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How To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Removing Moss And Algae From Your Roof

How to Remove Moss from Your Roof – Step by Step Guide

A nice lush bed of vibrant green moss is quite beautiful when you come across it in the forest. You may even be inspired to use moss in your home landscapingit looks great as a ground covering, and its tempting to cover your whole yard in it just so you can walk barefoot across it any time you want.

Similarly, algae is an important part of a healthy water ecosystem, whether thats in a pond, a lake, or your aquarium at home. Some of it can even be beautiful in its own way.

These plants have their places and their uses. But you definitely dont want either of them growing on your roof. Well tell you why these little plants can be a big problem, and how you can remove them from your roofand keep them gone.

Use The Detergents Following Instructions

You will need cleaning detergents with various chemical compositions. First, ensure the components of the detergent is friendly to the tiles. It should not cause stains or corrode the shingles.

Follow the instructions on the amount of detergent to pour on the roof and how long it should stay. Most detergents remain for 15-20 minutes. Note that leaving the chemical for a long time can cause damage to the tiles.

Killing Roof Moss With Hose And Soft Brush:

The easiest way and the cheapest way to remove moss from your roof is with water and a brush having soft bristles. Here is the list of all the necessary tools you will need to complete the job.

  • Ladder
  • Eye protection and
  • Safety rope.

It is quite a risky job, but when done responsibly, you can easily remove all the moss from your roof without spending a single penny. All you have to do is target the water from the hose downward and remove the moss using a brush with soft bristles. When using the brush, dont be hard on your roof. Be gentle because your end goal is to kill the moss and not the roof.

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Use Low Pressure To Rinse

One of the reasons homeowners dont wash their shingles is to avoid loosening and sweeping them away. It happens when you use a hosepipe with a lot of pressure. When rinsing moss chemicals from the tiles, use garden hoses with low pressure.

To maintain the strength of your shingles, you can also use a pressurized spray pipe. They have little pressure to weaken the attachment area of the shingle. Also, avoid spraying water against the shingles to avoid lifting them but ensure you remove all the detergent.

Holes On The Shingles

Removing Moss from a Roof

When not cleaned, moss weakens the shingles once it creeps underneath them. Loose shingles are easily swept by water and can lead to significant leaks. The holes are also a result of rodents finding their way into the house.

Mold particles can lead to respiratory complications like allergies and more asthma attacks among your family members. Besides, the holes can lead to a complete roof replacement because they leave the current shingles weak and unrepairable.

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Use Homemade Mixture For Roof Cleaning

You can use a homemade mixture of cleaning solution to clean off algae and moss.

A mixture of half water and half bleach can help you wash away algae and moss effectively. The bleach will be strong enough to kill it off but weak enough not to damage your roof and shingles.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, its a mixture that can be put to good use. Thats because the foggy, mild weather conditions in the area can be a popular breeding ground for algae spores to grow.

But if you are applying this solution to algae and moss, you need to be careful with the pressure level settings. If you blast the solution onto your roof with too much force, you risk damaging it.

If you are removing moss, you should allow your mixture to soak on the moss for 15 to 20 minutes. After that time, scrub away the moss with a brush. This helps you be sure you are removing any and all moss residue.

After you are finished cleaning off moss , hose off your roof with water only. This way you wont have any leftover bleach traces soaking on top of your roof.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Moss On Roof Without Chemicals

Removing roof moss naturally without use harsh chemicals means you cause no harm to our beloved environment and all living things in the ecosystem. You cannot kill all the plants and animals in the environment just to eliminate moss.

Moss can be removed on the roof naturally in several ways which include the old fashioned manual way, cleaning with vinegar, changing the PH level around the moss, soft washing, blow and hand cleaning, power wash and using bleach, soap and water.

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Remove Moss From Your Roof

A green, moss-covered roof may make you think youve wandered into a fairy tale, complete with a quaint little woodcutters cottage. But, in the real world, moss, mould and lichen is much less a fantasy than it is a nightmare. Left untreated, the clumpy greenery can cause virtually any roofing material to degrademost commonly wood and asphalt, but also metal, clay, and concreteand thus drastically shorten its lifespan.Moss, mould, lichen and algae accumulate on all roofs. Those places that receive more rainfall and have sustained high levels of humidity have more moss and algae growth as the moss and algae need water to grow and multiply. The thick green growth with its shallow root system keeps the roofing materials damp for extended periods of time and this moisture promotes wood rot and can and does erode areas.WHY SHOULD YOU MOSS TREAT YOUR ROOF:Eliminates and controls moss and algae infestationsCan be applied to all types of roofs.Sanitises/cleans roof.

