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What Are The Best Roofing Shoes

Timberland Pro Mens Wedge Sole 6 Boot

The Best Roofing shoes to walk on steep roofs , gotta know this secret …watch this!

With its unique wedge sole and strong tread design, these boots from Timberland can serve you well as you work. The rubber sole is slip and oil resistant. The exterior of the boots are also resistant to abrasions.

Theyre made from durable full-grain leather. On the back of the boots is a leather pull. This allows you to slip the boots on comfortably at a moments notice.

Inside is a rigid EVA midsole. It supports your arch as you work and helps to reduce fatigue once you get off.

Do Roofers Need Safety Toe Caps

Most work boot brands offer safety toe caps. Toe caps are made from steel, alloy or other composite materials and protect your feet from cuts and crush injuries. But do boots for roofing really need safety toe caps?

Actually, as most toe caps are made from steel or alloy they are not compatible with roofing work, due to the risk of electrical hazards. Steel and alloy toe caps are also heavy and can make roofers more clumsy when working at height. Composite toe caps are a better option.

Made from plastic or carbon fiber, these toe caps are lightweight although still a little bulky. Generally, roofers do not recommend wearing boots with a full safety toe cap. Roofing work boots with a good quality leather upper or an added layer of rubber over the toe section of the shoe usually suffice for roofing tasks.

What Is A Pair Of Metal Roofing Shoes

Metal roofing shoes or roofing shoes are a type of footwear that has been intricately designed and developed for roofing repair, installation, and maintenance. All activities done on top of the roof can be dangerous and risky. For this reason, footwear companies have come up with a workaround to help roofers remain productive and efficient at work while minimizing the risks of potential injuries.

Metal roofing shoes differ from other types of outdoor shoes through their features. The features present in every product can be an indicator of how well shoes for metal roofing are made. For buyers, these are factors that they need to consider when buying. But for footwear companies, these are their selling points!

A pair of shoes for metal roofs exist to optimize productivity and safety. Therefore, high-quality metal roof shoes should promise to provide a firm grip on the surface. It should also work on various types of surfaces, like metal, wood, and textiles. Whatever the brand is, the shoes you purchase must have all the features you need.

For example, if you often work in wet environments, you should consider roofing shoes with a breathable mesh. This provides more room for your feet to move and allows more air to flow, and prevent moisture build-up. Keeping your feet dry can also prevent having smelly feet. So, it really boosts confidence!

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Best Boots For Roofing

There are plenty of jobs that require you to be extremely cautious about where you step but most of them pale in comparison to the industry of roofing. The job comes with high risks every day, it exposes you to uncertain situations. Along with the hazards related to constructions jobs, one big concern of roofers is that their workplace is at least 10-12 feet off the ground. One misstep can lead to significant injuries.

A steep slope, leaves, small stones, scattered tools, wet floor, and even the loss of balance due to some kind of distraction could cause you to trip and fall off from the roof you are working on, resulting in dangerous consequences. When it comes to lines of defense against potential injuries, one of your best options is quality footwear. You need to invest in footwear specially designed and manufactured to target the particular obstacles youll be facing. It should allow you to work confidently under all circumstances.

You should invest in a pair of boots that provide you with ample comfort, snug support, and help you enhance your job performance. With so many brands and models available in the market, it might seem like a tall order. Therefore, after careful considerations and conducting extensive researches, weve prepared a mini-guide to help you with the process.

Cheap Pick: Vans Skate Shoes

22 Best Roofing Shoes &  Boots in 2021 (slip

We had to insert a budget choice into our list.

We chose Vans because they seemed to be extremely popular among roofers and they provide a due to the rubberized outsole.

However, dont expect much in terms of durability and ankle support. They wear out pretty fast, and youll have to buy a new pair every week or month.

Like other cheap roofing shoes, they are good to wear if you have a limited budget and you dont spend 12 hours on the roofs every day.

