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How To Repair Roof Decking

Should The Roof Deck Be Replaced Too When Getting New Shingles

How to Remove, Repair, Level, and Replace Plywood or OSB Roof Decking

If youre replacing old shingles, you might want to have your roof deck replaced at the same time as well. For example, if you are dealing with loose or missing shingles, water has likely seeped into your decking, compromising its quality. With this in mind, it would be best to change your roof deck too so that you can avoid roof deck damage and rot. If you replace your shingles without changing the roof deck, you might find yourself calling up your roofer again to deal with roof decking damage and end up doubling your roofing expenses.

How To Repair Trex Decking

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If you notice a scratch or damaged area on your Trex decking, fret not! If you have a small scratch or chip, use a composite deck repair kit. If you have a larger scratch, dent, or dings, it is best to replace the entire board. With a few tools, you can easily repair your deck and enjoy your patio.

How Do You Need If Your Deck Needs Replacement

Your roofs worst enemy is water. Once it penetrates the system, it can cause rot and other water-related damage. Youll know that your roof decking needs replacement if there are leaks and dark stains on your interior walls and ceiling. A sagging ceiling and roofline also indicate your decking has damage. Other signs of deck problems include higher energy bills and damage around flashing or chimneys.

Is there mold or mildew in your attic? The presence of these harmful microorganisms can be due to a damaged decking. It is a good idea to contact a local roofing contractor for an inspection. Mold does not only cause stains on your ceiling and walls but also affects your indoor air quality. It can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks as well.

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Can I Install Vinyl Over Fiberglass Decking

Vinyl decking is a PVC sheet membrane, but it its not recommended to install it over anything other than properly prepared plywood or concrete. Applying vinyl over fiberglass decking increases the chance of damaged fiberglass piercing the membrane and compromising its waterproofing capabilities.

While its tempting to take a shortcut and apply vinyl directly over fiberglass decking, there is a more laborious proper method of installation. Generally, when installing vinyl decking where a fiberglass deck previously was, the most time and cost effective practice is to remove the fiberglass with the plywood substrate. Then you can replace with new plywood and ensure that the substrate will be able to outlast the new waterproofing membrane.

Emergency Leaking Roof Fixes

Missing Shingles on Peachtree City Roof

When your roof leaks it is a big problem during any kind of weather. But it is a much bigger emergency if theres a heavy rainstorm. The heavy rainfall can quickly exploit what was a small hole and turn it into a nightmare inside your home. Water will quickly seep into sheetrock walls causing it to crumble and soak insulation. Time is of the essence if you want to avoid costly damages to your home.

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What Causes Roof Decking To Rot

Water is your roofs number one enemy. Since roof decking is made from wood and wood composites, it is particularly susceptible to rotting and water damage when continuously exposed to sustained or excess moisture.

Water seeps into your roofing system in many different ways. Old and worn out roofing shingles, overflowing roof gutters or spouts, torn flashing around chimneys, ice dams or snow accumulation during the winter season, excessive humidity and rising heat in the attic, and inadequate roof ventilation can all allow water and moisture to slowly make its way into your roofing system and lead to rotted roof decking.

Not repairing a leak as soon as you notice it can lead to mold, damage to the structure of your home, water damage, and even fire if water comes in contact with electrical wiring, Carlos de León, vice president of the León Group, told Realtor.com.

Things Homeowners Need To Know About Roof Decking

Chances are, the shingles on your roof were attached on top of a plywood base. Sometimes referred to as roof sheathing or a roof deck, this plywood acts as a foundation for the layers of underlay and the shingles on your roof and connects the roof to the frame of the house. Even though it isnt visible, it is very important to the structure of your home.

Unfortunately, because the roof sheathing isnt normally visible, damage can go unnoticed by homeowners. By the time youre aware of the problem, catastrophic repairs can be expensive. However, by being proactive, you can save your home from the same fate. Continue reading to learn the importance of inspecting your roofs plywood base, and the warning signs that it may be time to replace it.

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Measure The Repair Area And Cut A Patch

Cut the chosen sheet metal to a size that matches the area to be patched. The sheet metal patch should overlap onto the metal panel at least 2 inches past the edges of the damaged area. After the sheet metal patch has been cut and fit to size, round the corners of the patch with a file or emery cloth to prevent any sharp corners from becoming a catching spot for snow or ice.

Once the patch has been measured, place it over the hole being repaired. Take a pencil and outline the patch onto the roofing. Remove the patch and examine the outline to make sure the patch will overlap by at least 2 inches in all directions past the edges of the damaged area.

