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How To Insulate An Aluminum Patio Roof

Fighting Condensation Factor #3 Cheating The System

17′ x 23′ Insulated Roof Aluminum Patio Cover in Corona Ca

Even a properly ventilated building can find itself in a situation where sources of moisture and weather conditions overwhelm the system. When that occurs, or in the event we cant optimize methods 1 and 2, we need to cheat the system. There are primarily two ways this happens:

  • Insulate and try to keep from reaching the dew point
  • Add a preinstalled membrane to absorb and release the condensation as it forms with the natural weather cycle

Traditionally, weve insulated the roof panel to try and keep the temperature on the panel FROM reaching the dew point. Well add a vapor barrier so the moist air does not flow up through the insulation and condense on the roof. But a preinstalled membrane may be even more effective at removing condensation.

How To Insulate A Patio Pan Roof

Insulation is a useful addition to a roof. It can keep sound, noise, water, heat, cold and other elements out. Roof insulation can be placed in sloping and flat roofs. Insulation materials vary by composition, form and function. They are measured in R-values which is a measurement of thermal resistance. You will need to choose the appropriate material for insulating your patio pan roof.

  • Choose a roof insulation material. The material needs to be an R-value that is between 4.5 and 6. As the R-value goes up, the thermal resistance of the insulation gets better.

  • Count how many sections of rafters there are to be insulated. Divide your insulation material into sections to fit in your patio pan roof.

  • Wedge insulation between the first rafters. Make sure there is still room for air flow.

  • Secure the insulation with nails. Alternatively, if the material you chose to insulate with is not held down with nails, seal it into place with an epoxy. Install the rest of the insulation in the same manner.

  • Cover the insulation with wooden boards. Nail the boards into place with a hammer along the rafters.

  • References

    Patio Covers With An Insulated Ceiling

    • Installation service is currently offered in the .
    • Detailed installation quotes are available on all our product pages.
    • You may include removal of your existing awnings if applicable.
    • Disposal of existing awnings or packaging materials is not included, but can be arranged.
    • If any special conditions are present, we encourage you to send us a photo of the awning installation area. Please contact us and we will provide a custom quote.
    • Purchasing installation is optional, most of our products feature a simple do-it-yourself installation and are installed by homeowners. Some customers prefer to hire a handyman or other contractor.

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    Transforming An Aluminum Patio Cover Into An Insulated Roof On Your Mobile Home

    By | Submitted On April 05, 2012

    Mobile home repair can be a daunting task. A popular addition to mobile homes are aluminum patio covers. Aluminum patio covers offer a nice opportunity to increase outdoor living space. Typically these structures have a “U Pan” or “V Pan” design. A lot of people have tried to enclose the area underneath and heat it. Most people fail at this. I will tell you how to successfully accomplish this.

    The hardest part to this task is effectively insulating the aluminum patio cover. Most people will see how the pans are shaped and become perplexed. The most effective way is to fill the low voids of the cover with 2″ foam board. Measure and cut strips of the foam board to fit in between the ridges of the pans. You want the surface of the foam board to be flush with the top of the ridges of the pans. If you are not flush yet, add an appropriate thickness of foam to make the surfaces flush. Once flush, overlay a foam board across the entire patio cover. You can use 3/4″ or 1″ foam. Use screws with washers to attach the top layer of foam. If you are not going to finish the interior of the roof and don’t want to see screws poking through, you can glue the foam down.

    Make sure to properly tuck or flash the roof where it meets the existing structure. If you have an existing rubber roof and you have enough material, detach the termination bar and tuck the rubber under the other membrane. Then re-attach the termination bar.

    What Is The Cheapest Way To Insulate A Metal Shed

    Aluminum Patio Cover with 3 Insulated Roof in Village ...

    Properly insulating your metal shed not only helps control the temperature but also helps prevent condensation and water from getting inside of it. Fiberglass batts are typically the cheapest option, and theyre also easy to install. Rigid foam boards are considered a cheaper alternative to spray foam. And spray foam, although it may be more expensive, may offer the best R-value. While fiberglass batts are usually the cheapest, property owners may want to consider other options to find the best one for them.

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    Insulated Roof Panel For Your Outdoor Patio Space

    • Insulated Roof Panel for your outdoor patio space

    One of the hardest choices to make when upgrading your patio area is which type of room or awnings to choose and what type of roof do you choose? A patio room or outdoor entertainment room usually has two options, insulated roofing, or single skin roofing.

    Solid Insulated Patio Covers

    enhance your outdoor living area

    Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor living area and add value to your home?

    Insulated Solid Patiocovers offer 100% coverage and protection from the elements. With a 3 inch thick foam insulation in the roofing, these covers decrease noise caused by rain on the aluminum by cushioning the impact of rain, snow and hail.

    A Solid Insulated roof system is an affordable way to enhance your outdoor living area.

