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How To Get On Your Roof Safely

Choose The Right Footwear

Getting Onto Roof Safely

To get started, you need good shoes. Metal roofs are more slippery than some other roofing products, so you must wear the right footwear in order to safely walk on your roof. It should be a soft-soled rubber bottom that almost feels like its gripping the roof it should feel somewhat sticky, especially on hot days. Plus, it needs to be full-foot coverage, not sandals or flip-flops, and not thread-bare old sneakers that cant handle gravity and steeper angles.

Dont wear heavy, rigid work boots because these can damage the roof. You need a pliable, flexible shoe with that sticky grip mentioned earlier. Maybe surprisingly, a lot of roofers like shoes like Chucks All-Stars, tennis shoes, Converse, and skate shoes, because theyre often completely flat soles intended for good grip.

Make sure your shoes soles are clean, too. Any gravel stuck in grooves and some kinds of dirt can damage or scratch your roof plus, it can interfere with your traction when walking.

Please dont underestimate the value of the right footwear, as even professional roofers fall from roofs with fatal results. And if youre uncomfortable going on the roof, or youre scared of heights, then simply dont do it get a buddy or a professional whos confident enough to do it in your place. Going on the roof takes confidence.

How To Walk Safely On Your Roof

Walking on your roof is incredibly dangerous. In a 2014 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 647 fatal falls from roofs. Roofers are trained to walk on sloped surfaces, so contact a roofing professional first if you are planning on doing repairs to your roof.But, if you have absolutely no other choice and must get to your roof, here’s what you can do.

  • Secure the ladder
  • What Ppe Is Required

    On modern construction sites it is standard practice to wear:

    • Hard hat
    • Protective goggles
    • Eye protection

    However, this is your project and it is down to you to decide what is right for you, and anyone else, on your site.

    Hi-visibility workwear is frequently used to increase visibility when working with heavy machinery or as part of a team. If you are working alone it may not be required.

    The same goes for a formal Hardhat, though a bump cap may be useful to prevent scraping your head on rafters and other newly constructed areas.

    An essential item is good solid footwear, these should have:

    • A protective sole to protect against stray nails projecting from scraps of wood.
    • Soles with plenty of grip
    • Ankle support for walking on uneven surfaces

    Eye protection is essential, particularly when using power tools.

    Work gloves to protect against splinters, cuts and minor injuries.

    If the work you are doing is going to be dusty or create fumes then make sure the area is well ventilated and you wear a suitable mask.

    Whew… is nearly the last point and we have barely got up on to the roof yet!

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    Is It Safe To Walk On My Roof

    When roofing professionals step onto your roof, they are using their judgement and training to determine if the conditions are safe. A bit of moisture, or an algae infection could make the roof too slippery to safely stand on. You may not have the training to recognize these and other safety hazards.

    Further, roofing professionals have safety harnesses that protect them from major falls. If you suffer a fall from a roof without this equipment, you could be seriously injured or lose your life.

    In fact, last year an elderly man died after falling from his Brentwood, CA homes roof. He was trying to clean his gutters. While older people may be more at risk of serious injuries after falling from a roof, younger people may also perish after a fall.

    How To Protect Roof When Walking On It

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    Learning how to protect roof when walking on it is all about understanding your type of roof and inspecting its condition first. You can only learn how to walk on a roof without damaging the shingles if you knew about your roof shingles level of fragility.

    Below are several tips to protect different types of shingles:

  • Cupped roof shingles: avoid walking on it in cold weather. Step by tip-going on the cupped part and avoid the raised curled part, or else youd break the corner, which can result in a requirement for re-roofing.
  • Cracked roof shingles: depending on the fragility and crack causes. For example, if the cracking reason is thermal splitting, walking on the tiles isnt likely to cause further damage.
  • Curled roof shingles: do not walk on them during cold weather. Step on the flat part by tip-toeing. Inspect the fragility. If the shingles are brittles, then stepping on them during warm weather must be avoided too.
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    How To Safely Walk On A Roof Without Slipping

    • Ed Malaker

    If you anticipate walking on your roof to change the shingles, clean the gutters, hang holiday lights, or some other reason, its important to do so safely so you dont get injured. If you are not sure about the safest way to traverse this dangerous area of your home, were here to help. Well look at several steps you can take to make sure you return from your trip above without incident to help you be better informed.

    How To Walk On A Steep Roof

    When you finally make it to the roof, you need to know how to walk properly in order to prevent major falls and accidents. Preparation is key in this type of situation. First and foremost, do not plan to do any work on a day where the weather is less than ideal. Avoid doing work while the roof is icy, covered in snow, or wet from last nights rain. You need a dry roof and a day without major winds so that you can set yourself up for the most success.

