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How To Make A Patio Roof

How To Build A Porch

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Building a porch is a great way to add an attractive entrance to your home and can bring about a number of benefits. But what are the planning regulations involved in building a porch, what are the benefits of building a porch, and how do you build a porch? Read on to find out everything you need, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Roof Decks Are Ideal For Enjoying Cool Evenings But Adding One Wont Be A Breeze

Private roof decks, the envy of the neighborhood when the weather is nice, are a trendy accessory in newly built townhouses in town-center-style communities in the suburbs. Adding a roof deck to an existing home is a bit trickier. It might be tempting to just slide open a tall window and shimmy out onto a flat roof, but to be safe and to have a truly functional roof deck, youll need to spend time and money.

Most roofs werent designed to have people walk on them, much less put furniture on them and entertain up there, said Ethan Landis, co-owner of Landis Architects/Builders in the District. Adding a roof deck is like creating a great outdoor room, which is especially nice if theres no good backyard. But you have to evaluate the condition of the existing roof first.

Hiring a designer with experience adding roof decks to other homes in your neighborhood can make the project easier and result in a deck thats not only attractive but also structurally sound and compliant with zoning and fire codes.

Each roof deck project is one of a kind, Landis said. They all have logistical challenges, and many of the ones weve built are on homes in a historical neighborhood, which means they need to be invisible from the street.

Other issues include skylights, chimneys and air conditioners that might need to be moved or built around.

The trick to adding a roof deck to your home

Round Up The Materials For An Under Deck Drainage System

Rune bought corrugated fiberglass panels at a home center to use for his under-deck roof. The panels he used are 26 in. wide and 12 ft. long. He attached the panels with special roofing screws that have hex heads and neoprene washers for sealing. Youll find these screws where steel or fiberglass roofing is sold. You could also use galvanized steel or plastic roofing panels and install them the same way. Rune screwed treated 2×4 purlins to spacer blocks to support the panels and provide the necessary slope .

Gutters arent required, especially if the water drains onto your lawn. But if the water falls onto the patio, gutters can prevent splashing. Rune chose PVC gutters because theyre inexpensive and easy to cut and install. If you decide to install gutters, youll need lengths of the gutter, gutter straps, end caps, a downspout outlet, downspouts and special glue to join the sections.

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Install One Framing Post In Each Deck Corner:

Youll need more posts if the area is large. For the posts to be solid, install metal post holders on the deck before putting the posts into them.

Attach the posts to the existing house wall using big lag screws. Next, nail a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 header on top of the posts. The length and weight of the side and the way you want to install your screen will determine whether youll add a bottom plate and a 2 x 4 part at the top. To add more support to the header, you can cut notches in your posts.

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Install To The Fascia Boards

How to Build an Under

This is one of the most common methods to connect a patio roof to an existing house.

To proceed with this technique, you should fix the backchannel to the fascia board by strengthening two rafters inside the covering.

While this method is pretty simple to perform, it does not let you adjust the height of your patio roof.

If you want to make the porch roof a bit higher, it is necessary to get rid of the existing house gutter. Thus, you can set the backchannel in an upper position.

Since you have the gutter removed, the use of transfer flashing from the house roof to the porch will be compulsory.

Furthermore, removing the house gutter typically lets you add up to 4 inches of extra height.

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Classic Freestanding Patio Cover

The classic look is timeless. The wooden posts denote the classic touch to the patio. And the shingle roof sits perfectly on the exposed beam ceiling. A fan hangs above the black ottoman that has the same color as the roof.

Although this patio is not too spacious, it is still cozy enough to spend your spare time while slurping some tea in the afternoon and enjoying the spectacular landscape.

Play Up The Pool House

A freestanding pergola with an organic silhouette can create a more welcoming pool-side environment.

Pool houses can be closed spaces or open pavilions, Purple Cherry advises. An outdoor patio with a freestanding wooden pergola can offer shade and sun protection but also communicate a more relaxing vibe than a completely covered outdoor space.

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What You Have Below & Above

When enclosing a patio, you also need to consider the materials below or above you. For instance, if you live on the ground floor, youll likely use the foundation to support the added weight of the enclosure.

Additionally, a ground-floor house has strong floor tile. Hence, it will effectively support a patio enclosure.

Nonetheless, if you live in an upper-floor house or a cantilevered deck, the design of the house may be insufficient to support a patio enclosure.

Enclosing a patio will require you to introduce windows, walls, and extra pressure on the floor. Therefore, you need to consult with your structural engineer if enclosing such a patio is feasible.

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Ways To Keep Dry Under Your Deck

How To Build a Covered Patio | DIY Porch Part 1

If you want to buy a manufactured system rather than build your own as we show here, you have a lot of choices.

