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How To Get A Tesla Solar Roof

Does Tesla Operate In My State How Do I Order

How to Install a Tesla Solar Roof 2021 Review

The best way to find out if you’re in Tesla’s service area is to go to the company’s site to enter your address for an estimate. Tesla reportedly has expanded its service area for Solar Roof to the entire United States, though some addresses still say unavailable when you request an estimate. In other areas, Tesla will refer you to the website or contact information of a certified, third-party installer that services your area.

To order through Tesla, create an account online. Tesla then uses satellite imagery of your roof to design a system and price estimate, which will be finalized when an Tesla agent visits your home to confirm the roof complexity, size and a few other details.

Obstructions in your roof can raise the cost of a Solar Roof.

After you and Tesla agree on a design, it will pull permits and put you on the schedule to install. Tesla uses certified third-party installers, though it also has some in-house teams.

Can A Tesla Solar Roof Power My Entire House

Can A Tesla Solar Roof Power My Entire House?

Now, this could be a tricky question for some of you.

Yes, in a way, a Tesla Solar Roof system can power an entire house. Now, we can go two ways from here:

  • We can be content with this straightforward answer and move on to the next section or
  • We can ask an additional question and wonder how long can a tesla solar roof power my entire house.
  • For the latter, it depends on how much power and energy your Tesla Solar Roof produces. Therefore, it is good to know the difference between the two.

    Simply put, power is the WORK done by an electric circuit. In this case, the electric circuit is your Tesla Solar Roof tiles that are wired to a power inverter. On the other hand, energy tells us HOW LONG can an electric circuit produce power. This is why power units are expressed in WATTS while energy is expressed in WATT-HOURS.

    How Does The Tesla Solar Roof Work

    Tried and true solar technology. Updated modern look.

    • Like traditional solar panels, your Tesla Solar Roof generates power when the sun is out

    • An inverter installed in your garage, basement, or other out-of-the-way location transforms harvested power into usable renewable energy for your home

    • When you add in a Tesla Powerwall, you can also store away this energy to use when the grid goes out

    • The main difference? How sleek your roof looks.

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    Tesla Solar Roof Cost Current Wait Times Other Solar Tile Options

    Tesla Solar Roof is currently on the version V3 of its solar tile roof that was initially unveiled in 2016. Teslas BiPV solar tiles are made of hardened glass containing photovoltaic solar cells for energy generation. The latest iteration of the Tesla solar roof unveiled in October 2019 came with a promise that it would not only cost less than the previous unveils, but that it would also be easier to install, enabling Tesla to achieve 1,000 installations per week.

    Workers install Tesla solar shingles roof in Vermont. Photographer: Caleb Kenna/The New York Times via Redux

    Fast forward to April 2021 when Tesla, as reported by Verge, has suddenly and drastically increased the price of its solar tile roof by roughly 30% to 50%, with some customers seeing even greater price hikes on the long-signed contracts.

    On the Q1 2021 earnings call, Elon Musk has said the drastic price increase of the Tesla solar roof was due to making a significant mistake greatly underestimating the complexity and how expensive the installation of solar glass tiles on a complex residential roof can be.

    Is A Tesla Solar Roof A Good Investment

    Tesla solar roof tiles production delayed

    Okay, before we proceed, we want to point out that the following two sections are the core discussions for this post. They are lengthy and may require some patience to grasp fully. However, if you hang in there, these will help you understand how to compare alternatives when deciding what to do with your roof investment.

    In summary, we will compare:

  • Different solar roof investment alternatives
  • How to decide which one to go with and
  • Whether you should get add-on energy storage and solar roof tiles so you can power your entire house on solar energy alone.
  • All good? Great, lets proceed.

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    Tesla Solar Roof Review: Is It Worth The Hype

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the companys solar roof shingles back in October 2016, causing a huge media stir.

    However, it wasnt until April 2018 that the electric vehicle manufacturer began the rollout of their first installed solar roofs. Even then, very few were installed, making it hard to gauge if the Tesla solar roof was as revolutionary as the company claimed it would be.

    Then in October 2019, Tesla released the Solar Roof V3, boasting it as their best solar roofing product yet. With a 25-year weatherization warranty and a Class 3 hail rating, the new Tesla solar roof is expected to be more durable than previous versions.

    But, are Teslas solar shingles actually worth the hype theyve been getting in the media for the past four years?

    How Much Do Tesla Solar Panels Cost

    While Tesla is known for high quality , the company actually advertises its solar panel systems as the “Lowest-Cost Solar Panels in America.” Is that a fair claim to make?

    Kind of. The cost of solar panels depends on a number of factors, including the size of your system, installation complexities, available local tax incentives and more. Given all of these considerations, though, Tesla seeks to ensure it can truly follow through on the “lowest cost” claim via its price-match guarantee. Through this program, homeowners can present a recent quote from a competitor for a similar system, and Tesla will match the price.

