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How To Repair A Rubber Roof

How To Repair The Rubber Roof On Rv

How to EPDM Rubber roof repair – patch

EPDM roofs are the preferred type of RV roof by most RVers because they last longer compared to other roofs. You can use Dicor coating to cover the spot on your RV roof. However, because the EPDM roof features low maintenance, washing with soap is enough to clean off the roof.If your roof begins to deteriorate and degrade, then its time for you to repair the roof of your RV. Sealant products will not do the job if your RV roof takes too much beating to such weather conditions. The only way to revive these kinds of RV roof is by stripping off the cover and then installing a new coat.Thats why we listed the procedures on how to repair the rubber roof on RV so that you can follow the steps easily.

Let the sealant dry for some time to hug the adhesive into the rubber roof coating firmly.

Apply The Patch To A Flat Area

If you are applying a patch to a flat area , this process should be very easy. Make your patch so that it sticks about 2-3 beyond the hole in the roof, and round off the corners with scissors. Once you confirm that the primer is dry, remove the film / paper off the back of your patch and slowly apply the patch to the roof surface, making sure you do not trap any air, so that you dont create any bubbles / air pockets between the patch and rubber membrane. Work your way out from one edge of the patch to the other. Once the patch has been placed down, roll it in with the silicone roller, with moderate pressure. Make sure you roll in the edges of the patch especially well.

Diy How To Repair Skylight Curb Leak On Flat Rubber Roof

This commercial building in Elizabethtown, PA, has a flat EPDM rubber roof. Overall, its in great condition. However, the occupant is experiencing water penetration near this skylight.

The source of the leak was discovered: there is a hole in the curb of the skylights deck. Joyland Roofing Operations Manager, Kevin OConnell, takes you through the process of repairing this leak.

Kevin here with Joyland Roofing. Out here on a commercial roof in Elizabethtown. We have a skylight curb leaking so Im going to walk you through how to reflash that so that its not leaking anymore. Im going to turn this camera around so I can show you the components and the tools youre going to need to make this repair.

This is what youre going to need:

  • EPDM membrane cleaner
  • Rag to clean the roof surface
  • Uncured flashing tape
  • Scrubbing pad to apply primer
  • Seal roller to be used after the tape is applied
  • Corner seal roller to be used in the corner of the curb

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Prepare The Roof Surface

The first step in repairing an EPDM roof is to prepare the roof surface to receive the patch. EPDM has carbon contained within the membrane, and as the membrane ages, the sheet develops a carbon film that can be seen if you rub a hand across the sheet. This carbon film, as well as dirt and other oxidation, must be cleaned from the surface to ensure that the patch will stick and perform well over the long-term.

To clean the roof surface, use a cleaner that does not leave a residue. Many manufacturers recommend an all-purpose household cleaner, such as Simple Green or Spic-and-Span. Wash the patch area, cleaning well beyond the area where the patch will be applied. Use cloth rags to remove the oxidation from the surface of the EPDM and to remove all traces of moisture.

Rv Rubber Roof Repair: How To Do It Effortlessly

How to repair a rubber roof on a camper

by Alice Davis

RV rubber roofs are somewhat tricky to repair because all the other things inside RV recreational vehicles are easily accessible, whereas the roof is not.

You must have a ladder and make sure that your RV roof is strong enough to hold your weight, or you might tear it. You can use a light wooden or cardboard piece so that your weight is divided equally on the roof.

Before you go on the top of the RV rubber roof, make sure that you have a strong metal ladder and someone to hold you just in case you fall off. It is quite interesting to note that there are two kinds of RV rubber roofs.


RV Rubber Roof Repair: How to Do It Effortlessly?

One that sheds layers and is oxidized as a result of sunlight and rains. Other types of RV rubber roofs are not easily oxidized as they are aluminum coated.

If your roof is damaged and needs fixation, better do it now, or you would have to spend a lot of time and money on it. You must check your roof every three months and clear out all the accumulated dirt.

Also, keep repainting the patches where necessary. Giving the roof some time regularly and spending some money on the usual wear and tear and save from a large expense.

RV Rubber Roof Repair

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How Often Do I Need To Seal My Rv Roof

You should inspect your RV roof and the rest of the vehicle every six months to catch small problems before they become large, expensive ones. However, you don’t need to recoat the seal on your RV roof every six months. In fact, about every two to four years is ideal, depending on the kind of weather you have and the type of environment you drive through on a regular basis. Certain kinds of climates can cause more wear and tear on the roof than others. And always, after a large storm or heavy snow, inspect the roof for damage.

