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How Much Would It Cost To Raise A Roof

Is It Worth Raising A Roof

Skoolie Roof Raise: Cost and Materials

This depends entirely on your motivation for changing your roofline. If your current roofline is causing pooling that is threatening your home’s foundation, this can be a great way to preserve your home’s structural integrity. Many people also find that the cost is worth it if low ceilings are robbing a home of its potential.

Whats The Advantage Of Getting A Permit To Raise The Roof Of Your Garage

Raising the roof of your garage is a very visible change. People will see and hear you doing it, and they are very likely to call the authorities and complain. If/when this happens, youll be forced to pay fines. You may also be forced to undo any work youve done and apply for permits, which you may not get.

If you do get the permits you need, youll have to do all the work over again. On the other hand, you may get away with making the changes without a permit, but this can work to your disadvantage when you try to sell your home.

How To Raise Your Roof

The second most important thing to keep in mind is the whole process of raising that roof. Not all roofs can be raised. You will need to do a thorough structural assessment of the roof and its framing to decide whether it can be raised or not.

  • In some cases, the framing of the roof may need to change. This is done to ensure that there is enough strength in the frames to support the higher and relatively bigger roof.

  • It is also important to pay attention to the wiring. As you know, most of the wiring in your house passes through the ceiling. Make sure you make plans to readjust the wiring as you raise the roof for safety and an uninterpreted electricity supply.

  • Do not forget the HVAC ductwork. Just like the electrical wiring, ductwork to passes through the ceiling so arrangements need to be done to ensure it is restored once the roof is raised.

  • Finally, pay attention to the chimney as well. After all, the chimney is an integral part of any roofing. It does not only help to move suit out of the burning furnace but it is a very unique aesthetic feature of any roof. As you make plans to raise your roof, ensure you fully account for the chimney.

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How To Save On Raising Your Roof

Although youll need to hire professional roofing contractors for this job, you can still save some money with careful planning.

  • Get cost estimates from at least three experienced roofing contractors before hiring one.
  • Stick with simple roof designs without features that will cost more to construct.
  • If youre finishing your attic space, split the project into two stages and complete the roof-raising first.
  • Plan for budget overages of about 10%15%, so youll be prepared for unexpected costs.
  • Look into local grants for homeowners who install more sustainable or energy-efficient roofs.
  • Talk with your roofing contractor about potentially reusing some of your old roofing materials.

Cost To Raise Ceiling Height

How Much Does it Cost to Raise the Pitch of a Roof?

The cost to raise a ceiling house height will vary depending on the type of roof framing, the complexity of the job, the size of the home/rooms that require the ceiling raises, the contractor you hire, and your geographical location. As you can see, prices can vary greatly due to so many factors, but based on the quotes we researched and received on our website, the estimates tend to be in the $25 to $60+ per square foot range, and this price would include everything from start to finish.

Because there are so many variables, we strongly advise you to use HomeAdvisor.coms free quote comparison tool. Simply describe your project using this tool, and locally licensed contractors will contact you for free with a quote for their services. This is an excellent way to obtain multiple quotes without having to conduct your own research.

According to one member, he paid $7,000 to raise his ceiling and remove his trusses. A member on Angies List responded to this question by stating that you should expect quotes in the $8,000 to $10,000 range for just raising and reframing the roof, and in many cases, it can easily be twice this amount if the entire wall has to be lifted.

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Cost Breakdown For Raising A Ceiling

When you have a ceiling raised or vaulted, you are primarily paying for time and expertise. Heres a breakdown of the costs.


A structural engineer plays an important role in determining the viability of your project. This is typically the first professional youll consult with when planning your project expect to pay $500 for this consultation.


A project architect is a person who works behind the scenes to raise your ceiling to new heights. Your architect will charge you $5,300 for designing, planning, and supervising the project.

Demolition and Disposal of Materials

The old ceiling must be removed before the new one can be installed. The total cost of removing the old roof and disposing of the materials is around $4,000.

Roof Framing Reinforcement

The cost of ensuring the stability of your new ceiling and roof is approximately $4,500. This cost also includes the removal of ceiling joists.


To account for the raised ceiling, an electrician will charge around $3,000 to rewire a home.


The installation of insulation for your new ceiling will cost around $1,500.


The average cost of drywall to cover a newly raised ceiling is around $4,000.


After youve installed your new ceiling, youll need to clean it up with a fresh coat of paint for a perfectly polished finish. Normally, this would cost $2,000.

