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How To Raise A Roof On A House

Some Homes Are Better Suited For This Than Others

Lifting A Roof 2 Feet – Shalimar House Remodel

The first thing you need to find out is what kind of roof structure you have, stick, or truss. Generally, if you have open space in the middle of your attic, you probably have stick framing. If not, you likely have truss framing.

A stick-framed roof with an attic has room to expand a dormer for example, might create the additional space you need. A truss-framed roof, on the other hand, doesnt have any attic space to expand youre probably going to have to raise a truss-framed roof to get more space.

And although almost any roof can be raised, the cost of raising a very large or complex roof may outweigh the benefits. From a feasibility standpoint, the best candidates for raising are gable roofs on smaller, simpler homes.

If that sounds like your house, read on.

Points To Consider When Adding A Dormer

If your house isnt a full two-stories high, chances are that some of the upstairs rooms are tucked under the slope of the roof. Walking around can lead to a sore head and a crook in the neck, plus theres the dim light and lack of a view.

If youve been thinking about turning an unfinished attic into an office, a mother-in-law apartment, or a couple of bedrooms for your growing family, youll be facing the same problems. Roof windows and skylights can help brighten up the space, but youll still have to deal with the lack of headroom and view.

You could raise the entire roof, of course, but thats a huge project. Theres the cost, the disruption while the entire upper floor is off limits, and the extended period when your house will be exposed to the elements.

How Long Will It Take To Raise Your Roof

On average, a roof-raising project takes four to six weeks from start to finish. The actual time depends on your roofs square feet, or how ready your roof or attic space is for the elevation. Furthermore, if there are minimal issues with roof restructuring, HVAC modification, plumbing, and electrical wiring installation or removal the job will have a quicker turnaround time.

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Will I Need Planning Permission For A Roof Lift

Planning permission will be required because you are changing the overall height and pitch of the roof and this does not fall within the catch-all of permitted development. There may be restrictions on the type of roofing material you are allowed to use particularly if you have a period or listed property and also the size and degree of projection of dormer windows if you choose to have them.

Choosing A Ceiling Style

Our New House: Raising Our Roof
  • 1Select a vaulted ceiling to take advantage of the available space. A vaulted ceiling is a sloped ceiling. It usually means making a triangular-shaped ceiling with the highest point in the middle, although you could also ask for a curved ceiling. It takes advantage of available attic space and requires new support beams to be installed. The result is a tall, broad ceiling that makes a room look much bigger.XResearch source
  • The work can be extensive, so a vaulted ceiling isnt possible in all homes. The shape and height of the ceiling also makes cleaning and maintaining the room a little harder.
  • 2Get a tray ceiling if you have less space to work with. In a tray design, the center part of the ceiling is higher than the rest. The surrounding ceiling leads up to the elevated center like a series of steps. It doesnt require as much work as a vaulted ceiling, so its often less expensive to create. It leads to a simple but versatile design that can make any room look a little grander.XResearch source
  • Tray ceilings fit well in rooms designed to impress guests, such as entryways and dining rooms.
  • Tray ceilings dont add as much space as vaulted ceilings. The existing ceiling also has to be about 8 ft high in order to properly raise the center.
  • Coffered ceilings are great in rooms where you dont necessarily need the highest ceiling possible to feel comfortable. Your living room or kitchen are a couple of good options.
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    What Kind Of A Roofing Contractor Should You Hire

    The importance of hiring a qualified roofing contractor cannot be understated. Whoever you choose, your roofer should be licensed, insured, and prepared to obtain all the correct permits necessary before doing work on your home.

    The more knowledgeable and experienced your contractor is, the more peace of mind you should have knowing your contractor has taken all the necessary steps to ensure your home can bear the increased load a raised roof can bring. You should also be able to relax knowing they are making sure the plans comply with municipal regulations regarding this significant endeavor.

    Always work with a roofing expert. The project will entail stripping your ceiling to the studs, demolishing the old structure to create the vaulted ceilings, rebuilding it, or just adding load-bearing walls. The type of work will finally depend on your homes structure. Most importantly, a professional will keep you from getting injured and make sure your home is safe during the process.

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    Questions You Must Ask Before Raising The Roof On A House

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    Are you planning to raise the roof line of your house? Or, are you craving dramatically high ceilings that bring a splendid touch to your place? Whatever the reason, raising the roof on a house comes with a lot of advantages and visually adds more space in your home.

    Theres something very chic about high ceilings. They can add dramatic and beautiful aesthetics to a room making your home feel more open and airy. So, if you find yourself dreaming of an elevated ceiling height, we understand your enthusiasm.

