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How To Deal With Wasp Nest In Roof

Treat Future Nesting Areas

How to Kill Wasps Nests in Walls and Roof Spaces

In addition to spraying existing nests, you can treat future nesting areas. Purchase residual liquid insecticides at your local home or hardware store and spray it in the areas where you think wasps would nest, such as your deck, pool, patio, playset, and wood fence. This discourages future nest building.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps: A Complete Guide

The Pests Stop Here!


Its a Its a perfect summer day and youre sitting outside with your family grilling something delicious for dinner. Right then you hear it, a menacing buzz just over your shoulder. The wasps have arrived, and theyre not leaving. They drive you indoors, ruining your perfect afternoon.

Sounds familiar? Youre not alone.

Each year, wasps take over outdoor spaces throughout the country, including the San Francisco Bay Area, making them difficult or impossible for people to use.

Plus, wasps can be dangerous.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , there were 1,109 deaths from hornet, wasp, and bee stings between 20002017, or an annual average of 62 deaths.

Fortunately, you dont have to resolve yourself to living with stinging wasps all summer. Smiths Pests Management is here to help you reclaim your property.

We provide yellow jacket control services to customers in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, so we know a thing or two about how to help people get rid of wasps and start enjoying the outdoors once more.

In this blog, well share a few of our top wasp removal tips and tricks, and insights on identifying common wasp species.

Lets dive in.

Why Hire Professional Wasp Extermination Services

Wasps can be a real menace when they build their nests on your property. Because of their aggressive nature, its often advisable to hire professional extermination services for active eradication. Hiring a reputable license exterminator is advisable because they have the necessary tools & equipment, products, and the necessary skills to ensure complete eradication of these dangerous pests. So if you suspect a wasp infestation on one of the trees near your home, dont hesitate to call professional extermination services for fast eradication to ensure the safety of you and your entire family. Aside from our wasp nest removal services we offer a section of wasp control products. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.


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Destroying A Wasp Nest In A Roof Void

Wasps have a habit of finding access points under roof tiles and roof flashing, particularly around dormer windows, they often nest at the point where the dormer roof meets the main roof. The nest can sometimes be located within the main roof if access is possible.

Openly accessible nests in a roof void present a difficult scenario for the untrained person, unless you have a full protective WASP PROOF SUIT.

This is a high risk wasp nest that although easily accessible, is a whole pack of what will be angry wasps, ready and able to exit the nest quickly and attack. A good quality fly and wasp killer aerosol is useful for added protection and a quick spray of the nest before your main attack will knock down the workers that will almost certainly be on the outside of the nest adding and extending layers.

Wasp killer powder/dust is always our preference in dealing with nearly all wasp nests but using a puffer duster on a hanging nest in a roof void is risky. If possible, use a Gilmour duster or Polminor Bellow Duster and coat as much of the outside of the nest as possible with dust, failing that, use Rentokil Wasp Nest Killer Foam Aerosol and cover as much of the nest as you can in wasp killer foam before promptly vacating the roof.

Should You Call A Professional To Deal With Your Wasps Nest

How To Deal With Wasp Nest In Loft

It is entirely possible for most homeowners to effectively remove a wasp nest themselves, however, there are inherent dangers associated with doing this.

If you dont have the appropriate safety equipment and tools, such as a stable ladder, do not attempt to get on your own roof to tackle a wasp nest.

If you are not confident in your ability to use the insecticide spray or dusting powder, then it is best that a professional be called. They will have all of this equipment and know-how on hand so they can do an effective job for minimal cost .

The average cost of a wasp nest removal, according to my , is $375 and ranges from a little as $100 and as much as $1300 depending on the job.

Unlike other pests, such as ants and rodents, wasps are more than likely to attack if they feel threatened.

This is why its important to take the necessary precautions when removing a wasp nest from your property, and not do so without being properly equipped or trained in how best to remove them safely.

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How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nest In Tree

The safest way you can get rid of a wasp nest is to hire an exterminator. If you want to do it yourself, see if you can figure out the species you are dealing with first. Then, purchase the appropriate pesticide at the hardware store. Read the instructions carefully. Once it is dark out, put on some protective clothing, including a face net, long sleeves, and pants. Do not use a ladder. Spray the nest thoroughly with the insecticide. In the morning, come back and pick up fallen wasps.

If the tree is far away from the home, consider leaving it be. The majority of the population will die in the fall, when the temperature begins to dip below freezing. While they are irritating pests, wasps do provide some essential services to the environment, pollinating the plants in your garden and keep other pests under control. If youre not sure which species youre dealing with, contact a local pest control company for help.

