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How To Find Commercial Roofing Projects

Know And Train Who Answers The Phone

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Whenever anyone calls your business, the person who answers the phone is their first impression of the company. Your phone operators should be respectful and courteous. They should also be trained to know how to help callers answer their questions and help guide callers towards taking the next step. The way this conversation goes can mean the difference between a qualified lead and a caller moving on to another company.

Need A Roofing Contractor For Your Project

It is beneficial to learn about the reputation of a company before you make your hiring decision. Choose a company to provide you with professionalism, responsibility, and organization.

This is a critical step that protects you from scams, avoiding hidden costs, and making better use of your money.

The roof of your business is an important structural component that should be fixed by roofing experts. If you need help completing your commercial roofing project, contact our site for more information.

How Do You Hire A Good Roofing Contractor For Commercial Properties

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Commercial roofing usually involves huge and time-consuming projects, which also cost a lot of money. Therefore, you should be careful who you trust your roof with. Commercial roofing is a tricky job, and not everyone can do it properly. Only highly trained professionals can tackle such projects, and those are not that easy to find.

Fear not, as were here to help you with that.

In this article, well explain why its important to hire a good roofing contractor. Well also share some advice on how to tell a professional contractor from a fake one.

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Davinci Roof Products Are High Style And Quality

Your property says volumes about who you are and what you value. So when you choose the natural beauty of a DaVinci roof, you make a clear statement in support of conscientious living and unsurpassed quality. We are a DaVinci roof provider.

DaVinci slate and shake roof tiles go beyond protecting your home and belongings from fire, high wind and impact. Our tiles are virtually maintenance-free and have a sustainable advantage of 50 years. The authentic look of a DaVinci roof plus a 50-year warranty add up to exceptional value.

Cost Of The Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors

Commercial Projects

Your business is working with a tight budget when seeking commercial metal roofing services. Therefore, it is logical to wish to find contractors with the lowest rates. However, you should not compromise the need for quality roofing work to save money.

So as much as you want to spend less, youll need to find competent commercial metal roofing contractors. The right approach is to get estimates from the different contractors near you. Then, go for the one with reasonable rates for services that meets your needs.

Also, check the pricing models of different commercial metal roofing contractors. For example, find if they charge hourly or for the entire project. Then, choose a contractor with a model that results in a fair final cost.

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Over 40 Years Of Roofing Experience

If youre looking for professional roof repairs, turn to the experienced roofing team at Reliable Roofing Company. Our locally owned and operated business serves greater Southern California with all kinds of roof repairs. With over 40 years of experience in roofing and general construction, our roofers can quickly identify roofing issues to repair. As with all of our services, we guarantee our work and promise to repair the issue the right way the first time, every time.

Cater To Your Ideal Customer

There is a big difference between generating traffic and generating qualified traffic. The difference is in your conversion rate. Maybe you prefer to work with commercial buildings. Or perhaps you get the most sales from upper-middle class-homeowners. Whatever your niche, create web pages and ads that target these customers specifically. Accurate targeting will send more qualified leads your way and increase your conversion rate.

The more you cater to specific needs, the more likely youll be to get your company in front of the right people. If you work with commercial properties, discuss topics relevant to this audience. Commercial buildings might be more likely to have metal roofs. They might house several tenants or have many locations nationwide. Content and ads relevant to your customers show you understand their needs.

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Search By Year Built:

You can also filter by the age of a building. A building that is 2030 years old is much more likely to have roofing problems than the roof of a development built last year. You can then check the detailed maps feature to see an aerial view of the state of the roof.

Not only can you filter by date of construction, but you can also sort by date of the last renovation.

While you may not know the extent of the renovation, it is helpful to understand the overall state of the buildings construction. An older building that has not been renovated in a large amount of time is more likely to need service and more drastic service. Depending on the type of roof, commercial roofing needs to be entirely redone every 20 years or so. If you are targeting buildings all 1520+ years old, there is a much higher likelihood of needing a full roofing replacement.

Reonomys Blueprint To Growing Your Roofing Business

Subcontractors–Find More Construction Projects Bidding in Your Area | iSqFt

Over the years at Reonomy, weve had a continuously growing user base of commercial roofers using our platform to generate leads and grow their business.

Having that user base has enabled us to put together a blueprint for success thatll help you find new projects, generate consistent leads, and connect with owners in your market.

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Things To Look For In A Commercial Roofing Contractor

There are certain things that every commercial roofing contractor must have in order to be considered legitimate. You should check those things yourself, or consult with the contractor via telephone or in person. Any legitimate contractor will gladly give you all the information you need.

