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How To Fix A Rubber Roof Leak

Install The Repair Patch

How to Patch a Leaking Rubber Roof | This Old House

Methods for installing the patch vary depending on what type of repair kit you have:

Using a pressure-sensitive patch: Remove the paper or film backing from the patch, apply the patch to the roof membrane, and press it down firmly. Roll the patch in multiple directions with a roller to remove any air bubbles and fully bond the patch.

Using a glue-down patch: Apply a single-ply EPDM adhesive to the back of the patch and to the roof surface in the patch area, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the adhesive to flash off until it is no longer tacky to the touch. Press the patch onto the roof, then roll it with a steel roller, moving back and forth in multiple directions to remove air bubbles and bond the patch.

  • Note: The adhesive must be designed for sealing EPDM to EPDM. Do not use yellow glue designed for sealing EPDM to substrates or insulation board.
  • Repairing A Flat Roof Leak

    The flat roof should be clear of all debris even if the leak has been found, to ensure there isnt more damage that needs repairing at the same time. Then, before washing the area that needs repair work, make sure that safety procedures have been set up and that no through-way from anywhere on the roof to the exit is blocked by any obstacles or excessively slippery. Wear hi-vis clothing if possible and when using a hose-pipe or pressure washer, do not have piping trailing where it can easily be tripped over by people accessing or leaving the flat roof area.

    Use A Tarp To Cover The Leaking Area Of The Roof

    Using a tarp is a quick and easy temporary fix for an emergency roof leak repair. Once youve located the area in the roof where the water is entering, you can now go on the roof and cover the area with a tarp.

    What is a tarp? A tarp or tarpaulin is a large, strong and flexible waterproof material. It is often a cloth polyester that is coated in polyurethane. Most tarps have grommets that make it easy to tie down or secure it.

    A tarp will protect the affected area by keeping moisture out. In order to effectively do this, youll want to make sure that you drape the top part of the tarp over the point of your roof. This way, no water will be able to run under the tarp.

    Once youve fitted the tarp over the area, nail the edges of the tarp down. This will keep the tarp from blowing away in the wind. This is an emergency repair that can be completed in minutes, so always make sure you have a tarp handy that you could use in a situation like this.

    Heavy Duty Roofing Tarp

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    Preventing Future Flat Roof Leaks

    Puddled water on a flat roof will wear down the materials faster and create a potential leaking issue. Additionally, it will also cause mold and mildew to grow on the roof. If you do have mildew growing on the roof, hose off the roof, use a cleaning solution and add zinc strips.

    Two options to consider that will alleviate the issue are:

    How Often Should I Apply My Roof Sealant

    Which Is The Best Flat Roof System, Felt, EPDM Rubber or ...

    Well, this is mostly dependent on what kind of situations you expose your roof to and the climatic conditions of the area you tend to frequent most. Ideally, you might need to apply every 6 months to a year. Best practice would be to inspect your seams after every six months. If you keep your roofs under additional cover, sealing it annually would be sufficient enough.

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    Rubber Roofing Repair Kit

    I designed this kit based on years of experience with EPDM membrane repairs. I figured out that 95% of all repairs took me 2 hours or less, and the materials I include should work for most repairs.

    The kit costs $259 for a standard package, or $279 for a larger package, needed for bigger jobs. The larger one is currently sold only on our website, but will be soon available through Amazon.

    You can purchase on You can also get it directly from our website

    It comes with FREE shipping in continental US, and is shipped on the same or next business day.

    What is included:

  • 10 ft. of 6 Peel and Stick Tape
  • 2 ft. of 9 Peel and Stick Tape
  • FOUR 6×9 Peel and Stick Patches
  • 16 OZ can of EPDM Cleaner
  • 16 OZ can of EPDM Primer
  • 1 tube of EPDM Lap Sealant
  • Heavy Duty Silicone Roller
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • I also offer a Big Boss kit, which has 15 feet of 6 flashing and 5 feet of 12 flashing, and is designed for bigger repair jobs. Everything else is the same as in the standard one. The Big Boss costs $279

    Cost To Repair Flat Roof Vs Flat Roof Replacement

    Understanding the costs of various types of flat roofing materials is where you should start when determining whether you repair the roof or replace it entirely.

    Materials like PVC, TPO, EPDM, or similar materials can be expensive to install even without labor costs.

    All the same, flat roofing repair costs can be higher than replacement costs simply because repairing the roof usually takes more time and requires more effort.

    And at the end of the day, theres a good chance that hiring a flat roofing specialist is the best way to protect your investment.

    Sometimes even the best professional roof repair team cant save your roof, which means its time to replace it all together.

    You probably already know that if a building you own has a flat roof, water damage and leaks are your biggest enemies and all leaks must be fixed as soon as possible by an experienced professional roofer using high quality materials.

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    Diy How To Repair Skylight Curb Leak On Flat Rubber Roof

    This commercial building in Elizabethtown, PA, has a flat EPDM rubber roof. Overall, its in great condition. However, the occupant is experiencing water penetration near this skylight.