    If you live in one of those older homes with low, flat ceilings and want to change the roof architecture and design, were here to help you. Just dont start researching roof-raising contractors yet read on for some guidelines on how to raise the roof on a house.

    This article will explore important key questions and their solutions that you need to take into consideration before raising the roof on a house. These pertain to proper planning, roof-raising costs, and return on investment aka ROI among others. So, lets begin with the first one.

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    Cost To Raise Roof On A Cape Cod

    It costs between $15,000 and $125,000 and up to raise the roof on a Cape Cod-style home.

    Youll likely find its more expensive to raise the roof on a Cape Cod than a smaller or less complex house. Cape Cods roof raises are also more complicated than a home with absolutely no dormers.

    If you dont want to raise your roof, but would like an aesthetic upgrade to your house, adding a dormer is a cost effective way to do that. It professional dormer installation costs between 2,500 to $20,000.

    Tips For Making The Most Of Lower Ceilings

    Raise your building’s existing roof

    If you have met with a contractor and you find that your home is not the best candidate for having the ceiling raised, or if the renovation is cost-prohibitive, there are still options for you for modifying your low ceiling.

    • Take advantage of your homes bones. If you have your homes blueprints accessible, take a look to see if there are any beams hiding in your ceiling. Exposed beams or planks are a popular way to make the best of rooms with low ceilings, especially if you live in a historic home.
    • Add a French door. You can also change other elements in your home to open up the space instantly. Adding a french exterior door in place of a wall will create a visual interest and brighten up the space immediately. For privacy, install a pull-down shutter and cover the windows to the doors at night.
    • Use lighter colors. Another trick to create the feeling of space within a room is to use light paint colors. Bright whites or grays are popular colors, and to keep it interesting you can try out different finishes like high-gloss or matte options.

    When youre ready to start your roofing project, turn to the Modernize pros. We can help you calculate project costs and find a contractor that fits your budget.

    Find Roof Pros

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    Do You Need Planning Permission For A Roof Lift Loft Conversion

    Yes, you will need planning permission. Changing the height and pitch of the roof does not fall within permitted development rights and will require planning permission. However, most straightforward loft conversions which do not give rise to structural changes can be completed without the need to apply for planning permission.

    We Fix The Roof At The Desired Height

    When the beam is raised to the required height, a support must be erected under it. Even if you will use clay when laying openings, it is better to use mortar for building props, as it dries faster and acquires the necessary strength. The support will have to be erected at the moment when the beam rests on the raised jack, after loosening the jack, the load will immediately fall on the support freshly laid clay at this moment is likely to give a drawdown.

    Particularly difficult will be the sections of the wall where the beams lie over the window openings. You will probably want to increase the height of the windows, for this you will need to raise the lintels and fill in the voids at the moment when the beams are supported by the jacks.

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    Adding A Second Floor

    As long as weve got that crane on site, lets take the roof up a little more enough to add an entire second floor between the first floor and the roof were removing.

    Now were less concerned about the hinge, because were keeping the first floor walls the same height. Were going to add a new floor structure on top of the walls, then add new second floor walls on that.

    Finally, well build new second floor walls and lower that roof back down.

    Thats not too complicated but weve created additional structural issues to resolve first is the additional load of the new second floor on the existing first-floor walls can they handle it?

    Second is the additional load on the foundation. Chances are it can take the extra weight, but youve got to have this professionally checked out too.

    Why Raise The Roof

    Our New House: Raising Our Roof

    You might raise your home’s roof for several reasons. One common reason is to create more indoor space. When you raise the roof, you can add an extra story to the home or increase the ceiling height for an existing story.

    Another reason to raise the roof is to add dormers or to change the type of ceiling in a room. If you have conventional, flat ceilings, you can upgrade to vaulted ceilings to make your home more elegant or visually appealing. To do so, you might need to increase the roof’s height.

    Finally, some homeowners decide to raise the roof for repair reasons. If your existing roof leaks or has issues with pooling water on its surface, raising and replacing the roof can help to solve the problem.

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    Can I Raise My Garage Roof


    In short, yes. The guidelines for planning permission state that any alteration raising from the existing roof plane by more than 150 millimetres requires permission. Chances are, you want to raise your garage roof by more than 6 inches. Despite this, many homeowners decide to go for it without getting permission.

    Likewise, how much does it cost to raise a garage? A basic garage will cost around $40 per square foot. But potential upgrades can raise the price significantly.

    Keeping this in view, how much does it cost to raise the roof?

