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How Often Should I Replace My Roof

Curling Or Buckling Shingles

When Should I Replace My flat Roof?

When shingles start to curl or buckle, its a sign that theyre not longer properly attached and have likely already sustained damage. The curved surface can be caught by a strong wind, leading to further damage next time it storms. In some cases, a qualified roof repair company can replace specific shingles, but the problem can signal a larger problem.

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof A Look At Roof Lifespan

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As much as we wish your home could have one roof until the end of time, that just isnt the case. You will likely face a roof replacement in your time as a homeowner unless you have a metal roof or slate roofbut well get into that.

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in the U.S. and last anywhere from 15-20 years. Despite roofing materials having their varying life expectancies, other factors play into how often you need to replace your roof.

Those factors are the type of roof you have, how well it is maintained, how much unrepaired damage it has, and the type of climate or weather its been exposed to. These factors can combine to extend or deplete a roofs lifespan. Well go through how long roofs can last and realistically how often you can expect to replace your roof.

Your Flashing Around Valleys Chimneys Windows Etc Appears Damaged

Flashing is often one of the first things to go on the roof, which is critical because flashing is what keeps water from leaking into all the areas on your roof that meet a wall, pipe, ridge, or other roofing elements. If the flashing is cracked or damaged, it leaves your home highly susceptible to leaks. Get these repaired immediately and you should be in good standing.

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Some Damages You Should Keep An Eye Out For

Get the most out of your roof by maintaining it. Your roof should be inspected twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. You should periodically check for attic stains, mildew, leaking, curling, missing or bald shingles, broken tiles or any other kind of weather damage. If your neighbors are all getting their roofs replaced there is a good chance yours needs it too.

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof

How Often Should I Replace My Roof

Sadly, an often ignored part of the house is the roof. Unless it starts to leak or break apart, you probably wont notice whats going on up there. However, regular inspection for potential problems is recommended twice a year according to the National Roofing Contractors Association.

If you are afraid of heights, see if a family member or friend can help. Otherwise, a local roofing contractor can conduct an inspection.

Look for:

  • Loose, cracked or damaged shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Signs of water damage or leaking
  • Holes or dark spots

Hopefully, a bi-annual inspection will catch small problems before a leak develops or a larger section of the roof fails. It is important to maintain the roof and conduct regular visual checks. Better to pay for a small repair than deal with a roof collapse and extensive damage.

The underlying structure should last the lifespan of the house. However, depending on the materials used for the covering of the roof, a full replacement is necessary. Unless the roof is made of concrete, then it just needs inspections for cracks or other wear. Tile roofs are also very durable and rarely need a full replacement.

In general, this is the recommended replacement schedule based on the material used:

  • Composition Shingles: 12-20 years
  • Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years
  • Metal Roofs: 50-75 years

If youre looking for a professional roof inspector, contact our roofing replacement contractors at RoofAdvisor today to ensure your roof performing at its peak!

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Reasons To Consider Having A New Roof Installed On Your Property

Reason 1 Storm Damage

Storm damage is one of the common reasons for replacing a roof. Damage accused due to high winds and broken tree branches. Storms can cause damage in many ways. Some of them are blowing shingles, granules off of the roof. Replacement of the roof depends on the severity of the damage done. After analyzing roof damage sport, roof experts can decide between roof repair and roof replacement.

Reason 2 Boost your homes resale value by replacing the roof

Many home buyers will take a look at the roof and be turned away by the sight of an old and weathered roof. This may be why many homeowners neglect to replace their roofs before selling their homes. Fortunately, you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers by replacing your old and weathered roof. The cost of replacing your roof is easily offset by the increased resale value youll get on your property.

Reason 3 Building an addition or Remodeling

Another reason that homeowners decide to replace their homes roof is if they are in the midst of a remodel or home addition. Installing a new roof on just your addition can often look a bit strange, so if there are any signs of deterioration on the current roof, many homeowners elect to replace the entire roof for the sake of continuity.

Reason 4 It is time to replace the roof

  • Asphalt Roof
  • Type 1 Cedar Roof:
    Type 2 Metal Roof:
    Type 3 Rubber Roof:
    Type 4 Asphalt Roof:
    Recommended roof replacement schedule based on the material used.
    Roof material

    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof The Complete Guide

    Are you wondering, how often should you replace your roof? That depends on a lot of factors including:

    • what kind of roof you have
    • how well you maintain it
    • what kind of weather it endures
    • if it has unfixed damage

    Regardless, we have all the answers youre looking for right here in this guide.

