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How Much Does A New Roof Add To Home Value

Breeze Through An Inspection

Does a metal roof add value to my home?

Inspections can easily be the death of a home sale. If something comes up, the buyers can back out. Roofs are one of the major problem causers during the home buying experience. Buyers baulk at old roofs and wont even consider looking at them. Inspections can highlight issues with roofs, sending potential buyers running out the door.

Roofs are a big investment, but roofs that havent been maintained can bring up serious issues during a home inspection. Foundational problems, structural issues, water damage, mold and mildewthese are all things that come up in an inspection from a deteriorating roof system. Dont let an old roof ruin what could be a smooth inspection!

How Much Value Does A New Roof Add To A Home

According to this Home Advisor article, removing your old roof and replacing it with a brand new one can increase your home resale value by up to $12,000. That is some great ROI. In fact, according to the study referenced in the article, a new roof has a higher average ROI than a new bathroom addition!

Its clear that, in the right circumstances, a new roof is a great investment. But, in what instances might it not make sense?

The Benefits Of Adding A New Roof To Your Home

Its not all about resale value if youre not planning on selling, consider the improved energy efficiency. In fact, energy efficiency is one of the top reasons homeowners choose to have a new roof installed.

Did you know asphalt shingles have the ability to lower the surface temperature of your roof by up to 50 degrees? This can help make your air conditioning more efficient. You can also get tax credits when you make these eco-friendly improvements.

Another benefit to adding a new roof to your home is that youre getting an updated layer of protection that keeps everything under it safe and sound.

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What Type Of Roof Should Be Installed

The other essential factors that go into budget are type of roof and method of installation. Many people just lay a new roof over the old roof. That is usually not the best choice. If the old roof has any problems, putting a new roof over top is about as effective as a band-aid is for a puncture wound that wont stop bleeding.

Of all the costs involved in roof installation, the material you choose is the one factor that you have the most control over. The fancier and better quality roofing materials will cost more.

A professional roofer will discuss various factors that will lead you to a subset of materials that will be functional, attractive, and within your budget. Some of these factors are:

  • geography of the area
  • how much sun and wind hits the roof
  • ventilation and insulation issues
  • type of warranty you desire

These factors, and many others, will guide your decision for type of materials. Today, you have so many option for type of shingle and color, as well as shape:

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Slate

Ask your roofing professional about installation options. Depending on the age of your existing roof and its condition, you might be able to use the plywood that is already installed. In other cases, the old roof must be taken down to the bare bones for the new roof to give your home the protection needed.

Dont Over Pay For Your Roof

How Much Value Does a New Roof Add?

We can talk a great deal about this topic, and we will in a future blog post, For now, wed like to leave you with a few general tips about now overpaying for a new roof:

  • Get at least 3 quotes from roofing professionals
  • Make sure each company you are looking at is licensed and insured.
  • Get references and check them. Go see their work on other homes.
  • Ask them for a start-to-finish timeline for your job. Do they offer a promise that, if they dont start within a reasonable range from the start date, you can be released fromt eh contract?
  • Compare apples to apples. The lowest bid may have hidden costs, so read through everything very carefully. If you have two bids close in price, are they using the same exact materials and installation methods? Are they charging similarly for labor?
  • Understand each contractors guarantee/ warranty of their work and get it in writing.
  • Whether or not now is the time to install a new roof isnt a decision to be made without the advice of experts. Contact the pros at Legend Roofing for an assessment of your roof and for a no-obligation discussion of your needs and preferences for a new roof.

    You might also find these resources, all from Consumer Reports, to be helpful as you evaluate the roofing professionals available for hire in your area:

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    How Much Value Does A New Roof Add To Your Home

    However, according to a study conducted by Remodeling Magazine, having new roofing put may boost the value of your house by up to 60% to 70%, notably when it comes to resale value. Besides the increased resale value of your property, there are numerous other compelling reasons to consider a new roof, including the following: Attractiveness on the outside

    The Long Answer Is Yes But

    You probably cant match dollar for dollar.

    The 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, a survey conducted and published by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Realtors states 45% of Realtors suggested sellers add new roofing before attempting to sell and 32%said roofing is what helped them close the deal. The organization argues the recovered cost is more than the spent cost .

    Replacing your roof does have a pretty high return on investment, especially compared to other house projects, but it doesnt mean you can necessarily mark up the asking price dollar for dollar for what you spent on the new roof. Pricing a home is more complicated than that. Thats because

    A house is supposed to have a roof.