How Can I Tell If I Need To Replace My Decking

Roof Decking Repair | Replace rotted sheathing | Denver Roofers

Water is your roof deckings nemesis. If it gets damaged, its usually because of rain or snow and water-related rot. Some of the signs your roof decking may be damaged include:

  • A leaky roof.
  • Mold or mildew in the attic.
  • Damage around flashing or chimneys.
  • Significant changes in heating or cooling bills.

If you think you have damage to your decking, its best to call a professional roofing company for an inspection. You dont want to put yourself at risk by getting on a roof with potential structural damage. However, you can take a preliminary look without getting on your roof. Check the attic for any damage visible from the inside, and see if you can spot any visible damage from the ground. Then call a trusted roofer to take a closer look.

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Cost Of Roof Inspection

Having a roof inspection done helps to identify potential issues, provides solutions on what needs fixing, determines the condition and lifespan of your roof, and can help you keep your roof in good condition. As previously mentioned, its recommended that you have an inspection done twice a year, or after a major storm, to help you get ahead of problems before they become large or expensive.

Not to mention, a roof inspection will help determine whether your roof sheathing is damaged, rotted, and needs to be replaced. The average cost for a roof inspection is between $100 and $600, with most homeowners paying around $350 for both an internal and external inspection on a 1,500 square foot sloped roof. The actual price that you pay for a roof inspection varies based on the size, material, pitch, and condition of your roof.

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Should I Replace My Decking When I Get New Shingles

If youre getting new shingles, it doesnt always mean you need to replace your decking. But it often makes sense to replace them at the same time. If you have loose or missing shingles, water may be getting onto your decking, which can lead to damage and rot. Your roofer needs a solid base on which to install the shingles, so getting the work done together can make the most sense. If you decide to replace both shingles and decking, talk with your roofing company about new options in weatherproofing materials for installation between decking and shingles. We now have terrific new materials that let moisture out of the attic while providing an extra layer of protection from the elements.

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Composite Laminate And Architectural Shingles Repair

Minor composite roofing repairs cost $200 to $300 per square for roof-over installations or replacing some shingles. Composite, laminated, or architectural shingle replacement costs $350 to $1,000 per square, depending on the material quality.

Composite roofing repair cost
  • Shingles are easy to replace individually.
  • Requires replacement when the stone granules begin to come off.
  • Prone to damage from high winds and can lose entire sections.
  • Lightweight shingles can lift, allowing water underneath.
  • Composite or synthetic shingles are suitable patching materials when other roofing is unavailable.

A Solid Roof Deck: Without It Your Roof Will Fail

Wood Rot Prevention &  Repair

Sep 26, 2018 | Residential Roofing |

Homeowners often ask, Cant we save some money by just adding a second layer of shingles? Even though a roof overlay would save some of the labor costs of tearing off existing roof shingles, it makes us miss one of the most vital details of a roof replacement inspecting the roof deck.

A roof deck inspection is an essential step but many companies dont do it. You wouldnt believe how many times Ive driven past a roof getting replaced, where they even tore the shingles off but left the old underlayment over the roof deck. If contractors wont tear-off the roof completely, down to the bare wood, they miss the deck inspection. This leads us to askwhat problems might be lurking beneath the roof?

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Problem : Cost Vs Scope Of Damage

The cost to fix these issues depends largely on the scope of the damage.

However, an average roofing repair costs between $300 to $1,000a lot less than a total replacement. When it comes to extending your roofs lifespan, seeking out and fixing problems early is the best way to go.

Some roofers will suggest that you get a full replacement rather than fix the damaged spot to drive up the price of the job. While an honest roofer wont pad the project, its a good idea to get multiple estimates before going forward. With two or three opinions, youll have a better estimate of exactly how much your roofing repair should cost.

Additionally, dont be afraid to ask your roof contractor for references. That way you can talk to past clients and gauge how good or bad their experience was.

Budgeting For A Roofing Surprise

There are different kinds of surprises in life. Receiving an unexpected compliment? Good. Finding out your roof needs structural repairs? Not so good. The trouble with roofs is that problems arent always obvious from the ground. Sometimes a roofer or inspector has to get up on a roofor even tear off the shingles and asphaltbefore they can fully diagnose problems. And by that time, you may already be committed for several thousand dollars of work. If you dont have a roofing emergency budget, this could be a major blow to your personal savings.

Like most home improvement projects, roof replacements and repairs go best when you prepare for the worst and expect the bestat least budget-wise. Here are a couple of common roofing surprises, and what theyll cost you to fix.

