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How To Be A Roofing Subcontractor

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Having Your Roof Subbed Out

How to become a Contractor if you are subcontractor now: 5 tips

Do you know whos working on your roof? When you hire a roofing company, you might assume that the people you researched, met, and hired will be the ones up on your roof, but this is often not the case. Many roofing companies use subcontractors to reduce costs and take on more jobs. While saving some money on your roof project is appealing, the use of subcontractors can create a slew of problems for you, the homeowner. Lets talk about the advantages of using a roofing company with real employees versus one that subs out and how you can avoid being hoodwinked.

Do You Offer A Warranty For Your Work

Its vital to ask your potential roofing contractor about the warranties they offer. Remember that roofing projects can be very costly and its your money thats at stake here. You deserve the assurance that your investment will be safe.

Many roofing companies offer both materials warranty and workmanship warranty . Once youre provided with the paperwork for the warranty, make sure to read it carefully. If you have any questions or terms that you dont understand, dont hesitate to clarify them with the contractor.

Career Path And Progression

You could become a roofing surveyor, estimating costs, dealing with contracts and working with architects. You could also be a site manager, move into equipment sales or work as a steeplejack.

With a lot of experience, you could train apprentices, set up your own business or specialise in heritage conservation work.

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How Can Roofing Subcontractors Increase Their Salary

Increasing your pay as a Roofing Subcontractor is possible in different ways. Change of employer: Consider a career move to a new employer that is willing to pay higher for your skills. Level of Education: Gaining advanced degrees may allow this role to increase their income potential and qualify for promotions. Managing Experience: If you are a Roofing Subcontractor that oversees more junior Roofing Subcontractors, this experience can increase the likelihood to earn more.

Make Sure Theyre A Good Fit With The Rest Of The Crew

Tips and Tricks to Being a Great Subcontractor

Subcontractors can be skilled in manual labor, but if their attitude stinks or they dont get along with others, youll definitely want to take that into consideration. You dont want to jeopardize an atmosphere of respect and good morale by bringing the wrong subcontractors onto your companys team. Conflict on the job translates to poor quality, dissatisfied customers and, ultimately, a blow to your professional reputation.

When hiring your next subcontractor, make sure to look for more than just experience. Get to know them a bitfind out whether theyre good learners and ensure that theyll treat your customers with the utmost respect.

Non-manual labor skills are as valuable as job skills. Excellent character influences customer satisfaction and employee morale.

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Roofing Subcontractors Can Be Risky Business

At first glance, the use of subcontractors doesnt seem like a big deal. And if everything goes according to plan, maybe there wont be any issues. However, when things go awry, you are the one thats left vulnerable.

For instance, consider a worksite injury. Subcontractors supply their own legal protection through insurance and workers compensation policiesor, at least, theyre supposed to. If the company you hired did not properly verify that everything was on the up-and-up, an injured subcontractor could pursue legal action against the homeowner to collect damages. And these damages arent just to cover medical bills there could be lost wages or ongoing disability coverage. As you can imagine, this can get extremely expensive for the homeowner. Such incidents are not always covered by your home insurance policy, so this situation creates a huge liability that youre better off avoiding in the first place.

Were not saying that subcontractors or the companies that use them are all bad! Many homeowners are simply unaware of the risks they face when their roof work gets subbed out. Its important to realize that the lower prices youll get from this kind of company are lower for a reasonto quote the old adage, you get what you pay for.

The Market Size Of The Roofing Contractors Industry In The Us Increased Faster Than The Construction Sector Overall

The construction industry as a whole isnt growing as fast as the market size of roofing companies. This is great news, as it shows that the roofing industry isnt dependent on massive growth within the construction industry and can still be very profitable even if things are slowing down on that front. Its safe to say that the roofing industry is in a perfect position for long-term success. If youre interested in joining the legion of roofers who are making great money in a steady industry, consider signing up for the Roofing Insights Roofing Business School.

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Who Can Act As A Companys Qualifying Person

Those who may act as the qualifying person for each business structure include :

  • Individual proprietorship: Must be the proprietor or managing employee

  • Partnership: Must be a partner or managing employee

  • Limited liability company : Must be a chief manager or managing employee

  • Corporation: Must be a chief executive officer or managing employee

A âmanaging employeeâ must be an employee of the company and is actively engaged in the business of residential contracting or residential remodeling on behalf of the licensee. A companyâs qualifying person may not be an independent contractor of the company.

A companys qualifying person may act as the qualifying person for more than one company, but only if there is 25 percent common ownership among the companies and the individual meets the requirements described above with respect to their position within each company. The qualifying person is not required to be the individual holding the 25 percent common ownership.

The qualifying person is also responsible for completing 14 hours of approved continuing education to renew the companys license every two years.