    When a buyer makes an offer, they assume the roof is there and is doing the job of a roof. Its tied into the price tag, not an add-on, and the sellers not acting entitled for thinking his new buy should have actual shelter.

    Keeping up a roof is normal home maintenance, so a seller shouldnt expect a buyer to pay extra for the roof, even if it is top-of-the-line and brand new.

    For this reason, Christman says, if you have to replace your roof, go midrange.

    Dont spend the high dollar amounts or do the bare minimum.

    Buyers can see if you did the bare minimum and they wont want to pay for the upscale. Midrange is your best bet for high return on investment.

    Theres not an obvious right or wrong answer to replace

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    The Condition Of The Rest Of The House

    Your home may have other attractive features such as spacious rooms or overall great design and shape. These features mean that your home could potentially fetch a lucrative price, especially if you compare it with other houses within the area.

    A new roof installation will increase the value of the house as a complement to the other features. However, if the opposite is true regarding your home, theres no need to replace the roof.

    Should You Install A New Roof Right Before Selling Your Home

    How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

    If youre about to sell your home, youll probably consider whether or not you should install a new roof. While it can be beneficial in certain circumstances, thats not always the case. As we mentioned, your roof will likely increase the value of your home by around $12,000, but a new roof will cost more than that.

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    Work With Professional Roofing Contractors

    According to Remodeling Magazine, there are very few home renovations that completely recoup their costs. However, when it comes to any home improvement project, ROI goes down the drain if it isnt done correctly. Especially when it comes to roofing: Improper installation of ANY roofing material will lead to costly repairs due to water damage.

    For 30 years, Warner Roofing and Construction has been installing new and replacement roofs and is familiar with the newest materials and roofing procedures. We work in all kinds of weather, offer manufacturers warranties, and work efficiently and safely. We understand how important it is to get your new roof installed as quickly as possible.

    We also perform re-roofing , roof repair, as well as gutter, skylight, and solar tube installations. If its time for a new roof but youre unsure of your options, reach out to Warner Roofing and Construction. We offer free estimates and design roofing systems that fit your home as well as your budget.

    How Much Value Does A New Roof Add To My Property

    If youre planning on listing your home for sale, you of course want to do everything that you can in order to ensure that you are maximise your return once the home is sold.

    In order to do this, its always best to take on a little home improvement work before you put your property on the market. This could be anything, from simply repainting and carrying out repairs, to installing a new kitchen, to landscaping your garden or to adding an extension. However, theres one other home improvement which could be the most beneficial of all having a new roof installed.

    Having your roof replaced may seem like quite the investment, especially considering that youll likely be paying out on renovations once you move to your new home. Nevertheless, its an investment worth making and heres why.

    How Much Value Will A New Roof Add To My Property?

    In a survey carried out by the credit card providers Zopa, it was found that customers who decided to replace the roof of their home before selling saw a return on investment of around 63% on average. Needless to say, thats no small return, especially when compared to the return on investment released by other home improvements.

    How Does This Compare To Other Home Improvements?

    Heres how the return on investment from installing a new roof compares to the return on investment achieved on average by other home improvements.

    Create open-plan living area: 3-5%

    Why Do Roof Replacements Add So Much Value?

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    The Value A New Roof Adds To Your Home

    What sort of a bump will a new roof add to the value of your home? Remodeling Magazine cost vs. value survey establishes that a new roof can increase a homes value by roughly $17,147(cost $28, 2560, or you can gain roughly 61% of the installation cost through the increased value. Your ROI can be affected by how the shingles are installed. For instance, if your roofing contractor layers the new shingles on the old layer of shingles, this will add weight to the roof deck and trap heat. This layering can cut your roofs lifespan. As a result of this, ROI will likely be less because of the method employed in installing the new roof.

    Offer To Transfer The Roof Warranty To The Buyer As A Selling Point

    New Roof Replacement Costs [Homeowner

    Christman tells the story about a couple who bought a home with a new roof. When they went to sell the home just a year later, they had to make repairs to the roof. Because they were not the original owners of the roof, the warranty had not transferred and they were on the hook for all those repair expenses. These expenses could have been easily avoided.

    Most roofing companies offer transferable warranties. Its just a matter of calling and paying a nominal charge. Many buyers dont think to ask.