Building Permit

Ceiling Fan

How Can I Increase The Height Of My Loft

Loft Conversion Ideas to Maximise Head Height

  • Adding a Dormer Window for Extra Space. The most common way of adding extra space, and extra head height, within a loft conversion is by incorporating a dormer window into your loft conversion ideas.
  • Lower Ceilings Below, or Raise the Roof.
  • Create a Stylish Mezzanine Level.
  • What is the minimum ceiling height for a loft conversion?

    2.2 metresLoft conversations require a minimum height of 2.2 metres and building regulations must also be adhered to. Homes built after the 1960s are more likely to have a roof truss rather than timber framed roof and in this instance may require structural support.

    How much does it cost to raise the roof on a bungalow?

    Raising a roof is less costly than other home improvement projects and makes a dramatic difference in your homes living space. The total average cost to raise your homes roof could range from $15,000 to $20,000.

    How much roof space do you need for a loft conversion?

    The minimum height you need for a loft conversion is 2.2m, and you can easily measure this yourself. Take a tape measure and run it from the floor to the ceiling at the tallest part of the room. If its 2.2m or more, your loft should be tall enough to convert.

    How much does it cost to raise the roof height on a loft conversion?

    Can a loft be converted to a roof lift?

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    Questions You Must Ask Before Raising The Roof On A House

    The most useful tool to calculate your home renovation costs for free.

    Are you planning to raise the roof line of your house? Or, are you craving dramatically high ceilings that bring a splendid touch to your place? Whatever the reason, raising the roof on a house comes with a lot of advantages and visually adds more space in your home.

    Theres something very chic about high ceilings. They can add dramatic and beautiful aesthetics to a room making your home feel more open and airy. So, if you find yourself dreaming of an elevated ceiling height, we understand your enthusiasm.

    If you live in one of those older homes with low, flat ceilings and want to change the roof architecture and design, were here to help you. Just dont start researching roof-raising contractors yet read on for some guidelines on how to raise the roof on a house.

    This article will explore important key questions and their solutions that you need to take into consideration before raising the roof on a house. These pertain to proper planning, roof-raising costs, and return on investment aka ROI among others. So, lets begin with the first one.

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    How Much Does It Cost

    The Cost of a Roof Raise on a Skoolie Conversion

    As with many home improvement projects, roof-raising does not have a fixed cost. There are just many factors that will play out when the final pricing is done.

    Despite this, most Americans will spend between $16,000 and $24,000 to raise roofs. The average amount payable will vary depending on location, type of roof, and many other factors.

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    Why Raise The Roof

    You might raise your home’s roof for several reasons. One common reason is to create more indoor space. When you raise the roof, you can add an extra story to the home or increase the ceiling height for an existing story.

    Another reason to raise the roof is to add dormers or to change the type of ceiling in a room. If you have conventional, flat ceilings, you can upgrade to vaulted ceilings to make your home more elegant or visually appealing. To do so, you might need to increase the roof’s height.

    Finally, some homeowners decide to raise the roof for repair reasons. If your existing roof leaks or has issues with pooling water on its surface, raising and replacing the roof can help to solve the problem.

    Amount Of Work Needed

    In some cases, a complete overhaul of the roof design may be needed to raise the roof. We are talking about things like changing the entire framing of the roof and its overall look.

    This all depends on the raising roof before and after outcomes you are looking for. Nonetheless, if there is so much work that needs to be done, you will pay more.

    Other factors to keep in mind include the cost of labor and construction, your location, and the roof material you intend to use.

    Request a full quote from a local roofing company to get a clear picture of the costs for your project.

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    How Much Do Roof Conversions Cost

    Image above: View Profile of Giles, architect of dormer loft conversions above

    We frequently get asked for cost guidance by homeowners onDesign for Me. We would always encourage you to discuss designs and budgets with your architect or designer and then get quotes from builders, but we know that a rough starting point can be useful!

    Additional Works And Repairs

    How Much Does It Cost To Raise Garage Roof Height

    Your contractor might have to modify some parts of the house for it to support the weight of the new raised roof. It might mean that you have to get materials to cover additions and repairs for the home.

    If any parts of the frame to be raised have damage, it would require repairs first. Its a matter of safety that you shouldnt overlook.

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    What Are The Guarantees And Warranties In Place After A Roof Raise On A House

    A roofing contractor should offer you a warranty for his work and there will also be separate guarantees and warranties attached to the roofing materials so a considerable amount of paperwork. Manufacture guarantees for materials are only valid if they are correctly installed by the roofer. Some roofing grants will come with conditions attached and these are usually to do with how long you remain in the property post the grant award.

