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How Much Does Torch Down Roofing Cost

Is Torch Down Roofing Right For You

Learn how to use a torch on a Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roof

A torch down roof system works best for slightly pitched roofs, where flexibility and water resistance is your primary goal. Torch down roofing stands up to harsh elements, including high and low temperatures, heavy rain, and even piled-up snow. Torch down roofing must be installed by a roofing professional and isnt something you can take on as a DIY project. However, if you want a roof that is long-lasting, highly durable, and easy to repair, torch down may be a good option for your flat roof. Contact an experienced torch down roofing contractor near Washington D.C. today!

If youre looking for a torch down roof in Maryland, Washington D.C., or Northern Virginia, were here to serve you! Get a free quote here.

How Do You Fix A Pop

Slice it with a sharp utility knife, using a hook blade and then use a roofers tear-off shovel or pitch fork to get under it and roll it progressively back onto itself in manageable sized sections. Most times, unless there is decking damage, you would not need to remove the material if it is one layer thick.

Thereof, How do you fix a leak in a torch down roof?

Also to know is, How much does a torch down roof cost? The average price range for bargain-grade or discounted torch down roofing is $365 up to $460 for 1,200 square feet. Superior-grade materials for an area of the same size can cost anywhere from $850 up to $1,075.

Subsequently, question is, How do you get rid of roof leaks? Use a tarp to stop the leak. Use roofing cement to patch the roof or flashing. Use silicone or caulk to stop the leak. Utilize a Rubber Sealant Coating to Stop the Leak. Use Roof Flashing to Temporarily Cover the Leaking Area of the Roof. Replace shingles.

Also, Can you walk on torch down roofing?

The torch-on roofing is extremely durable. It has a superior strength that it can resist tears and punctures due to various external factors like walking on the surface. In relation to this, its also low maintenance as you can leave it as is for many months without worrying about its condition.

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Consider Alternatives To Torch Down Roofing

Torch down roofing is the application of bitumen to the roof surface. However, the bitumen used in this process needs to have something added to it to stabilize its inability to expand and contract. Originally, the answer was asbestos but this has since been found to be extremely problematic and dangerous, as any professional local roofing contractors can tell you. Afterwards, manufacturers came up with a solution in the form of polymer modified bitumen, though this product also has its own issues. Modified bitumen in torch down roofing uses plastic-type modifiers, not rubber, and it comes with a host of dangers. The largest is its potential to catch fire.

Modified bitumen has several problems of its own in its composition, but any torch down roofing, which utilizes a torch and propane tank, is incredibly dangerous. The risks are very high and the odds arent in your favor if you are using flames in this way, for a long period of time. Accidents tend to happen frequently. Its actually been made illegal for roofers to use torch down roofing at all in a number of states because of how many fires were started as a result.

There are several more modern alternatives to torch down rolled roofing which you should consider if you have a commercial flat roof that you are looking at replacing. EPDM roofing systems, TPO roofing systems and PVC roofing systems are considered by experienced local roofing contractors to be superior options which are far safer to install and maintain.

Why Is My Roof Bubbling

Benefits of Torch On Roofing

Blisters often occur when excessive heat damages the roofing materials. When you have no shade to block direct sunlight to a roof, small blisters can form. Poor attic ventilation is another reason blisters will appear. Moisture that gets underneath shingles also has the tendency to create blisters on your roof.

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What Is A Tpo Roof

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO roof is a type of roof that consists of a single layer of roofing membrane. It is a type of roofing system which consists of syntheticâs thin layers of reinforcing scrim and synthetics. The manufacturers have made TPO with the help of products that are environmentally friendly.

The primary role is to keep the roofs flat. The average lifespan of a TPO roof is about thirty years. You must hire an expert for the installation of a TPO roof. He should also provide you with a warranty on this roof. You can also save the cost of cooling due to TPO.

Whats The Torch On Roofing Life Expectancy

The million-dollar question, whats the torch on roofing life expectancy? We all want to know!

Well, unlike other flat roofing options, a torch-on roofing can only last for 15 to 20 years in an average. Some, however, can reach until about 30 years depending on external circumstances as well as the maintenance.

If youre a little dismayed, heres something you need to think about

Torch-on roofing life expectancy may not be as long lasting as you may have expected. Or it may not come close to how long other flat roofing systems last. However, a torch-on roofing does have qualities that compensate its shorter life service. Also, for the majority, this life cycle is already ideal due to their future plans and priorities. Some may want to resell their property after a few years. It really depends on how you would look at things. Besides, re-roofing isnt a big issue with a torch-down roofing.

