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How To Put A Metal Roof On A Gazebo

How To Maintain A Gazebo

Installing metal roof to existing canvas gazebo

The lifespan of your gazebo depends on many things, the two most important being the material it is made from and the maintenance it has undergone. Eastern Shore Porch and Patio state that outdoor environments tend to be harsh on garden structures therefore, they need to be properly maintained to prolong their lifespan. If you have a gazebo in your yard that has not undergone maintenance for several years, you should probably think about replacing it. Depending on its composition, it may be covered in rot, mold, or rust, making it quite dangerous to keep around. A new gazebo is a rather pricey investment therefore, it is natural to have concerns about its durability. New Awning shares several tips on how to help your gazebo stay in pristine condition for many years.

Waterproofing your gazebo

The first step to making your gazebo last is to waterproof it. Moist environments can attract mold, mildew, rust, and more. By waterproofing your gazebo, you can prevent the build-up of moisture, ultimately preventing a variety of damaging effects on the structure. Waterproofing can be done with specialized paint, which only needs to be reapplied every five to ten years, and water-repelling fabrics.

Shoveling heavy snow

Routine maintenance

How To Waterproof Your Gazebo Instantly

If you happened to build a pergola or just installed a ready-made kit without roofing, then you are a now asking yourself how to Install a polycarbonate roof on a pergola? Can I do it myself? I have done some research on this topic, and The answer is Yes! You can here are some steps to help you get started.

Best Way To Anchor A Gazebo Without Damaging The Deck

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This time around we went with Trex decking.

Trex is a man-made product that will last as long as we need it and looks gorgeous!

Only problem was that neither my husband or I were too keen on screwing our gazebo into the new decking.

How do you attach a gazebo to the deck with no damage to the deck?

Want to read about cleaning your patio umbrella I can tell you how I did mine!

We were looking for a solution that will hold down the gazebo we built without damaging the deck.

So you know, the gazebo we bought has replacement canopies so you can use this gazebo for years to come.

That’s when I thought about all the beautiful pots I saw earlier in the week at Tuesday Morning.

I brought home 4 pots in grey that match the decking and stuck each leg of the gazebo into a pot.

Next we filled the pot with bricks.

The legsof this gazebo have a little lip on them that is held to the bottom of the pot with the bricks.

I filled each pot with potting soil then planted pansies in each pot.

We had a couple of pretty windy days lately and I’m happy to report that the gazebo stayed put and the pots look beautiful!

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Anchoring A Gazebo On Pavers With Footings

If you have pavers in your backyard to create an entertaining area, you may want a gazebo for shelter. However, since theres no concrete slab to drill into, you may need to consider using heavy anchors for each leg.

Alternatively, if you have the ability, you could consider pouring small concrete footings for each leg or column in your gazebo. Just under your pavers, dig out a small 12 x 12 hole. Fill each hole with concrete and place a mounting bracket or anchor bolt into each footing. Pay careful attention to how high you pour the concrete so that you can lay pavers back over, if desired.

As the concrete sets, the anchor bolts or bracket will be permanently attached into place. The legs or columns of the gazebo can then be attached to the bracket or bolt.

How About An Ancient Favorite: An Octagonal Gazebo Roof


look quite similar to double ceilings, except instead of having four sides, they have eight.

According to American phrenologist Orson Fowler, the very same man who popularized octagonal houses in the 19th century, an octagons geometry makes it the ideal shape for a gazebo.

In addition to more living space, Fowler believed that octagonal roofed gazebos naturally let in more light compared to four-sided pavilions. They also apparently remain cooler during the summer season.

Benefits aside, octagonal roofs also look simply astonishing. Theyre reminiscent of the Victorian-style gazebo at Fellows Riverside Gardens. While not as elaborate, theyll undoubtedly give off a beautiful, dramatic flare to your backyard.

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Consdisadvantages Of Metal Roofs

  • Appearance. Some people dislike the look of metal for home applications. If your house has a shingle roof on it, then metal will not match it.
  • Dents. In a heavy hail storm, metal may be dented. Cheap all-metal sheds are particularly susceptible to this. But if you have a good quality metal on top of a solid wood-framed shed, you wont see much damage unless its hailing baseball-sized hail. Even if it is dented, it will only be a cosmetic problem.
  • Repair. Metal roofs are tough. But if your 7-year-old Bob the Builder takes a hack saw to the roof, repair is a little more specialized. Unlike shingles, you cant just replace a few square feet. Instead, youll need to replace an entire panel, which comes in 3-ft widths and is as long as your roof slope.
  • Scratches. A sharp object, or tree branched rubbing, can wear through paint, requiring touch-up.
  • Cost. Metal roofs have a higher initial cost. Over 50 years they will probably cost a good bit less than the 3 or 4 shingle roofs youve put on your building in that time. But initially, they cost more.
  • Noise. If you are in an all-metal shed, and its raining cats and dogs, its going to be noisy. A framed wood building, on the other hand, has wood sheathing under the metal. In this kind of shed, you actually wont tell much difference from shingles.

