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How To Install Zinc Roof Strips Without Nails

Bend And Fasten Roofing Trim

How to Install Copper Cat Roofing Strips

After putting down the underlayment, bend your trim to fit each unique edge of the roof. These trims are eaves, sidewall flashing trims, mono-pitch ridge gaps, and gable trims.

Once crafted, attach the trim to the facia and secure it to the roof deck with 1-inch roofing nails. Where the trims meet, secure them together with weatherproof sealant.

Before setting your paneling, place a foam closure strip with adhesive where the trim meets the edge of the paneling. This prevents insects and water from getting under the panels.

Prevent Moss Growth Before It Becomes A Problem

The most effective way of preventing moss growth on your roof is to trim back overhanging tree branches. These branches provide additional shade which promotes the growth of moss. Leaves and twigs which fall on the roof also provide the right nutrients for moss.

Make sure to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris, too. When leaves clog your gutters, water overflows onto your roof. Remember, moss grows in moist, shady environments.

How To Install A Zinc Strip To Prevent Moss On Your Roof

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A zinc strip can be installed on a roof to prevent moss from growing. The zinc prevents the growth of the moss as the strips become corroded from moisture. The corrosion releases the zinc. The moss is incapable of digesting the moisture containing chemicals in zinc and is then incapable of growing. Zinc strips not only prevent the growth of moss, but they prevent the growth of mold and mildew as well. The strips are eco-friendly and cause no harmful damage to the environment. They may, however, cause damage to any plants growing on the ground near any runoff from the roof. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install zinc strips on your roof.

Step 1 – Safety

Put on your protective eyewear, work boots and work gloves before you begin. Be careful moving up and down the ladder. Always be cognizant of the roof edges while you are working. Be sure to have a family member or friend with you while you work.

Step 2 Preparing the Roof

Step 3 Installing the Zinc Strips

Step 4 Maintaining the Zinc Strips

The zinc metal strips are made from a variety of metals. The strips are then coated with zinc. The zinc coating will eventually wear away over time. Once the zinc coating has worn away, moss will begin to form.

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Preventing Roof Moss With Zinc Strips

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares tips for keeping a roof free of moss and mold

You can cut strips of zinc flashing and slide them under a course of roof shingles to kill lichen and moss growing there, or you could just buy these premade strips from Shingle Shield. The premade ones are much quicker and probably neater looking.

It’s not a bad idea to suggest to customers that overhanging tree branches are what’s keeping their roof moist in the first place and allowing the vegetation to grow. Pruning the surrounding trees will let the roof and the rest of the building dry out more quickly.

Purchase All Of Your Materials And Tools

How do you install zinc strips in a roof without creating ...

After youve measured your roof, the next step is to purchase all the materials and tools youll need for installation. Again, refer to our list of tools and materials above, but now you will know more accurately how many materials youll need to purchase based on your roofs measurements.

Metal Roofing Sheets: These are usually available in three lengths and can be purchased in either the sheet form or in pre-cut lengths.

Metal Roofing Shingles: They come with a variety of widths and have an option for round shapes used on steep pitches.

Galvanized Steel Frames: These frames are available in different sizes and are installed first to support the metal panels.

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The Truth About Zinc Strips

By | Submitted On March 15, 2009

Many roof cleaning companies will offer to install zinc strips on your roof for a hefty price tag. The question is, are they really worth it? Do they actually work? Many times the zinc strips are sold with a promise that the moss will not come back for 5-7 years. Let’s see if this is really true.

Awhile ago, our company received a call from a person who had purchased the zinc strips. This person in particular was sold the strips claiming that her roof would be moss free for 7 years. Upon inspection, it was plain to see that it didn’t take the moss very long to grow back. It’s been our observation that even when the zinc strips are installed correctly, in most cases they are not, the moss killing properties only covers a few feet below the strip. After awhile the zinc strips curl and wear, losing their moss killing value.

We do not recommend the installation of zinc strips. We recommend hand brushing in order to preserve the life of the roof. A professional company can remove the moss without damaging the roof. And one thing a person should always keep in mind is NEVER allow someone pressure wash your composite roof.

Chaba Corona

Install Your Metal Panels Or Shingles

Now you can start installing the metal panels or shingles. To do this, first attach galvanized steel frame strips to your roofs edge for stability and then use nails, screws, or staples to secure them in place before moving onto the next row of material.

If youre installing metal shingles, then youll want to install screw-on brackets. These help keep the roofs shape secure and also attach any pre-cut lengths that might be available .