    Well start by explaining how long your roof should last on average, depending on what its made of. Then well go over the various factors that can affect your roofs lifespan and what they mean for you.

    Ready to learn more? Then keep reading.

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    What Else Affects The Lifespan Of Your Roof

    We have already established that the materials used will be the main factor affecting how long your roof will last before it needs to be replaced, but what are the things that could make your roof wear out faster than it should? The simple answer to this question is the weather and a lack of maintenance.

    If you, like most people in the world, live in an area that receives its fair share of harsh weather, be it very hot sun, torrential rain, hail, gale-force winds, or heavy snow, you should be aware that any of these conditions can put a strain on your roof.

    Moisture followed by the hot sun may cause drying and cracking of timber roofs, or allow mold to grow in areas that dont dry out properly. Asphalt shingles are easily affected by the weather, since they are so lightweight, and can be knocked loose or lifted by heavy winds. They are also very susceptible to hail damage, as individual grains of asphalt can be broken off, damaging the overall structure of the shingle.

    Metal roofs are extremely resilient but are coated with a layer of sealant to prevent oxidization. This layer can be eroded off over time, leaving the metal vulnerable to the elements. Continuous exposure to high winds can cause the metal plates to lift and shift, causing the roofing nails to widen their holes, allowing the plates to eventually come loose.

    Average Lifespan By Roof Material

    When Should You Replace Your Roof? (Damages and Age)

    The material your roof is made from is what will have the biggest effect on its lifespan. Some materials will only last from 15 to 20 years, and others will last well over 100 years if properly maintained. Read on to learn which materials last the longest, bearing in mind that these are usually also the most expensive options.

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    Contact Local Roof Replacement Contractors

    How often should you replace your roof? Theres no a simply answer. When determining if you need a roof replacement it is important to consider all aspects of your roof, such as its age, condition, and how well you maintain it. It is also crucial to pay attention to red flags that could indicate the presence of damage. To learn more about professional roof replacement services or to schedule a free roof consultation, contact the expert roofing contractors at Beyond Exteriors today.

    When To Replace A Natural Slate Roof

    Natural roofing slates, like clay roof tiles, have very long lifespans with many roof slates from leading manufacturers such as SSQ, currently being offered with guarantees between 75 years and 100 years.

    Older slates – particularly Welsh slates can often last in excess of 200 years, and are relatively unaffected by the weather – after all they have survived millions of years underground before being quarried and shaped into roofing slates!

    However, when roof slates start to delaminate or crack – often as a result of frost damage – this should be seen as a clear sign to replace them.

    Usually just replacing the cracked slates is just a temporary solution, as usually they all fail at a similar time, so cracking and delaminating should be seen as an indicator that the roof will need to be replaced.

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    How Long Will My Roof Last

    The length of time that your roof is able to last will depend on the material that you used on the roof in the first place. If you are not happy with how long your current roof lasted, then it may be time to consider a different material when it is time to do a roof installation in Las Vegas. Some of the common roofing materials you can choose and how long they should last before needing a replacement include:

    • Metal roofs: These tend to last the longest, with some lasting between 50 to 75 years
    • Rubber roofs: These have a good lifespan with many lasting 30 to 50 years if you do the proper maintenance.
    • Wood shingles: These are able to last on your home for 20 to 25 years, but you will need to do a lot of maintenance to keep up.
    • Asphalt shingles: These are the most common type of shingle on a home and it is likely this is what is on your home. These are designed to last from 15 to 30 years.
    • Composition shingles: These have some of the shortest lifespan if you do not take care of them, with a lifespan of 12 to 20 years in most instances.

    How Do I Find A Roofing Contractor In My Area

    How often should I replace my roof

    If you have a roof that youre pretty sure will need to be replaced, youre likely wondering how to find the best contractor for your house. We recommend starting with an online search for a professional that works on roofs in your area. Not all roofing contractors are credible so take the time to read through reviews and verify the information you find. You may also wish to visit the National Roofing Contractors Association and search for a contractor that they recommend to replace a roof.

    At CCI, we offer a free, no-obligation inspection for roofs and homes in our area. If you think you may need a roof repair or replacement, contact us to schedule your appointment with our team of expert contractors.

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    Can I Avoid Roof Replacements

    To avoid roof replacements, you should use appropriate materials and schedule timely maintenance and roof repairs as needed. If youre facing problems in one or all of the areas mentioned above, it may be time for you to consider a complete roof replacement.