    Offer this transfer to your buyer. Its just a few hundred dollars and having several more years of warranty on a roof could be what clinches the deal.

    The question of whether you should replace your roof before selling is hard to answer. It will increase the value of your home, though it may not be as much or in the ways youd most like. Your best bet is to find a real estate agent in your local area who can help you make the right decision.

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    Does A New Roof Increase The Value Of Your Home

    August 12, 2019 – News

    HomeNewsDoes A New Roof Increase The Value of Your Home?

    Does a new roof add value to an appraisal? How much does the roof impact the value of a home? Many people overlook the importance of the humble roof in contributing to a propertys value. Your roof not only protects your home and everything inside, but its one of the largest, most obvious features that people see when looking at and forming an impression of your home.

    So, the question is how much does your roof impact on the value of your home and what investments should you be making in it to ensure it holds its value? This article explores the question of whether roof restoration or installing a new roof can increase your propertys value.

    The Condition Of Your Current Roof

    Typically, maintaining your roof is part of regular home maintenance. Roofs are one of the installations that add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Therefore, a roof is one of the things prospective homeowners will notice when they come to view the house.

    Even so, they expect the roof and other installations to be in perfect condition. If you have a new roof installation, you can expect them to make an offer sooner than later. Typically, prospective homeowners wish to be a cushion against extra costs that arise after the purchase.

    The appraisers will help you figure out the condition of your roof. Also, theyll state how much the condition affects the entire value of the home. It does not make sense to install a new roof for a relatively new house.

    In the study conducted by NARI, almost all participants had old and worn-out roofs. The risk with this kind of roofs is that they are barely functional. The bottom line is to examine the roof condition, which will help you determine the ideal action between repairs and new installations.

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    What Makes A House Appraised Low

    Appraisers do not directly lower your homes value because of a worn roof. However, if there are noticeable maintenance issues with other house sections, these too cumulatively downgrade your home.

    A new roof installation falls under regular maintenance. Once a roof is damaged, the overall repair costs may affect your homes interior. Regular maintenance does come in handy to avoid increasing the cost of repair or installation.

    Two things add to the life of a home, otherwise referred to as the economic life maintenance and upgrades. For example, an 80-year-old home may get an additional 30 years or more through regular maintenance and relevant upgrades.

    Upgrades include a new kitchen, modern bathrooms, and closets. These new installations allow the home to compare favorably with newer homes as far as value is concerned. On the other hand, a 50-year-old home without proper maintenance or upgrades may look like a 65-year-old house.

    Will A New Roof Add Value To Your Florida Home

    How Much Does a New Roof Cost? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

    Pharell Williams might be happy to dance and sing in a room without a roof, but not so much for homeowners in the Tampa Bay area. If tiles are falling from your existing roof, or its simply worn down from hot weather or age, you may be wondering if a new roof will add value to your Florida home.

    Whether or not a new roof can truly add value to a homeand generate the return on investment that you desiredepends on a number of factors:

    • Is there a need for a new roof?
    • Budget for replacing the old roof
    • Length of time you will remain in the home after the new roof is installed

    If the roof is in disrepair, is over 15 years old, or has not been properly maintained then it is definitely time to replace the roof. Even if your roof looks good and hasnt had any active leaks, if your property has been through more than one severe Florida storm, there may be underlying damage, not yet visible to you. A roof inspection can reveal these hidden problems and help you determine the proper course of action.

    If there is a clear need, replacing the roof adds value by:

    • Reducing cooling and heating costs
    • Preventing leaks that result in costly internal and external damage
    • Enhancing curb appeal

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    Does A New Roof Increase Home Value

    If youre like the majority of homeowners, you probably havent thought about your roof too much over the years because it was functioning fine and fairly out of sight. As you go to sell, however, you might be wondering if its age will be an issue for homebuyers or cause problems during your inspection. And as you weigh the pros and cons of replacing your roof before selling, youll naturally want to know what your returns will be if you choose to rip and replace.

    Unless an existing roof is brand new, a new roof will almost always increase a homes value, but not necessarily as much as you want. This is why the majority of homeowners dont consider a new roof unless their current one is no longer functioning or theyre thinking about selling.

    In the case that your roof is in disrepair or not functioning properly, its definitely best to get it either repaired or replaced. With that in mind, well focus this post on how much a new roofput in specifically for resalewill increase a homes value.


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