    Whats Involved With Raising A House Roof

    There are all sorts of ways to add space to a house, most often thats by adding a room to one or more sides. Ive designed many additions like those.

    Ive also done a fair number of second-floor additions, which is quite a bit more complicated and expensive. But if you dont have room on your property to expand out, expanding up might be your only option.

    And if conditions are just right, it might be possible to save time and money by lifting off the existing roof and putting it back on top of the new second floor.

    Photo From Squalicum Builders

    Lifting the roof off of a house and later putting it back on isnt something you see very often, but its not impossible. And there are other reasons you might think about raising a house roof when the existing ceiling is too low, for example, or when you want to change a flat ceiling to a vaulted one.

    None of those remodeling projects are simple to accomplish, but it can be worth the effort in some situations. Heres how to figure out if it makes sense for you.

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    Roof Removal And Disposal

    With the plans drawn up and the building permits secured, you can proceed to the project proper. It starts with removing the existing roof. Removing the roof currently protecting your home will cost $1,300.

    $1,300 is the average cost of roof removal, but that will change depending on the materials used for your household. Workers will charge more for roof removal if heavier materials were used.

    If that number still seems high, remember that they are doing more than just removing your roof. They will also handle the disposal of the discarded roofing materials.

    Gathering all that debris and waste can be tiring and time-consuming work. It would be nice to have other people handle it for you. The workers will handle the disposal of your old roof as long as youre willing to pay.

    Do You Need A Building Permit To Raise The Roof On Your House And How Much Does This Cost

    Raise the roof: Tesla’s solar may cost you less

    Because you are essentially modifying the roof line then you will always need a building permit and you obtain these from your local residential permit department. A good, licensed roofing contractor can help you with this in your area and you should get the permit before you start work on the roof. When you come to sell your home, then you will need to show evidence of this permit to demonstrate that you had the right permissions in place to do the job. Building permits cost anywhere from $400-$2,000 depending on your zip code and the type of environment your house is located in and there may be conditions attached plus the cost of inspectors looking at the work either part way through or on completion.

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    What Accommodation Choices Are There In The New Space

    There are so many different things you can use this new space for, here are just a few ideas:-

    • A studio or homeworking space, something of a necessity nowadays
    • A master bedroom with ensuite
    • Family cinema room allowing you to convert a reception room downstairs into something else like a home office or study
    • Two new bedrooms for the kids leaving space on the floor below to add another bathroom or create an ensuite
    • A granny annexe
    • A space for a new home business idea

    Hip To Gable Conversion: 30000 35000

    Price estimate from the following sources: addaroomlofts, midwestroofing

    Whats a hip to gable conversion?

    On a detached or semi-detached property, they sometimes have a sloping side . Replacing this sloping roof with a vertical wall at the end to the same height as the ridge, and filling in the space in between is a hip to gable extension.

    Price estimate from the following sources: simplyloft

    or £1,250 to £1,450 per square metre plus VAT

    What is a Mansard Roof Extension?

    A mansard roof extension would involved raising the side walls and creating a new steep roof pitch to front and rear. The main advantage for this type is the additional head height achieved though raising the ridge height.

    Roof conversion diagrams from

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    Signs You Need A New Roof

    Before we start breaking down the answer to how much does a new roof cost?, lets go over some of the signs that its time for a new roof in the first place.

    Every roof has a built-in lifespan. On average, a roof lasts about 30 years, which means you could face this expense sooner rather than later based on how old your home is and how long its been since the roof was put on. And depending on your climate and the quality of the materials and workmanship, you could have more or less time before you start to face some of the common issues of a degrading roof.

    Some signs that a roof replacement is in the cards include:

    • Mold, moss, or mildew growth
    • Poor or degrading insulation

    With some roof problems, replacing just the affected area is sufficientand a lot cheaper. Youll need to bring in a professional to let you know exactly what youre dealing with, plus the extent of the issue and the recommended fix.

    How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Roof On Average And What Factors Can Affect The Price

    Do I Need Planning Permission To Convert Our Attic

    The average cost to raise a roof is $12,000-16,000. However, the price can be affected by the size and pitch of your roof as well as the type of materials used.

    How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Roof? For example, a smaller and/or flatter roof will generally be less expensive to raise than a larger and/or steeper one. And if you choose to use cheaper materials like asphalt shingles instead of more expensive ones like slate or tile, that will also affect the cost.

    Additionally, the location of your home can play a role in how much it costs to raise a roof. If you live in an area with high labor costs, that will likely drive up the price.

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