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How To Become A Roofing Subcontractor

How Long Does It Take To Become A Subcontractor

7 Steps for Subcontractors to start a Roofing Business in 2022

The time it takes to become a subcontractor will depend on the type of work you plan to take on. If you need to complete an apprenticeship, it could take you between two and five years to qualify. Once youve got your certificate and secured your professional license, you can begin working as an independent contractor.

How To Become A Roofing Subcontractor

Roofing Subcontractors install and repair roofs on behalf of a contractor. You can become a Roofing Subcontractor by completing a Roofers apprenticeship or getting a job with a roofing company. Both paths help you gain experience in measuring, cutting, and laying roofing material, reading blueprints, following roofing project specifications, and interpreting building code requirements. Earning a roofing certification or roofing contractors license can give you credibility. Networking with contractors can help you find more clients as a roofing subcontractor.

Get The Required Licenses And Certifications

Once youve completed your apprenticeship, youll be able to apply for a trade license in your chosen area. Most states require professionals taking on subcontracting work to get a trade license, some also require them to have a general subcontractor license.

As part of the licensing process, youll need to obtain a contractor surety bond. A contractor license bond is there to protect your future customers should you fail to abide by the rules and the regulations of your industry.

Bonds are provided by surety companies. These companies will charge you a percentage of the total bond amount to bond you. You can then apply for your business license.

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Gain The Required Skills

Before you can start working as a subcontractor, youll need to learn the skills required for your industry. One of the best ways to do this is to get an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, get real-life experience in the industry and build up a bank of expertise for your future career.

A lot of trade unions offer apprenticeships. You can also contact your local trade and vocational schools to see if they run any training programs that might suit you.

If you want to excel in the industry, you could consider enrolling in a bachelors degree course in a related area like construction science or management. This can give you a headstart and ensure your business is one step ahead of the competition.

Start Looking For Clients

Tips and Tricks to Being a Great Subcontractor

Now youve completed your training, secured your license and got your taxes in order, its time to find work. There are a variety of ways to find local subcontracting opportunities. You could have a look at online jobs boards, contact local primary contractors to see if they have any jobs coming up or get in touch with your local municipality to find out about government contracts that may be available in your area.

Finding clients can take a lot of time and energy. However, if youre good at what you do, offer good value for money and are pleasant to work with, you should find you have repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations before too long.

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Roofing License Requirements From State To State

NOTE:This information is provided as a service. To the best of our knowledge, it is correct and up-to-date however, it is not expected to be taken as legal advice and you must always check with local authorities before making any business decisions. Requirements and regulations are subject to change at any time.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Subcontractor

Working as a subcontractor has a lot of benefits. As youre not the main contractor on a job, theres less risk involved and youre more likely to get paid in full and on time. Working as a subcontractor also gives you the opportunity to work on a variety of building sites and with a range of general contractors. This can inform your future career plans and help you work out which area of construction you want to focus on.

Last but not least, working as a subcontractor is very flexible. As youre your own boss, you have a lot of freedom to decide your own schedule. If you need a holiday, you can just take time off. Or if you need to top up your bank balance, you can put in extra hours and boost your pay.

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S To Becoming A Roofer

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

If you’re interested in working in a physical job where you perform labor to build structures that keep homes and other buildings secure, you may consider a position as a roofer. Just like with other positions, becoming a roofer takes experience and a willingness to learn while on the job. To succeed in this career, it’s important to know what an employer is looking for and what skills you’ll need to be a viable candidate.

In this article, we describe what a roofer is and what responsibilities those in this position have, share steps to becoming a roofer and provide details on the national average salary for this role.

What It Takes To Get Licensed As A Roofing Contractor In New York

How to become a Contractor if you are subcontractor now: 5 tips

Getting a Roofing License in The Empire State

For people who live in states other than New York State, New York is synonymous with New York City, yet nowhere in the U.S. is there a state whose biggest city so different than the rest of the territory. The fact is, New York State is a vast region of sparsely populated farmland, small towns, and expansive woodlands. The rules and business regulations that apply to The Big Apple dont apply to Bemus Point, Brocton, or Busti, NY towns you may have never heard of but which are far more characteristic of New York State life than Mid-Town Manhattan. Even the Capital of New York, Albany, ranks 33rd on the list of most populated U.S. capitals.