Here are some of the most important things to look for in a commercial roofing company:

Make It Visually Appealing

Nothings sadder than losing out on a job simply because your proposal is unreadable. From solid blocks of text to teeny-tiny print, a poorly-formatted proposal may doom the bid from the get-go.

Format a proposal that makes it as easy as possible for the owner or manager to understand youre the best solution to their problem.

Quick tips to boost bid readability:

  • Use subheads and bullet points
  • Add photos, such as images of the potential job site, before/after pics of similar projects, and professional-quality headshots of your key team members
  • Include plenty of whitespace

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Tips For Preparing A Commercial Roof Estimate

  • Pro Tips
  • Tips for Preparing a Commercial Roof Estimate
  • For all potential commercial roofing projects, there comes a time when the customer needs an estimate. It falls on the contractor to crunch the numbers and determine the bottom line. This onus is one that comes with a little bit of leeway.

    As a contractor, you can expect the estimate to be off by a bit, but you should also know some key factors of the job when considering a project. The first question any contractor should ask is Will I be able to solve the customers problem within their budget? If not, there is no point in continuing with the project. If you can, you should ask, How can I be profitable?

    In determining this, you must consider and balance two truths: the best thing for the customer is the lowest price, and the best thing for you is the highest price. In order to be successful in providing an estimate, the price must fall somewhere in between these two extremes. When preparing a commercial roof estimate, there are a few things to consider when finding the right price.

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    Choose Us For The Best Asphalt Shingles

    Tips for Commercial Construction Project Management ...

    If youre looking for the highest quality workmanship and reasonable prices, put your trust in Reliable Roofing Company for installation, repair or replacement of your shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles are a popular option for their affordability. Installed properly, they can last decades for homeowners. Our team can install a roof on your home in five days. We hire our own employees, not contractors. Were a family-owned and operated roofing company serving Southern California. Get in touch for a FREE estimate.

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    Contact Us For All Your Commercial Roof Repair Needs

    If youre in need of a commercial roofing contractor, reach out to Najars Roofing Company.

    As a local, family-owned business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we pride ourselves in ethics and strong customer service. Our knowledgeable, friendly team is glad to answer any of your roofing questions or to provide a free quote.

    We understand the challenges of roofing and want to work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

    Feel free to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your company with all of their roofing needs, large or small.

    Special Considerations For Commercial Roofing Contractors

    There are different types commercial roofs, including low sloped roofs, pitched roofs, and flat roofs. There are specific building codes and regulations that need to be followed for these commercial projects. Its best to hire a professional to ensure your roof works remain within the building parameters set by state and local building laws. Failure to comply with building codes will result in paying a ton of fees, fines, and even the shut down of your business until the issues are resolved.

    The roofing material should also be considered. Some building structures can only support one type of roofing material. Using other roofing types can damage your commercial building and result in the need for expensive repairs.

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    More Than A Decade Of Experiencegrowing Companies In The Roofing Sector

    Weve been generating high-quality sales appointments for companies in the roofing industry for more than a decade. We have the expertise and cutting-edge tools to help grow any type of roofing business. It doesnt matter what you specialize in, we can do it all:

    • Preventative maintenance roofing leads
    • Re-roofing leads or complete roofing installation leads
    • We specialize in working with roofing companies who offer the following:
    • Low-slope
    • Green roofs
    • Coatings

    Once we learn more about the roofing services you specialize in, we can focus on a specific vertical to pull a list of prospects. The more we learn about your business and who you want to target, the better. This allows us to pinpoint who would be a good fit as a partner for your business and run a more successful lead generation program.

    How To Get People To Your Website

    How to Estimate Construction Projects as a General Contractor *Excel Spreadsheet*

    I’m sure you know, there are 100+ ways to get traffic and get yourself seen on the internet. To keep it simple and avoid spending thousands of dollars on things that may potentially work… let’s focus on just one predictable source of leads.For this method, that source is Google Adwords.Some of you may have already used Adwords and had a bad experience. Maybe you spent thousands of dollars and didn’t get anything to show for it. That’s very common and you’re not alone. It’s so common in fact, that I even wrote an article just talking about why roofing owners lose money with Adwords. Anyways…

    Here are the basics of setting up your Adwords campaign. Select Your Locations

    If you’re in San Diego and work within a 50 mile radius, it doesn’t make much sense to show your ads nationwide. This will get very expensive and you’ll get a lot of calls from marketing companies trying to sell you on SEO or advertising. I recommend carefully selecting only the areas you serve and displaying your ads to people in those areas.

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    Nail Project Delivery Processes

    Bidding on large commercial projects requires more than nailing their “perfect” cost numberbuilding owners or project managers will want to know exactly how your crews will get the job done.