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Problem : Storm Damage

While youll probably notice if a branch or other debris piles onto your roof, hail damage can be much more insidious. With 4,610 hail events in the U.S. in 2018, the states most susceptible are Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota. Shingles and panels are almost always replaced entirely rather than patched up, making the cost of hail damaged roof replacement higher.

Depending on the area in which you live, materials used and contractor, you can expect to pay between $400 and $800 per every 100 square feet for roof repair and replacement. If you end up needing a full roof replacement, it could cost you between $7,500 and $15,000 for the average home size and roofing style. You can check for a more exact estimate using an online roofing calculator.

Your roof shingles are probably rated to protect your roof from the worst hail damagebut small hailstones can still cause problems. Tiny holes in your roof can expose your underlayment to rain and other moisture, which will cause mold, rot, and leaks. An inspector can spot hail damage right away, so you can get your insurance on the case to repair or replace your roof. A claim thats filed too long after the initial weather event may not be covered by insurance.

Complete Deck Replacement Is Not Always Needed

Using 3/4″ plywood to repair old roof deck

By viewing the underside of the deck a roofer can assess its condition. Otherwise, he has to wait until the shingles are off to find sections that need replacement. Roof leaks and bends in your roof can signal the need for deck replacement. Most often, a few sheets will need replacement due to weakness or rot/water damage. It is rare for a residential roof replacement expert to replace a complete deck.

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Home Equity Line Of Credit

Also known as HELOC, a home equity line of credit requires a certain percentage of built up home equity to use. Home equity lines of credit are secured by your home, making them risky in the fact that if you dont make payments on time you could lose your house. Once you have secured a line of credit, youll get a card from your bank that works similar to a credit card with a revolving amount of credit. Youre borrowing against what youve already paid into your property when you use a home equity line of credit.

Depending on your lender, you can opt for either a fixed or variable interest rate for a home equity line of credit. With a fixed rate, your monthly payments wont be subject to change. With a variable rate, payments will change with your balance and fluctuating interest rates.

Lenders typically look at the following to determine if youre eligible for a home equity line of credit:

Paint The Patch To Match The Roof

If desired, the surface of the patch can be painted to match the color of the metal roof panels. To do this, lightly wire-brush the surface of the metal patch and the metal panel just past the edges of the patch. Paint over the surface of the patch and onto the surface of the underlying panel. It may be necessary to wait for the sealant to fully cure before it will accept paint. Also, confirm that the paint is compatible with the sealant you used.

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How To Remove Repair Level & Replace Plywood Or Osb Roof Decking

Repairing an old roof deck is pivotal in the long term performance and appearance of your roofing system, especially a standing seam metal roof.

Today on the Metal Roofing Channel, Matt Lane from Metal Construction Solutions & Installations demonstrates how to remove old rotted plywood, how to level large sections of decking, and how to install new sheathing. A flat deck is your first defense against oil canning, and this video will give you the knowledge you need to get the job done right!

Please note the installation details and methods shown in this video are for reference only. Sheffield Metals recommends following their published installation details or for WTW projects following the required details issued and marked approved for that specific project.

Do I Have To Replace Damaged Decking

Minneapolis Home Inspections: Top 20 Home Inspection ...

If you are getting a new roof, while you may not necessarily need to have the plywood decking replaced, you should have it carefully inspected by a qualified roofing contractor. The inspection should take place when the old shingles have been removed.

While the added cost of replacing plywood can be expensive, it will still be far less expensive than the problems that rotting or leaking sheathing will cause. Its best to absorb the cost now to save money and prevent damage down the road.

When considering a contractor for your project, be sure to address the subject of plywood replacement, and what the cost per plank will be. You want no surprises going into your project.

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Dont Waste $1000s By Saving A Few Hundred

I have been in the flat roofing business for 15 years and I can provide 100s more proof photos. The choice is yours: save a few hundred now, and pay thousands later, or get the best deck material that you can.

Ive seen too many failed rubber roofs to even mention it as a viable choice. Sure there will be roofers that swear by rubber, and will tell you that after installing it for 50 years they never had leaks. Its simply not true, because ANY glued field seam will break down and begin to leak. And it happens to all rubber roofs at 7-10 years mark and much sooner, if it was a hack job.

My recommendation is to go with quality PVC material. You can choose TPO, but you may not get heat welded seams, which will result in the same problems that we have with rubber.

Keep in mind that an IB deck, which is my personal favorite, is not the only quality PVC option. There is also Sarnafil and FiberTite but the latter two are strictly commercial products, as they dont have residential warranty.

Besides issues we discussed that are specific to rubber roofing, the main cause of ANY leak is sub-par installation. So be sure to hire only a pro who specializes in flat roofs otherwise you will be dealing with repairs.


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