    You will also need to wear appropriate clothing. Loose-fitting clothes will give you the greatest range of motion. Rubber-soled shoes are also particularly helpful when gripping the surface of the roof.

    In order to climb a steep roof safely, you will need to hold your body in the proper position. Lean your body forward toward the top of the roof to help maintain your balance. A steeper roof will require you to lean forward more significantly. As you advance toward the top of the roof, take it one slow step a time. Many experienced roofing experts recommend walking sideways, placing both feet together with each step.

    When it comes time to dismount, remain crouched down just slightly as you descend.

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    What You Need To Know

    Everyone involved in managing or carrying out work on roofs should be aware of the following facts:High risks: almost one in five deaths in construction relate to roof work. This is not only people who are cleaning or checking roofs like homeowners or maintenance people, but also professional roofers who have failed to adhere to roof safety procedures or are not using the correct roof safety equipment, like working on roof without scaffolding.Main causes: the main causes of death and injury are falling from roof edges or openings, through fragile roofs and through fragile rooflights. Deaths and injury are mainly caused by falling from roof ages or openings, through fragile materials or rooflights.Equipment and people: Most accidents could be avoided through proper training and the use of appropriate safety equipment.

    Prepare Your Cleaning Materials

    How to safely get up on a roof

    There are specific ways and requirements for you to clean asphalt shingles, and no, its not just soap and water.

    Instead, youll need to use specific types of chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, to get rid of algae stains and other dirt your roof may have.

    Whatever the case, never use a harsh chemical! Thats strictly forbidden because it could potentially depreciate the lifespan of your roof.

    As a general rule, make sure to use products recommended and safe for asphalt shingles.

    If you dont want any of the commercial cleaners in the market, you can make your own as an alternative! Its easy because all youll need is equal parts of water and laundry-strength chlorine bleach. Youre good to go!

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    How To Get Rid Of Algae And Mold

    If your roof is super bad, make sure you consult someone professional before taking action. Why spend money cleaning a roof when it needs a repair. In that same vein, why repair a roof when it just needs a cleaning? But luckily most of the time to remove algae and mold your roof will just need a good, thorough cleaning.

    One way to clean the roof of algae and moss is with a brush and a little grunt work, scrubbing and separating the greens from the roof. Brushing should start at the top and work down, as going up could mess up your shingles. Bleach shouldnt be used either because it can damage your roof. You should use an environmentally friendly and safe roof cleaning solution.

    How To Get A Ladder On A Roof

    Getting your two ladders onto the roof can be tricky, so its essential to make sure your ladder going from the ground to the first roofline is sturdy. Ideally, have someone on the roof help lift the ladders, but if youre by yourself, youll need to carefully pull them up the ladder thats on the ground and onto the roof.

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    How To Set Up A Ladder To Get An A Roof

    There is a lot to consider, and it can be somewhat nerve-wracking to ensure everything is safe and secure when attaching a ladder to a roof. For the safety of yourself and your property, its essential to take it slow and make sure everything is properly in place before ascending a ladder.

    Below Ill walk you through a simple step-by-step process that you can follow when setting up a ladder to get onto a roof to ensure you find the best place for it, set it up properly, and adequately stabilize it at its base and top.

    What Can I Do To Check My Roof

    How to Safely Get Up and Walk on Your Roof Using a Ladder

    With all of these safety concerns in mind, getting on your roof is definitely a big no-no, regardless of how confident you feel or how good you are at other DIY jobs. Like electrical work, roofing is simply not worth the risk for yourself and your property.

    That said, there are some ways you can check the state of your roof if you want some assurance about its condition. One simple example is the daylight test:

    • Go up to your loft or roof space when its nice and bright outside
    • Turn off all the artificial light inside so the space is completely dark
    • Look for any daylight coming through your roofs covering
    • This indicates a break in the roof if light can get through, so can rainwater

    Another way to check your roof is from ground level. Youll probably have to move about 20 yards away from the building to get a better view of the roof. Look across the entire surface of the roof, checking for any broken, loose or missing tiles or slates.

    Check the flashing around any joins in the roof too. Any loose or missing flashing could let water in around the chimney, dormer, skylights or where two planes meet. Finally, take a look at the guttering around your building. Cracks, leaks or loose parts will need to be taken care of by a professional.

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    Avoid Stepping On Moss

    Many older houses or houses located in areas with ample precipitation are prone to mp on the roof. Moss traps moisture and can be slippery, thus causing a potential hazard for walking on a steep roof.

    Depending on the location and amount of moss, you will want to avoid walking on it or, at the very least, carefully test the situation by stepping on some at the lowest point possible.