  • One option is to cover the with a watertight membrane. DeckRite makes a deck floor covering that has the added advantage of creating a dry space below the deck. For more information, visit
  • If you’re building a new deck or replacing your deck boards, you can use a system like Trex RainEscape, which installs in the joist spaces before you install the decking. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to easily add lighting or other wiring in the joists, and cover the bottom of the joists with bead board or any attractive ceiling finish you choose. Learn more at
  • If your deck is already built, you can cover the bottom of the joists with a system like TimberTech’s DrySpace. One advantage these waterproof deck systems have over simply screwing roof panels to the bottom of the joists is that you can remove a section to gain access to the joists if necessary. To learn more, visit
  • These are just a few examples of what’s available. Search online or visit your local lumberyard or home center to find other options.

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    Add A Pergola With Interesting Lighting

    Spherical lights hung from a pergola add a sense of dimension to this outdoor patio designed by Andrea Scharff.

    Whats wonderful about patio covers is that they allow for shade during the day and provide structure for gas or electric heaters to be affixed to in order to keep cool evenings toasty, says Scharff. As demonstrated by this space she designed, pergolas also create the opportunity to hang pendant lighting. Annapolis, Maryland, architect Cathy Purple Cherry approaches lighting on a covered patio by asking: Do you need to have the ability to read at night? She employs two approaches to outdoor lighting. One strategy is for decor and ambiancethink chandeliers and wall sconces. The second is for true task lighting, like recessed cans in a built-in patio cover. Whichever option you choose, it should be switched separately and dimmable, Purple Cherry advises. I would select a decorative fixture because of the ways it casts shadows and refracts light on space, creating interest, she adds.

    The Key To Designing And Building Awning Patio Roofs

    An awning roof is a structure that is built to bring the outdoors in. Its attached at the side, or to multiple sides of a house, to extend the roof line and create an outdoor area that keeps everyone protected from rain and sun during our extreme weather. In most cases, an awning roof is an addition to a house after the initial home has been built.

    Which awning patio roof is right for my home?

    There are so many things to consider when designing your new outdoor awning area. Budget, purpose, style of existing home, location, climate and more. That is why there is a multitude of options to suit everyone.

    1. Bearer and joist framed roofThis uses standard building principles of timber framing, roof battens and metal roof sheeting and can include plasterboard and paint as shown in top image.

    Benefits include can be cost effective, easily build into different shapes, LED lights and ceiling fans can be installed.

    Down sides long process to install, ongoing maintenance, big and bulky, economic appearance.

    2. Single skin metal roofing panels

    Installed into a C-Channel or onto a beam, this is the entry level for the patio kit type of roof.

    Benefits really fast to install, finished surfaces, cost effective.

    Downsides economic appearance, poor insulation rating, noisy when raining, colour on the roof is the same colour on the ceiling, cannot be walked on.

    3. Insulated panel roof systems

    Downside Is more expensive than options 1 and 2.

    4. Retractable roof systems

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    Building A Roof Over A Deck Or Patio

    Start here if you want to build a roof over a patio or deck. We will walk you through the entire process, from siting the patio roof to raising posts, attaching beams, and installing the roof.

    If local codes allow setting the overhead directly on an existing slab but the concrete is not thick enough to support the overheads weight, you will have to pour new footings around the slabs perimeter or break out sections and pour deeper footings. For information on installing a new patio, see Pouring a Concrete Slab.

    Bring In Classical Elements


    Architect Cathy Purple Cherry embraced classical columns to give this patio a regal yet inviting vibe.

    Play up the homes architecture when decorating an outdoor patio. If the house already has traditional elements like columns, use the design element as a backdrop. Adding a long table not only creates a dining area thats available rain or shine, it gives a nod to a Mediterranean lifestyle.

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    Screened In Patio Overview

    Our 14 x 16-ft. enclosure is a big project, but its the best of any do it yourself screen porch kits around! Although its fairly simple structurally, it requires careful work with a lot of large-dimension lumber. The trickiest part is getting all these components square and plumb, which probably calls for more than a beginners skills. And youll spend a lot of time buildingtwo or three weeks going at it full time, or much of a summer in your spare time.

    We built our screen room roof high enough to preserve a pleasant view through the sliding doors. In summer, the awning top shades the bright sun, yet allows plenty of light to pass into the house. And heres the biggest selling point for this project: You can easily remove the awning in winter and let the sunshine in. The structure is designed to look good even without the awning top. Of course, you could leave the awning on all year in many parts of the country, but it wont support a heavy snow load.