Hire A Roofing Company To Do The Job For You

Remove Moss From Roof | DIY | 2 Methods

As you can see, roof cleaning doesnt come without risks. Its easy to make mistakes when a homeowner lacks the training and experience to remove moss. Errors can do your roofing material more harm than good. They also put your life in danger .

We hope that this blog post has provided you with useful knowledge on roof maintenance.

Speaking of roof maintenance, our team at Straight Arrow Roofing offers roof cleaning services. We know that vegetation wreaks havoc on your roofing material .

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How To Remove Moss From Roof In 3 Easy Steps

Tuesday July 21, 2020

Having moss on your roof causes no good but harm to your roof. If you leave it not cleared for long, it will grow large and cause more damage. A roof with moss becomes weaker and loses its performance with each day the moss stays on it.

While moss is more dangerous on wood and asphalt, it also reduces the lifespan of other roofing materials, such as concrete, metal, and clay. Therefore, you must remove moss before it grows large and covers a significant area of your roof.

This article will walk you through three easy steps to clean off moss on your roof and ensure it does not come back.

Tools you will need to complete this task include:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Commercial Cleanser

What To Avoid When Removing Moss From A Roof

There is a lot of bad advice when it comes to cleaning moss from roofs. The main concern about these methods is not that they dont clean the shingles properly, but they damage them as well. Using the incorrect method of cleaning could also void the limited warranty of the roof. It is always best to consult with a professional if you arent sure how to go about cleaning or repairing your roof.

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How To Prevent Moss Growth On Roofs

Moss grows most commonly on north-facing roofs because moisture lingers without direct sun exposure. Roofs beneath tree limbs can also become mossy because of the shade and the buildup of tree debris. Trimming tree limbs back from your house so that sun can reach the roof will hinder moss growth.

In persistently mossy roof areas, you could attach strips of zinc or copper to the top of the roof. Zinc and copper molecules kill moss and algae. Special asphalt shingles that include copper offer another long-term solution to prevent moss growth. PJ Fitzpatrick has been in business since 1980. Weve provided this information about how to remove moss from roofs to help you maintain the integrity of your home. If you have any questions about the process, or need assistance, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Effective Ways To Remove Moss From Roof Shingles

Goodbye, Clingy Moss: How to Remove Moss from Your Roof ...

Moss growth can cause several issues on shingle roofs. When not removed, the clumping plants can degrade the roof material and shorten its lifespan. The good news is that removing moss growth from roof shingles is a simple task that you can perform as needed.

Homeowners who understand the process have no problem with maintaining their roofs. However, if you are not entirely clear on the procedure, this guide will explain all the steps and different methods on how to remove moss from roof shingles safely.

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What Damage Does Moss Growth Cause To Your Roof

You probably recognise moss as the green fluffy blobs that you see on walls, rocks, fences, pathways, and high up on rooftops. But do you know how it gets there?

Moss has no roots, but instead has tiny spores which become airborne and get carried by the wind, birds, or combined with organic debris carried by other small animals. So, the spores are therefore deposited anywhere.

If these seeds settle in a damp, dark or shaded place, they will start to grow into a green carpet-like mass. Once the moss has found a place to grow, such as under your roof tiles, it then spreads across the roof, and gradually eats away at the protective surface.

So, your roof tiles, shingle, and slates start to look pitted and become less waterproof. If the moss is left to grow for a long time without treatment, eventually the join between the tiles is worn away, and the tiles will start to lift. The more they lift, the more space the moss has in which to grow. And so, it continues.

All this combined means your house is more susceptible to rainwater seeping inside, causing a serious damp issue. Tiles and slates will crack and could fall off completely.

And of course, with the additional water absorbed and retained, your roof is then carrying additional weight as well.

So, not only do the moss and lichens gathering on your roof look unsightly, but as it takes time for the moss to develop into the green patches, by the time you do spot it, the damage could already be serious.

Tips On How To Prevent Moss From Growing

Now that you know how to remove mold from roof shingles, its essential to prevent them from growing again. These tips will help you achieve that.

  • Keep tree branches away from the roof as moss prefers shade
  • Clean the roof shingles and gutters regularly to remove organic materials
  • Always keep the roof shingles dry by installing proper drainage on the roof
  • Install zinc strips on the roof ridges to dissolve and kill moss growth when it rains

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Why Laundry Detergent Is Dangerous On Your Roof

Using detergent to remove moss from your roof isnt just dangerous for your shingles. It can also be dangerous for you. Moss is wet. Detergent may be dry in the box, but once it comes in contact with moss it becomes slick and slippery.