    The source of the leak was discovered: there is a hole in the curb of the skylights deck. Joyland Roofing Operations Manager, Kevin OConnell, takes you through the process of repairing this leak.

    Kevin here with Joyland Roofing. Out here on a commercial roof in Elizabethtown. We have a skylight curb leaking so Im going to walk you through how to reflash that so that its not leaking anymore. Im going to turn this camera around so I can show you the components and the tools youre going to need to make this repair.

    This is what youre going to need:

    • EPDM membrane cleaner
    • Rag to clean the roof surface
    • Uncured flashing tape
    • Scrubbing pad to apply primer
    • Seal roller to be used after the tape is applied
    • Corner seal roller to be used in the corner of the curb

    Rubber Seal Liquid Rubber

    Use this Flat Roof Coating to Repair/Fix leaks| Extend EPDM Rubber Roof Life | SUPER SILICONE SEAL

      Rubber Seal Liquid Rubber is one of the cheaper yet surprisingly effective alternatives you will find out there. It uses liquid rubber, which means you can trust it to be equally flexible on drying and fully waterproof. This makes it applicable as a protective coating and for sealing cracks or leaks on your roof. It also has insulating and ceramic properties which will keep your roof airtight and free from the suns heat penetration.

      Having an EPA Energy Star Rating, you are assured that the product is UV resistant and resistant to ageing, meaning the sealant will support you in the long haul. It contains very low levels of VOC and excellent elongation properties. With this sealant, the process of application is a breeze this might have something to do with its outstanding spread rate of 60 square feet per gallon at 20 imperial mils.

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    Finding The Source Of A Leaking Roof Can Be Tricky

    Its not uncommon for roof leaks to start high and for water to travel down rafters or drywall

    before dripping through the ceiling or running down a wall.

    Sometimes the water will travel several feet from the entry point to the point at which the leak shows up.

    PRACTICE SAFETY FIRST Never climb on a roof while it is raining. If you dont feel secure on your own roof, please dont hesitate to contact a professional roofing company. Many offer a free inspection or fast response roof repair services.

    Flat Roof Leak Repair

    Repairing a flat roof leak can range from a simple DIY job, to a large-scale project that requires expert help. The first step in finding out which youre dealing with, is to closely inspect your ceiling and roof to spot where the leak may be coming from. To do this, you may have to clear away a bit of water and debris from your roofs surface.

    Once youre satisfied that youve identified the source of your leaky flat roof, its time to choose your course of action. Sometimes, a temporary fix may be your best option, as it will give you time to consider your next steps, save for a full flat roof replacement, or get quotes from professional roofers. However, if the damage to your flat roof is more extensive, the only option left to you may be a more permanent fix such as a full flat roof replacement.

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    Felt Flat Roof Repair

    Old pour and roll felt roofing can crack, get puncture holes , or the felt could split. Edging can also lift, or old flashings against the wall could leak. The surface may also suffer from dips or hollows.

    Temporary Fix

    As with most temporary flat roof repair work, a paint on solution can fix leaks. A number of these products are available at Rawlins Paints.

    Permanent Fix

    If the old layer of felt roofing is in good enough condition, then a liquid system repair can be applied. For older felt roofing, a patch of torched on roofing with add an additional layer and fix the damage. Please ensure that the user of a torch flame to conduct repair work on felt roofing is insured to work with naked flames, and always have a readily available and easily accessible fire extinguisher to hand.

    Rubber Sealant Repairs Leaky Gutter Seams Learn How Here

    Rubber Roof Leaking at the Seams

    Rubber sealants fill in gaps where leaky downspouts and gutters cause roof or foundation damage. Then things can get really expensive. But repairs may be easier than you think, all youll likely need are gloves, a ladder and rubber gutter sealant.

    Follow these steps

  • Figure out exactly where the repair needs to be made. Leaking water leaves lots of clues, so look for discolouration of paint or rotted, wet wood.
  • Remove all debris in the area before working with any rubber sealant.
  • Pay special attention to any areas to be bonded. The repair site must be clean for the new materials to adhere.
  • Cut the nozzle to size on the sealant tube after loading it into the caulking gun.
  • Look for holes or seams that need fixing and apply the rubber sealant.
  • If you need to place a piece of gutter on top of another piece to make a better seal, be sure to apply rubber sealant to both sides and press together. Then, continue to apply sealant along all seams of the two joined pieces.
  • You can use a caulking tool if you like to smooth out the rubber sealant.
  • The rubber sealant needs 24 hours to dry, so check the weather first!
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    Replacing Broken Mast Of Electric Powered Self Extending Antenna

    If you hear the motor running when you start the car, but the mast is broken or does not go up or down, you can repair the antenna by replacing the mast. But because new antennas are not too expensive, I would rather replace the whole unit.