Its advisable that you get a professional pest removal company to help you get rid of wasps in trees. They are experienced and in a much better position to help you get rid of your wasp infestation problem for good.


If You Decide To Let It Be Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Adults feed on nectar and enjoy ripe fruit, which may bring them into your kitchen, compost pile, or garbage to hunt for food. Clean up dropped and overripe fruit promptly, cover garbage cans tightly, and bury fruit remnants a few inches deep in your compost bin or pile.
  • When you dine outside, cover food on serving dishes and put away dirty plates as soon as possible. Also, serve your drinks in wide-mouth cups you don’t want to unknowingly drink a yellow jacket that’s crawled into a bottle or can.
  • Don’t count on insect repellent to deter yellow jackets. While its scent may make you less attractive to mosquitoes and flies, it may actually make you more attractive to yellow jackets.

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How To Check For Wasps

If you notice a large number of wasps flying around your home or yard, you likely have a wasp nest somewhere on your property. To locate a wasp nest, first observe a wasp from afar to see which direction it flies. You can also leave out food to lure the wasps before following them cautiously back to their nesting place.

Pay close attention to any holes out of which they may be crawling. You may spot their visible nest attached to plants, trees, bushes, underneath windowsills or eaves, or underneath siding or any other overhangs along a building .

If youre noticing wasps inside your home, observe them to see where they are entering and exiting your home and where their nest may be located. Check your house for unsealed vents, torn screens, and cracks around windows and door frames for signs that wasps may be gaining easy access into your home.

How Can I Get Rid Of Pests

Berkshire Wasp Control – How we treat a wasp nest under a roof tile

Newcastle City Council provides a pest control service for the treatment of wasps when they are in your home or business premises, In many cases, treatment may only take a few minutes and involve the application of industrial insecticide/pesticide which take effect gradually. The pest control operative will tell you what has been done. Please note we do not remove nests on most occasions. This will be looked at on a case by case basis.

You are strongly recommended to seek professional help in dealing with a problem wasps nest. Consider the risks very carefully before attempting a treatment yourself. Wasps are aggressive when their nest is threatened, and multiple stings may result if your protective clothing is inadequate.

If you do attempt treatment yourself, when using pesticides always follow the instructions on the label.

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Products You Can Use To Treat A Wasp Infestation

How To Remove A Wasp Nest

If you find a paper wasp nest on or near your home, youre probably going to want to get rid of it. Although its not a paper wasps mission in life to hunt you down and attack you, stings are possible.

When determining how to get rid of a wasp nest, you need to be aware of the fact that the queen is the key to the colonys survival. That means that if you try to knock down, dismantle or even apply spray to the nest, the wasps will think youre attacking them. In an effort to protect their queen, theyre going to use the only defenses they have, which are their stings.

In addition, its important to know that removing a paper wasp nest on your own can put you in the path of dozens of paper wasps, and each wasp can sting you multiple times. Because of this, wasp nest removal is best left to a pest control professional, such as a trained Terminix® specialist.

A professional will be better able to determine whether the nest belongs to a bee or a wasp and will also know what to do with a wasp nest. After evaluating the issue, your technician can then help you tailor a wasp control plan, so that hopefully, you dont have to worry about new wasp colonies in the future. If you think you have a paper wasp nest near your home, contact Terminix today.

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How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nest In Loft Removing A Wasp Nest In Your Loft Safely

  • Make sure you are not allergic to wasp stingsConsult with your doctor on how to make tests for wasp sting allergies. They are common and if you are not aware of them, this exposes you to a great risk of anaphylactic shock, which may be fatal. Do this test even if removing a wasp nest is not a part of your schedule, if it is, definitely do tests.
  • Identify the wasp nest typeWe have explained above with what each wasp nests differ. Dont miss the opportunity to become more familiar about the exact pest species youre dealing with. Each nest may require a specialised type of treatment for maximum safety. Yellowjackets are very aggressive, for instance, and should only be approached at night or very early in the morning when they are a lot less active.Some hornet nests are mistaken for ones made of paper wasps, which may greatly mislead you in your judgement about the scale of the threat you will be facing as Hornets are among the most venomous insects and are extremely aggressive.
  • Wear specialised protective clothingThis will help you avoid getting stung by the wasps and will make the treatment or removal of the wasp nest much easier, and most importantly, safe. Do not underestimate the insects even if you are not allergic. If a large number of them sting a person, the poison would still be enough to cause severe harm. See how to deal with wasps safely.
  • Eradicate The Wasp Infestation

    Wasp Nest In Attic Removal

    Use one or more of the following methods to treat a wasp infestation:

