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How To Match Exterior Paint With Roof

Identify The Permanent Features Of Your Home

How to Match Sherwin-Williams Paint Color to Your Metal Roof

First things first, before you start looking at paint colors, you need to be aware of the elements that cannot be changed. The permanent features of your home include the roof, the surrounding landscape, and the neighborhood. Yup, even the things that are not part of your house need to be taken into consideration.

  • The Roof: Your exterior siding is starting to fade, but your roof is in an amazing shape? So you wont replace it. Your roof is, therefore, the number one feature you need to take into consideration when picking an exterior siding color.
  • The Surrounding Landscape: Harmony is key. Your home might have a front lawn, and a backyard it might be located in the woods, or on a cliff. These elements need to be evaluated before picking the right color for your home. Paint your house green, and Mother Nature could make it disappear. But if your goal is camouflage, then why not.
  • The Neighborhood: Whether you like it or not, your neighborhood is another quasi-permanent feature of your home. Consequently, and while you want to remain creative, you also need to respect your neighbors. Visually, your house needs to integrate nicely with the ones around it. Want to stand out? Think about accents and architectural details. You can also paint your house in fuchsia pink but its at your own risk!

Solar Panels On Your Roof Might Also Affect The Exterior Paint Color You Choose

If you have solar panels installed on your roof, its important to take into consideration the color tones in your solar panels when choosing an exterior paint color.

Solar panels tend to be dark and cool so check your solar panels carefully before choosing a warm or cool exterior paint color. For better curb appeal, some of our customers work with our free color consultant to choose exterior colors that help downplay the solar panels and shift your eyes to the beauty of their homes architecture.

The solar panels on this roof are practically invisible on this dark brown guest home on the South Shore.

A Few Classic Color Pairings

Theres nothing wrong with choosing a classic color combination. The result will be an exterior look that stands the test of time .

Here are two to consider:

  • White house black or gray shingles
  • Red brick house black or slate gray shingles

Theres another point to remember about light and dark shingle colors.

Light colors can make a home look more prominent. Lighter colors can also make a house stand out in a neighborhood.

Dark colors may draw attention away from the homes structure, making landscaping and other exterior elements the primary focus.

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Your Local Area Should Influence You

Beyond local pride, we normally choose what works best in the local environment, weather and natural features.

Most newer homes in the Cumming area showcase a neutral, natural exterior with a flash of color and personality in other features like trim, shutters, and front doors.

If you are prepping your house for sale, these considerations become even more important.

Best Exterior Colors For A House With Red Roof

How To Pick The Exterior Paint Colors Match Best With The Roof

A house with a red roof stands out from the ordinary. Red roof tiles are a vibrant paint color that can easily be matched with other exteriors color schemes. While red roof tiles are most commonly found on Spanish-style or Mediterranean homes, they are fast becoming the must-have roof color for many homeowners.

So how do you find the best exterior color that complements your red roof tiles? After all, you must take into consideration your homes trims, architectural features and the landscape, which can all be quite overwhelming. But worry not as in this post we will help you choose the best exterior colors so you can make an informed decision. Lets get started now!

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Exterior Paint Color Considerations For Homes With Cedar Roofs:

While many wood-cedar shingled roofs on the South Shore start out warm in tone when theyre first installed, they then gray or weather to a cooler tone. Consider choosing a neutral exterior color for your cedar roofed home to avoid having the paint color clash with your cedar roof as it weathers over time.

Neutral Colours are colors that are neither warm nor cool and result from combining two complementary colors from the color wheel .

Neutral paint colors to consider for your exterior come in all shades of white, gray, brown, and black. Our free color consultant can help you determine which color is neutral enough for your cedar-roofed home.

The light blue dormer helps sweeten up the industrial feeling of this home with a stark, solid gray metal roof.

Choose Your Roof Colors

Many people are surprised to find that roof colors arent limited to shades of brown or gray. Your roof can be a particular design element like the stunning copper dome of the Berlin Cathedral or the bright orange clay tiles of Siena, Italy. Or you might want a neutral to give your paint a chance to shine.

Brown or gray roofing works well with almost any paint scheme. The key is to look for matching tones. Some browns may have a warm coppery tone or a cooler grayish tone.

Grays are much the same, some have cool undertones, others are warmer. As long as your paint colors are in the correct color family, the result is pleasing. The biggest decision is how light or dark your roof should be.

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Use A Color Wheel To Choose Paint Colors

A color wheel is a simple tool to help you visualize complementary colors. Any exterior paint color you want can be harmonized with your roof colors for a coordinated look, so long as a tone match is made.

Our experts can help you with all the options.