Because of the diverse lifestyles in New York from crowded urban communities to very rural conditions roofing contractor licensing is defined by local jurisdictions, not by the State. The only exceptions are contractors operating cranes and asbestos contractors. They must hold a license from the State of NY.

Roofing Contractor Requirements for New York City

New York City may not be the state capital, but it certainly is the capital of business regulations! There, roofing contractors have to be licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs if the work will exceed $200.

Getting a roofing company license in New York City requires that roofing pros submit the following information:

  • Basic License Application

How Roofing Contractor Associations Fill in the Licensing Gap

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Contractor Roofer And Remodeler Exams

In Minnesota, residential building contractor, roofer, remodeler and manufactured home installer businesses — not individual owners — require a license . However, each company must designate one individual who will serve as the qualifying person regardless of whether the licensee is an individual proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation.

A companys qualifying person must pass our prelicensing exam for the company to apply for a license. There are no prerequisite experience or educational requirements to take the residential building contractor, remodeler or roofer exam.

If you intend to obtain a residential building contractor license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying builder exam. If you intend to obtain a residential remodeler license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying remodeler exam. If you intend to obtain a residential roofer license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying roofer exam.

When deciding which license to get, keep in mind that a BC license allows you to perform all the work that a CR license allows plus you can perform new construction. A CR license only allows you to perform work on existing structures. All licensing requirements are the same for both licenses only the exams are different. A roofer license only allows you to perform roofing work you cannot contract to install gutters, downspouts, soffits, fascia or any other type of residential work.

Keep Up The Good Work

Once youve managed to become an approved contractor, youll want to maintain that status. This is why youll want to keep the insurance company happy. Be sure to approach each project from a professional stand point. Make sure that you keep your driving record clean! Finally, be sure to give the contractor insurance company a detailed invoice at the end of each and every month.

Other frequently asked questions before buying insurance:.

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Are Subcontractors Covered Under Contractors Insurance

It can be, but often is not covered by a standard policy

Whether you are in the new construction or a veteran in the Ontario province, there are a lot of times when you might need the expertise of a subcontractor. With that being said, you never want to discover that the subcontractor isnt covered under an insurance policy after an incident takes place. If you are hiring a subcontractor, it always pays to make sure that your policy will cover the third party in advance. Otherwise you might end up getting sued or left holding some expensive medical bills. So, does that mean that the subcontractors need to acquire their own insurance policy or are they covered under your basic contractors policy?

Why Choose To Become A Roofing Contractor

Become A Qualified Subcontractor

While roofing isn’t typically the first career choice for the general public, it can become an extremely lucrative business if done right. The job offers a wide range of benefits, and you learn numerous valuable skills throughout your career. Furthermore, you become an extremely valuable member of society.

Here are some of the top benefits of becoming a roofing contractor:

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Earn A High School Diploma Or Equivalent

Many employers that hire roofers require at least a high school diploma or equivalent, like a GED. It’s important to earn a high school diploma because it’s likely that your peers applying for the same position have at least a high school equivalent too. You also learn a lot of fundamental skills in school that are appealing to employers, like basic math and reading. The courses you take while in high school can help prepare you for a career post-graduation, as a roofer or otherwise.

Getting A Business License Contractors License And Understand Regulations

Before doing anything, youll need to establish the legitimacy of your company. Youll need to visit your local licensing authority. Then, youll need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and acquire a business license. On top of that, youll need to obtain a liability insurance policy. Construction liability insurance is vital for protecting your company and your clients. While it depends on the circumstances at hand, it is best to obtain at least one million dollars. This will help to ensure that your company is in the good graces of the insurance company. Remember that your business license will usually need to be renewed every five years.

Youll also need to obtain a contractors license. Youll need plenty of experience and a formal education. To obtain a contractors license, youll need a three to five-year apprenticeship in Ontario. Your apprenticeship should be served with a licensed general contractor. You should also obtain a business number with the Canada Revenue Agency. There is no fee for obtaining your number. Just register online.


Your business may need licences and permits from the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.


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What You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Company

As a contractor there are a variety of different methods and techniques that you can undertake to ensure that you are always protected at all times. One of these methods is to ensure that all the subcontractors like glass installers& glass & metal technicians that you hire are protected by their own insurance policies. Never be shy about including this in your contracts, as it could potentially save your business. Just remember that you can always check your subcontractors coverage by asking to see an up-to-date copy of the subcontractors Certificate of Liability Insurance. Of course, there are situations when it might not be feasible for the subcontractor to get adequate coverage.