But if you really want to dig a little deeper into how to tell a quality metal roof from junk, youll want to read Metal Shed Roofs3 Differences Between the BEST and the REST.

What Does Grounding Do

Grounding your metal gazebo will provide a low resistance path for the electricity to follow to the ground. It intercepts the strike and guides it to the ground before the electricity can harm the structure or people inside.

In the event of a thunderstorm, lightning can strike a person in five different ways.

  • Direct strike
  • Conduction
  • Streamers

When lighting strikes a metal structure like a gazebo, humans are most often harmed by the electricity passing through the metal through the process of conduction. Grounding the metal prevents the electricity from flowing through it to you.

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Anchoring A Gazebo With Weighted Containers

While drilling and securing your gazebo with bolts into concrete is the most secure method, sometimes its not practical. You may want to damage the concrete slab or as a renter, you cant make permanent changes. Whatever the reason, you need a way to securely fasten the gazebo.

During high winds, the wind may push against the structure, or even up under the roof. The gazebo may move horizontally, knocked over, or up and away. Not only will the structure be damaged, but so could other property. Someone could even be injured by your unsecured structure. There is a high chance that your structure could be irreparably damaged after the first storm.

How To Install A Gazebo

How to build a Gazebo Roof

Once you purchase your outdoor gazebo from a hardware store or directly from a gazebo supplier, youll have to take care of putting it together and securing it in place if youre making it a permanent fixture of your landscape.

You have a few options for installing the gazebo you just purchased:

  • Some suppliers will offer to install the gazebo for you when its delivered. Not all suppliers offer this service. Also, those who do tend to charge a lot.
  • You can do it yourself. For DIY enthusiasts, building a gazebo can be a fun weekend project. Youll just need a few basic tools like a hammer and a drill.
  • If you dont want to pay steep prices or worry about putting it together yourself, you can have a local building and construction expert install your gazebo for you.

Gazebo installation and repair services are available on Airtasker if you want a helping hand from an expert.

What if you start building it and give up halfway? No worries, youre not the first one to need assistance with a partial build. You can post your task and help will be on the way!

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Prosadvantages Of Metal Roofs

  • Long-lasting. The biggest talking point of metal roofing is that it lasts a long time. How long it lasts depends on the thickness of the metal, and its coating quality. But generally, a quality metal roof will last from 40-70 years.
  • Cool. Metal roofs reflect heat, keeping the building cooler.
  • Durable. Metal roofs are tough. They will take a lot of abuse from wind, sun, and rain.
  • Wind resistant. A metal roof is extremely wind resistant. That is only true, of course, if the metal roof is on a solid building. If its on a flimsy structure, it will be flopping like a kite. But generally, high winds will not affect a metal roof.

Metal roofs come with a wide array of color options.

  • Fire resistant. This one seems obvious, but a metal roof is fire resistant. That doesnt mean that you should do a hotdog roast inside your shed. But if you have your bonfire outside of the shed, and sparks hit the roof, you wont see any damage.
  • Colors. Metal roofs come in a wide variety of color options. From bright red or green to brown and black, you can choose almost any color of the spectrum.
  • Environmentally friendly. Metal roofs are fully recyclable. The metal we use includes 25% recycled material.

What Is The Best Type Of Roof For An Outdoor Gazebo

In Australia, we love our sunshine, but its also nice to have a shady refuge when spending time outdoors. Your gazebos roofing will supply shade, but it will also impact both the price and longevity of your gazebo.

  • A fabric canopy creates an attractive contemporary look and plenty of shade, but the material can fade over time from UV exposure. It can start to look worn after a couple of seasons of use.
  • Metal roofing such as steel or aluminium will offer a strong, sturdy material that can cope with heavy winds and rain. Just keep in mind factors like rusting and heat retention. You may need to paint your metal to keep it looking new.
  • Timber roofing offers a timeless look but you may need some gazebo repair work down the line as the wood on the roof is susceptible to moisture and rot. You can also help to keep your timber gazebo roof in great shape by staining it periodically.
  • PVC roofing may be a cheaper choice if you want to reduce the price of your gazebo. You can also use clear PVC to create a solarium-styled gazebo.