    Raising a roof is less costly than other home improvement projects and makes a dramatic difference in your home’s living space. The total average cost to raise your home’s roof could range from $15,000 to $20,000.

    Can you put a pitched roof on a garage?

    If you are considering a conversion, a pitched roof may be a better option than a flat one as you can more easily insulate and ventilate it. A garage usually doesn’t need insulation â unless it becomes a habitable room at which point, the height of the roof will become important.

    What Is A Roof Lift Loft Conversion And How Much Does It Cost

    A roof lift loft conversion is the simple answer to those who want to convert their roof space into accommodation but dont currently have the headroom. The roof on the property is removed and replaced with a taller one to increase the head height in the roof void thereby allowing the loft space to be converted into usable accommodation.

    It is hard to generalise on cost as so much depends on the size of the house and therefore the roof and also, what plans there are for the interior of the roof space once the new roof is in place. Change your original plan for a bedroom to a large kitchen or en-suite and you can easily add between £10,000 and £20,000 to your final bill. Fill out the form below to get a more accurate price from local loft conversion experts.

    The best way to figure out the cost is to look at the pricing for a whole new roof including trusses, probably somewhere between £10,000 and £20,000, the final figure dependent on your choice of roof materials and size of the house. Add to this the average cost of a loft conversion which is between £10,000 and £40,000 again depending on the interior fittings and the type of loft conversion you have, for instance, including dormer windows will increase the cost as will a mansard loft conversion. This should give you a working average for how much a roof lift loft conversion will cost. However, a new taller roof with an interior converted to accommodation will hugely increase the value of your property.

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    Raising A Roof Before And After Permissions

    A roof lift is a drastic remodeling task, so the process needs to fit a long series of codes and regulations. Before you begin, youll need planning permissions related to how your desired aesthetic fits that of your town.

    If youre adding dormers that face a major highway, those permissions might be a little harder to gain, but most applications will go through on the first try if you have the right construction partner. After youve completed your planning, youll need to make sure your lift fits construction regulations, including permission to add beams, flooring, and fire doors.

    No roof lift is the same. Every project has unique priorities, aesthetics, and returns on investment, but its best to start your journey with your wildest design goals.

    The higher your objectives, the further youll get, so this is an opportunity to set your creativity free. Your new, remodeled home will touch every aspect of your home experience, from your quality of life to your everyday living costs. Make sure it counts.

    Need help with a roofing project. Click here for a free estimate.

    More About

    Costs Of Planning And Permits For A Raising A Roof

    Raise the Roof Pt 1

    The new structure must be built properly to retain stability. This will include adding full-height studs to the wall and/or sheathing the exterior with plywood or OSB that bridges the existing wall and the new wall. This eliminates what structural engineers cause a hinge in the structure, a place where the lower wall and upper wall meet with nothing to tie them together.

    • $250-$500 | Consulting a structural engineer or architect to design the new wall system to maintain its strength
    • $85-$500+ | Having a site plan made to submit to your local building or development department or to your homeowners association to get permission or a building permit for the project. The site plan shows how your home will be modified.

    Did you know? Well-devised site plans are an integral part of any building and construction permit application process. You can get a professional site plan drafted by Use the following code: 24hplans-20off to get a 20% discount off any package. Note, the above 20% discount code is exclusive to the readers of this blog. Its not being promoted, mentioned, or advertised anywhere else.

    • $450-$1,000 | Youll need a building permit. The cost of the permit will be determined by what it covers, with construction and electrical being the most common when simply raising the height of the walls/roof.

    Cost of Removing the Roof

    Truss-framed roofs can often be separated and lifted off the home to be reinstalled after the upper floor addition is built.

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    Looks Can Be Important

    Give all the features of a shed dormer, you have to ask why it isnt the only kind we see. The answer is usually one of style. A shed dormer, particularly a small one that covers just one room or a portion of one room, often looks very out of proportion. In other cases, it might not match the period or regional style of the house. Style is also a major reason why one would choose a doghouse dormer over a gable dormer.

    There are also technical reasons why one dormer type would be more appropriate than others. Putting up a doghouse dormer that would have only tiny sidewalls would be a lot of extra effort and expense over a gable dormer. Putting up a shed dormer with too flat a roof pitch could create problems with snow or ice buildup.

    When you begin to notice all of the dormers there are around us, you realize that these are all relatively small issues compared to the problems that adding a dormer can solve. The extra headroom converts into larger and more comfortable living space. The extra light and a view add to the comfort factor, turning a room that seemed small and dark into a very enjoyable place to spend some time.


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