if you didnt have to climb all the way up there yourself. Keep in mind that making minor repairs, even multiple ones, is still cheaper than doing a major repair when your roof gets so heavily damaged because youve never inspected it.

Manchester Town Hall Drone Structural Survey

Roof Inspections with a Drone

Heres a shot of the clock tower on Manchester Town Hall. We carried out a survey of the higher levels of the building using our drone. Getting to areas that would have been either impossible or very expensive to reach we were able to provide 4K UHD video footage of the building for the client to examine on a computer at a later date. It was real privilege to be able to see parts of this iconic building which probably havent been from these angles since it was built in the 19th Century. We flew the drone all the way to the top of the 80m high spire giving close up views of the entire structure.

Transport Interchange Roof Inspection

We were asked to conduct an aerial inspection of a transport interchange that had had some issues with its construction. With the client alongside to indicate which areas were of concern we were able to fly over the building and gather some Ultra High Definition 4K video of buildings roof. The client was then able to view the video files in his office and report back to the builders. Following the remedial works we were then able to return to re-inspect the roof to show that the works had been successfully carried out.

Drone Roof Survey, Manchester

Power Station inspection

Aerial Roof Inspection

Architectural Feature Inspection

Manchester aerial building inspection

Aerial drone antenna inspection

Aerial drone roof inspection

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S For Conducting A Successful Roof Inspection


  • Assess what and how you plan on assessing the data in the images captured before anything else, as this will determine the type of flight mission to conduct. Inspecting the tuck-pointing of a chimney would require a different type of flight than an overall orthomosaic image of a large commercial warehouse.


  • As we mentioned planning for the type of flight is important, but so is the typical pre-flight planning needed for any drone flight. Here well want to consider the size of the overall flight area, how many flight missions it will take to completely capture the necessary images, ground sampling distance , airspace restrictions, and we cant forget the weather.


  • For a basic roof inspection of a residential home, most any drone is capable of capturing high enough resolution images to see damage or debris. The choice of professionals, however, is typically a drone with some degree of flight automation, possibly some obstacle avoidance capability, and for mapping missions an image sensor with a global shutter. This allows for the image to be captured all at once as opposed to progressively as with a CMOS or rolling shutter.

  • Customize Your Plan With Additional Features

    Expand DroneDeploy to your broader team, gain access to new products, and learn best practices from industry experts. These add-ons are only available with Teams and Enterprise packages.

    Give your entire team access to site reality data from viewer to full access at the org or project levels.

    Virtual Tours

    All new users start with a 14-day Free Trial.

    What are the payment options?

    DroneDeploy accepts most Credit and Debit Cards. All subscriptions will be charged in US dollars. We currently accept: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

    Is there a discount for certified non-profits and educational institutions?

    Yes! If your status can be verified you are eligible for a discount. Please go to to apply and learn more.

    Can I trial the Enterprise plan instead of the Business plan?

    Please contact to inquire about testing the capabilities offered within Enterprise plans.

    How do I change or cancel my subscription?

    You can change or cancel your subscription at any time from your Account Settings within DroneDeploy. Any downgrade changes, including cancellations, will be reflected at the end of your existing billing cycle.

    Can I purchase just one month?

    When you subscribe to DroneDeploy, you can select annual or monthly payments.

    Can I still access my data if I cancel my paid subscription?


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    Virtual Roof Inspection Costs: A Full Guide

    Climbing up on a roof for an inspection is a risky and time-consuming job.

    But thanks to advances in technology, theres a better way to get the job done these days no ladder required.

    The answer is virtual roof inspections which use technology like aerial imagery to give roofers a birds-eye view of the job site, complete with accurate measurements and 3D modeling.

    Theyre safer, faster, and more accurate than physical inspections, saving you time and money in the long run.

    So if youre looking into virtual inspection options for your roofing business, heres a complete guide to virtual roof inspection costs.

    What Goes Into The Cost Of Getting A New Roof

    Roof Inspection with a Drone!

    As with most construction work, the two big things youre paying for are the cost of materials plus labor. Typically, the roofing materials will comprise 40% of your roof’s overall estimate, while the other 60% goes to how much work and time is put into your roof.

    Doing a high-quality roof replacement isnt easy and requires an experienced team. Theres also a lot of logistics work. For example, when you choose RoofClaim for your roof replacement, youre getting all the extra support we provide, a free inspection, and any necessary communication with your insurance company.