Whether you are replacing an existing roof or looking to change the design aesthetic of your home, color choice is an important decision. for a consultation.

Even The White Paint You Choose Matters

Easily Match Paint to Your Metal Roof With the Sher-Color Program #shorts

Even white paints come in warm and cool tones, so dont rush your color selection by thinking, Im only painting my home white, so roof color shouldnt matter it still does.

If your roof is warmer, consider warm white like Sherwin Williams Origami White. If your roof has cooler tones, look for exterior paint in a cooler white such as Sherwin Williams Whitetail when selecting your final exterior white paint color.

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Need Help Pairing House Color And Shingle Colors

Choosing the color for a new roof isnt like selecting a new color for wall paint. You can swap an ugly paint color in a few hours, but youll keep your roof color for at least 10-15 years .

If youve read this article and still dont feel confident in selecting the best house color or shingle colors, we can help.

The team here at Point Roofing & Restoration is happy to assist you with any of your roofing questions. Whether you need help choosing colors or youre ready to schedule roofing service, contact us today, and lets get your project started.

# Dark Gray Roof Colors

The Dark Gray roof present the taste of modern, simple. Dark Gray roofs can match with many house exterior colors. Like a Loft style with Gray concrete walls or even Pastel cottage houses. If you cut the house frame with white. It will make the house look soft and gentle, or if you choose a Cream -Light brown -Gray schemes. It will make the house warm. If you want a country mood use light blue-gray walls. But if you prefer house exterior color for modern house style, try to paint gray and add some with brown sugar and yellow mustard.

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Q: What Are Your Neighbors Doing

Looking at your neighbors homes can help you decide on many different exterior options. Your roofing materials, landscaping, and even siding and accents colors can all be decided with the help of your neighbors. This is because your homes may be around the same age and style, so if one roofing material or landscaping works well for other homes, it will likely work well for yours as well.

The Top 7 Paint Colors For A House With A Green Roof

How to Match Your Roof and the Exterior Colors of Your House

While you might not have as many color options as with a black or gray roof, you still have many. Although this is 7 choices, remember, these choices are broad.

What this means is that within each color category, youll find almost endless possibilities. Each category features a wide range of color shades. So, you still have a lot to think about.

Therefore, start with the main color choices and choose your favorite. Then work within the category to select the best choice for your home.

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Red Brick House With Black Roof For Bold Classic Look

Still about the red brick house, now we will talk about a different combination. It is between the red brick and the black roof.

This combo is the one that will provide a bold look to your home exterior. That is not all. A classic touch will be strongly visible in this combo too. It is something that can make even a small house looks stunning.

For an even more interesting design, you can add a touch of white to some other exterior elements of the house. The examples shown in the picture are windows, columns, and rails.

The addition of a white tone will not ruin the classic impression created by the pairing between a red brick house and a black roof. Instead, white is another perfect color for a classic home exterior style.

# Light Gray Roof Color

Light Grey is the roof shingles colors most popular for modern house or modern bungalow style. Its simplicity, clean and pleasant to look at. It is also color that popular for metal roof house color combinations. Light grey roof color also most commonly used in colonial and Victorian style houses which matches well with the white, cream, smoked yellow, off white or beige, Light green, classic peach blue or pink house color. It will make the house look beautiful. You can add more additional decoration with natural or brown wood, it will add warmth to the house. For anyone who needs a different, try painting the walls in black or dark grey. The house will look quite outstanding.

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How To Match Your Roof And The Exterior Colors Of Your House

The roof plays a major role in creating curb appeal because it can be up to 30 percent of what you see as you approach a home. Blend the color of your roofing material with other elements of the house exterior to create an overall cohesive look. The architecture provides a strong hint of amenable color choices. Your neighborhood color schemes are another source of inspiration. The varied tones of a multicolored roof may suggest a variety of possible matches.

The Basics Of Choosing Colors

Exterior Paint Colors For House With Brown Roof

Before you begin choosing the right house color, start out with helpful resources. With a home color visualizing tool, its important to get the basics right. For instance, consider the size of your home when planning on painting its exterior. The size can influence whether dark or light colors are more appropriate. As a general rule of thumb, light colors will make your house appear larger and will be more affected by different light conditions, whereas dark shades can make your property appear smaller and help it blend with the surroundings.

Also, when choosing a color scheme, make sure to consider the architecture of the house and the neighborhood context. While you dont have to adhere to the guidelines strictly, dont stray too far from the rule book to achieve the most pleasing look.

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Consider Your Homes Accents And Trims

It is not just your exterior color and your red roof that you need to coordinate when choosing the right siding colors you must also pay attention to your homes trims and accents in order to achieve the desired look.