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Ever Boots Ultra Dry Roofer Boots

If youre looking for some cheap roofing shoes without wanting to compromise on quality, then these EVER BOOTS Ultra Dry Roofer Boots might just be the way to go! They perform extremely well on all kinds of roof including metal surfaces. The tread pattern on these shoes provides shock-absorbing qualities and on the arch and heel of your foot along with superior traction. This pattern also creates flex points that allow better and more flexible movement as compared to other work boots.

The Ultra Dry boots are made with quality leather, making them entirely waterproof. They also use a Seal-Direct Attached Construction that forms a weather-proof, superior bond to the uppers. Some additional features include rubber sole, the waterproof membrane that creates an impenetrable barrier from liquids and allows moisture generated by the foot to escape, and the mesh insulated liner that wicks moisture and sweat this enhances the breathability factor and keeps your feet fresh and dry.

Pros of EVER BOOTS Ultra Dry Roofer Boots

  • Waterproof full-grain leather upper

Wolverine Waterproof Work Boot

This is one of the best roofing shoes available in the market. It is 100% leather with premium textile excellent materials which made then a good buy. The shoe has a rubber sole with an excellent grip. It also has a shaft that measures about 5 from arch making sure to provide ankle support so that you dont twist your ankle. This shoe ensures lighter-weight and proper fitness with its carbon max toe-cap. Unlike uncomfortable shoes that pinch on various parts, the Wolverine waterproof shoe is well-cushioned, offering comfort and best performance.

This shoe is also perfect for roofing because it is able to bend and flex at essential points for maximum performance. It does this with its motion max technology and contours. It is waterproof, yet breathable. This makes sure your feet are dry, healthy, and receiving adequate oxygen supply in any work condition.

What We Like:

  • Excellent grip, and traction to prevent ankle twist.

What We Didnt Like:

  • Sole might not last long.

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Korkers Unisex Overshoe Sandal

One of the most popular and best shoes for metal roofing is this American-branded footwear, also known as the Overshoes. It is called overshoes because it is NOT a pair of shoes, rather a system that fastens another pair of boots.

Remarkably smart, these best metal roofing shoes feature a strap system , quick-release buckle , and 3 types of outsoles to choose from.

With this product, you can choose which outsole to wear on a given day. For example, I use the soft foam sole when installing metal roofs on rainy days or on wet surfaces as it has a strong, sticky grip that prevents me from falling. But if for walking on asphalt roofs, I deem it best to wear the Medium Density Composition Sole instead.

The spiked soles, on the other hand, are best used when walking on slippery and wet wood roofs. I like this because unlike other types of spiked soles, they have rubber spikes, which are not sharp enough to cause damage to the wood yet give a strong traction.

  • A strap system for easy adjustment
  • A quick-release buckle for maximum safety
  • Features a soft foam sole for slippery metal roofs
  • Medium density composition sole for walking on asphalt roofs and surfaces
  • Rubber spiked soles for slippery wood roofs
  • Some types of outsoles are purchased separately

Top 15 Best Shoes For Roofing Work And Metal Roof Reviews 2021

Best Roofing Shoes | Cougar Paws

Are you looking for some footwear for roofing? This list of the best shoes for roofing with dedicated design and functions will help to save your time in searching.

Have you ever seen contractors or roofers doing some roofing works and wondered what type of footwear they use to do such tasks? Of course many will say that traditional shoes or regular boots are not enough. They have the dedicated types of footwear that feature specific design and functions for the roofing works. And, if you are going to do roofing work yourself, for your safety and work performance, it is essential to have on one pair of shoes for roofing.

When choosing the appropriate shoes or boots for roofing, you should keep in mind that the footwear has to come up to work requirements or adapt to roof surfaces well. A good skate or sneaker safety footwear with water-resistant and slip-resistant support is your best choice. In general, footwear for roofing has to ensure safety and feature some vital functions like excellent traction and dedicated tread design to support the work on the proof or warehourse work effectively.