    Roof replacements arent nearly as fun as buying new clothes and shoes, but theyre extremely important. Your roof is an integral part of your homes structure, and its job is to protect you, your family, and your belongings. If you neglect it, then it will start neglecting you. By keeping up with regular repairs and replacements as they may arise, your roof will continue to do its job.

    Why Should You Replace Your Roof

    No matter what type of roof you have, its important to replace it when it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

    A damaged roof can lead to a number of problems, such as water damage, mold growth, and structural damage.

    After its life expectancy, your roof will start to show signs that it needs to be replaced. While your roof wont collapse overnight, its important to be proactive and replace it before it gets to that point.

    Some signs that you need a new roof include:

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    Know When Its Time To Contact A Roofing Contractor

    Professional roofing contractors are experienced with different types of roof damage and signs of an aging roof. They know where to look and can safely traverse roofs of various slopes. They can also tell you if you need a roof repair or a complete roof replacement.

    Schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor as soon as possible if your roof is showing signs of aging, storm damage, or if you have signs of leaks or water damage in your home. If you need a new roof or roof repair, then its better to get the work done sooner than later to help prevent further deterioration and/or damage to your home.

    Removing Old Asphalt Shingles

    When Should a RV Rubber Roof Be Repaired or Replaced?

    You are allowed to have up to two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, meaning that you may just be able to install new shingles over the old shingles. This can potentially save you some money, but in the long run, you may have to deal with more costly repairs. Without stripping away the older shingles, the roofer cant check the decking or flashing underneath. Removing the old shingles also gives the roofer the opportunity to install ice and water shields, which can prevent water damage if you live in a particularly wet climate.

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    When Should I Replace My Roof

    The roof over your head is one of the most important aspects of your home. It provides protection from the elements, shelter from the weather and safety and security to you and your family.

    Despite the importance of its functionality, roofs arent always top of mind to homeowners when it comes to maintenance and improvements. Roofs are often treated as a constant thats just there, much like the foundation of your home. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say.

    Much like performing routine maintenance on your car, though, being in-tune with the state of your roof and recognizing the telltale signs that its time to replace your roof is important to the structural integrity of your home, inside and out.

    Being proactive about your roof and replacing it before its too late will save you money in the long run, and will give you the peace of mind that your family and your possessions are being protected from above.

    But what are the signs that your roof needs some work? And when does it make more sense to replace your roof rather than repair it?

    How Long Does A Standing Seam Metal Roof Last

    A standing seam metal roof system is a series of panels that are locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically.

    This allows for panels to expand and contract freely when the metal heats up and cools down. Because of this, a standing seam metal roof is the recommended metal roof for residential purposes.

    You can expect to get around 30 years out of a standing seam metal roof and even up to 50 years in the right conditions. The reason for its durability comes down to the painted finish on the metal panels.

    Your new standing seam metal roof comes with a 30-year paint warranty on the Kynar 500 finish on your metal panels. Even though the paint has a 30-year warranty, it doesnt mean its going to disappear after 30 years.

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    Consequences Of Neglected Roof Damage

    Failure to have these roof problems inspected and repaired could result in serious consequences. Short-term, your roof could experience a number of issues, such as leaks, mold growth, increased energy bills due to escaped air, and the introduction of pests and animals into your roofing system. Long-term, the effects of neglecting your roof can be even more substantial. Water damage can become severe, resulting in wood rot that weakens the integrity of your home. Your property value may decrease and the cost of repairs will no doubt increase. The longer you allow your roof to sit untouched, the more dangerous it will be for workers when it is time to make repairs.

    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof 5 Things To Know

    How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

    If you dont know the answer to how often should you replace your roof, you could be overlooking some major and costly issues.

    The signs showing its time to consider roof replacement often go unnoticed by homeowners. Especially with the wide array of lifespans of different materials, it can be challenging to know when should my roof be replaced.

    Thats where this article comes in to help. Weve compiled a list of the top 5 things to know when asking does my roof need to be replaced?

    It includes everything from considering the type of roof you have to watching for signs of interior damage. Continue reading to find out more about a roof replacement.

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    Important Signs That You Need To Replace Your Roof

    Even understanding the quality and durability of your roofing material, the lifespan of your roof still depends on the climate. Frequent hail, snow, hurricanes, and inclement weather can cut the longevity of any roof. There are also recommended roofs for hot climates

    Instead of relying entirely on the age and material of your roof, its more important to check your roof frequently and take notice of any potential signs that it could use a replacement.


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