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How To Choose Roof Color

Wood Siding With Brown Roof

Choosing Roof Shingle Style & Color

Whether youre quite literally building a cabin in the woods or if you just want to bottle that cabin feel for your home, consider this cozy combination. When you pair a wood-colored house with a brown roof, you achieve a rustic and relaxing appearance.

Incorporating forest green or tan portions will give this design additional dimension. A brown wooden house like this is perfect for homes with ample greenery in their yards.

Why Does Choosing A Roof Color Matter

Choosing the right color will provide your house with many benefits.

It improves the longevity of your home and roof.

It also makes your home look more attractive and pleasant to look at. This then adds to the curb appeal, that the right roof shingle color can give your home.

The main thing you want to do is to make the roof color fit in with the color of your home. Thus, you want the colors to complement one another. You want to contrast the siding of your home and the roof.

If you have light siding, then a dark roof is a great option. Sometimes it depends on the style of your home, which affects which color to go for. However, contrast is always really important, as it makes your home more appealing to look at.

Yet, if you are unsure what colors to go for, then start by looking at the roofs of the homes on your street. This will give you an idea of what colors work well in this neighborhood. As mentioned above, the climate in the area that you live in can have a huge influence on the color of the roof you should choose. You will notice that in warmer climates, the roofs are a lighter color. This is so the roof will naturally reflect the UV rays coming from the sun. This then makes the house easier to cool and remain cool.

Complement Other External Features

All of the colors on your homes exterior need to work together to achieve a look thats visually coordinated and appealing. The style, design, size and colors of the exterior elements are all important features that need to work together.

Choose a roof color that will enhance and complement the other exterior colors of your home. If youve got a particular color scheme in mind, remember itll be easier to update paintable surfaces than fixed ones Choosing a roof color that matches your shutters, front door or trim can help tie the look of the house together.

The Majestic Slate tiles in Midnight Gray on this roof complement the stonework in the facade.

If the stylistic features of your home already make a statement then youll probably want to select a roofing color that lets those features shine.

The custom blend of Federal Gray and Smoke Gray is a great fit
for the 90 triangular panels of this unique Geodesic Dome.
On the home above, all of the features
make a statement by working in harmony together.

A general rule of thumb is that the less busy your siding, brick and trim are, the more interesting the color and pattern of your roof can be.

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What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing A New Roof

The literal roof over your head is an incredibly important aspect of your home or any other property.

Heres what to do if you are considering replacing your roof and where to get started with everything from picking the color and material to determining what you actually want your roof and therefore your home to look like based on your own preferences and style.

First, consider the style of your home you will of course want to choose a different style and color roofing material if you have a Georgian style home versus a ranch versus something super contemporary.

Your climate also matters for instance, in warmer or hot areas a metal roof might be more desirable because it will reflect heat, while an asphalt roof can absorb heat, so that could be a good option if you live in a cold climate that has real winters.

Another key consideration is the actual shape of your house.

Things like gables, dormers, and other masonry or structural details will affect how your roof looks.

You also want to consider your backyard, porch, or any other outdoor living areas.

After all, if you have a deck, a pool or hot tub, a spot to dine outside, a BBQ area, or even a complete outdoor kitchen, youll want to consider the color and material of your roof, especially if much of it is visible from your outdoor hangout spots.

After all, your roof is a key design element of your new home.

Should Exterior Trim Match Roof

Roofing Colors  KEMPTON SHEDS

Generally, it is a good idea to match your exterior trim to either your roof or gutters. For example, if your siding is white/beige and your roof is grey, matching your trim is an easy way to create a theme for your space.

The same goes for darker siding and lighter roofing, so this works for any color palette.

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Consider Working With A Home Designer

Unsure what color will match your yellow siding or red brick home?

You can always hire a design professional with a trained eye to provide a second opinion. Often for a day rate, you can work together to find a roofing shingle color that will help you confidently tie together exterior design elements like siding, trim and paint colors.

But our guess is that you can do it successfully and confidently all on your own if you follow the above tips. Online visualization tools, like our DesignEyeQ®, can help you get a sense of what your home would look like with different combinations of roof colors, siding, and trim colors.

Choosing your next roofing shingle color can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Think of your next roof as an opportunity to reimagine your home exterior design aesthetic.

