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How To Install Thatch Roofing

Thatched Roofing Costs: Complete 2021 Guide

How to Thatch a Roof

Thatched roofs have a lot of character and look gorgeous. No wonder chocolate box photographers loved them. The pictures would always depict a scene of a tranquil country cottage with a thatched roof and roses around the door. Pure romance.

Most of the thatched roof houses situated in the UK are in the County of Devon in the West of England. And the only thatched roof youll see if you visit London is on the Globe Theatre on Bankside. Shakespeares theatre has a thatched roof made from Norfolk reed with hazel spars.

What many people dont know is that a thatched roof needs a lot of maintenance. You will have to do some work to make sure it keeps its beautiful and unique appearance and doesnt become a fire risk.

In this guide we give you estimated thatched roof costs for new roofs, replacements, and ridges, so you can see how much you need to spend. Well also tell you about the different thatch materials and the advantages and disadvantages of a thatched roof in comparison with other roofing materials.

We also advise you what affects the cost of thatching, how you can save money and the best way to find a roof thatching specialist. Finally, well tell you how a thatched roof is installed and answer some common frequently asked questions.


Finding a thatched roof specialist is easy if you use Household Quotes. Fill in the online form. Tell us what you need. Then well get local thatched roof specialists to give you no-obligation quotes.

Keep Your Business Safe With Fire Retardant Thatch

Your priority as a business owner or resort manager should be to create a safe tropical paradise for your guests.

You can protect your resort, restaurant, bar, umbrella, poolside tiki hut, or amusement park using fire-rated thatch.

So, make sure to use the fire retardant on thatch roofing and panels of:

  • Your exterior dining area
  • Pool areas and outdoor spas
  • Themed parks

Now that you know how to fireproof a thatched roof, you wont have to worry about your vacation locale catching fire.

So, go ahead and put our advice into action for a safer tropical paradise.

Can A Thatched Roof Attract Pests

Unfortunately, yes. Pests love thatched roofs because they are warm and dry and sometimes even provide food.

Pests are more prevalent in unoccupied houses that remain empty for long periods of time. Pests prefer this type of habitat because they are not disturbed by the occupants.

Common pests are:

  • Wasps
  • Spiders

Large pests need dealing with and you should contact your nearest pest control department. They should also be able to advise you how the pests got into the roof. That way you can take appropriate action to block their entrance. A bee specialist can rehome bees and a pest controller can smoke out wasps.

You can also buy false birds of prey to put on the roof to discourage other birds. You must move them into a different position once in a while or the birds will become used to them.

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How Do You Install A Rolled Thatch Roof


A tiki hut with a real palm roof adds exotic ambience to a huge bar area.

  • Introduction. Determine Size of Structure.
  • Cut Walls for Bar.
  • Cut Top and Bottom Pieces.
  • Attach Bar Sections.
  • Measure and Cut Plywood for Countertops.
  • Install Countertops.
  • Build Base for Roof Structure.
  • One may also ask, how does a thatched roof work? Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge , rushes, heather, or palm branches, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof. It is a very old roofing method and has been used in both tropical and temperate climates.

    Hereof, how do you make a palapa roof?

  • Posts. The poles of a palapa vary in number, usually ranging between one and four poles to establish a sturdy base.
  • Roof Base.
  • Construct the Roof.
  • How do you cut a thatch?

    Cut: Based on your measurements, use a razor knife or sharp scissors to cut the thatch runner into even segments. Begin cutting the thatch at the knots on one edge of the roll, working your way down between knots as you go.

    Thatch Roofing With The Leader

    Thatch Roof

    Cover your back and lower your overhead in style, with durable Palmex synthetic roof thatching.

    Thatch your way right into paradise with Palmex thatch roofing.

    Palmex International is pleased to be contributing to the ongoing revival of thatch roofs and to the growing popularity of artificial thatch roofing by offering its unique and patented thatching material. As a global leader in the synthetic thatch industry, we consider it an honor and our responsibility to focus on research and development of durable high quality thatch, with a strong commitment to responsible green roofing for a better future.

    • More safety: 100 % waterproof, UV-proof, storm-proof, non toxic and a fire-retardant option.
    • More durability: 20-year warranty, 50 years of life expectancy, long-lasting industrial quality.
    • More guaranties: Serious ecological references, independently tested, certified class A and C.
    • More convenience: Easy and fast installation, 100 % maintenance free, movable and reusable.
    • More comfort: Free efficient acoustic and thermal insulation, shielding from harmful sun rays.
    • More profit: Sound investment, high return on investment and high added value to property.
    • More style: Outstandingly natural looking result, unlimited potential, original and innovative.