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The Benefits Of Installing A Metal Roof:

There are many reasons homeowners switch to metal roofs vs. standard asphalt shingles or other roofing materials. Metal roofs have one of the biggest ROIs you can get with longevity, durability, and beauty improvements.

While other roof materials might diminish in value as they age, metal roofs offer lasting benefits, including:

Zinc Strips Prevent Moss Growth On Roofs

Zinc Strips: Do they work? – Field Video #17

While black stains on roofs are a cosmetic issue, moss growth is more than just cosmetic. Not only does moss look terrible on roofs, it will also shorten the life of the roof covering and possibly lead to roof leaks. Whether you have wood or asphalt shingles, moss can grow on the roof if it doesnt dry properly.

As with black algae stains, the most common place for moss to grow is on the north side of the roof, but if there are enough overhanging trees or other forms of shade, moss can really grow anywhere. If you want to kill the moss, follow the link above that explains how to remove black roof stains the process is the same for killing moss. The results certainly wont be as immediate, but its effective. Today, the focus is on what you can do to prevent moss growth on your roof.

Have you ever noticed that moss and black stains dont appear on roofs underneath the areas with galvanized metal?

The roof stays minty fresh zincy fresh below the vents because every time it rains, a small bit of zinc gets washed off the metal, which runs down the roof and kills whatever is growing on the shingles whether its moss, algae, lichens whatever. If this is so effective, doesnt it stand to reason that you could install strips of zinc along the top of the roof, and have them protect everything? Of course. You can actually buy rolls of zinc made just for this purpose. The 50 roll of zinc pictured below was about $25 at Home Depot.

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Getting The Copper Or Zinc

Sheet copper or zinc is usually available at any roofing supply house. These are the places that REAL roofers go to purchase their roofing products.

What is the Best Copper to Install on the Roof?

The best copper is a lightweight version.

Do NOT confuse these places with the large home center stores sprouting up everywhere! The roofing supply houses sell copper for all kinds of roofing uses. They also sell zinc. Both metals will kill the algae, but I think you should use copper. Zinc has a tendency to produce a grayish film over time, so it may discolor your shingles. Copper should not cause a problem on your roof.

Can You Roof A House Yourself

Make no bones about itroofing is hard work. Theres no hiding from the elements. You cant be afraid of heights and you need to be pretty fit. Before committing to this how to roof a house project, try this: Get out a ladder and climb up onto your roof. If you cant walk around on it comfortably, hire a pro. If you passed this first test, go to the lumberyard or home center and throw a bundle of shingles onto your shoulder. Imagine yourself carrying that load up a laddermany, many times.

If youre still feeling positive about this how to roof a house at this point, why not give it a shot? You can skip a lot of heavy lifting by having your roofing supplier hoist the shingles onto the roof. Be sure you spread the load evenly across the length of the roofs peak. However, dont have the shingles delivered to the roof if you still have two layers of old shingles to tear offit could be too much weight for your trusses.

After youve obtained a permit and safely stripped the roof clean, nail drip edge flashing flush along the eave.

Cover the rest of the roof with No. 15 asphalt-saturated felt underlayment . Each layer overlaps the lower one by at least 2 in. Follow this step by nailing drip edge along rakes , on top of the underlayment. As you did with the flashing, always lap upper pieces over lower pieces. The felt keeps the roof deck dry before shingles go on, protects against wind-driven rain as shingles fail and increases fire resistance.

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Tools Needed: Hammer & Scissors

On roofs with moss, algae, mildew or fungus, the existing growth must first be removed , then the root systems must be chemically treated and destroyed . Install Z-STOP zinc strips to keep it from growing back.

Apply Z-STOP zinc strip by butting it up against the ridge cap against both sides of all roof peaks . Apply Z-STOP below anything that blocks rain water flow such as chimneys, gables and skylights. Rain water must run over Z-STOP to become effective.

Nail Z-STOP zinc strip approximately every two feet with neoprene washered roofing nails .

In areas of severe moss, algae, mildew or fungus growth, several horizontal rows of Z-STOP application may be necessary to assure its effectiveness over the entire roof surface.

How Zinc Roof Strips Work

DMR Gutters Moss Treatment &  Control Service Page

Attaching zinc roofing strips to your roof is also effective in preventing the growth of moss. Once you have removed any existing moss on the roof, you can apply the zinc strips.

When it rains, the natural action of rainwater on the zinc strips releases zinc carbonate, a proven fungistat. This washes down the roof preventing future moss, algae and fungus growth.