    • Nest drenching: Using an insecticide specially formulated for wasps, completely saturate the nest heavily in the solution. Depending on how accessible the nest is, use either hand-held sprays or a spray with a long nozzle. Be wary of wasps flying out of the nest, spraying each as they emerge. When youre certain the entire colony has been killed, destroy the nest immediately.
    • Nest dusting: This method uses a powder or dust version of wasp insecticide to cover the nest and eventually kill the wasp colony. Nest dusting isnt as effective as nest drenching but is a safer option, as you simply drop the powder over the nest and walk away. It requires reapplication, however, and could take weeks before the entire colony is killed off.
    • Wasp trap DIY: If you want to avoid using insecticide, formulate your own homemade wasp trap. Using a two-liter soda bottle, cut around the neck of the bottle, just below the taper. Place bait at the bottom of the bottle, including either a protein or something sweet . Add a bit of vinegar to the bait to keep bees out of your trap. Finally, unscrew and remove the cap of the bottle, before flipping the top part of the bottle upside down to tuck into the bottom part of the bottle, as shown here.

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    Best Way To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

    The best way to remove a wasp nest is contacting a pest control professional. It may seem like an easy job, but a pest control technician is professionally trained to handle and remove wasp nests in a safe and efficient manner, and heres why:

    • Safety equipment: An exterminator has access to personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment . This fully protects them from wasp stings, ensuring their safety when removing a wasp nest.
    • Working in small spaces: Pest technicians are trained, and qualified to work in small spaces such as your attic. This allows them to successfully remove a wasp nest safely from a property.
    • Expert knowledge: A pest control professional has expert knowledge on wasps they know all about their behavior and instincts as well as how to identify the signs of an allergic reaction to wasp stings.
    • Professional products: Wasp exterminators have access to, and are professionally trained to use a variety of pest control products not available to the public. These products are more powerful than any DIY products on the market and have a proven track record of successfully removing wasp nests.

    How To Control Wasps Nests

    From May to November, wasps can be troublesome, particularly if you have a wasp nest somewhere near your property.

    PLEASE NOTE: Wasps can be dangerous if you are allergic to the stings, anaphylactic shock from a sting can result in serious and potentially fatal swelling. ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING WHEN DEALING WITH WASP NESTS

    Here is some information and advice about wasps and how to control and eradicate wasp nests.

    In this article

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    Why Not Take It Down Yourself

    Although you will find a lot of advice online saying that all you would need to get rid of a wasps nest at home are the following:

    Protective clothing. A closer look to identify the nest location and best way to dislodge it. Spraying the wasp with an extermination spray.

    Of course, no one is saying that you cannot get rid of wasps this way. After all, most homeowners also double as avid do-it-yourself enthusiasts who can handle any situation thrown their way. You are, however, advised to avoid doing so because wasps can be very unpredictable and very volatile. Any mistake could cause great agitation to the livid members of the nest who will not hesitate to sting you and anyone within the vicinity thus causing unbelievable pain and discomfort, possibly hospitalization for everyone affected.

    Try Nest Drenching For The Most Effective Option

    Berkshire Wasp Control – Two wasp nests treated in the roof area – Hungerford Berkshire
  • Drenching the nests in insecticide kills the wasps almost instantly. Pick up a bottle of wasp insecticide from your local garden or hardware store, and make sure it has either a nozzle or a spray attachment on it. Very carefully go up to the roof where the nests are, then point the nozzle or the spray tip as close to one nest as you can. Spray the nest liberally, and try to spray any wasps that fly out of the nest if you see them. Then, move onto the next nest.XResearch source
  • This is not a great option to use if you have a wasp allergy. Nest drenching tends to stir wasp colonies up, and theres a high likelihood you will get stung.
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    Dealing With Wasps That Are A Nuisance

    If youre allergic to a wasp or hornet sting, or if the nest is in a place where its impossible for you to cohabit, you will need to get rid of it. If you are not sure, you can ring Natur & ëmwelt on 621 969 444 and one of their volunteers will give you advice.

    The fire brigade will sometimes deal with wasps nests, but their website takes pains to point out that they only do this if the nest is an imminent danger to the population. They ask that you dont ring 112 with wasp nest removal requests unless this is the case, and they have produced a flyer with information to this effect. You can also contact your commune, who may be able to provide a list of pest control providers local to your area.

    There are special sprays you can use at night which can be effective if the nest is in an inaccessible area, but remember to wear protective clothing. Pest control providers advise that you dont spray a nest with water or set fire to it , try to vacuum the nest up, or cover it with a plastic bag.

    The following pest control companies will remove or treat a wasps nest :


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