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There Are Common Ways Roof Replacements Go Wrong

How to Find Roofing Subcontractors – Ch 4 Vd 13

It can be tough to admit, but there are patterns as to why some roof replacements fail. Less experienced roofers, or those trying to cut corners, may do things like trust caulking for water resistance, add roofing layers in the wrong order, or even skip certain things like starter strips and the ice and water barrier.

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Wait For A Company That Has A Waitlist

Why wait for a company that has a waitlist? Many reasons! Let me just sum it up for you. Do you want to be the volunteer homeowner who wants us to send the subcontracting crew that showed up looking for a job Monday morning that may or may not have adequate insurance? OR the new hires that we havent had adequate training installing your new roof? No, didnt think so! Take your turn in line: get what youre paying for!

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What Does A Roofing Operative Do

As a roofing operative, you may specialise within a certain area, such as sheeting and cladding, or tiling. You could specialise in heritage projects, or work as a hard metal and cladding roofer.

Depending on your area of specialism, as a roofing operative you could be:

  • Estimating the type and amount of materials needed for the job
  • Using technical drawings and specifications
  • Fitting materials to ensure the roof is fully weatherproof
  • Working to building regulations

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Contractor Roofer And Remodeler Exams

In Minnesota, residential building contractor, roofer, remodeler and manufactured home installer businesses â not individual owners â require a license . However, each company must designate one individual who will serve as the qualifying person regardless of whether the licensee is an individual proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation.

A companys qualifying person must pass our prelicensing exam for the company to apply for a license. There are no prerequisite experience or educational requirements to take the residential building contractor, remodeler or roofer exam.

If you intend to obtain a residential building contractor license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying builder exam. If you intend to obtain a residential remodeler license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying remodeler exam. If you intend to obtain a residential roofer license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying roofer exam.

When deciding which license to get, keep in mind that a BC license allows you to perform all the work that a CR license allows plus you can perform new construction. A CR license only allows you to perform work on existing structures. All licensing requirements are the same for both licenses only the exams are different. A roofer license only allows you to perform roofing work you cannot contract to install gutters, downspouts, soffits, fascia or any other type of residential work.

The Importance Of A Roofing Subcontractor Agreement Cannot Be Overstated

Framing Subcontractor

Whether youre the roofing contractor or the roofing subcontractor, these legally binding agreements are an essential part of risk allocation management, and theyre crucial for your business. Especially in the construction industry, where theres already enough inherent risk, failing to protect your business from unnecessary issues can be detrimental to your company. By taking the steps to conceive a thoughtfully crafted agreement, you can stop fretting about potential harm and start focusing on other important elements of your business.

Get started on your contract with Podiums free roofing subcontractor agreement template today. Download the template today!

Learn more about Podium in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit

Original article source: Podium

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Which Exam Do I Need To Take

Oklahoma Commercial Roofing Contractor applicants must pass two examinations: the Commercial Roofing Contractor and Business and Law exam.

Upon approving an application, the state board will reach out to schedule a time and date to take the exam.

  • Time: 150 minutes

Topics include: General Roofing Knowledge Low Slope Roofing Architectural Metal Roofing Systems and Sheet Metal Flashing Moisture and Energy Control Repairs and Reroofing Safety

  • Total Questions: 50

This completely revised publication contains the most comprehensive set of recommended practices available for proper design and installation of custom-fabricated architectural sheet metal including roof drainage system design for scuppers, gutters and downspouts.

Features more details in the historical restoration section on skylights, cornices and spires new moisture and maintenance guide with underlayments mechanical fasteners and soldering guidance and enhanced metals selection data. Offers new construction techniques and alternative methods of design and installation reflecting climatic conditions and rainfall rates.

An upfront, fast âlook-upâ key speeds information retrieval. Also covers flashing, metal roofs, copings, gravel-stop fascia. Includes wind uplift pressure test reports confirming superior performance of custom-fabricated metal roofing. Applies to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

NRCA Roofing Manual â 2020 Boxed Set

Why Choose To Become A Roofing Contractor

While roofing isnât typically the first career choice for the general public, it can become an extremely lucrative business if done right. The job offers a wide range of benefits, and you learn numerous valuable skills throughout your career. Furthermore, you become an extremely valuable member of society.

Here are some of the top benefits of becoming a roofing contractor:

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What Is The Job Of A Roofing Subcontractor

A Roofing Subcontractor works for a general Contractor on a construction or roof repair job. As a Roofing Subcontractor, you specialize in the installation and repair of roofs for residential and commercial buildings and outbuildings. Depending on the scope of the job, you may work alone or you may hire a crew of workers to assist you. Each roofing job brings unique needs, so sometimes you may install a new roof on an existing building, install a roof on new construction, replace missing or damaged shingles, or repair minor roof damage.