For instance, having your homes accents coordinate with your red roof can help create a cohesive and subtle look for the entire home, thus allowing you to experiment with trim and siding colors.

Trims are used to add more vibrance to a house with a red roof so your siding color must remain similar to the trims colors. This is why it is best to use bold trims to avoid your home looking bland. Just remember to keep a balance between the red roof and trim so the siding color is what makes the whole design come together.

There are many ways you can successfully coordinate your siding color with the trim, red roof and accents of your home. By choosing the right exterior color, youll find the perfect combination to highlight your homes curb appeal. Take a look at our color suggestions with pictures to help you decide on the right siding color:

To Illustrate A Roofs Impact On Exterior Paint Color Selection Lets Look At Some Examples:

Look at the way this Client nicely balanced the color of the brick and tan siding with the undertones of their roof.

Unfortunately, this cedar roof has weathered to a warm tone, while the siding on this home is a cool green. See how this looks off? This homeowner wouldve been better off choosing a neutral color for their siding so that no matter how the cedar roof weathered, the roof and exterior paint color would look cohesive.Nice use of an accent color to help balance the very dark, cool roof.A cool gray exterior paint color wouldve suited this home better than this warm tan because the roof is cool and dark.Great use of accent colors to tie the gray-blue roof into this cohesive color scheme!When your roof is old or just plain ugly, you can use bold paint color to shift your attention downwards toward the more beautiful aspects of your house. This maroon color really anchors this home and keeps you focused on the body of the home.The plum undertones of this roof are reflected nicely in the accent color here.This green siding is cool and the roof is warm. While the green is very pretty, the home would look nicer if the siding color was warmer, to match the roof.The small overhang on this roof has been nicely coordinated with the accent colors to look part of the architecture.

  • 137 Weymouth Street Rockland, MA 02370

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Exterior Paint Colors For House With Brown Roof

The roof of a house is such a body. Though nowadays some house owners can customize the color of the roof as they want, brown takes most sympathy as the most common color to apply. Then, we might be wondering what color we choose for the best look of our exterior design matched with a brown roof. We spoke to a representative from Supreme Finishes who areCoventry Decorators, and they said, The combination of a brown roof and any shade of white for the house is always right this is because both tones are neutral and create an awesome look. However, there are many colors you can try out and in this article, you will be guided on which one is best.

It is highly recommended to use a paint sprayer with perfect exterior paint colors for your homes exterior which means that you can cover more areas faster with a quality finish, says Jennifer Marie, founder of Holapaints.

Confirm Your Color Choices With Paint Samples

How To Pick The Exterior Paint Colors Match Best With The Roof ...

Now that you have narrowed your choices using a virtual tool, its time to confirm them with color samples in your staged home. While visualizers are helpful, there is no substitute for seeing the color on the walls of your home in real life. Buy test sizes of the paint colors you are considering and put some brush-outs on the outside. Make sure to put some color on both the south and north sides of your home as lighting there can differ dramatically. Also, visit these areas at different times of the day to get a fair idea of how the finished product will look.

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Exterior Paint Color Selection Tips

Selecting a color palette for your homes exterior can be both exciting and overwhelming. The right combination of colors for your roof and siding can go a long way in enhancing your homes curb appeal for many years to come. Or, if youre planning on selling soon, the right colors could potentially increase your sales value.

Thats why you want to find a combination of colors that will bring out the best in your homes unique style and personality. Whether youre looking to match your roof to your existing siding or exterior paint job or going the other way around and considering what exterior colors will best go with your roof, we have a few pointers to consider.

Tan Or Beige Windows With Exterior Paint Colours

When choosing paint colours with tan or beige windows, youll want to consider the warmth of them in your palette, rather than trying to ignore them or distract from them. If youre dreaming of a white home, youll be out of luck with beige windows, but you might be able to squeeze in a gray as long as it has some good depth to it and makes sense with the other fixed elements on your home.

However, it can be hard when the different features/surfaces of your home dont have well-coordinated surfaces to start with. This was the case with our home when we bought it. Notice that the beige windows look yellow-green compared to the pink undertone of the siding . Beige windows really were the WRONG choice for the charcoal gray roof black or white windows would have been WAY more appropriate .

Look at my one-legged child! She mustve had some serious momentum going

In the end, I COULDNT work with the colour of the windows as they were the wrong colour for our home and some of its most gorgeous features like the stonework and roof lines. So, in the end, we replaced the windows with white for a fresh, clean look! We might be living on Kraft Dinner and weiners for the next 5 years to pay for them, but thats kind of my speciality anyway.

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