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How Tesla Solar Roof Works

Pros And Cons Of Installing Solar Panels In California

How to Install a Tesla Solar Roof 2022 Review

California is home to progressive incentives like federal tax credit, 1-for-1 net metering, energy storage rebates and grant programs for low-income homeowners.

Some of the best solar companies in the world make their home in California , making for a lower cost of solar.

California is the fifth sunniest state in the nation.

Can A Tesla Solar Roof Power My Entire House

Can A Tesla Solar Roof Power My Entire House?

Now, this could be a tricky question for some of you.

Yes, in a way, a Tesla Solar Roof system can power an entire house. Now, we can go two ways from here:

  • We can be content with this straightforward answer and move on to the next section or
  • We can ask an additional question and wonder how long can a tesla solar roof power my entire house.
  • For the latter, it depends on how much power and energy your Tesla Solar Roof produces. Therefore, it is good to know the difference between the two.

    Simply put, power is the WORK done by an electric circuit. In this case, the electric circuit is your Tesla Solar Roof tiles that are wired to a power inverter. On the other hand, energy tells us HOW LONG can an electric circuit produce power. This is why power units are expressed in WATTS while energy is expressed in WATT-HOURS.

    Top 10 States With The Highest Solar Premiums For Median

    These numbers were taken from a study done by Zillow. It is important to note that premiums can vary within states and by cities, and that this data may not reflect current market costs.

  • New Jersey: 9.9% or $32,281
  • Pennsylvania: 4.9% or $8,589
  • North Carolina: 4.8% or $8,996
  • Louisiana: 4.9% or $7,037
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    Get The Roof Inspected

    After the installation is complete, the roof will have to be inspected and approved to be interconnected to the grid by your utility. This can range from one to five weeks. Waiting for permitting, inspections, and interconnection could take a few months.

    Once the roof is inspected, you can download the Tesla app and monitor the systems production!

    Note: There is also no way of knowing when an installer can get to your house to begin the Solar Roof installation. So, the complete timeline of how long it takes to get the Solar Roof installed ranges from one month, to possibly over a year.

    Where Does The Solar Power Go If I Dont Use It All

    Tesla Solar Roof V3: Pricing, Design, Rumored Features, Colors, Launch ...

    When the sun is shining, the power that is generated by the solar system on your roof will flow into your homes electric panel. As your system generates more power than your home can immediately consume, your electric meter will reflect as such. Some utility meters will stand still, while bidirectional meters will spin backwards when solar energy is powering your home. Your electric bill will show zero usage during that time. During a sunny summer day, your solar panels may produce more power than your home needs. At that time, your solar system will be fully powering your home and all the excess power will flow backward through your electric meter, where it will be consumed by other houses and businesses connected to the grid. Learn more about credits for excess solar.

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    Tesla Solar Roofs Get Slippery

    Tesla Solar Roofing is textured, but still becomes slippery when wet. The roof arrays need to have this somewhat slippery texture so dirt, debris, smoke, dust, pollen rinse off the roofing when it rains. This keeps the roof clean, which is really important for the collection of sunlight. Dirty solar arrays do not absorb as much sunlight or generate as much electricity.

    The slippery nature of Tesla Solar Roofs is an unavoidable side effect of the way the solar shingles are made. This slipperiness is why you should never walk on a Tesla Solar Roof, even though theres little to no risk of damaging the roof itself. For the same reason, roofing contractors should always wear a harness when working on a Tesla Solar Roof.

    Tesla Solar Roofs are strong, durable, and dependable. If youre looking for an authorized installer in South Florida, contact Kelly Roofing.

    What Is The Difference Between A Solar Roof And Solar Panels

    Still not sure if a solar roof is right for you? Here are a few of the major ways that Teslas new product sets itself apart from competitors.

    • Integration: Solar panels sit on top of your roof, either on one plane or several. Many solar panel users install them on the plane of the roof that receives the most prolonged sunlight throughout the day. Tesla Solar Roofs are, well, a roof. They are an integrated system which has photovoltaic cells within steel roof shingles.
    • Total cost: Tesla Solar Roof Systems can cost two to three times more than a solar panel system. However, in both cases, you can save on your energy bill over time because of net metering which occurs when you use solar energy as your primary energy source.
    • Location: The Tesla Solar Roof is just that a roof. The roofing and energy system are intrinsically connected. Some people would rather not have solar panels on their roof solar panels can be installed anywhere on your property. This is especially effective if you have acres of land you can place them on.
    • Powerwall: Teslas Powerwall is much more effective at storing and dispensing energy than systems available for traditional solar panels. This is an option you have when installing your Tesla system that includes this advanced solar battery that always ensures you have energy, rain or shine, power outage or no.