    That makes it essential to detail how youll manage debris, particularly on large replacement projects.

    Dump trailers, tarps, and dedicated cleanup crews have been the traditional tools of roofing, but that doesnt mean those are the only tools available. An innovative roofing trailer, like theEquipter RB4000 lift, will completely change the way your crews manage debris on big job sites.

    A streamlined, commercial-grade cleanup process will help your company finish jobs faster and reduce the risk of property damage. It will also keep the property cleaner from start to finishand that can be a big-time differentiator when you’re bidding a residential complex or retail property.

    Jay Ors from Southern Coast Roofing in Florida won a 40-building apartment complex bid by showing project managers how his crews would use an RB4000 lift to manage the tremendous volume of debris.

    Idea #1: Eliminate Fear Of Uncertainty

    There are dozens of facts, points of comparison, and internal company matters to consider when a business needs a new roofing system. All those considerations add up to a whole lot of uncertainty, which naturally creates resistance to big purchases. Think of every concern as a brick that lays between your prospect and saying yes to a new roof.

    What if you could eliminate most of that uncertainty?

    The process begins with your company providing clear and consistent information. Where does your service area lie? Does your roofing team provide the necessary solution and requisite experience to perform the job? Answer these questions directly . Many businesses unintentionally confuse would-be clients by mixing up their service hours and solutions across their various listings. While they update their website or Facebook page regularly , they may neglect other sources that you can maximize.

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    Enhancing & Projecting Your Business

    Pick up the phone and lets talk about exactly what your building needs: single ply , modified bitumen, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, roof coatings, cedar shakes, clay/slate roofing, gutters and downspouts, parapet coping, roofing insulation, and plywood. We use only the best in product lines, paired with our exceptional workmanship to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

    How Long Will The Project Take To Complete

    Sunset Maintenance

    How long will your roofing project take, from start to finish? First, youll need to know how soon the company can get started, depending on their other projects and availability.

    Then, youll want to know how long the job will take, so you can plan accordinglyespecially if the work will impact your access to the building.

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    Check The Expertise Of The Commercial Roofing Company

    Never take the risk of leaving your commercial roofing issues in the hands of a novice. Relying on a novice roofer makes you vulnerable to all types of problems and mistakes.

    Regardless of the type of roof damage you have, you need to be aware of hiring a company with vast experience. The first thing you should do is to investigate and gather information about the credentials and expertise of a commercial roofing company.

    Ask around in your neighborhood to find a quality company with a reputation for completing multiple roofing projects and sizes. This gives you an assurance that the company you hire have the competence to smoothly manage all your roofing issues.

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    Showing up in the search engines is a critical factor that will help your business gain more customers online. However, SEO is a very complicated strategy to master. As a member of NetBlaze, all the heavy-lifting will be done for you. Here’s how…

    • Done-For-You on-site SEO. Our team of experts will help optimize your business’s website to maximize the chances of you getting found on Google under keywords and phrases that matter to you.
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    Hire A Roofing Company That Specializes In Safety

    What is the safety record of the company you want to hire? No matter what type of commercial roof you have, it is important for you to be aware of safety hazards.

    It is common for workers to slip and fall from roofs, sustaining serious injuries. Sometimes, these accidents are even fatal.

    Safety is the top priority for reputable commercial roofers in the industry. Work with a company that consists of professionals with quality training and meeting all safety requirements. This is an indication of good work ethics.

    For each roofing project, roofers take the right precautions. They follow safe techniques to use various types of roofing equipment, working on roofs to make repairs and replacements, and being aware of their actions while performing a job.

    Learning about a companys safety background gives you peace of mind that there are fewer risks of workers having accidents on your commercial property.

    Now That Youve Hired Them How Can You Keep Them

    Ten Construction Job Bidding Tips for New Company Owners

    The huge demand, short supply and competition for skilled workers is so great, its not uncommon for companies to poach roofing crews. Offers of higher pay or better benefits can be hard to counter but there are other ways to promote loyalty and reward performance.

    Roofing contractors who have worked with IKO products, services and sales reps often comment on how they feel listened to and valued. Were proud to have made them feel a part of our family business and we hope that these pointers weve just provided will help you attract and retain good people, too.

    The information on this website is subject to change without notice. IKO assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear on this website.

    IKO strives to accurately reproduce the screen images of the shingle swatches and house photos shown. However, due to manufacturing variances, the limitations of your monitor resolution and the variation in natural exterior lighting, actual colors may vary from the images you see. To ensure complete satisfaction you should make final color selections from several full size shingles and view a sample of the product installed on a home. Please refer to our Legal Notices for U.S.A. or our Legal Notices for Canada.

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