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How Much Is A Concrete Tile Roof

Other Things To Consider With Roofing Tiles

How to TILE A ROOF with Clay or Concrete Tiles – New Roof

Tile roofs can be very heavy. Clay is heavier than concrete roof types, but both still put considerable strain on the structure of your home. Before you invest in a tile roof, you should consult with a structural engineer to determine if additional reinforcement should be made to support the weight of the roof.

Cement Or Concrete Vs Clay Roof Tiles: Impact On Colors

While clay is the historic and predominant material, concrete is the other primary material option. Clay tiles normally come in two types: glazed or unglazed.

Clay tiles tend to hold color much better than cement tiles, especially in the case of Terracotta clay.

Regardless of the material, color is mixed in with the material during the production. With cement, color will fade somewhere between 30 and 50 years. With clay, the color will hold steady for 50 to 70 years. And with Terracotta, it is indefinite, or for sure, 100+ years.

Adding in tile shape and texture, provides a rather limitless variety of options. But generally, architects go for more popular and established styles like Terra-cotta barrel vault tiles, although flat tiles are also common, especially in more wind-prone areas where their low-profile can be beneficial.

Multi-colored tiles on a roof are an option that goes somewhat against the historic norms. Accessories are part of the installation, such that tiles shaped and formed for ridges, hips and gable ends add even more opportunity for greater variety.

Diy Vs Hiring A Professional

Given the weight of the materials and the size of the project, youll want to hire a professional to install roof tiles. For $5 to $18 per square foot in labor, you can get the assurance that the surface will protect your home for decades. Because these tiles weigh so much, its critical that you make sure that the house can support it, says Bob Tschudi, a Raleigh, NC-based GC. A structural engineer can help you be confident that your houses structure can support a tile roof.

Even if you just need to replace a few tiles, hiring a pro is usually the best way to go. The materials are heavy and durable but also delicate and very thin at certain points. If you step on them in the wrong spot, theyll crack.

Its also critical to make sure that the flashingthe places where the roof intersects with vertical structures, such as chimneys and dormersis water tight. The flashings for tile roofing tiles are different and need to be installed by tile roof professionals, says Bob Tschudi. Otherwise, you risk leaking and shortening the lifespan of the roofing system.

When youre ready to browse tile roofing contractors near you, remember to:

  • set a budget.
  • request quotes from at least three pros.
  • ask for an onsite consultation.
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    Slate Vs Concrete Roof Tiles

    Slate tiles are made using intense heat and pressure to split the rock into smooth, flat pieces that form the tiles. They give a more natural look to the structure and are more appealing. However, concrete structures are the most common option homeowners select because of their affordability. Although the cost of tiles is $1.50 to $30 per sq. ft. compared to concrete tiles that cost homeowners $3 to $20 per sq. ft. to install, most homeowners pick natural slate. Concrete tiles are lighter in weight than slate tiles and cheaper to replace as any tile can easily be replaced if needed. Both options are quite durable, but slate structures are the clear winner when it comes to durability, with a lifespan that can go as high as 150 years or more.

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    Lightweight Concrete Roof Tiles

    Clay &  Concrete Roof Tiles: Is It Hail Damage?

    Eagle is one of the few manufactures that make lightweight, fire-safe cement roof tile. The tiles average $8.50 to 10.50 per sq. ft. The tiles are available in a variety of colors and profiles. They weigh 720 pounds, making them only a fraction of the weight of conventional cement roof tiles. They are ideal for a re-roof project or if you have serious concerns about the weight of conventional concrete roof tiles.

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    Clay Vs Concrete Roof Tiles

    You can choose from concrete or clay roof tiles. Both types have their pros and cons. Clay tiles require a great deal of maintenance but can easily last 100 years or more when maintained properly. Also, clay tiles are available in a wide array of colors. Concrete roof tiles are highly durable and stand up well to hail and wind. They require far less maintenance than clay roof tiles.

    Tile Material

    Cost Of New Tile Roof Installation

    Labor costs for a new tile roof range from $5 to $18 per square foot. You may pay more per square foot if you have a lot of hips and ridges, which require cutting to fit. For an average roof with 17 squares or 1,700 square feet, installation prices run $8,500 to $30,000.

    When you request an estimate, keep in mind that most contractors charge by the square, not per square foot. One square equals 100 square feet. For example, if your installer charges $1,200 per square, that translates into $12 per square foot.

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    Cost To Redo A Roof With A Different Type

    If you are replacing your existing asphalt roof with a roof type that is heavier, like slate or stone tiles, the potential exists where you may need some structural reinforcement for the rafters and joists in the roof framing structure to support the additional weight. The reinforcement alone will average between $500 and $1,500 depending on the size of the home and the amount of reinforcement needed. Add the cost for your chosen roofing material plus labor on top of that.

    What Are The Primary Differences Between Concrete And Clay Tiles

    Orange County Roof Inspection for a Concrete “S” Tile Roofing – You Need to Know This!