In these situations, adding the subcontractor to your own personalized policy covers you in all situations. When you add a subcontractor to your policy, it ensures that you cover them for the work that they perform under your license and only under your license. This pretty much means that you wont be liable for any mistakes that they make, while they are working under someone else.

Who Can Act As A Company’s Qualifying Person

How to get paid by Roofing Contractors: 5 Tips for Subcontractors to collect

Those who may act as the qualifying person for each business structure include :

  • Individual proprietorship: Must be the proprietor or managing employee

  • Partnership: Must be a partner or managing employee

  • Limited liability company : Must be a chief manager or managing employee

  • Corporation: Must be a chief executive officer or managing employee

A “managing employee” must be an employee of the company and is actively engaged in the business of residential contracting or residential remodeling on behalf of the licensee. A company’s qualifying person may not be an independent contractor of the company.

A companys qualifying person may act as the qualifying person for more than one company, but only if there is 25 percent common ownership among the companies and the individual meets the requirements described above with respect to their position within each company. The qualifying person is not required to be the individual holding the 25 percent common ownership.

The qualifying person is also responsible for completing 14 hours of approved continuing education to renew the companys license every two years.

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Why Do You Need A Roofing License

One of the most importantand most obviousreasons to get a roofing license is for legality. Fines and jail time could become a reality if you dont comply with state requirements, damaging your roofing companys reputation.

Homeowners may ask you if you have a license. Because getting a roofing license requires experience, having a license gives the homeowner the assurance that you have the training and expertise needed to do their project well.

Getting a roofing license often means you need to have liability insurance. Not only does this protect you, but your customers will also appreciate knowing that any damage to the job will be covered by you.

A roofing license will give both you and the homeowner peace of mind. You will be working legally and within government requirements. Your customers will trust you and be more likely to hire you with the assurance that you know your industry.

Record Number Of Apprentices But Demand Still Strong

The number of apprentice roofers has grown steadily but there are still not enough qualified roofers to meet demand. Around 80% of roofing apprenticeships are offered by members of the Roofing Association of New Zealand.

You can increase your chances of getting a roofing apprenticeship if you have:

  • a good attitude to work, good time management skills, and are willing to learn
  • completed a Gateway or pre-trade programme
  • the ability to use hand and power tools
  • building or other trades experience
  • a tertiary qualification but want to retrain in roofing.

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You Should First Earn A High School Diploma Or Equivalent

A high school diploma is the minimum education requirement to become a roofer for most employers. Even if they dont, there is a much better chance of you securing the position than others who may be applying that dont have such a diploma. The fundamental skills that are learned in schools, such as reading, math, and even the discipline to pass, are attractive to a lot of companies that are recruiting.

Which Exam Do I Need To Take

Subcontractors for 1

Oklahoma Commercial Roofing Contractor applicants must pass two examinations: the Commercial Roofing Contractor and Business and Law exam.

Upon approving an application, the state board will reach out to schedule a time and date to take the exam.

  • Time: 150 minutes

Topics include: General Roofing Knowledge Low Slope Roofing Architectural Metal Roofing Systems and Sheet Metal Flashing Moisture and Energy Control Repairs and Reroofing Safety

  • Total Questions: 50

This completely revised publication contains the most comprehensive set of recommended practices available for proper design and installation of custom-fabricated architectural sheet metal including roof drainage system design for scuppers, gutters and downspouts.

Features more details in the historical restoration section on skylights, cornices and spires new moisture and maintenance guide with underlayments mechanical fasteners and soldering guidance and enhanced metals selection data. Offers new construction techniques and alternative methods of design and installation reflecting climatic conditions and rainfall rates.

An upfront, fast âlook-upâ key speeds information retrieval. Also covers flashing, metal roofs, copings, gravel-stop fascia. Includes wind uplift pressure test reports confirming superior performance of custom-fabricated metal roofing. Applies to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

NRCA Roofing Manual – 2020 Boxed Set

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What Are The Requirements To Getting A License

  • Pass Commercial Roofing Contractor and Business and Law Exams
  • Obtain $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance
  • Obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance or exemption
  • Register business name with secretary of state
  • Applicant must be Owner/Officer of a corporation, member of LLC, or general partner of an LLP which is actively engaged in the trade.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance


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