Rv Repair: Rubber Roof Air Bubbles Rubber Roof: Rv Repair

Answer Its normal for a rubber roof to have some air bubbles in it, but not to leak. You dont say what is the matter with your roof. It sounds like it has been leaking for quite some time. You must have me confused with another expert, beacause I have only been doing this about 5-6 months.Stop Repairing RV Roof The Last Roof Your RV.On the tipping floor, an excavator is grabbing clawfuls of trash from heaps and piling it into a spinning drum, which spreads it evenly across the conveyor.Your computer or another computer on your network is compromised with a virus. This allows online criminals to use it as part of a botnet to send spam and This website is participating in a project to stop attacks and educate visitors with infected computers about how they can clean their computers.

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Tips And Tricks: When Repairing The Rubber Roof On Rv

Here are some ideas and tips to keep in mind before conducting a repair to your RV roof.

  • Repair the defective area first always remember to find and repair the root of the problem first. Neglecting to get rid of the source before you fix the rubber roof will only cause further damage to your RV and the roof. Applying a sealant is just a temporary remedy to cover a spot on your leak.
  • Use rubber roof coating if a small leak persists in your RV roof, you should use a rubber roof coating instead to cover such a hole. You will need to clean the spot where the leak is before applying the layer. You can paint the leaking area and then let it dry for some time to cover the hole.
  • Dont use abrasive products never use harmful products to trim off a spot on your RV roof. Using harsh products to rubber roof will likely lose the resistance of the roof to weather and water. The petroleum-based cleaner is the primary type of product that degrades the quality of the rubber roof.
  • Avoid poking holes keep in mind to avoid making any spots bigger when youre repairing your RV roof. When you see a bubble spot on your roof, the safest way to fix it is to cover the place with a rubber roof coating. Dont let your habit of poking around makes matters worst on your RV roof.
  • Use butyl rubber products you should use a sealant that has a butyl rubber in it. These rubber sealants tend to cover the spot correctly.
  • Fix A Rubber Roof Leak Using Epdm Rubber Roof Seam Tape

    Flat Roof Repair using Super Silicone Seal | EPDM Rubber roof repair | Easy DIY in 5 min

    This rubber roof on a New York home was installed in 2011. Most of the work has proven durable but five years after initial work a couple of roof seams had failed, particularly where the new EPDM roof had been seamed against older EPDM sections by gluing down the EPDM to the paper surface of older insulating roof panels below.

    You can see, stuck to the under-side of the peeled-up EPDM, the wet paper coating that formed the skin of the insulating panels under the EPDM.

    That paper contamination on the new EPDM under-side means that simply gluing down this seam again wont’ be a reliable repair.

    Instead it’s necessary to clean and seal the seam using a surface-applied strip of repair material.

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    Rolling The Flashing Tape To Seal

    As I said, the corners are where it is the most critical! Thats where Im going to start rolling it is in those corners and get that to form right in there. Get it nice and tight, let it hold in there before I roll the rest. We want to make sure we get all of it seated in there really well so its going to stick.

    Anywhere that it might start to pull up, once it starts pulling up then it will keep pulling up over time. But, this tape will last a really long time. Good application on a good roof, this tape will last a good 20-30 years. Its still good to keep an eye on it. Come up and check every year just to make sure youre good and that everything was done properly to begin with, especially if there was any severe weather that could have affected it make sure it all stays sealed.

    We are going to roll it in there really good pay close attention to the edges because thats where its going to want to peel up. Im going to hit this corner again just to make sure we stay solid in there. And there ya go!

    This type of repair can be done pretty much anywhere. If you have a hole in the membrane, you can put a piece of flashing tape on there, as well. Any type of curb or penetration, there is a flashing tape for it. It doesnt mean the roof is bad, it can be repaired!

    By Step Guide To Repairing Rv Rubber Roofs Effortlessly

    Repairing RV Rubber Roofs

    Following are some steps that give you complete guidance on how to repair your RV rubber roof once you have cleaned it and have all the necessary material required.

    • Examine the patches of the roof carefully to detect the exact problem.
    • Remove the old RV coating already done over it.
    • Dispose of covers from RV air conditioner, refrigerator, and exhaust fan.
    • Detach the tv antenna, or any other device installed carefully.
    • Remove termination bars and side roof protective moldings gently.
    • Finally, remove the plywood that is damaged.

    Now all the things have been removed, and the next few steps are about the installation of the new roof material.

    • Put the new plywood in place and carefully seal it.
    • Then put another layer of plywood.
    • When it is settled, make the markings for the vent hole.
    • Now measuring the area of the roof, install the new rubber material of the roof.
    • Make sure that the new rubber coating is fitted just in the right place.
    • In the end, apply the sealant so that the roof is permanently fixed in place.
    • Once the sealant is dried, your brand-new RV rubber roof is ready.

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    How To Repair Aluminum Rv Roof

    Have a metal roof on your RV? Heres how to seal and repair their punctures.

    Resealing aluminum RV roofs

    For aluminum and other metal RV roofs, resealing is done with a special coating designed for the material, such as Dicors Metal RV roof coating. This forms a rubber-like top layer and is resistant to mildew and rust.