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    How To Hire Roof Inspectors

    As with hiring other professionals to take a look at your home or perform repair work, youll want to do some research. Word of mouth is usually a good way to find a roof inspector because youll get first-hand accounts about the service an inspector provided. Social media has become another asset in finding professionals to help you with your home, too. When looking for a roof inspector, ask:

    • For their certification and insurance
    • What specifically is included in their quote
    • If having a drone inspection, make sure they are certified to fly a drone
    • For multiple quotes from other inspectors apps like Thumbtack provide price estimates from professionals and can make the search easier.

    Thermal Roof Inspectionthermal Imaging Can Detect Insulation Issues

    Thermal imaging is a great way to inspect roofs because it can detect temperature differences on the surface of the roof. This can help identify potential problems, such as water damage or insulation issues. By identifying these areas, you can address the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

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    What Is The Quality Of The Images Or Video

    Our drones are able to capture images of survey quality down to a GSD of 5.5px/cm when flown at 5m above the roof. This extreme level of detail allows you to zoom in and see cracked / fractured tiles and defects in chimney pointing with ease. When required we also have an 11m mast/pole system available which carries a light weight 24mega pixel DSLR cameras with a 30x zoom, great for getting those angles which are not possible by drone and for interior inspections.

    Who Performs The Drone Roof Inspection

    Drone Roof Inspection In Fife: Drone Roof Inspection Cost

    Doing your own drone inspection is doable. However, it is better to hire certified roofing professionals. When hiring a drone pilot, make sure that the pilot has a valid and current FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate. You should also check that the drone they are using is registered with the FAA since there are strict FAA regulations when using drones for commercial use.

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    Scotland Drone Roof Surveysafe And Easy Chimney Inspections

    Chimney roof inspections are an important part of keeping your home safe. However, they can be difficult and dangerous to do. Thats why using a drone for chimney roof inspection is such a great idea. With our experience in chimney surveys, we can help you get the most accurate information about your chimney possible.

    Where To Learn More

    For an overview of the new Roof Report from DroneDeploy, as well as best flight practices for capturing roof imagery, be sure to read the product announcement.

    To dive more deeply into the topic of drones for roof inspection and measurement, view our recent webinar: Aerial Roof Inspections with Drones.

    • Drones are becoming an essential tool for insurance claims. Learn why in this post.
    • Drones helped insurance inspectors improve safety, gather better data, and jumpstart efforts to rebuild an island hard-hit by disaster after Hurricane Irma. Read the full story here.

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    Benefits Of Roof Report From Dronedeploy

    • Automate the collection of high-resolution roof imagery
    • Generate accurate roof reports with the click of a button
    • Take consistent, accurate measurements of square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope
    • Access a PDF file for easy sharing and collaboration
    • Export a roof geometry DXF file compatible with your existing tools for CAD analysis and design
    • 3X faster than traditional methods
    • Collect data in a consistent, repeatable way

    A Checklist To Getting A Drone Survey Done

    Drone Roof Inspections
    • Be responsible and ensure whoever is operating the drone is compliant with UK laws and regulations.
    • Use a trusted directory, like Checkatrade, where all tradespeople and businesses are vetted and reviewed.
    • Read reviews and listen to testimonials from others and ask to see evidence of previous surveys they have carried out.
    • Ask for three to five written comparable quotes, including the flight plan.
    • Finally, check that the drone operator has the experience, is fully PI & PL insured with a relevant insurance certificate that complies with the CAA and is qualified according to the CAAs requirements. Especially if your survey is being carried out in difficult, hostile, or unusual terrain.

    Good jobs, guaranteed

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    St Albans Drone Roof Inspection Case Study

    Our customer, a St Albans, Hertfordshire, based roofing contractor, asked us to carry out this roof inspection with one of our drones.

    The property owners of this 3 story town house had identified a leak coming from an extractor fan pipe in the loft. They suspected that it was coming from a vent tile on the roof and so called upon our roofer to investigate further. As this property was a 3 story town house the roofer would have needed a high scaffold tower to just carry out the inspection let alone fix any problems.

    Carrot was asked to carry out the initial inspection of the roof with our drone.

    We were able to achieve in 30 minutes what would otherwise have taken hours or days at a fraction of the cost of a tower or scaffolding.