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    Are The Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Worth It

    Since Tesla raised their prices, installing a Tesla Solar Roof is now much more expensive than it has been in recent years. It really only makes sense to install the Tesla Solar Roof if you really want to have the Tesla product or youre really in love with the Solar Roof aesthetic. Otherwise, it doesnt really pan out financially because the Solar Roof doesnt produce nearly as much electricity as regular solar panels.

    If youre looking for a way to save the most on your electric bills, youre much better off going with a traditional solar panel installation. Even if you also have to replace your roof, youll end up spending less by going with a conventional roof replacement and solar installation, and youll get better savings out of the solar panels.

    You should also keep Teslas reputation in mind if youre considering the Solar Roof. While they are extremely popular for their electric cars, the historically low customer reviews for Tesla Energy suggest their after-sales customer service isnt the best.

    In fact, it took almost two years from when the solar shingles were announced to when the first ones were installed, and theres no official count of how many Solar Roofs are currently out there.

    Before you jump into ordering their Solar Roof product, you should get multiple quotes from solar installers in your area to make sure youre getting the best price and quality for your solar panel installation.

    How To Get Teslas Solar Roof

    How This Roofing Company Is Taking On Teslas Solar Roof

    Nochta ordered his roof in July 2020, months after Musk announced new third-generation tiles that would enable faster installations. But Nochta says he also did a lot of research to try and move the project along.

    Nochta organized the permits for building the roof himself. He contacted people to get the correct permissions, chased up the utility company to get approval, and stayed home to ensure every inspection went smoothly. A previous contact from the utility company, who had helped with his 2016 installation, pitched in again to support Nochtas mission.

    The people at Tesla may hate him, but Nochta says a super nice employee from Tesla Solar also contacted him to see if he could help them get the project off the ground faster.

    The installation process took place over a couple of weeks in late 2020. It didn’t start well: Nochta had planned to remove the skylight from his roof. But the installers plans retained the feature. The mistake would have reduced Nochtas Solar Roof down to 7.07 kilowatts.

    I would advise every single person to stay home on the first day and look at the plans of the installer, he says.

    But by November 2020, the roof was fully installed. After another month of waiting for final approval from the utility company, Nochta switched on the roof in January 2021.

    Nochta says his roof has produced 8,148 kilowatt-hours of energy in his first year of usage more than enough to cover the familys energy usage, even with an electric vehicle.

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    When Will The Tesla Solar Roof Arrive In North Carolina

    A few installers have started to offer Teslas solar roof in North Carolina. Right now, NC homeowners who are getting solar shingles installed are paying a price premium to be in the front of the line.

    As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, weve talked with Tesla about the solar roof and previewed the product. At this point, were continuing to offer Teslas traditional PV panels, but not their shingle roof material. We love the Poweralls, solar panels, and solutions Tesla continues to put out, but since their solar roof product is still so new, with such complex technology behind it, we dont want our customers to be first in line to experience the kinks of a first generation product. We know the Tesla solar roof is going to be a game changer and well be on board as soon as we feel that this product has proven long term success for our customers.

    If getting Teslas solar roof is make or break for you on your solar journey, we have good news there are other solar companies in NC that have taken on rolling out this product! Tesla is also currently taking $100 refundable deposits to hold your place in line through their online ordering portal. That being said, there is no guarantee for when your solar roof will be installed .

    Disadvantages Of Tesla Solar Roof Over Solar Panels

    • Expensive: Ordinary solar panels produce three times the amount of energy per cell as Tesla Solar Roof tiles do, yet the Tesla tiles are three times more expensive. Youd be paying for aesthetics, potential longevity, and the name of Tesla. This is not a cost-effective option compared to solar panels.
    • Durability: Tesla Solar Roof tiles are extremely durable, but so are solar panels. Tesla just wins the durability test when comparing its Solar Roof tiles to traditional roofing materials like clay tiles, asphalt shingles, and paneling.
    • Energy efficiency: The energy efficiency is about the same, with solar panels coming out ahead in most cases cell per cell. Remember, energy efficiency is measured when comparing the amount of energy it takes to do a certain task. The less energy used to complete the task, the more energy efficient something is.
    • Lengthy installation: The time it takes for the installation process of the Tesla Solar Roof can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you work or study from home. It can take a week or two, depending on the complexity and size of your roof. Solar panels only take one to three days.
    • Personnel challenges: Statistically, there are simply fewer Tesla Solar Roof experts than there are solar panel experts. If you encounter issues with your system, its much easier to get a repair expert to come fix your solar panels than it is to fix your Tesla Solar Roof.

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    People Are Also Reading

    Tesla’s solar roof is complex, and that has slowed the development of the roofing system and its rollout. Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted in the spring that the company made significant mistakes that underestimated how difficult the new roofing product would be to install on some roofs, especially those with odd dimensions and shapes.