For more color and design inspiration, tools and resources, explore Design & Inspire.

What Colors Of Asphalt Shingles Are Trending In 2021

Asphalt shingles have grown to be the most popular roofing material used by homeowners in the United States. And because there is such a wide spectrum of colors available in asphalt, it makes more sense than ever to find an appealing color for your roof that matches your homes siding, trim, and other exterior elements.

Some popular colors this year have been:

  • Dark and soft greens like moss and forest green.
  • Beige, tan, or off-white
  • Sandy and light brown hues
  • Light and dark blues

Its recommended to use lighter tones on darker roofs like black or dark brown and vice versa this way, they will contrast nicely without overwhelming each other. For example, a beige roof paired with dark brick red siding makes for a very striking contrast!

With all those different options out there, why not try something new? Here are some current trends happening right now to consider.

  • Roofs with a mottled effect, such as slate roofing. This gives it a more natural appeal and less clean-cut like single-color shingles.
  • A roof that is painted black to look like wavy lines in the roofs texture. This can give beautiful structure and a unique design to your home, making it stand out from the rest.
  • Using different colors of shingle material for just one section of your roof. For example, some parts could be green and other parts taupe or purple this combination gives dimension and texture to your roof.

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Complementing Your Bricks Dominate Color

Most modern houses dont just have a monochrome color scheme for the bricks. Homeowners use other colors with the brick. The cast color is the dominant color. If you have a red brick house, you can pair it with white, beige, or gray bricks. However, the roof color has to complement the dominant roof color.

Choose A Roof Color You Enjoy

Metal Roof Color: How To Pick The Best Color For Your Roof

Studies show that color affects our moods and emotions. While some colors incite excitement, others instill calmness.

Choose a roof color that you will enjoy. The color that makes you feel the best when you are relaxing in your backyard or weeding your flowerbeds. That is the color you should choose.

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House And Roof Color Combinations: How To Coordinate Not Match Your Roof Shingles Colors To Your House

It is as simple as combining a warm shingle color with a warm siding color, or a cool shingle color with a cool siding color. Your color palette for your roof and siding should fall under the same tone , and a similar but never the same color.

Here are some popular house and roof color combinations. My roofing contractor told us the most popular colors of roof shingles are all made up of variations of:

Determine Your Homes Architectural Style

Is your home a Cape Cod, Tudor, Contemporary, Colonial, or a Craftsman? Its architectural style plays a key role in your home color and matching shingle color.

If you live in the Northeast where Cape Cod or Tudor-style homes are more popular, consider the colors that make sense for those homes. For instance, a Cape Cod-style home is more light and airy, typically with weathered wood siding – so dark red shingles would not play well with that look. Classic, cool lighter colors like light grey or driftwood are a good bet.

Cape Cod-style houses have a light color scheme and the shingles should match accordingly. Image source: House Method

But a Tudor style home has a darker-toned style, with cream siding and dark brown features, so dark brown shingles would work best.

Light brown shingles help bring out the softer tones of this Tudor house.Image source: My Move

As for Contemporary homes, many times the key features of the home are the windows and prominent angles, and the roof itself is usually playing off of the clean, crisp design with darker tones.

Contemporary homes have a sleek look, dark shingles make the design stand out. Image source: Frankel Building Group

As for Colonial-style homes, their look is more classic with light-colored siding and dark shutters. Matching your shingle color to a Colonial home can be easier you can stick with the basic, most popular shingle colors, which we will outline below.

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Best Roofs For Homes In Hot And Cold Climates

Your roof covers your entire home so it plays a big role in how well your home retains temperature.

If you live in a hot climate, youre going to want to choose a roof color that doesnt absorb a lot of the suns energy, otherwise this will filter into your home and cause it to become too hot and uncomfortable during the summer.

Thats why your best bet is to choose light roof colors, such as white and beige. By comparison, living in a cold climate will require you to increase your homes heat. You can do this by choosing a darker color for your roof that will absorb the suns rays, such as grey, brown, or black.

However, you will need to consult with a local roofing professional to find out if your state requires you to paint your roof so that its highly reflective. Sometimes this is required to meet environmental codes in the area.