    1. Water Absorption

    Concrete roofing tiles have a water absorption of about 13%, while clay roofing tiles have a water absorption of about 6%. Consequently, this higher rate of water absorption leads to the development of mildew and stains on concrete tiles.

    Absorbed water also increases the already heavy weight of a concrete tile and puts increases pressure on the roof structure. These issues are very minimal in clay tiles due to their low water absorption rate.

    2. Weight

    Concrete tiles can weigh almost 40% more than clay tiles. Concrete tiles can weigh anywhere from 820 to 1.100 pounds per square , depending on the style, while most clay roofing tiles weigh only 600 650 pounds per square. As a result, it is more difficult for the roof structure to adequately support the heavier weight of concrete tiles vs. clay tiles.

    In some cases, concrete tiles are not recommended for use on buildings, unless the roof framing is reinforced to support the added weight.

    Propensity to crack and shatter

    In colder climates, clay tiles have a tendency to crack or shatter due to freezing and thawing cycles. As a result, clay tiles are mostly found in warmer climates.

    Conversely, concrete tiles are not as susceptible to damage due to freezing temperatures, and therefore can be used in almost any climate.

    3. Maintenance

    4. Color Longevity and Appearance

    Due to its porous nature, concrete tiles are also more prone to stains than clay tiles.

    5. Durability

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    Standing Seam Metal Roofing Characteristics Advantages & Disadvantages

    The use of metal as a roofing material has been around for centuries and has origins dating back to the 3rd century B.C. in Sri Lanka. The use of metal roofing, typically lead or copper, rose to prominence in the 17th century and eventually made its way to the United States in the early 1800s. Advancements over time added iron, steel, aluminum, and zinc as proper metal roof options. Today, various metal roof styles are used all over the country, as metal roofing is one of the best choices for residential, commercial, architectural, and structural properties.

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    What Is The Average Tile Roof Replacement Cost

    Tile roofing is expected to last an entire lifetime, but you may find yourself in need of a tile roof replacement or repair due to leaks caused by damaged flashing, sagging tiles, cracks, worn-out underlayment, or slipping. Repairing the issues as soon as you notice them is one way to avoid a full roof replacement, but this may be necessary in some cases. The damage will get worse and worse if you dont address it, and this can drive your costs up very quickly too. You can help justify the cost of your tile roof replacement because its very durable and it offers excellent weather protection in almost every climate.

    It has a very classic style to it that looks good with most homes, and there are different materials you can pick with different style effects that will impact your costs. If you want to have a tile roof replacement, youll want to know exactly what youre getting into with this project before you start because it can quickly become very, very expensive. Its also not a project you can do on your own, so youll have to factor in labor costs for a professional too.

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    How Much Does A Tile Roof Replacement Cost

    If your home is your castle, then a tile roof is surely the crowning glory. How much will this crown cost?

    • National average cost: $12,508
    • Typical price range: $8,274 $21,005
    • Extreme low end: $5,800
    • Extreme high end: $47,667+

    Tile roofs are a popular choice for their longevity, durability, and Mediterranean aesthetic. If you have always wondered what a tile roof would cost, keep reading to learn more about this popular roofing material.

    Concrete Tile Roof Cost

    Concrete Roof Tile Problems &  A Better Alternative

    The price to install a concrete tile roof ranges from $9 to $18 per square foot. This includes $2 to $4 per square foot for materials.

    Concrete costs $1 to $3 per square foot less than clay because the ingredients are easier to get. If youre looking for a durable roof thats friendlier to your budget, its a reasonable choice.

    The finished product weighs about 900 pounds per square, which is around two thirds as much as other tile options. Since this material isnt as water resistant, it can grow mold. It also lasts about 30 to 50 years, much less than terracotta.

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    How Much Do Tile Roof Cost

    • Amanda

    While tile roofing has typically been reserved for those in other regions, Colorado homeowners have increasingly opted for tile due to its longevity and durability. The aesthetic benefit of tile is also undeniable: while asphalt roofs mainly vary in color,tile roofs come in a myriad shapes, sizes, colors, and more, enabling homeowners to transform their roof into a beautiful architectural focal point.

    At Elite Roofing, we often have customers ask about tile roofing options, and the first question tends to be about cost. As all professional Denver roofing companies will tell you, though, this can be a complicated matter with tile, as a great number of variables determine the total cost of a tile roof. So, if youre considering a new tile roof for your home, or if youre looking to replace your existing tile roof, heres a rundown of the different cost factors to consider.

    Do Concrete Roof Tiles Absorb Water

    There are many roofing manufacturers that sell roof sealants promising benefits for sealing a roofs tiles and selling the idea that applying a sealant on concrete tile roofs is an absolute must. However, before sealants were invented, concrete roofs were used effectively for centuries. So why use sealants on concrete roof tiles now? Do they absorb water? It is because some sealant manufacturers and enthusiastic retailers claim that concrete roofing tiles can become porous, absorb water, and then eventually leak, but that is not correct. The truth is that this just doesnt happen with modern concrete roof tiles. While it is true that decades-old concrete roofing tiles have now become porous, even that will keep the rainwater out if they are not cracked, damaged, and properly installed.