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What Type Of Gazebo Are You Looking To Put Up

You can purchase many gazebos, with some even being portable, designed for camping purposes, consisting of aluminum poles, a material roofing, and being lightweight. This article will not cover those types of portable camping gazebos due to the fact that they are not really meant to be put on decks and left there indefinitely.

Besides the fact that they are meant to be used for camping purposes, the setup of these portable gazebos is very straightforward and usually takes approximately 5 minutes to set up.

The most popular type of gazebo that many people tend to purchase and put on their deck is the Yardistry 12 x 14 With Aluminum Roof, and this is the one that we will cover in this article.

Check out this gazebo on Amazon here

We will go over the installation and then all the tips and tricks you should consider that are not in the manual that is designed for its installation. Additionally, Yardistry offers other styles of gazebos which are also relatively popular and have a similar setup.

Due to that fact, you can use this article and the tips it provides to set up almost any gazebo that Yardistry has to offer.

Check out these other types of Yardistry gazebos on Amazon here

Outsuny Polycarbonate Gazebo Reviews

Pin on How to built a Gazebo

This Outsuny gazebo is ideal for large families who want to hold outdoor gatherings or BBQs. It offers adequate shelter and ample dry space for relaxation.

Since it is engineered with premium materials such as a robust aluminum frame and hardtop roof panels you can leave the gazebo permanently outdoors for convenience..

This gazebo is relatively straightforward to set up, but youll need an extra pair of hands to make setting it up easier and quicker.

The polycarbonate panels also offer consistent levels of light and adequate shade. It ensures that direct UV rays dont penetrate directly into the sheltered area.

There are 4 curtains and a mesh screen which provides privacy for you and your guests, whilst also helping to keep insects and bugs at bay.

Things I Like

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How To Prevent Your Gazebo From Blowing Away

No matter how you secure your gazebo, in especially strong weather there is a chance that the cover or structure of your gazebo could be damaged. If you install a gazebo without drilling into concrete, your structure is at a higher risk of moving during a storm.

Follow these recommendations in inclement weather:

  • If your gazebo has side panels, close them if you know a storm is coming. The panels could prevent wind from blowing up under the roof, which can cause upward lift on the gazebo.
  • If the cover of your gazebo can be removed, take it off before big storms. The structure of your gazebo will have less surface area and need less reinforcement to prevent movement.
  • Move it. If your gazebo is light enough and not permanently attached, you can relocate your gazebo to a space that is more protected from the wind.
  • Add additional weight. If your gazebo holds up during most normal storms, but youre worried about heavy winds, add some additional weight with ropes and jugs of water, sandbags. Or, you can even tie it to adjacent trees or structures.

How To Install Metal Roofing

This article was co-authored by David Bitan. David Bitan is a roofing professional, licensed contractor, and the owner and founder of Bumble Roofing based in Southern California. With over 12 years of construction industry experience, David specializes in restoring, repairing, and maintaining residential, commercial, and industrial roofs. With over 60 years of combined experience, Bumble Roofing provides easy, friendly services to structures including residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family, and government buildings along with hospitals, hotels, and churches.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 18 testimonials and 100% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 879,258 times.

Metal roofing is becoming popular because it is durable, adds beauty, and helps reduce the energy costs for your home.XResearch source This type of roofing is available in an array of colors, textures, and styles which can suit anyone’s aesthetic preferences. Install your own metal roofing to increase efficiency and add style to your home while saving money.

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Attach The Crossbars To The Panel Posts

Have a helper assist you while you set the first crossbar onto the tops of two adjacent panel posts. Align the end holes of the crossbar with the top holes on the posts. Insert a bolt through the holes of both the crossbar and posts and then screw a nut onto the bolts. Tighten the nuts with a wrench and place a nut cap over the end of the bolt. Continue to attach the rest of the crossbars to the posts with bolts and nuts and cover the end of the bolt with a nut cap.

Types Of Metal Roofing

2013.07.01 – How to install a steel roof on gazebo

Before we get into the steps on how to install metal roofing its important to understand what types of metal roofs exist. While metal roofing can be made from a variety of metals, tin, zinc, steel, aluminum and copper are the most widely used and most commonly available options. Each metal has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as cost considerations. Steel, for example, is the least expensive option while copper is the most expensive.

In addition to material choices, metal roofing is also available in three design styles: through-fastened panels , modular panels and standing-seam panels.

  • Through-fastened corrugated metal panels are the most common and readily available type of metal roof. They can be installed over roof sheathing or purlins.
  • Modular panels, which mimic other roofing materials like asphalt shingle and tile, are also available in a wide range of colors and styles. They, too, can be installed over solid sheathing or wood battens.
  • Standing-seam panels install over solid or skip sheathing and have the most complex installation process, so are typically best left to professional roofing installers.

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