    In general, the average Tesla solar system of about 8.2 kW will cost a home $11,840 , while an extra-large system of 16.3 kW will cost $22,200. Tesla estimates that most homeowners recoup that investment in six to eight years.

    If you want to see how much a Tesla solar panel system would cost for your home, you can use the company’sdesign feature. And to get a free quote to compare from a top installer in your area, you can fill out the form below.

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    Tesla Solar Roof: Everything You Need To Know

    Are you thinking about solar power for your home and wondering if a Tesla Solar Roof is right for you?

    Then you probably have many pressing questions about the Tesla Solar Roofs ability to produce enough renewable energy to meet all of your home energy needs at an affordable price. Will it break the bank?

    Another common concern is regional availability. Will you be able to find a certified local roofer to do the install in the near future and sooner rather than much later as its been going across the United States?

    Here youll find out everything you need to know about Tesla Solar Roof. Well-equipped with the facts, you will be able to make a fully informed decision before you invest in a Tesla Solar Roof for your home.

    Tesla Solar Roofs Are Eco

    How This Roofing Company Is Taking On Teslas Solar Roof

    Installing a solar roof makes you a pioneer of the green energy movement. Solar tile roofs combat climate change, have zero emissions, and produce clean, efficient solar energy. With a Tesla solar roof, you will drastically reduce your electricity bills and aid in reducing your overall carbon footprint.

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    Does A Tesla Solar Roof Increase The Value Of My Home

    Now, does install a Tesla Solar Roof increase the value of your home? Yes, but make sure to advertise it properly since you will be putting an additional financial burden on the next homeowner.

    Heres a sales tip: advertising the low electricity bill that comes with buying the home with supporting documents such as the previous years total bill. You can then compare this to years when the house didnt have a Tesla Solar Roof yet.

    However, please ensure that you have fully paid for the solar roof to avoid complications post-purchase.

    In summary, having a Tesla Solar Roof will increase the value of your home. It can be a good selling point for your house through low electricity bills and are perfect for clean energy supporters. However, make sure you have settled your loan obligations before selling the home to avoid problems.

    How To Get Tesla Solar Roof In Your Area: 3 Tips From An Owner

    Jason Lassen faced an uphill struggle to get his Tesla Solar Roof installed â and now heâs got some top tips for how to get it installed in your area.

    Jason Lassen is the proud owner of a Tesla Solar Roof â but getting it installed wasnât easy.

    The 45-year-old insurance agent is a real estate investor in his spare time. He and his wife are putting the finishing touches on their new home in Wisconsin that they built themselves. On top is a solar roof that measures just under 4,900 square feet, which will deliver 15.9 kilowatts of power.

    âI strongly believe that this is the wave of the future,â Lassen tells Inverse. âTo put it in a cold climate perspective, this is just the tip of the iceberg.â

    Want to find out more top tips about how the Certified Installer program works, what itâs like working with Tesla on a new home project, and how Teslaâs roof price compares to a traditional roof plus solar panels? Read the full interview, only in MUSK READS+.

    Spring Sale â we are offering a limited-time sale to mark the start of spring 2021! Sign up with $21 OFF for annual subscriptions at just $99 per year! Be sure to act fast â the offer ends March 26.

    Lassenâs video, which shows his roof in the snow, went viral last month. At the time of writing, it has nearly 1 million views, in part thanks to Tesla sharing the video on its :

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    How Much Do Tesla Solar Tiles Weigh

    Per Tesla, their new solar tiles will be approximately half the weight of a standard roof tile. This is a hard claim to make without defining the standard roof tile being used in this statement.

    To understand the range of tile weights, lets look at this:

    • Concrete Tiles between 9.5 12 lbs. per square foot
    • Asphalt Shingles between 2.5 4 lbs. per square foot
    • Spanish Tiles between 6 19 lbs. per square foot
    • Slate Tiles between 7-10 lbs. per square foot

    Our approximation when taking all of the solar tiles components into consideration is that the tiles will weigh about 15 20 lbs. This is a rough estimate due to Teslas ambiguity when discussing the weight of their solar tiles.

    We reached out to one of our excellent roofing partners, Chandlers Roofing, to get their perspective on Teslas new solar product

    Aesthetically the Solar Roof is beautiful, but well need to wait and see how Tesla will resolve taking it to market, says Trevor Leeds, President of Chandlers Roofing, Roofing is a different animal than solar. There are different variables that have to be considered like waterproofing and the roof-attachment method. Compliance codes for roofing are also much different than solar. Will Tesla figure out how to be a national roofing contractor? Is Tesla looking to assume this liability and overhead? All of these unknowns will need to be worked out.

    Is It Worth It To Get A Tesla Solar Roof

    Tesla Solar Roof 15kW installation completed in 4 days ...

    If youre willing to pay the high price point, need to replace your roof and like the idea and sleek aesthetic of Teslas solar shingles, then it may be worth it to get a Solar Roof. Otherwise, Teslas Solar Panels, or even traditional solar panels, may make more financial sense while still increasing your homes energy efficiency.