So if you havent found the suitable roofing shoes for you or someone who needs, take a look at the list of 15 best shoes for roofing I have made in this article so that you can determine your choice. Bonus the buying guide and FAQ parts at the end to assist you in the process of picking products. Are you ready? Lets get started!

  • Boots squeak
  • Stitching is not firm

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Thorogood 6 Soft Moc Toe Boots

The supportive cushioning and the tough leather construction of these boots make it one of the best professional options on the market. These features allow your feet to be comfortable and its superior quality makes the model very popular among roofers. The uppers are manufactured with oil-tanned full-grain leather, which is the highest quality of leather you can find. The traditional lace-up work boots completed with metal eyelets and hooks provide a sturdy and comfortable fit.

While the full-grain provides durability and ruggedness, the cotton drill vamp lining adds to the breathability of the footwear. The removable, dual-density Ultimate Shock Absorption insert with Poron® 4000 comfort cushion provides superior comfort all day long. With the polyurethane wedge, you get all the traction you need on the steepest of slopes. It is durable yet soft, flexible and doesnt wear off easily. The engineered composite shank also offers excellent stability and support.

Pros of Thorogood 6 Soft Moc Toe Boots

  • Tough leather construction

Chippewa Plain Toe Boot

Superior design and comfort

Georgia boots are a classic choice. Youll benefit from Goodyear Welt construction with strong stitching allowing you to resole the boots without compromising the uppers.

The upper material is 100% SPR leather which stands for Soft, Premium, Comfortable.

The rubber outsole is designed for slip resistance and it is almost flat giving good stability and extra balance.

The reviews are mostly positive and they fit as expected.

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Merrell Mens Moab Ventilator Hiking/ Roofing Shoe

Merrell really mastered it with these hiking shoes that happen to be a great alternative for anyone looking for something besides specialised boots for roofing. The fact that they come equipped with durable Vibram soles, lined with deep, aggressive tread, is a good start which makes them also roofing shoes.

Durable leather and a waterproof mesh upper are completed with a cushioned foam tongue that helps to keep debris out. Rubber toe caps and heel bumpers give these roofing shoes greatly increased durability where they need it most, and their resistant rubber outsole sits beneath an air cushion in the heel, intended to absorb shocks and add stability.

Inside, a molded footbed with additional heel and arch support, along with a built in shank, makes these some of the most comfortable roofing shoes you could have on your feet while youre scaling roofs. If youre in the market for shoes instead of boots, we highly recommend these.

What we like about these roofing shoes:

  • Keep your feet cool all day
  • Comfort padding provides ankle support
  • Durability in harsh environments

What we dont like about these roofing shoes:

  • Insoles prone to wearing out
  • Outsole can scuff easily

Why Do You Need Shoes For Metal Roofing

22 Best Roofing Shoes &  Boots in 2021 (slip

It is a perfect question that needs detailed answers. There are different reasons why you need roofing shoes for metal roofing. One reason is to ensure protection for the roofers feet. Our feet are one of the most useful parts of the body, yet it is also sensitive to scratches, burns, and strains. What better way to protect them in a harsh environment than to wear high-quality shoes fit for it?

Since roofers need their feet to perform repair, installation, and maintenance, they simply cannot afford to make any risks. Another particular reason is for comfort. Roofers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. They need the perfect pair to offer proper traction on metal roof that can offer extra cushioning for the bones and nerves inside. If there is proper support, then comfort follows.

Besides comfort, all roofers are concerned about their own safety and security when working on top. Unlike other outdoor shoes, these roofing shoes have safety rubber soles that enable the shoes to have a strong grip on the surface, preventing slips and falls. This way, roofers can move their feet freely without letting gravity obstruct their work.

Danger builds fear and intimidation. When one is not confident enough to do their work, the result wont be what they expected it to be. That is why roofers need metal roofing shoes to ensure they are safe and protected throughout their work.