    Offering all of the benefits of being outdoors with the comforts of being safely tucked inside, Solid Insulated patio covers are a wonderful way to increase the value of your property while affordably adding outdoor living space for you to enjoy. Every design detail in the Solid Insulated product line has been considered to ensure that your patio cover provides the ultimate protection in solid patio cover options, while minimizing maintenance requirements.

    Features and Benefits

    Easy-to-install locking system Easily snaps together during installation and increases strength and performance.

    Painted aluminum embossed finish with 8 Plank Design This durable dual layer system provides a superior finish that resists scratches, corrosion and fading. It also requires less maintenance than most other finishes.

    Integrated Aluminum Fan Beam Made of extruded aluminum and is surrounded on all sides by foam for better lamination and to reduce telegraphing.

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    Solid Roofs Protect From Rain

    An insulated roof, once properly assembled, is solid from front to back and from side to side.

    Insulated roofing panels interlock, and the joints between panels are sealed to discourage leaks. A properly designed and executed insulated roofsuch as the Renaissance Moderno and Classico insulated patio roofswill carry the rain away and deposit the water into a drainage system in the end caps. The gutter system is completely, stylishly hidden but totally effective at preventing splatters.

    Frequently Asked Questions For Patio Covers:

    Patio Cover with Translucent Sheets and Insulated Panels

    Q1 What is a Patio Cover?

    A1 A patio cover is usually a lean-to roof system attached to the back of your house. The roof, columns, and beam need to be designed for your local snow load and your local building code. A patio cover is also referred to as a porch cover, veranda cover, or deck cover. On some homes, you could also attach your patio cover in a gable design.

    Northlander Skyview Patio Cover, Lean-to Roof Style

    PanelCraft Insulated Patio Cover, A-Frame Style

    Q2 Are Craft-Bilt Patio Covers economical?

    A2 A cover for your patio is a fairly economical renovation. The most economical method is to use wood and shingles, but it wont be maintenance-free. The next pricing level is our PanelCraft patio cover system which uses insulated aluminum panels. For a little bit more you can have our Northlander Skyview patio cover system which uses translucent sheets. These sheets allow pleasing amounts of light without the heat and glare of glass roofs.

    If you plan it right, you can build an economical patio cover now, and in the future close it in with our 4 Track Windows, transforming it into a three-season room.

    Q3 What is Craft-Bilts Patio Covers warranty?

    A3 The aluminum members used in our PanelCraft and Northlander roof systems have a limited warranty of 20 years. Find more information on our warranty page.

    Q4 What are the best patio cover materials?

    Q5 Does a patio cover increase my property value?

    Q7 Will my patio cover be loud when it rains?

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    Do I Need To Insulate My Aluminum Patio Roof

    Your aluminum roof will mean it absorbs a lot of heat from the sun. Instead of cooling you down, your wonderfully constructed patio roof will feel like a sauna! If you want a solution for that, insulation is the way to go!

    This insulation will keep the area under your patio roof cool. Your concrete pads underneath wont overheat, similar to your shower cable overheating. Not insulating might damage your wirings. This is because some of these wires are very sensitive to heat.

    It is ideal to insulate your aluminum patio roof!

    Escape The Los Angeles Heat

    Amerimax insulated panels

    Secondly, to clear up any confusion as to what an insulated panel is the Alumawood insulated roofed patio cover is just that, an insulated roofed patio cover. The covers panels are 3 thick and manufacture of high-density foam.The covers, therefore, offer an R rating much higher than that of concrete tile or torch down roofing materials you might find on a wood patio cover.

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    Prevent Condensation Before It Occurs

    Condensation is not a natural force thats beyond your control. Its a matter of science, and understanding what factors are causing excessive humidity within your structure.

    These factors can be influenced before the construction process begins, and some can be altered once the building is in place. Its a balancing act, and you will likely cheat the system using methods like insulation and membranes like DripStop.

    Whatever you do, for the well-being of whats inside your structure, be careful not to underestimate the corrosive powers of condensation. Water is the stuff of life, but left to its own devices, it can also be the stuff of drained bank accounts. Treat any condensation problems with the respect it deserves.

    Build a Wick Post-Frame Buildingand Get 50% off DripStop Moisture Protection

    Clean Underneath The Roof

    PanelCraft Patio Covers

    For this, youll have to start by cleaning the inner side of the roof. This is applicable only when the aluminum roof is already installed.

    For the cleaning, you can use a light acid cleaner and scrub it clean. Another option is making a DIY chlorine solution. Add one tablespoon of chlorine bleach to one gallon of water and mix.

    Or you can use aluminum roof cleaners bought from the market.

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    Metal Roof Insulation Options

    You have multiple options when it comes to choosing metal roofing insulation. In this section, well review the three most popular ones by providing you with a brief description, the pros and cons, and the typical price range. Read over them and see which one sounds best for you. Then, contact us at Legacy Service to schedule a consultation with one of our experts to find out the best way to insulate.