    A good local roofing contractor knows that if concrete roofing tiles are laid properly on a sloped surface, they will not leak or absorb water. This is even true of properly installed porous roofing material such as clay roofing tiles. Clay tile roofing contractors know, as long as the water does not pool on the roof and they arent damaged in some way, then they will not leak.

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    The History Of Concrete Roof Tiles

    Concrete roofing tiles are one of the worlds most trusted roofing materials, dating back as early as 10,000 B.C. It has graced the roofs of homes, houses of worship, universities and commercial structures of the past to the present. The concrete roofing tiles are made from a natural mixture of cement, sand water and oxide, concrete roof tiles provide countless design possibilities as they are available in a variety of sizes, profiles, and colors. Thus, making it easier for consumers to select the perfect tile to match any architectural design.

    Tile Roof Repair Costs

    Where to step on a concrete tile roof

    Tile roofs look great, but just like other roofs, there may come a time when some of those tiles need repair. Damage could occur from a range of different sources. Wind, debris falling onto the roof, freezing weather, and even the heat of the sun could eventually cause damage.

    Damage to these types of roofs is often limited to individual tiles. This means that you will not have to replace all of the tiles on the roof in most cases. Only those that are damaged will likely need replacement, but it is often best to check with a professional that will be able to let you know the full extent of the damage.

    In some cases, the repair might not even require new tiles. The current tiles could be repaired instead. When the tiles are damaged, it has the potential to cause leaks, which can, in turn, generate greater damage to the roof. Leaks can also end up causing water damage inside of the building, which can be costly to repair.

    Many factors can affect the cost, such as the number of tiles that need to be replaced or repaired and the type of material from which those tiles are made. Options include concrete, lightweight concrete, metal, and clay.

    Tile roof repair: based on tile type, 300 sq.ft repair.


    Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

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    Cost To Install Plywood Sheathing Or Replace Roof Decking

    The average cost to replace roof decking in a 2,400 square foot home is between $1,050 and $1,575. It will take approximately 75 sheets of plywood sheathing at an average cost of $14 to $21 per sheet. A smaller 1,100 square foot home will only need around 34 sheets for an average price of $600. For roof sheathing, plywood typically comes in sheets of 4 by 8 that measure either 11/32 or 3/8 thick.

    Cost to Replace Roof Decking

    Home Size
    $1,122 $2,414

    The Difference In Cost Between Concrete Vs Clay Tiles

    For all the reasons mentioned above it should come as no surprise that clay tiles can cost about 20% to 30% more than concrete tiles, with an average cost of clay tiles hoovering around $14.50 to $25.50 per square foot installed.

    More exotic tiles can easily cost as much as $20 to $30 per square foot installed, though. Thus, there is a lot of variation in price to be expected, depending on how fancy a tile you want to pick.

    In terms of total costs installed, a basic tile roof could cost anywhere from $29,000 to $51,000, depending on the size of your house, roof difficulty, tile choice, and location of your property.

    New Shingle Roof Average price

    See costs in your areaEnter Your Zip Code

    Since both, clay and concrete tiles are expensive in comparison to most other roofing choices, youll need to consider whether all the added benefits that real tiles have to offer are worth the extra expense.

    Keep in mind that the total life-cycle cost of tiles is actually quite low compared to composition shingles, since clay tiles can last for as long as 100 years, while concrete tiles should protect your roof for 50 years plus.

    Verdict: if unique style and authenticity is what you are looking for, then tiles can be a sound choice for your home, provided you are also willing to invest in the structural reinforcement of your roof truss structure.

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    Concrete Tiles Vs Clay Tiles

    Although concrete and clay tile roofs have many similarities, there are some notable differences to keep in mind when deciding which roofing tiles to pick. For example:

    • Concrete tiles are typically more affordable than clay tiles.
    • Clay tiles often weigh slightly more than concrete tiles.
    • Concrete tile roofs may experience temporary discoloration called efflorescence.

    Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

    Clay &  Concrete Roof Tiles: Is It Hail Damage?

    An asphalt shingle roof for your Carmel home can range anywhere from $3000 to $18,000, depending on the size of your roofing system, complexity of your roof, and the type of shingles you install.

    Asphalt shingles are available in these varieties:

    • 3-Tab Shingles
    • Dimensional Shingles

    Asphalt shingle roofing per square foot costs about $3 to $5.20.

    Here is how much you can expect to pay for your roof line:

    1,000 sf roof / 10 squares = $3000 to $5,200 to $1,500 sf roof / 15 squares = $4,500 to $7,8002,000 sf roof / 20 squares = $6000 to $10,4002,500 sf roof / 25 squares = $7,500 to $13,003,000 sf roof / 30 squares = $9000 to $15,6003,500 sf roof / 35 squares = $10,500 to $18,200

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