Read on to find out what the benefits are to help you decide if you want this for your St. Clair Shores home or not

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Torch Down Fires Can Smolder For Hours Before Erupting

A major issue with torch down caused fires is that when propane torch flames are allowed to go down an attic space, the fire can smolder for hours before erupting. With regard to the above image of the New Westminster fire, flames entered the attic area prior to the crew finishing for the day. The fire then smoked for 10 hours before finally erupting in the middle of the night. A similar case happened to the church.

In New York City, they made propane torches on a roof a felony. In June 1999, the NYC chief fire marshal Louis F. Garcia signed on to make it illegal to use a torch on a wooden roof deck in the city. The reason being NYC experiencing an average of 35 torch-caused fires a year. Therefore, legislation made it a felony to use a propane torch on a roof.

How Is Torch Down Roofing Installed

How to install Torch Down Rubber roof over tar and gravel roof

Its installation process is what inspired this roofing systems name. The material typically comes in rolls. The sheets are then laid on top of your flat roof, and a torch or open flame is applied to the overlap areas, melting them onto the surface to create an impermeable layer.

For additional protection, you can apply an extra coating a month or two after your roofing has settled, making it more fire-resistant and protecting it from heat by reflecting the suns rays. You also have the option of choosing between a single or dual-ply system. According to Gotcha Covered Contracting, single-ply is the most common flat roofing material.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Torch Down Roof

Cost, purchase and installation Typical costs for a torchdown roofing are roughly $250 to $350 per square, which is the equivalent of 100 square feet. If your roof is 2,000 square feet, or 20 squares, expect to pay between $5,000 and $7,000. However, costs can be lower depending on geographical location.

Torch down roofing is still one of the most commonly used roofing types for flat commercial roofs. The official name of this type of roofing is modified bitumen. Not only that its extremely durable because the combination of asphalt and resin makes it resistant to punctures and other damages.

Beside this, Is torch down roofing good?

Torch down roofing is still one of the most commonly used roofing types for flat commercial roofs. The official name of this type of roofing is modified bitumen. Not only that its extremely durable because the combination of asphalt and resin makes it resistant to punctures and other damages.

Likewise, How much does a torch down roof cost?

Torch down roofing costs range from $3 to $6 per square foot fully installed. Each torch down roof is comprised of a number of bitumen, polyester and fiberglass layers. The mixture of these materials is placed between various asphalt and gravel layers.

Also, What goes under torch down roofing?

Do you need underlay for torch-on felt?

How Much Do Flat Roof Repairs Cost

Patching small tears and other minor flat roof repairs cost $300 to $600. Repairing storm damage, rerouting drains and other major overhauls could cost over $1,000. Remember to regularly take a close look at your roof for tears, holes and leaks. Promptly addressing these issues through DIY repair or by contacting a flat roof repair pro near you is the best way to extend the life of your roof.

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How To Use The Calculator

1) Measure your house/building from corner to corner$1,000 or more2) Enter the exact number of large penetrations / curbs .3) Enter the length of parapet walls .4-6) Select insulation thickness, roof pitch, tear-off layers.Roof Pitch Calculator7) Select job complexityMediumComplex8) Select the material you want9) Select your region in the US.10.) Understanding your price estimate

20-40 years

Torch Down Roofing Poses Significant Fire Risks

Wondering how much does a new roof cost? This article ...

When torching down a roof, it is so easy to make a mistake with the torch that could result in disaster. Consider roofers that are torching down a roof and they accidentally overheat something in the attic insulation, for instance. They end their work for the day, not noticing the smoke coming out of the soffit vents. Before long, that smoldering material in the attic heats up and starts a fire that quickly spreads throughout the dry, hot attic and then to the rest of the structure.

Almost every roofer and commercial roofing contractor you speak to that has experience in torch down roofing has some crazy tale to tell about it. It could be the serious injury of themselves or a colleague, or perhaps it nearly caused a serious fire at a property they were working on. The more you talk to roofers about it, the more you realize what an incredible risk you are taking every time you go out on a roof with flaming torches.