    Alumawood Aluminum Insulated Patio Cover

    The Alumawood insulated roofed patio cover is an all-aluminum patio cover which means there is no wood to rot. The cover is specifically engineered for many different and sometimes unique installation applications.

    Hence, installing this cover is extremely easy, and just about anyone can do it with the help of the Alumawood instruction manual. Of course, when in doubt, you can always call us and we can either offer assistance over the phone or if youre close stop by and offer some assistance.

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    Are Insulated Patio Covers Worth It

    Patio covers might be one of the greatest things to happen for outdoor entertaining outdoor patio furniture. They convert your yard into usable space, which can be used for all types of outdoor activities. Patio covers are a significant upgrade to any home, and if you plan on constructing one on your yard, then choosing the best type of patio cover available may be worth it. Although many patio covers are non-insulated, it may be in your best interest to get an insulated patio cover. You may be asking, why insulate over outdoor space? This blog will go over the benefits that they provide and why insulated patio covers are worth it.

    Polyurethane Spray Foam Metal Roof Insulation

    Insulated Patio Roof Kit Manual

    In order to add moisture barrier under metal roof, you can spray the undersides of the roof by using a thick layer of polyurethane spray foam. It will help you to eliminate problems that may come when the house becomes extremely cold in the winter and terribly hot in the summer.

    Since this thing is something that can be sprayed, the foam will get and penetrate into the gaps and crevices to make a complete seal. As a result, any thermal leakage can be prevented since day one.

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    The spray can be basically applied on top or bottom of the metal roofing surfaces. Compared to the fiberglass batts, this insulation is much better. Financially speaking, this spray is a great option especially when you need to renovate your roof after the application. The insulation capacity of a 10cm thickness of batts is as same as 10cm of polyurethane foam.

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    What Is The Best Patio Cover Material

    3 Patio Cover Materials and How to Choose the Best One WOOD . Strength: Beauty. Theres just something about the appeal of wood that is timeless and difficult to match. VINYL . Strength: Minimal maintenance. If you want a patio cover that doesnt need to be sanded or repainted every few years, go with vinyl . ALUMINUM . Strengths: Durability, minimal upkeep, and low cost.

    Not The Aluminum Of Old

    None of these examples could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, the new Aluminum covers really do look like real wood. When I was first introduced to the product, as a business owner only selling wood patio covers years ago, I was absolutely apprehensive. Lets be honest, I too had the same reservations. It wasnt until I viewed the product for the first time that I was taken back, because I honestly couldnt tell the difference between a wood cover and the Alumawood pergola cover. The rest is history.

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    Diy Patio Cover Kitshow Easy Are They To Install

    Installing a DIY solid patio cover kit into your outdoor living space is essentially made like a jigsaw puzzle anyhow. Amerimax builds these Alumawood insulated patio kits custom to each individual order. As a matter of fact, these DIY patiocoverkits are usually installed in just a few hours for smaller less complicated systems.


    Take a look at this quick video which illustrates how the Maxx panel insulated roof system connect together.

    Metal Roof Insulation: Everything You Need To Know

    KCS Building Products  Patios, Roofing, Insulation and ...

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President. Qualifications: More than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial exterior remodeling. Founding farther of Legacy Service. Written by LegacyUSA Team

    Get Estimates From Roofing Pros

    Metal roofing has been steadily increasing in popularity throughout the United States in recent years for many reasons. Not only is it beautiful, but it also has more durability and lasts longer than other types of roofing . But just because its a strong type of roofing doesnt mean that it doesnt need insulation. In fact, insulation will help maximize its energy efficiency.

    At Legacy Service, were here to help with any of your home exterior needs. In this article, well discuss the importance of using insulation for metal roofs, your options, and how to get it done. Our team can also do it for you with a roofing installation or replacement. Please feel free to contact us at 215-798-9790 to learn more.

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    How Do You Stop Condensation On A Metal Roof

    Insulating a metal roof can help prevent condensation and its related issues. One option is to cover the roofing with fiberglass insulation with a vinyl backing. In turn, you can prevent humid air from reaching the metal roof.

    Certain scenarios may also allow waterproof insulation on roofs. Using expanded polystyrene , extruded polystyrene , or polyisocyanurate are ideal choices. Here’s a quick look at these different waterproof insulation options in better detail:

    • XPS: Made with polystyrene pellets, along with other chemicals, and treated until liquefied. The resulting product is a durable, thick, and waterproof substance with heat-dispersing capabilities.
    • EPS: Ideal for insulating a range of items from coffee cups to concrete walls. EPS has similarly strong waterproofing traits when compared with XPS. However, this substance usually absorbs more water than the other waterproof options, leading to a shorter-than-average lifespan.
    • Polyisocyanurate: Also called polyiso, this material looks like a sturdy foam board commonly used to absorb and disperse heat in ceilings and walls. It can also remain stable to as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Search for the R-value on the different insulation options available.

    This measurement tells users about the temperature resisting abilities of insulating material. Generally, a higher R-value score provides better climate control and energy efficiency to homes than lower-valued models.


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