    Of course, you wouldnt apply a thick white coating to a rounded metal RV like an Airstream. For these , sealing joints and rivets with a caulking gun is essential.

    Repairing punctures or tears

    Depending on the size of the puncture, you may be able to repair your metal roof with a peel and stick patch. Make sure to buy one that is designed for metal roofs, as the adhesive formula is a little different. Simply clean the area, stick the patch over it, and roll out air bubbles with a small roller.

    For more significant damages, the best way to repair a metal roof is by replacing the metal panel, which is a process that will vary depending on your particular RV.

    Inspect The Roof For Damage


    You want to take your time with this step. Inspect the roof thoroughly for signs of damage. Start with the surface area after its clean and dry and then move on to the seams.

    Assess the type of damage on your roof. This will determine what action you should take going forward. If you just need to seal the roof in some areas, the job is quick and simple.

    If you have to repair structural damage, it will take more time and care.

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    How To Repair Rubber Rv Roof

    There are three main types of repairs that you may come across: applying a sealant to the roof, resealing joints, and patching holes and tears.

    Applying sealant to the roof

    If your EPDM or TPO rubber roof is looking chalky or flaky, its likely due for a fresh coat of sealant. Over time, the top layer protective coating breaks down, leaving your roof more susceptible to leaks and UV damage.

    Reapplying sealant isnt too difficult. When purchasing the rubber roof coating or sealant, be sure to have your RV measurements in mind so you get the right amount. After cleaning the entire roof and letting it dry, you can coat the roof with a roller, much like you would with paint.

    Be sure to read and follow the proper prep instructions detailed on the sealant container.

    Resealing joints

    More often, RV owners have issues with leaks around edges or joints rather than through the membrane itself. Antennas, screws, vents, A/C units, and other rooftop protrusions have sealed seams that are prone to cracking and peeling, allowing water to seep in.

    Joint reseals can be done with a tube of self-leveling sealants. Simply follow the prep instructions on the bottle, and caulk around the joints. Even if there is no obvious damage, resealing joints periodically is one of the best ways to prevent leaks from happening.

    Patching a hole or tear

    Replacing an RV rubber roof

  • First, take off all of the rooftop objects like the A/C, vents, etc.
  • Reinstall the rooftop objects.
  • Diy Rubber Roof Repair Learning To Fix Your Flat Roof

    DIY EPDM Repair How-to Guide:

    In this guide, we cover the newer method of rubber roof repair, using Peel & Stick + EPDM Primer method, which offers much better results than the older method of using splice adhesive.

    However, there might be a complicated repair situation on your roof that goes beyond the scope of this DIY guide. These are rare however, and most people should be able to completer their rubber roof repair themselves.

    You can do the repair yourself, saving hundreds of dollars, and avoiding shady, unqualified contractors. Here is how to do it:

    You can source the materials and tools from local suppliers , or use this DIY Rubber Roof Repair Kit, specially designed for DIY homeowners, small businesses, maintenance personal, etc.

    Here is what a rubber roof repair looks like on a real roof not in perfect factory conditions

    With all our experience with flat and rubber roofing, even we sometimes run into these complex and unforeseen scenarios, which take considerably more time and flashing materials than we had initially anticipated, and basically test our skills in flat roof repair.

    We find that such cases are beyond the skill and knowledge level of most roofers and even advanced DIY homeowners. If you feel that your roof has one of these complicated cases, we recommend that you hire a professional to fix your rubber roof.

    See costs in your areaStart Here – Enter Your Zip Code

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    How To Repair A Epdm Rubber Roof

    EPDM Rubber Roofs can be easily repaired with the right material and some know how. Follow the steps below to make quality and lastly repairs to your rubber roof.

    Here are the following items you will need:


  • Rubber Roof Cleaner Splice Wash
  • Rubber Roof Primer
  • Rubber Roof uncured peel & stick flashing
  • Rubber Roofing Lap sealant
  • Clean cotton rags or towel
  • small bucket
  • Brush to apply primer
  • Step 1

    Thoroughly clean the area to be repaired. Begin by sweeping up dirt and other debris. If the roof is ballasted, move the rock away from the area carefully so not to make any punctures or tears in the rubber material. Once area is free of any debris or dirt, use the rubber roofing splice wash or approved rubber roofing cleaner with cotton rags or sponge to whip down area. Allow 1-30 minutes for the cleaner to completely dry.

    Step 2

    Apply the rubber roofing primer to area that is to receive the patch. Use the brush to apply the primer. You dont want to apply so much that the primer puddles but you do want the area completely covered. The rubber roofing will turn dark black when covered with the primer. While the rubber roof primer is drying the primer will brome tacky to apply the patch cut the patch for the size that you need while the primer dries.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Once the uncured flashing is applied to the EPDM rubber, cover the edge of the flashing with a thick bead of rubber roofing lap sealant.


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