    Benefits Of Drone Photography

    Its hard to imagine that a small drone can do the same job as a human standing on your roof. Will it capture the same problems? Will it reveal the issues that could cause bigger problems down the line?

    Drones allow for safer, faster, and thorough commercial and residential roof inspections. Here is a basic breakdown of the ways using an unmanned aerial system will allow for a better roof inspection.

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    Roof Certification And Report

    Roof certifications are necessary when you are planning on selling your property. You must schedule a roof inspection before selling your property, and thats your chance to get the certification. It shows that your building has integrity.

    If you want your inspector to prepare a certificate for you, you will have to pay extra for it. Prepare to part with about $75 to $200 besides the quoted inspection fee. Further, if you want a report after inspection, you will likely have to pay an additional $200.

    Drone Surveyroof Inspections By Drone Are Cheaper

    Best Drones For Roof Inspections 2021: Top Brands Review

    Drones can cut inspection costs significantly. It eliminates the need to buy and transport costly climbing equipment such as scaffolding. As a result, equipment and labour costs are reduced.

    Due to the risks associated with traditional roof inspections, the workers, as well as the equipment and structure, need to be insured against accidents and damages. Insurance costs can be high, reducing revenue. Drones remove the need for high insurance costs.

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    Your Level Of Experience

    If you are still quite new to the industry, then it makes sense to offer your services at a discounted price. Some commercial pilots who are just starting out have to resort to operating at a loss, or even for free, just to build up valuable experience. You dont necessarily have to resort to the same strategy, but you need to recognize that your lack of a portfolio or a list of past clients will put you at a disadvantage.

    If you have other qualifications on top of being a licensed drone pilot, then you can probably use them to offer a premium. A construction firm will probably be willing to pay higher rates for a drone pilot that also has an engineering background. A licensed surveyor may also charge higher when doing a drone mapping survey.

    Roof Survey & Inspection Scotlandget Your Roof Inspected With A 3d View

    We are Scotlands only 3D roof survey service. Capture data on your roof in minutes that would have taken hours. We can help you get the most accurate information about your roof possible with our advanced software. You wont have to climb up on a ladder and risk injury anymore! Let us do all the hard work and provide an interactive capture of your structure.

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    High Resolution Roof Survey Photography

    It is vital that all the images that form part of a roof survey are clear and detailed. For this reason, every image you receive from our pilot will not only be high resolution but also HDR This means that you will be able to see details in the shadow areas such as gutters and tight corners in unrivalled detail.

    How Much Does A Drone Roof Survey Cost

    EZ3D Technologies | Drone Software for Roof Measurement and Inspection

    We price our drone roof surveys based on the size of the building as this reflects the time it will take to complete the job. Our drone pilots are very experienced, and we use the latest drone survey technology so large roof areas can be covered in a short space of time. This means that the cost of a drone roof survey is much lower than other conventional survey methods. After the inspection, you will receive a set of high-resolution HDR images or HD Video.

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    Why Use Drones For Roof Inspection

    The traditional way of inspecting roofs is risky. Drones offer a safer, faster and more convenient way of getting the job done.

    Once the flight plan is in place, the inspection can be done faster than the manual inspection. Also, this process is cheaper than the cost of manual inspections.

    When it comes to efficiency, this uses a more advanced technique, so you can count on its effectiveness. All the footage is geo-referenced with perfect accuracy. There is no danger or damage to the roof and the people involved are safe.

    Why A Roof Inspection Is Important For Homeowners

    One of the most important parts of your home is the roof. That is why having it checked a couple of times a year is necessary. It can help spot leaks and other issues that may ruin the entire structure. Some of the problems that need to be checked are:

    • Missing shingles

    • Drooping or sagging of the roof

    • Granule loss due to weather conditions

    Regular inspection is important to understand the condition of your roof and help you know if there are parts that need to be fixed to avoid further damage. This will extend the life of the roof and the entire structure as well.

    The National Roofing Contractors Association advises doing a roof check twice a year.

    It is essential to check the roofs during fall to prevent problems before the winter season. Then, any repairs will be done easily before the ice or snow hits and avoid damages inside your home during cold months.

    It is also better to do a roof inspection in spring to make sure that there are no damages caused by the snow or ice and to check if there are ice dams on your roof. Other basic reasons why you should do an inspection are for the purpose of real estate appraisals, roof repair estimation, insurance adjuster claims, solar panels, and regular home maintenance.

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