Do Not Put Money Down

7 Steps for Subcontractors to start a Roofing Business in 2022

A reputable contractor should only ask for money up front if it is a very large dollar job. A reputable contractor will have a good credit rating with their local suppliers and will not need your money up front. Ive heard too many stories of money being paid with no work ever being completedor of liens being placed because the contractor didnt pay his supply bill.

Did you know the supply company can lien your home for supplies that were not paid for by the contractor that ordered them? So think of this you paid the contractor but the contractor didnt pay for the materials installed on your roof. Now you will have to pay AGAIN to satisfy a lien.

Dont risk paying twice.

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Provisions For Unforeseen Circumstances

The cost of a roofing project can go up substantially if the contractor experiences any unforeseen circumstances during the course of completing a job. For example, if the contractor discovers that the roofing is rotting, they may have to purchase more materials or hire additional labor to complete the job on schedule or to make the repair properly. The roofing contract should include an estimate in the event that these unforeseen circumstances arise.

How To Become A Qualified Roofer

There are a wide variety of other requirements that you may need in order to become a roofing contractor. These requirements may include, but are not at all limited to:

  • Proof of your workers compensation insurance.
  • Proof of your unemployment insurance.
  • Proof of passage of residential, commercial, or industrial examinations that have been carried out.
  • Proof of your liability and property damage insurance
  • Proof of submission of your surety bond.
  • Proof of the designation of a qualifying party or construction supervisor license
  • Your own copies of the Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement.

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Roofing Business Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

Insurance is a struggle for many roofing contractors. This is because the price of roofing insurance can be very high compared to other types of construction businesses, and the typical coverages can leave much to be desired.

A large part of this is due to the inherent risks associated with the roofing business, especially on the workers comp side. These risks include employees working at great heights lifting heavy material and potential faulty work causing significant damage to a building.

Another aspect of the roofing business that can make it difficult to obtain quality insurance is the large utilization of subcontractors.

Were here to help. Whatever your particular situation might be, weve put together this guide to help you navigate the situation. Here are some tips to help you save on premiums while getting the coverages you need.

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Many Roofers Use Subcontractors


There is nothing inherently wrong with using subcontractors for most standard roof replacement projects. In fact, they can help speed up the project and keep homeowners happy. However, problems can arise when subcontractors are not well managed. Ask your roofer if subcontractors will be used, and if so, how they will be managed. There should be an on-site project manager employed by the company you are purchasing your new roof from to ensure that the work is being done correctly.

Is it time for a roof replacement or repair on your home? If so, schedule a consultation with a Brothers roofing specialist. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your roof inside and out and provide you with a comprehensive and fair estimate.

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Not Every Roofer Has The Skill And Experience To Install Every Roof

Most roofing companies have experience installing asphalt roofs, the most common roofing material in Maryland. However, when it comes to more rare materials like cedar shakes or metal roofs, make sure the company has a service record that you can trust. If installed incorrectly, even the highest quality roof will fail and leak.

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What Is A Roofing Contractor


There is more than meets the eye when it comes to being a roofing contractor. For example, did you know that they make an average of $44.84 an hour? That’s $93,265 a year! Between 2018 and 2028, the career is expected to grow 6% and produce 85,400 job opportunities across the U.S.

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Convert Estimates Into Production Goals

One of the problems with computerized estimating is its mostly done by counting units. It can be time consuming for the estimator to convert the estimate into production hours and targets. Workers think in hours and days, not units. Converting the estimate to production targets helps with staffing and production. I know, some of you are thinking what good would it do to set targets, as they will only change. The purpose of the plan is to see what obstacles might be in your way and how to work around them. If you were to try to drive from one side of a major city to another, the time of day you leave and rush hour has a huge impact on the time required. Thinking through the process helps you avoid rush hour. Thinking through production helps you identify and correct potential pitfalls.

Questions To Ask A Roofer

How to Start a Roofing Company with No Money

Interviewing contractors is an important step in hiring the right roofer. Heres what to ask:

  • What types of roofing do you install?
  • Do you work with homeowners insurance to file claims?
  • Do you have a current license to do this work in my area?
  • What types of insurance do you have, and what is the coverage?
  • Can you give me two or three references to check?
  • Do you offer a free on-site inspection?
  • Do you take photos during the inspection and after completing the project?
  • Will you give me a written estimate after the inspection?
  • Do you do roofing repairs? How much do they cost?
  • Is your work covered by manufacturer warranty?
  • How do you keep projects on schedule? Whats your inclement weather policy?
  • Do you remove or dispose of old roofing materials? Is there a disposal charge? Do you recycle old materials?
  • When and how do you bill or invoice? Do you accept credit cards? Do you offer financing?

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