    The best and safest solution to moss on a steep roof is to have it removed by a professional before working in that location.

    How To Walk On A Steep Roof Safely

    Cleaning the debris off your roof or making minor repairs is considered to be common practice for many handy homeowners. The longevity of your roof depends on these two activities, and you can potentially extend the lifespan of your roof by several years with the proper care and maintenance. However, some homes pose a problem when it comes to walking on the roof to take care of these chores. You will have to learn how to walk on a steep roof in order to perform these routine tasks safely.

    While it isnt impossible to walk on a steep-pitched roof, it does require a little bit of planning and a lot of safety precautions. If you need to climb up on your roof for any reason, make sure you read this safety guide first!

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    Can I Walk On My Roof

    There are many reasons you might want to walk on your roof, from hanging Christmas lights to looking for the source of a leak. However, you should avoid walking on your roof whenever possible. There are safety and insurance issues your risk by stepping on your own roof. Also, you could damage your shingles or other roof materials by stepping on them.

    How Is The Structure Of My Roof System

    How to get materials onto a roof safely | Fall Protection for roofing, Transporting

    If youre going to be walking on your roof, you want to know that the structure is solid. While most newer homes will have a solid structure, older homes may not. This means that they may not be able to hold the weight of a human. Walking on a roof that isnt structurally sound can be extremely dangerous and if any deterioration is present you could end up falling through.

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    Summary Of Shed Roof Safety

    I really do hope that you made it through all those points. The key to the whole shed roof safety issue is through planning before hand. By identifying hazardous procedures you can work out ways to make the work safer or even to omit them altogether.

  • Assess the site
  • Work out your access method
  • Review your health and limitations
  • Always be conscious of the prevailing weather conditions
  • Use protective equipment
  • Frequently review your working method for hazards
  • Keeping in mind the above six points will help you to avoid making your shed construction project memorable for the wrong reasons.

    The number and type of accidents that can occur on a building site are almost infinite though the main headings and risk factors are fairly predictable.

    Good luck with predicting the unpredictable and stay safe out there!

    Always Have Another Person Present

    It is best practice to have another person around when you are going to walk on a steep roof. They can serve as extra reinforcement for the ladder by helping to hold it in place and observing if it starts to move or slip.

    In the unfortunate event of a fall, having another person present is critical. The chances are good that you will sustain significant injuries if you fall off a steep roof. Having someone there to administer first aid and call for help could be lifesaving.

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    Ladders Can Slip: Always Have Help

    In order to safely climb roof, you should really have two people present. One should hold the ladder as the other person climbs. Ladders are notorious for going flying right when you get to the top of the roof, the last place you want your ladder to take off on you. If you dont have somebody to hold your ladder, make sure it is very securely placed on level ground, and the feet are properly angled. Even better, place something heavy in front of the ladder, so if it starts to slide it cant go very far. When you are coming back down off the roof, do so carefully.

    How To Walk On A Clay Tile Roof

    Roof Fall Protection Systems &  Equipment to Keep Roofers Safe

    If you havent known already, clay roof tiles are very fragile compared to other types of roofing materials. They can break easily, especially if the roof tiles havent been backfilled.

    The basic guide to walk on a clay tile roof is similar to a guide on how to walk on roof tiles, but you need to add extra carefulness. Here are the applicable steps to prevent and minimize damage to clay roofing materials.

  • Wear anti-slippery shoes because clay tiles are infamous for being slippy.
  • Steps where the roof tiles are overlapped with each other.
  • Let your foot aligns with the clay tiles curve.
  • Place the arch of your foot on the curves highest point and your toes in the groove in-betweens.
  • Avoid putting your weight on one point instead, distribute it by placing each foot on different tiles.
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    Walking on a roof tile is a hazardous task, both for you and the tiles. If you find yourself in the circumstances with no other choice, you may use the guides above.

    Otherwise, it is still advised to ask for professional help who knows how to safely walk on roof tiles and has the required knowledge and equipment.

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    Planning For Shed Roof Safety

    Latest statistics from the UK Health and Safety Executive show that almost of half of fatal injuries in the construction industry involve falls from height. Almost 18% of reportable injuries involve falls from height. This is the reason why I think it worth devoting a whole page to the subject of shed roof safety.Working on a shed roof presents different hazards to working on a house roof or a large warehouse roof. The height isn’t as large and the roof area is smaller toohowever the risk is still there and with a little forethought and planning the work can be undertaken safely and easily.

    The key to a safe project is think through the whole project before you start. Decisions that you make before you start construction can minimise risks to you once you begin to construct your shed roof.

    I have made a list of six points to help you with planning for shed roof safety and keep you safe during your roof build. The first three items are things to think about well before you even start on site.


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