    Roof thatching more efficient than ever

    Palmex artificial thatch brought to you by Tiki Mundo

    Tiki Mundo ships Palmex thatch anywhere in the continental USA

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    Thatch Installation Instructions Tips And Tools

    Many types of thatch can apply to either an open framework or a solid roofing structure. If you read your specific variety of thatch needs a solid surface, install a sub-surface of plywood to your framework before beginning. Place a piece of plywood larger than the bar over the pre-drilled bamboo skeleton and secure with nails. The surface needs to be free of debris and suited for stapling or nailing.

    Before you begin, make sure you know how to install tropical thatch, and that youve gathered the necessary tools to install your thatch roof.

    • Either a manual or pneumatic staple gun or a hammer and nails to attach the thatch to the roofing structure
    • Half-inch staples or 1/2 nails
    • A razor knife or a pair of sharp scissors to cut thatch runners to the appropriate size and to trim overhang
    • Measuring tape to determine where to apply the thatch for complete coverage
    • A permanent marker to mark necessary measurements make sure you choose a color that will be easy to see on the roofing surface
    • Standard safety equipment, including gloves, eye protection, hard hats and anything else that will help prevent injury during installation

    Test out your equipment to make sure it is in working condition before beginning any construction project nothing is more frustrating than beginning the installation, then realizing you have dull scissors or a jammed staple gun. As you prepare to start your project, keep these few tips in mind for a smooth installation.

    Thatch Roofing And Eco

    There are some homeowners who appreciate the beauty and design of a thatched roof, but who wonder about the sustainability of the materials or the roofs ability to reduce energy consumption. Believe it or not, they can be just as environmentally-friendly as many other common roofing materials. First, thatch is made from materials like reed or straw, which are highly abundant and completely renewable. They require little processing, and theyre lightweight, so theyre inexpensive to transport. Reed and Straw are also very good insulators, which means the air you pay to cool or heat wont escape through your roof. Youll stay more comfortable all year long, and youll consume less energy than before!

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    As a reminder, it is unlawful to make copies including cut and paste or especially in the form of making printouts for reuse. If you wish to make a print for personal use, I will happily grant you one-time permission if you will kindly send me a request in writing.

    Thanks again!

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    Do I Need Planning Permission For A Thatched Roof

    You are likely to need planning permission, or you will need to conform to building regulations. This is because many thatched roofs are in properties situated in conservation areas or the houses are listed buildings. If you need help and advice about planning, then pay a visit to your local authority planning department.

    You will probably find that any repairs must be like-for-like and you wont be allowed to make any significant changes. A new thatch roof may be subject to certain designs and types so that it blends in with the rest of the homes in the area.

    Are You Ready To Use Synthetic Thatch

    If youre interested in using thatched roof materials, we would love to help you! amaZulu, Inc. offers high-quality thatch roofing products for all of your eco-friendly and exotic projects.

    Learn more about amaZulus natural and synthetic thatch options in this video.

    Contact us today for more information or give us a call, toll-free at .

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    The Importance Of A Skilled Thatcher

    Learning how to install a thatched roof requires thatchers to be specially trained. Thatching is a fine art that has been passed down from generation to generation, and roofers who are not familiar with this craft may not perform adequate repairs. There are several advantages to choosing a roofer that specializes in thatch including:

    • Roof will last longer
    • Structure of your house will not be damaged thatch is often very heavy and requires the right support
    • Ensures there are no leaks present
    • Repairs are less noticeable whenever patching is needed

    How To Fireproof A Thatched Roof: Taking Fire Protection A Step Further

    Thatch Roofing

    Thatched roofs are always at risk of fire. So, to comply with local building regulations, fire protection, and insurance purposes, well teach you how to fireproof a thatched roof. We recommend two effective thatch fire retardants & sealants that you can apply to your tiki huts.

    To build genuine tiki huts, use cypress log frames, and the palm thatch as the roofing material. So, being wood and dry palm thatch naturally combustible, its hard not to worry about your tiki bars, poolside tiki huts, restaurant tiki huts, or any other thatched property from catching fire.

    Some primary causes that increase the risk of fire in your thatched building are faulty electrical wiring, sparks from fire pits, bonfires, discarded cigarettes, and any other type of sparks of fire.

    So, if youre planning to build a fire pit near your tiki bar, you have to be careful.

    We advise building all fire pits at least 15 to 20 feet away from your tiki bar, tiki umbrella, or any other thatched feature.

    If you want to increase the beauty of your resort, here we present to you our fave tiki hut ideas and designs.

    Without further ado, here well recommend two fire retardant products to increase your palm thatch fire safety.