New Westminster Columbia Torch Down Roofing Fire

East Vancouver Church Torch Down Roofing Fire

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What Is The Longest Lasting Flat Roof

PVC Single-Ply Membrane

The most popular flat roof material is a PVC membrane. It is designed to last between 15 and 30 years, making it the longest-lasting flat roof material you will find. It should come as no surprise that many commercial roofing contractors will only install a flat roof if it is PVC.

What Is Torch Down Roofing

Several factors determine the type of roofing your roofer will use, one such factor being roof pitch. Different roofing types are meant for different types of roof pitch. When it comes to flat roofs, or roofs with minimal pitch, single-ply membranes like EPDM or PVC are viable options. However, torch down roofing is the one more commonly used. But what exactly is torch down roofing, how does it work, and is it the right roofing type for me?

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How Do You Maintain A Flat Roof

The cost to seal the roof surface is $400 to $1,800 but its well worth the expense. The sealant creates a thick barrier that makes all the rest of your maintenance tasks a breeze. With that done, you just have to keep the gutters and surface clean plus check the flashing often for damage.

Clear the gutters after storms or at least every six months. Homes with many pine trees nearby may need their gutters cleaned every four months. In addition, its important to sweep off the roof periodically. Flat roofs are much more likely to collect leaves, dirt and other debris that can accumulate in piles and trap standing water, resulting in leaks.

Finally, be sure to inspect the flashing around chimneys and other roof joints for cracking. Apply caulk to the cracks or replace pieces of the flashing if necessary to prevent leaks.

Modified Bitumen Roof Average Costs

Training Rookies to install a Torch Down Roof in 5 hours – Part 1

The actual cost of a bitumen roof depends on the quality of materials used, your location, the complexity of the installation, and other factors.

  • Bitumen roofs cost approximately $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot installed. For a 1,500 square foot roof, that’s a total cost of $3,750 to $6,000.
  • When you add in the cost to strip and dispose of the existing roof, then install a new bitumen roof, the cost might be $4 to $8 per square foot .


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Bc Opposite The Rest Of North America

The below chart provides the latest available market share percentages for the North American commercial roofing market accounted for by the products shown. TechPro Roofing is factory certified to install the three products shown as representing a combined 72% market share, those being TPO, EPDM and PVC. Source: National Roofing Contractors AssociationSBS Modified Bitumen torch-on roofing accounts for only a fraction of the 28% shown for oil based Modified asphalt systems. Over the past decade the market share for Modified asphalt systems has been steadily declining throughout North America and is currently thought to have fallen to as low as 20%.

Which Is Better Epdm Or Tpo

EPDM roofs are the most economical choice for single ply roofing membranes. TPO roofing membranes are more expensive than EPDM. Regardless of which membrane you choose, it is better to spend more money and invest in a thicker membrane. Both EPDM and TPO roofs perform better and last longer if they are thicker.

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Torch Down Roof Materials

The material cost for torch down roofing runs $1 to $2 per square foot . The biggest factor is going to be thickness and width of the material. The heavier and stronger products on the market will usually carry a better and longer warranty. In addition to the main roofing layer, there are a number of materials and tools that the contractors will use to prep and install the new roofing.— Material Price Range: $1 to $2 per square foot —

Prevent Roof Fires During Torch Down Projects

Roof Painting Cost in Johannesburg

For commercial roof owners who still prefer to have a torch down roof here is how your chosen roofing contractor can prevent any fires. As mentioned before using an open-flame torch to install torch down roofing systems can pose a fire risk. Torch down roofing consists of layers of modified bitumen, most often adhered to layers of fiberglass using a flame torch. Torch down roofing is only used on flat or low-slope roofs.

Because this process is still popular with some roofing contractors, there are a few who would still continue to use this rolled roofing system. They may feel as though this process has an ease of installation and that it has adaptability. So for commercial roofing contractors who believe that torch down roofing is still the best way to go, OSHA has developed standards that can help prevent these types of fires.

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Torch Down Roofing Oakville

Torch down roofing is a type of roofing material that has been designed for low-angle or flat roofs. While it can last up to 15 years, installing torch down roofing can be a dangerous process and as such, tends to cost more than traditional roofing materials. Nevertheless, there is an array of benefits and costs all homeowners must know as they consider installing a torch down roof.

At Available Roofing, we are a trusted roofing Oakville company offering a wide range of torch down roofing service to homes and businesses. Whether your torch down roof need repairs or you are looking to get it replaced, our licensed roofers are here to assist you. For the past many years, we have managed to earn an industry reputation by installing durable torch down roofs.


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