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Dmitrys Take On The Best Shoes For Roofing

Recently, Dmitry Lipinskiy, Founder, and CEO of Roofing Insights reviews three common shoes on the market, Cougar Paws, Reebok Cross-Fit, and Nike Running shoes. The review was to dissuade roofers who wear common shoes on the roof. The test was not necessarily comparing them to worksites because they do not all fall within the same category.

For instance, Cougar Paws are developed for worksites, specifically for roofing houses while Nike is for running. But most roofers use the running shoes instead of shoes meant for roofing. Dmitry reviews the three shoes and concludes that Cougar Paws feel safest but less comfortable regarding cushion. Nike feels lighter but not as safe on the roof. Reebok Cross-Fit feels better than Nike, firmer on the roof, and comfortable, but not as safe as Cougar Paws. Roofers who want to be safer on the roof, should invest in Cougar Paws.

Best Skate Shoes For Roofing: Vans Unisex Old Skool Shoe

  • Insoles are not removable
  • Not suitable for severe conditions

Stylish skate shoes can also make it the best shoes for roofing in case you are looking for some alternatives to those bulky work boots. These original Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes are the choice of many people who want some comfortable footwear to do roofing works in mild conditions. Even though these Vans do not feature rugged look like other types of roofing boots, they can provide all the things you need for magnificent job performance such as durability, high traction, breathability, comfort, etc.

The uppers of Vans Old Skool use high-quality materials for skating use to make, which ensure the abrasion-resistance and long-lasting wear. As these shoes come with plenty of colors and upper materials, you can choose ones that are suitable for your preferences. Whatever the option is, these shoes can bring the best breathability and extra padding with padded tongue and collars to make you feel comfy and cushioned for a long time.

One of the vital features of the best shoes for roofing is high traction. These Vans Old Skool with waffle traction pattern will provide the excellent grips that make them stick onto the slippery roofing surfaces for secure work experience.

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Finding The Best Roofing Footwear

While many jobs require you to be wary about where you step, most pale in comparison to the roofing industry. Its a high-risk job that puts you in precarious situations every day.

Not only do you have to worry about the usual hazards associated with construction jobs, but your workplace environment is at least 10 feet off the ground.

One misstep can cause you to fall off the roof and experience significant injury. If you happen to be working in inclement weather conditions, that risk rises exponentially.

One of your best lines of defense against possible injury is quality footwear. The right pair of work boots or shoes can help you stay stable and protected from a variety of hazards.

With that being said, ordinary work footwear just wont cut it. You need to invest in footwear thats designed to target the unique obstacles youll be facing. Your footwear should give you the ability to work confidently no matter what. While it may seem like a tall order, here are some of the best footwear options for roofers.

Why Do You Need Work Boots For Roofing

Best Roofing Shoes for roofers: Reebok nano and Nike Metcon

Roofing is no easy feat, especially when the roofs are steep, slippery, and made of metal. Your ordinary sneakers and sandals wont be able to handle holding on to roofs like those. You wouldnt run with flip-flops on, would you? Its the same with roofingyou need the appropriate gear to protect your feet and do your work efficiently.

Thats why you need special work boots customized for roofers, builders, and handymen like you. These non slip shoes for metal roofing are tailor-made for your housework because they have a firm grip on roof surfaces. That means you wont have to face any accidents, falls, or impacts.

Work boots are also important because they support your feet and give you good footing to prevent sprains and twisted ankles. Many metal roofing shoes offer arch, heel, and ankle support.

This is to make sure that even when your feet bend while standing on a very steep roof, they are comfortable and relaxed, never tense and prone to injury.

In a nutshell, work boots are important when you do roofing work because any other type of footwear might hurt you or cause you to do a bad job with your tasks. You need to get a high-quality, durable pair of these boots to do your work properly.

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