    Teslas solar options are significantly more expensive than other renewable energy alternatives on the market, and the company has had a record of changing quoted prices for the Solar Roof fairly regularly. However, if you have the finances and do not mind integrating your home into the Tesla system, a Solar Roof is a good long-term investment for your home.

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    How Much Does A Tesla Powerwall Cost

    Once again, cost will be a major question and consideration for potential Powerwall owners. The main factor that will determine how much your Tesla solar battery setup will cost is how many Powerwalls you actually need based on the size of your panel system.

    While every system will differ, each installation type will be unique and your mileage may vary, we reached out to Tesla to ask about general cost estimates and found the right rule of thumb to consider is:

    • One Powerwall: $10,500
    • Two Powerwalls: $17,000

    Overview Of Tesla Solar

    As noted, the Tesla enterprise has sought to become the first and foremost name in U.S. solar rooftop installations. These efforts started back in 2016 when Tesla acquired the company SolarCity. At the time, SolarCity was the leading residential solar installer in the country, and it just happened to be founded by cousins of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

    In the time since, numerous other solar manufacturers have made strong plays in the residential solar market, and some of those leaders, such as Sunrun and Vivint Solar, have jockeyed back and forth with Tesla for being the market leader. Rankings vary depending on the year, quarter or even month observed, though no single provider ends up providing more than 15% of the market share.

    That inherent diversity in the market is a great opportunity for potential customers to shop for their best option and identify what specific offerings best align with their needs and budget. Unsurprisingly, Tesla solar comes in first place for many households. Specifically, the basic offerings that Tesla solar has become known for are:

    To find out how much a solar panel system would cost for your home, you can fill out the form below and get a free quote from a top installer in your area.

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    Can The Tesla Solar Roof Work With A Flat Roof

    Unfortunately for homeowners with flat roofs, the Tesla Solar Roof will not be an option for you and your home. The minimum roof pitch eligible for a solar roof installation is 3:12 . This puts the Tesla solar roof at a disadvantage considering solar panels can work on all roof types. All it takes for solar panels to be effective on flat roofs is a tilted racking system.

    Solar aside, tiling is not recommended for flat roofs due to leaking potential. This is a very real risk considering the wiring components located inside the solar tiles.

    Tesla Is Hiking The Prices On Its Solar Roof Tiles For Existing Customers By As Much As 70%

    How Tesla Solar Transforms Our Roof
    • Customers waiting on installations of Tesla received were told the price was rising.
    • Electrek reported customers receiving the same email with massive price hikes this weekend.
    • Some customers had signed contracts over a year ago.

    Customers for Tesla’s Solar Roof product are reporting they’ve suddenly been hit with massive price hikes.

    The Verge reported Monday that one customer for Tesla’s solar roof product signed a contract in February for a roof costing $35,000 plus $30,000 for the battery. The same customer later received an email telling him he would be receiving a new contract with the price hiked to $75,000 plus $35,ooo for the battery – a 69% increase.

    Tesla has a solar panel installation programme that sits alongside its larger electric vehicle business. It offers two products, regular solar panels, which go on top of a customer’s roof, and the “Solar Roof,” which replaces a customer’s roof tiles with solar energy cells.

    “We have increased the price of Solar Roof and have added adjustments for individual roof complexity,” the email said. It added the customer would be able to cancel his order and get his deposit refunded, and said Tesla would be “prioritizing customers based on the order in which they accept their updated agreements.”

    One customer showed Electrek documents that they had agreed to a price of $77,000 nine months ago only to be told this week that the price is now $118,870.

    Tesla did not immediately respond when contacted by Insider for comment.

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    How Much Electricity Does A Tesla Solar Roof Generate

    The amount of electricity a Tesla Solar Roof generates depends on the amount of solar shingles that have been installed. Tesla will estimate your energy requirements based on your current electric bill and the size of your home, and provide you with a system that should more than meet your energy needs.

    How Much Does The Tesla Solar Roof Cost

    However, we can use numbers provided by Tesla and numbers provided by real-life solar estimates from Tesla to compare the costs of a Tesla Solar Roof versus a conventional solar installation.

    According to Tesla, their Solar Roof costs $21.85 per square foot with the assumption that 35% of the roof will be covered by non-energy producing tiles. That means a 2,000 square foot roof would cost about $44,000. Keep in mind that this includes the cost of replacing the entire roof material in place of solar tiles.

    However, according to actual solar estimates from prospective Tesla customers, the actual cost of a Tesla Solar Roof comes out to approximately $35 per square foot. That adds over $26,000 to the cost of a 2,000 square foot roof.

    As you can see, the pricing difference between what Tesla estimates and the ultimate price can be quite different.

    The unfortunate task of getting a true price estimate for a Tesla Solar Roof is that not many have been installed yet. Tesla, not known for their transparency, has not provided numbers about how many Tesla Solar Roofs have been installed, nor provided much information about the ultimate costs of those installs.

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