    If however, you still want to replace the broken mast in the antenna, the steps below will drive you through this process:

    • Take a nose plier and remove the mast retaining nut by rotating it counterclockwise.
    • Gently pull up the antenna and remove it. You will notice a nylon wire comes along with the antenna.
    • Now take the wire and insert it into the antenna driver assembly.
    • Ask another person to turn off the ignition, and the antenna motor will start drawing the mast and wire back into the assembly.
    • Reinstall the retaining nut, and adjust the antenna to its final position.

    However, if the car antenna motor is not working even after turning on the engine, it needs to be replaced with a new self-extending antenna.

    Flat Roof Repair: A Guide On What To Do

    by BarrettM | Aug 25, 2020 | Blog |

    Dealing with a flat leaky roof can be extremely frustrating, not to mention that if things are not done properly, the leaky roof can be extremely detrimental to your propertys overall integrity and value.

    While all roof leaks are problematic, a leak in a flat roof is particularly complicated.

    Flat roof repair or commercial flat roof repair can range from somewhat simple to incredibly complex fixes or even reconstruction that involves complicated roof insurance claims and experienced professional support.

  • Cost to Repair Flat Roof vs. Flat Roof Replacement
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    Roof Leaking Around Chimney

    The source for leaks around your chimney can be difficult to pinpoint.

    If you notice moisture around your chimney during or after a rain, you may have one or multiple issues.

    Starting at the top.

    Perhaps your chimney cap is damaged, or maybe the chimney crown is cracked .

    Or it could be that the brick or stone veneer on the chimney has cracks, or you have mortar cracks in your chimney.

    These could all lead to water leaks inside and around your chimney.

    If you notice the walls are damp around your chimney during or after a storm, it could be that the flashing around your chimney is loose or worn out. In either case, it is likely that the flexible sealant around the flashing has cracked and formed gaps.

    Another potential cause for roof leaks around your chimney is the design of the roof above your chimney. If your steep roof creates a sharp valley where it meets the chimney, you may have a buildup of leaves, sticks or other debris that sit above your chimney.

    This debris can allow water to pool or ice to build up, which makes degrades flashing and sealants and allows water to leak around your chimney.


  • Chimney cap a new chimney cap may keep water from entering the top of the chimney
  • Flexible roof sealant apply flexible roof sealant from a can or tube to fill holes, gaps, flashing and loose shingles around the chimney
  • New flashing & shingles replace flashing and shingles around the chimney, creating a good new water barrier
  • Can I Claim On House Insurance For A Leaking Flat Roof

    Fix Roof Leaks with Rubber Spray – Product Review

    Claiming on your home insurance for a roof leak is a tricky matter. Often, if the leak was not caused by an unexpected event such as a heavy storm or a falling tree, this damage would fall under general wear and tear and youd have to pay for any repairs yourself. Your insurer will look for obvious signs of external damage that may have caused the roof leak, such as damage to your roofing membrane. If no such damage exists, you are likely out of luck.

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    Apply The Patch To A Flat Area

    If you are applying a patch to a flat area , this process should be very easy. Make your patch so that it sticks about 2-3 beyond the hole in the roof, and round off the corners with scissors. Once you confirm that the primer is dry, remove the film / paper off the back of your patch and slowly apply the patch to the roof surface, making sure you do not trap any air, so that you dont create any bubbles / air pockets between the patch and rubber membrane. Work your way out from one edge of the patch to the other. Once the patch has been placed down, roll it in with the silicone roller, with moderate pressure. Make sure you roll in the edges of the patch especially well.

    How To Attach A Roof Tarp To Make An Emergency Roof Repair

    1. Spread the tarp over the leaking area.2. Make sure the tarp is flat with out big creases. Use small bricks, 2x4s or weights to help hold the tarp down until you can fully secure it.3. Start at the highest location on the roof and begin to secure the tarp to the roof using roofing nails or screws. Utilize the grommets to avoid ripping or tearing the tarp.4. Work your way down to the area of the tarp that is closest to the ground.

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    Patching Outside Corners Skylights Chimneys Curbs Etc

    Outside corners are much more difficult to patch correctly, if youve never done it. You will have to apply a patch on 2 different surfaces, there is an angle change , and you will have to carefully stretch the UNCURED flashing to give it the correct shape.

    Often, there is old flashing in the way, which you will have to remove without causing any further damages. I suggest a practice run, if this is your first time:

    Cut a 6×6 piece of flashing from a 10 roll that I provide with the kit, fold back 1/2 of the release paper, position it at the corner of a dresser and try to stretch the exposed material so that it molds to the horizontal part .

    Here is a short video on how to flash an outside corner:

    Now, this video makes it look easy, but it demonstrates a new roof install. When it comes to a repair, you have to deal with OLD flashing that is already in place. Often, you also have 2 or more roof layers, which makes the roof to chimney angle more than 90 degrees. This can both simplify and complicate a repair.

    If the old patch is small 6×6 or so, you can use a 12×12 patch to go over it. If the existing patch is bigger than 6×6 or you have multiple old patches, you will need to remove old flashing completely, if you want your repair to work and to last long.

    It is always best to install patches over the original membrane and to make sure there are no additional layers in between, because that complicates installation and poses risk of leaks.


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