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    How To Install Synthetic Thatch

    Natural thatch has many advantages for creating a durable and decorative roof. But sometimes synthetic materials are better suited to get the job done. Lets talk about why artificial thatch panels might be your best choice:

    • Appearance. Our synthetic materials are nearly indistinguishable from our natural thatch products. Some customers express worry of artificial thatch appearing fake, but our experience has shown that to the untrained eye, what is real and what is synthetic looks very much the same. These premium High-density polyethylene synthetic materials have the appearance of realism, giving you all of the aesthetic benefits of our Mexican palm thatch, for example.
    • Affordability. If youre renovating your outdoor space or replacing old thatch panels, synthetic thatch might be a great economical alternative for you. These panels can last up to 20 years or more, meaning that you wont have to maintain or replace them quite as often.
    • Nature-resistance. Compared to the natural palm thatch products, synthetic materials have a higher chance of a longer lifespan against decay, wind and pests. They also wont be as likely to shed or be susceptible to pest damages. Our maintenance-free subpanels also happen to be recyclable and eco-friendly, despite being composed of artificial materials.
    • Requires solid surface structure: Unlike natural thatch panels, synthetic palm subpanels must be installed on solid sheathing like plywood secured over rafters.

    Traditional Open Roof Construction

    This type of thatching involves having the reeds applied from bottom to top by using various specialised tools, and it is characterised by the open space it has between the substructure and the reeds. This allows a sufficient amount of air to circulate through the thatch because the inside isnt separated completely from the outside.


    • Its the more traditional thatching option
    • It promotes good ventilation that allows moisture to drain away quickly and easily
    • Reeds are visible inside the property, which adds to its aesthetic appeal


    • It can make a building draughty or cause energy loss especially if its directly above a heated room
    • Its highly flammable, meaning that insurance companies will often charge far higher premiums in cases where thatch roofing is present
    • It can allow a lot of dust to enter a room especially if no vapour barrier has been installed
    • Insulation can be installed in it, but this will often be a tricky and expensive process

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    How To Install Thatch Roofing Using Artificial Thatch

    by Endureed | Dec 9, 2017 | Blog

    Do you want to know how to install thatch roofing using artificial thatch products? If you have done a cost analysis on natural verses artificial thatch, you realize that synthetic thatch is the way to go. If you run a successful business, you already know to look at initial, short-term and long term cost analyses. You probably realize that Endureed synthetic thatch is usually less costly than natural thatch in less than five years. You are savvy enough to consider maintenance costs as part of the deal. So, you know that Endureed is exceptionally cost effective.

    But how will you actually install thatch roofing using our products?

    Thatched Roofs Throughout History

    Thatch tiles how to

    This method of roofing goes way back to ancient times when indigenous races such as the Aztec or the Mayans used it, along with the Neolithic people of Europe. In many equatorial countries many still use this type of roofing. Although, across the rest of the developing world it has been predominantly replaced by slate or tiles.

    However, in rural villages and across the countryside many of the old cottage owners are opting to retain their straw roofs. Some are even willing to pay handsomely to have them restored by master thatchers. Even newly built rural homes are choosing to have their roof thatched rather than use modern roofing techniques.

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    Synthetic Thatch And Solar Panels

    Synthetic thatch has numerous advantages over natural thatch. The waterproofing underlayment beneath synthetic thatch will seal around the screws used to install the panels just as it seals around the nails used to install the synthetic thatching. In general, our synthetic thatching has every advantage of normal shingles. Yet, it looks and feels like natural thatch.

    Our thatch doesnt discolor from UV exposure. So, even if the panels are uninstalled, there wont be obvious color differences left behind. Our thatch doesnt rot. Our thatch doesnt let in pests. See, none of the reasons that people avoid this alternative energy source on natural thatched roofs applies to synthetic thatch.

    Of course, our synthetic thatch seems too beautiful to ever cover up. The point is though, our roofing system performs better than natural thatch. Even in this situation.

    If youve installed a solar panel system on a synthetic thatch roof, wed love to hear from you! If youre considering a synthetic thatch roof and a solar panel system, ask your contractor to check out Endureed today!

    Closed Structure Thatch Roofing

    With this form of thatched roofing, the reeds are secured on to a closed surface such as insulation boards, underlayment or multiplex. This is the newer of the two thatching methods and it has quite a few advantages over the open roof thatching system.


    • It provides far better insulation than open structure thatching
    • Closed structure thatching is far safer from a fire point of view
    • No dust can fall inside from the thatching, and no draughts will be experienced either


    • This is a much newer method of thatching, so it hasnt been possible to determine how long it will last compared to traditional thatching
    • This is the costlier of the two thatching options but property owners could recoup the difference in cost over time through reduced insurance premiums and lower energy bills

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