Slick and slippery is not what you want while youre up on your roof. Homeowners dumping detergent on their roof have lost their balance on that very detergent and ended up in the hospital. Some have even died.

Guide For Algae & Moss Removal On Your Roof

How to remove moss from a roof 🙂

If you live in the South, Midwest, or another region of the country that has warm, humid summers, you may have noticed stains and streaks showing up on your asphalt shingles. These stains look a lot like moldbut in fact, much of this so-called mold is actually blue-green algae . In some cases, what looks like mold might be more properly classified as moss.

In less frequent instances, the streaks on the roof actually are mold, which can be very dangerous for your family and more difficult to get rid of. The most serious mold cases can cause asthma, headaches, and other health problems, so its crucial to understand the difference.

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How Do You Clean An Asbestos Shingle Roof

Use the brush and detergent, like dishwashing liquid, to clean the surface. As Leeper put it, it is the safest manner to clean shingles. A cotton sack leaves the dirt, which is a good thing, but asbestos fibers have a much reduced risk of contamination. Tests can be conducted inside and outside of a home by a testing company.

Removing Moss With Wet & Forget Detergent

To remove moss with Wet & Forget detergent, you must first purchase this detergent and have a spray in hand to do the work. The good thing about the Wet & Forget detergent is that it doesnt have any bleach, phosphate, or non-acidic. This makes it safe to use for cleaning your roof.

Therefore, you can even spray it and leave the rain to wash away the roof and remove the moss.


  • Mix 5 parts of water to one part of Wet & Forget in a pump or garden sprayer.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands and non-slippery shoes to climb a ladder.
  • Take your ladder and climb the roof with the solution.
  • Spray the solution on the moss growth area.
  • Wait for 15 minutes for the moss to soak in the solution.
  • Gently clean the surface.
  • Once youre done, climb down the roof and leave the rain to wash away the remaining dead moss.
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    The Why And How Of Moss Removal From Your Roof

    Fran Beaulieu

    A residential roofing contractor knows what to look for when it comes to roof damage. However, the average homeowner doesn’t have the experience needed to identify potential problems. That’s why it’s important for individuals to read up on possible roofing issues and how to avoid or treat them to avoid having to pay for a roof replacement. While moss might make your home look like something out of a storybook, this nasty occurrence could indicate bad water damage along with other possible roofing issues. If you see this unwelcome green growth on your roof, here are some steps you need to take.

    Understand Roof Moss And Damage

    How to Remove Moss from a Roof

    Cracks and crevices between roof shingles provide ideal spots for moss to grow and spread. These simple plants flourish wherever moisture collects, particularly on north-facing or tree-shaded roofs. Moss doesn’t need much light or nutrition, but moisture is crucial. In humid areas prone to foggy mornings and moderate winters, a slight dusting of moss can escalate to a serious roof problem.

    Left unchecked, roof moss grows into a thick, resilient layer. Established moss acts like a sponge, soaking in moisture from below and above, and keeping your roof constantly moist. Moss creeps under shingle edges as it spreads, prying shingles loose and letting damaging moisture reach the layers below. Damage progresses from shingles to rotten underlayments and damaged framework. Health-threatening mold can develop and travel down walls to affect living areas as well.

    Untreated moss gains a foothold in crevices and cracks as it spreads.

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    The Dangers To Your Roof

    The thought of some verdant green moss peeking from the shingles of your roof may seem a quaint, maybe even charming. But its actually a sign of major trouble to come. Moss can cause the shingles to lift or curl, which makes them more likely to blow off during a storm. Moss can even force its way in between the shingles and cause them to separate, allowing water into your home. If moss is left alone too long it will grow roots into the shingles. When the moss is removed if can also remove the rocky, granulated protective surfacing from your shingles. These shingle areas will need to be replaced as the granulated surfacing protects the asphalt in your shingles from the damaging UV rays.

    Algae isnt as damaging to shingles, but it gives them a blackened, streaky discoloration that no homeowner wants to see. Algae begins as microscopic, invisible spots which quickly grown into larger problems, so its key to regularly maintain your roof to keep it from spreading.

    Both moss and algae can reduce the effectiveness of heat-reflective roofs, as theyll cover up the cooling surfaces and absorb heat. And they make roof surfaces slippery and potentially dangerous to work on, so youll want to be alert no matter what type of roof you have.


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