Choosing The Right House And Roof Color Combination

How to Choose the Right Roof Shingles Color

An attractive house and roof color combination can give your home a major boost in curb appeal. Not only does adding visual appeal make the place feel like it’s yours, but it also brings a higher resale value. On average, homes considered to have curb appeal sell for 7% to 14% more than similar homes with less visual appeal, according to the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.

The right roof shingle color improves the overall aesthetic of your home, but other factorssuch as your area’s climatemay also influence which shade you choose. Consider these guidelines for updating your house with a new color palette.

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Where Do You Live And What Are Your Neighbors Doing

Location matters! If you live in a hot climate, a lighter-colored roof will help reflect the UV rays and keep your home cooler in the hot summer months. Meanwhile, coastal cities, particularly in the Pacific Northwest or Upper East coast, will have darker roofs because they fit the aesthetics of the environment. They also hide algae and moisture stains that occur in wetter climates. Looking around at your neighbors roofs colors and styles can be a good indicator of which way to go for both color and type of roof material.

Take The Time To Put Your Ideas Into A Mood Board

Just as any design project, your exterior has several elements from window shutters and trim to siding or brick that will get tied together with your roof. For additional inspiration and help narrowing down what colors will work for your home, explore versatile shingle and color pairings with online mood boards, or style boards. From trendy to classic, your mood board or style board combinations can help you discover the architectural aesthetic that makes the statement you want with your next roof.

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Why Is Roof Color Important For A House

Roof color affects more than just the homes aesthetic appeal. Your roof is the first contact with the suns energy. Therefore, your HVAC system is directly affected by your choice is roof color. This is why you should put serious thought into your roof color.

  • It affects the value of your house.

When your house is on the market, most prospective buyers will determine its price at first glance. Since the roof is such a huge feature, it affects how buyers see it. Black roofs, for example, make houses look bigger. The immediate thought in a prospective buyers mind is that the house is spacious.

  • Roof color affects your exterior choices.

Before you go for bold statement colors for your roof, think about whether youll want to change the exterior. The exterior includes changes such as the siding and accents of the house. Most homes have white accents. This works with almost any roof color. However, if you want to implement drastic changes such as repainting the entire house, think about your roof too.

  • Roofs are costly.

A new roof can cost you up to $14000. You need to firmly decide what color you want. The roof you get should be a long-term decision to justify the price. With prices as high as $30,000 for a roof replacement, you need to pick a versatile color to avoid too many color backflips.

How To Choose The Right Color Roof

Choosing Roof Shingle Color for Better Curb Appeal

June 18, 2021 in Roofing, Tips

Nothing enhances the curb appeal of your home like the condition and color of its roof. Replacing a roof is one of the largest investments you make, and its a decision you will have to see every day for the life of the roof.

Your roofing contractor can make suggestions and provide samples, but the decision will ultimately depend on your individual tastes and preferences. Here are seven tips on how to choose the right color roof for your home.

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Roof Color The Hard Part

A roof on older homes was something to be noticed and admired. So basically unless you had a slate roof, your roof was colored up until the 1950s when asphalt gray or not-colored roofing became the norm.

There are many roofing options today for real slate, or a replication slate, or asphalt in a slate color. The focus here is finding a color that would look best on your house no matter what the roofing material.

First, there has to be contrast between the roof and the painted trim on the house, otherwise the roof will look like it is coming down wrapping around the eaves of the house and look top-heavy. Think of it this way. Gray pants and a matching gray shirt is not a good look . There needs to be separation between the roof color, body color, and trim color. Gutters must be painted the trim color and not match the roof as so many roofers do wrong today.

When considering a roof color you also need to consider the possibility of future house colors. A roof that will work with many house colors is better than choosing a roof color that will prevent you or a future owner from new paint color opportunities.

How To Choose A Roof Color For Your House

Youve installed your new metal or rubber roof but now youd like to paint it. Or, youre shopping for roof shingles and you want to ensure you get them in the best color for your home.

Its exciting to change the way your roof looks because this will alter the entire appearance of your house, making it look fresh and inviting.

What do you need to consider when choosing a roof color?

It might surprise you to discover that you have to take a few factors into consideration when choosing a roof color, such as building codes and weather patterns.

With that in mind, heres your ultimate guide on how to choose a roof color for your house. Lets start by looking at the best roof color for the climate in your region.

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