    Is A Tesla Solar Roof A Good Investment

    Why Elon Musk

    Okay, before we proceed, we want to point out that the following two sections are the core discussions for this post. They are lengthy and may require some patience to grasp fully. However, if you hang in there, these will help you understand how to compare alternatives when deciding what to do with your roof investment.

    In summary, we will compare:

  • Different solar roof investment alternatives
  • How to decide which one to go with and
  • Whether you should get add-on energy storage and solar roof tiles so you can power your entire house on solar energy alone.
  • All good? Great, lets proceed.

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    How Does The Tesla Solar Roof Work

    Tesla has an in-house team that designs, installs, and powers on each Solar Roof. You order the Solar Roof through Tesla, and the professionals work with you to create your Solar Roof.

    Heres how the Solar Roof installation process works for most homeowners:

    Step 1) Design: Tesla uses aerial imagery and 3D modeling to determine the custom design of your Solar Roof.

    Step 2) Installation: Teslas integrated design allows for quick tile and Powerwall installation, giving you an all-in-one solar and storage system.

    Step 3) Power On: Tesla completes the final cleanup, then activates your system.

    The system is powered by the Tesla Solar Inverter, which is designed to make the system as safe and reliable as possible. The Tesla Solar Inverter has built-in connectivity, and Tesla continues to launch over-the-air updates to make the hardware as intelligent as possible. The goal is to generate the maximum amount of energy possible for your Solar Roof even if you have intermittent sunlight and complicated angles.

    Once your Solar Roof is installed, you monitor the roof using the Tesla app. The app lets you monitor your energy production in real-time. You can also control your system from anywhere. The Tesla app lets you set up instant alerts and remotely access multiple aspects of your Solar roof.

    A Net Meter Measures Usage

    On cloudy days and overnight, your solar shingles or panels may not be able to capture enough sunlight to use for energy conversely, in the middle of the day when nobody is home, they may collect surplus energymore than you need to operate your home. Thats why a meter is used to measure the electricity flowing in both directionsto and from your home.Your utility company will often provide credits for any surplus power you send back to the grid. This is known as net metering.

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    Longtime Customers Said Theres Been A Notable Dip In Customer Service Since Tesla Acquired Its Energy Division From Solarcity

    Teslaâs solar-energy division was created in 2016 when the company acquired a solar-panel company called SolarCity headed up by Elon Muskâs cousin Lyndon Rive for $2.6 billion.

    It inherited customers who already had solar panels put up by SolarCity, some of whom told Insider that customer care has since deteriorated.

    One SolarCity customer, who asked to remain anonymous, said theyâd noticed âa significant drop in customer service and tech supportâ since the acquisition.

    âPrior to the acquisition by Tesla, should I have a need to contact them with a question or concern, which was rarely, I was able to reach them quickly via phone,â they said. They added that in the few instances where there was a problem, SolarCity got in touch within 48 hours.

    âOnce Tesla acquired SC in 2016, the service change was noticeable almost immediately. Their billing system seemed unprepared for the transition, and errors began to appear in bills. I had to contact them more frequently, but they did not seem to have adequate personnel, and it took longer to get responses,â they said.

    A 2016 regulatory filing showed SolarCity cut down on staff to reduce costs ahead of the acquisition.

    Technical problems started to fly under the radar, they said. SolarCity had actively notified them when there was a problem but once Tesla took over, system outages went unnoticed until the customer used their web app, they said.

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    Our Take On Tesla Solar Panels

    This Tesla Solar Roof Was NOT Built in a Day

    We gave Tesla a score of 79 out of 100 and found it to be the provider with the best availability, since it can serve homes across all 50 states, unlike many competitors.

    Tesla offers solar panels with a sleek design that blends into your existing roof. Teslas transparent pricing information and detailed website makes it a smart choice for customers who want to learn more about solar panels without the help of a sales representative.

    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla solar panels below.

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    When Will Solar Panels Perform Best

    If youre considering installing solar panels, you should note that solar panels do not always operate at maximum production.

    Solar panels will perform best when the sun is shining fully.

    For instance, when clouds are blocking the sun, you will not have the same results as when the sun is shining fully.

    Additionally, when there is no available sunlight during nighttime hours, your panels wont produce any electricity.

    You can circumvent this issue by correctly installing your solar system.

    As noted above, the key is to find a sufficient storage option that allows you to always power your home.

    Here is a cheat sheet on when solar panels usually perfect the best:

    Use solar energy when panels are at maximum efficiency

    This will typically be between 11 AM and 4 PM daily

    Between October and April there are more daylight hours

    Increased daylight and more intense sunlight will result in more solar energy being produced

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