    The awning is attached as shown in Fig. E and Photos 15 and 16. A slide-in channel at the peak and turnbuckle clips along the edges make for a quick, no-hassle on-and-off in spring and fall. The approximately 16 x 16-ft., one-piece, vinylized canvas weighs only about 10 lbs., so its easy to handle.

    We had our screen room awning top made by a professional awning maker, who also handled the initial installation. As an alternative, you can also consider metal or plastic roof panels, which are sold at most home centers.

    Can I Build A Roof Over My Patio

    Can I build a roof over my patio?

    Yes, you can build a roof over your patio, but its important to consult with a professional before doing so. There are a few things to consider, such as the load the roof will put on the patio and whether the patio is strong enough to support it.

    There are a few different ways to go about building a roof over your patio. One option is to install a prefabricated metal roof. This is a relatively easy process, but it can be expensive. You can also build a roof using lumber and roofing materials. This is a more time-consuming process, but it can be more affordable.

    No matter which option you choose, its important to make sure the roof is properly insulated and waterproof. This will help keep you and your guests comfortable and safe during bad weather.

    If youre thinking about building a roof over your patio, be sure to consult with a professional before getting started. They can help you determine the best way to go about it and make sure the job is done safely and correctly.

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    How To Build A Porch Roof

    You have an outside porch and you want to cover it with a roof, so you can enjoy it, rain or shine. Building a porch roof can be as complicated as you want, but here is a simple method for building a roof over a porch. We will build a roof for a porch in your backyard.

    Materials needed:

    Heres what to do:

  • Erect support posts for the roof. Cut 4-by-4 posts as long as you wish the height of the roof to be. Dig holes 18 inches deep in the ground alongside the porch. Dig one hole at each corner of the porch. Place the posts in holes. Make sure the posts are supported by stones in the holes, so they remain vertical. Pour concrete into the holes and leave to set.
  • Construct a frame for the top of the posts. Measure two 2-by-8 pieces of wood the length of the porch and two 2-by-8 pieces of wood the width of the porch. Add 8 inches to each measurement for overhang. Cut the pieces of wood. Attach them to each other to make a rectangular frame.
  • Cut the cross pieces of the frame. Cut 2-by-4 pieces of wood to make cross bars for the frame. Attach them across the depth of the frame, 18 inches apart.
  • Attach the frame to the top of the support posts. Attach the frame to the top of the support posts with heavy duty bolts. Youll probably need help with this.
  • Lay the roof on the frame. Screw the correct size of 5/8 plywood to the top of the frame. Make sure you cut it big enough to overhang the frame by at least 2 inches on each side.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build A Roof Over A Deck

    DIY Patio Roof Build

    The cost to cover a deck will depend on a number of factors. These factors include the type of material, the size of the roof, and how complicated it will be to build. Currently, the cost to add a roof over your patio will start at $2,000 and increase from there. Contact a local roofing company to get started and schedule an estimate for your project.

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    Patio Cover Material List

    Time to choose what youd like your patio roof to be made of. Wood is an option and a lovely one. Aluminum is another as long as its high-quality.

    The issue with wood is upkeep. Painting and sanding can eat away at the free time you wanted more shade for originally. Aluminum can face similar issues except for rotting disasters. Cheap coats of paint on metal get scratched, blemished, and fade quickly under solar pressures.

    However, aluminum can be powder-coated, which lasts much longer than paint. This type of baked-on finish is even used on industrial equipment that runs 24/7. So you know it is designed to endure heavy abuse. The benefit to you is no wasted Saturdays touching up the posts on your shade system.

    OK, you should have a better idea of how to use and add on to your patio roofing now. Were sure youll choose wisely. Its hard to go wrong getting more family time outside with added comfort and protection from natures elements.

    How Much Does A Screened In Patio Cost

    If youre tired of facing the elements or being bitten by bugs in your backyard, you may start looking at how to screen in your patio area. Your next logical question would be how much does it cost to screen in a patio? The cost can be as little as a few hundred dollars for a simple screen DIY job to more than $40,000 for a state-of-the-art enclosure.

    These cost estimates also depend on whether you have an existing patio or if you plan to hire a contractor to build one from scratch. The size and materials used for the screened in patio will greatly affect the price as well.

    Lets take an extensive look at a screened-in patio cost, and the factors that affect the price.

    Patio Enclosures Come in a Variety of Styles.

    • Encircle the area with curtains or screens to create a screen room, free from bugs.
    • Surround the patio with glass from ceiling to floor, called a Sunroom, or panels that can be retracted to accommodate Spring to Autumn.
    • Add an air conditioning system to the three-season room to make it an all-season space.
    • Surround the patio with panels and a roof made of glass to create a solarium.

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