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Metal Roofing Installation Guide Step By Step

When installing a metal roof, there a many steps you will need to take to make sure the roof is installed properly. Following this metal roofing guide will help to ensure you do not run into any issues installing your metal roof or afterward the metal roofing shingles are in place. To install your metal roof, follow these steps:

How Is It Done

If your roof already has existing buildup of algae, moss, lichen or mold, you will definitely need to have it cleaned. Our low pressure roof wash kill these growths to prevent it from continuing to feed. Once your roof has been cleaned by us, we then suggest to invest in copper strips. The copper is install at the ridge of the roof with copper nails. Unlike zinc strips you do not have to put the copper in the middle of the roof to get the full effect of its prevention. We clean the roof one day and come back a few days later to do the install. The upfront cost of a roof cleaning and copper strips might seem like a lot to some, however if you factor the years of non-cleaning and maintenance, you will be saving tons of money.

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Choose The Right Roofing

There are a multitude of materials to choose from for your metal roof installation project. Be sure to research all of the available options beforehand to choose the right material for your home, make sure to read our comprehensive metal roofing types blog. Listed below are various options and a short blurb regarding each one.

  • Tin: This is the most common and affordable metal roofing choice. The downside is that it creates noise when it rains.
  • Copper: A copper metal roof is the nicest to look at but costs a pretty penny. However, it does withstand extreme weather and fire.
  • Aluminum: This choice is lightweight and rust proof but it does need to be painted often.
  • Steel: Another one to break the bank but be worth the investment.
  • Zinc: This metal roofing choice is not only long-lasting, but it is corrosion-resistant and recyclable

Use Caution When Installing Metal Roofing

Extend your Roof Life with Zinc Strips

When installing a metal roof, it is important to always consider safety and take steps to avoid serious injury. Safety goggles, work gloves, and steel-toed boots should be worn at all times to help prevent cuts to your hands or feet, or debris and other objects getting into your eyes.

A safety harness and other fall prevention gear should be securely anchored down and worn to protect you from falling off the roof.

Ladders and scaffolding should be sturdy and able to support your weight without shifting or buckling. Make sure your climbing devices are stable and securely placed so you can climb up and down safely without the ladder or scaffold moving or slipping.

Always check to make sure there are no defects or issues with your power tools. Also, heck the roof to make sure there are no hanging wires or branches that could get in your way.

Always keep your work area and the ground around the house clean of debris when installing metal roofing. Loose nails and other sharp debris can puncture the hands or feet. Always keep materials in a designated location or container so you and others do not get hurt.

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How Do You Install A Zinc Roof


. Likewise, people ask, how do you install zinc?

Install Z-STOP zinc strips to keep it from growing back. Apply Z-STOP zinc strip by butting it up against the ridge cap against both sides of all roof peaks . Apply Z-STOP below anything that blocks rain water flow such as chimneys, gables and skylights.

Beside above, how do you install zinc roof strips? Lean your ladder against one end of the roof. Beginning at that end of the roof, tuck one of the zinc strips under the shingles that cap the ridge of the roof. Use a hammer and nails to secure the strip to the roof. Insert the nails into a washer or rubber gasket to prevent any water from leaking into these spots.

Similarly one may ask, does a zinc roof need ventilation?

When used on a cold roof or on a façade the VMZINC needs to be ventilated. VMZ Zinc plus should be used when installing over Plywood or in a warm roof application.

Is a zinc roof expensive?

Zinc Shingles and Standing Seam are equally viable residential roofing options. Zinc shingles cost around $5.00 to $8.00 per sq. ft. of material, whereas Zinc standing seam panels will range in price from $6.00 to $10.00 per sq.

How Zinc Strips Work

Since simple plant life forms are the main culprit in deterioration, their reduction is the logical approach to preservation. Metals like zinc, copper, and some kinds of galvanized steel are poisonous to simple plant life. On a sloped roof, these can be used to control moss. The idea is to place them near the top of the field of roof on which you want to control the moss. Rain water runs over the metal and down the roof field. As it rolls over the metal, the water picks up molecules of metal, and carries them down the roof. The wetness triggers the moss to feed and drink, but the metals damage the moss. This happens repeatedly until the moss is killed. Moss wont start in this environment, so this is very effective as far as it goes.

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Key Features And Benefits Of Copper Strips

  • Double sided copper is 20 times stronger than zinc and lasts significantly longer
  • Copper uses the natural process of ionic interaction with water
  • It will blend with most shingle colors after oxidation
  • Works on roofs made of shingles, slate or cedar.
  • Improve the look of your roof by preventing organic growths from algae, moss, mold or lichen.
  • Save money on having to clean your roof.
  • Copper will continue to work for years and years. It can be reused on each new roof you have.


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