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What Different Types Of Roofs Are There

Ultimate Guide On Types Of Roofs And Roof Shingles For Homes

Structure Roof Types Residential and Commercial Co

Choosing the right type of roof can be more difficult than most people could imagine, when building a new house or retrofitting an existing home. Roofs not only serve the basic purpose of safeguarding a house and its occupants, but they also play a crucial role in defining the general outlook and design of a house. On top of this, roofs can also create an extra living space in the house, while aslo making a home look more durable, weatherproof and energy efficient.

What Is The Best Metal For Roofing

While there isnt one best type, you can find the one that works best for you by conducting your research and consulting with the experts. Each one has its own advantages, but theyre all fantastic choices, so for many people, it simply comes down to cost.

We can give you a better answer when you speak to one of our crew members in person. Your home exterior is a personal thing, which is why its so much fun to build something so unique. Give it your own personality and your own personal touch!

Different Types Of Roofs You Can Choose For Your Home

What is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect to a home? The roof, of course! Your roof is vital because it protects everything underneath from the weather elements. Not only does your roof keep you protected, but it can also add style to your home. You may just think that there is only one type of roof but there are many different styles and gradations of each. Lets explore five different types of roofs for your home.

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Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof

Composite shingle roofing is the most popular of all roofing materials, found on more than 80 percent of all homes. Composite shingles use either an organic or fiberglass base that is saturated with asphalt, coated on the bottom side with asphalt, and the exposed surface impregnated with small chips of slate, schist, quartz, or ceramic granules.

The vast popularity of shingles owes to the relatively low cost, easy installation, and decent life expectancy. These roofs are normally installed by professional crews, but installation is not out of reach for a skilled DIYer.

Green Roofs Or Flat Roofs

Roofing Materials Pros &  Cons

Green roofs and flat roofs are incredibly beneficial for commercial building management. Youll see them in big cities and at universities and commercial rental properties. They can be quite costly initially but last a very long time and can literally pay back portions of what was spent on installation by conserving so much energy. They are entire systems built up for water drainage, growing vegetation, and even creating habitats for local wildlife. They are popular in bigger cities because of the benefit of reducing both air and noise pollution.

Green roofs are just what they sound like, a roof with greenery and plant life that brings multiple benefits. A flat, tar roof will absorb a lot of heat and make it very hard to keep a building cool. Meanwhile, a roof with an ecosystem that absorbs water and, in turn, grows plants that shade the roof can help immensely with both heating and cooling costs. A simple green roof contains plant life that grows naturally and doesnt need much tending. Apartment complexes or city brownstones may build out rooftop patios or gardens for their flat roof that are a bit more functional and usable, capitalizing on that otherwise unused space.

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What Is A Curved Roof

Much like a skillion roof, a curved roof is often attached to a taller wall or used as an alternative to a flat roof.

Unlike a skillion roof, however, curved roofing systems feature an arch that can range from a low slope to a rounded peak, allowing for water runoff and creating a contemporary shape.

A curved roof can be used for an arched entrance, an addition or wing, or an entire structure, and they can provide an interesting raised ceiling for the interior as well as a unique silhouette for the exterior.

Curved roofs can work in nearly any environment or climate, and they are typically made of metal due to their flexibility.

Lower sloped curved roofs tend to be preferable in an area that receives high winds or windstorms due to their stability, while a higher curve or arch is ideal in places that get heavy snow or rain in order to allow for the water to run off and drain.

Different Types Of Roofs

If you have come looking to learn more about the different roof types available, then you have definitely come to the right roofing website. This section of our website is dedicated to providing the best information regarding the different types of roofs. Roof types can be split up into three main categories.

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What Is A Sawtooth Roof

If you picture a saw blade and how the edge is serrated, then you have a good idea of what a sawtooth roof looks like.

Composed of multiple slopes set at the same angle so that the vertical and pitched surfaces alternate , sawtooth roofs are becoming a popular choice in modern home design.

This is because sawtooth roofs allow for higher ceilings, larger windows, and lofted living space.

However, sawtooth roofing systems are costly to install and maintain due to their complicated design they also pose a higher risk for leaks and water damage, making them inadvisable for areas that receive heavy snow or rainfall.

Sawtooth roofs do allow for the installation of eco-friendly additions, like PV solar panels, geothermal lighting, and radiant heating systems.

They can utilize most roofing materials, including wood shingles, metal shingles, or reinforced concrete.

What Is Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Material

Solar Basics: What are the different types of solar mounting systems for roofs?
  • Cap
  • Base

Modified Bitumen is when a polymer is added to Bitumen or asphalt to change the properties of it. The two types of polymers used are Styrene-Butadiene- Styrene and Atactic Polypropylene .

SBS modified Bitumen is more of a rubber ashpalt because it is more flexible and elastic than the APP. It also turns into a gooey paste when melted.

APP modified Bitumen is more of a plastic ashpalt because it is firm and more brittle than SBS, but melts into a free-flowing liquid like hot wax.

Modified Bitumen roof system contains two layers the base and cap. The base layer provides waterproofing and a surface for the cap sheet to adhere to.

The base is made out of a sheet of either fiberglass, non-woven polyester, or a combination of the two that is covered in the modified bitumen.

The top layer or the cap is made in a similar manner to the base layer except for the cap is coated in a layer of granules. The same type of granules used on shingles.

There are 3 different ways the cap layer can be adhered to the top of your flat roof.

  • Self-adhesive: This means that each layer has a sticky backside that is covered in plastic. Upon removal of the plastic the layers stick down and seal when the sun hits it.
  • Heat adhesive/welded: This usually involves a propane torch to melt the bitumen and seal it together. SBS and APP act differently when heated.
  • To learn more about Modified Bitumen, you can to view the Pros and Cons list of using Modified Bitumen as a roofing material.

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    Can Skylights Be Installed On A Metal Roof

    Yes! Almost any kind of roof can have skylights installed, including metal. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to install them:

    • Think about when you want the skylights installed. Its much easier to add skylights while installing or replacing your roof rather than on a roof thats already in place.
    • While you can prevent a metal roof from being noisy when it rains, its more difficult to soundproof a skylight. If your area tends to get plenty of rain, you might want to skip the skylight.
    • Skylights can impact your buildings energy efficiency since it can alter the heat entering and escaping your home.

    Who Invented Modern

    Before roof shingles were invented, roofers would usually cover the roof with a durable fabric or heavy paper and coat it with tar for protection. Then they would sprinkle the tar with sand to make it last longer. And eventually, roofing manufacturers began making pre-made rolls of paper with tar and sand already applied.

    Henry Reynolds holds the dubious honor of inventing roof shingles. He was a roofer who, in 1903, came up with the idea of cutting the rolls of treated tar and sand into smaller pieces. The first shingles were hand-cut and smaller than the ones that we see today.

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    What Is A Hip Roof

    Hip roofs or hipped roofs are perhaps the second most common type of roof after gable roofs.

    What is the difference between a hip vs gable roof?

    Hip roofs are composed of slopes on four sides that come together to make a ridge at the top, while gabled roofs have two sides.

    This variance makes hip roofs even more ideal for snowy and icy areas, since the slopes allow precipitation to run off the roof easily.

    Hip roofs are also considered to be more stable than gable roofs due to the inward pitch on all four sides coming together.

    Hip roofs also provide more shade than gable roofs since there is an overhanging eave on all four sides.

    Hip roofs often include design elements like front gables to highlight a porch or entryway, or dormers or crows nests to add extra storage or living space underneath the roof.

    They can be crafted from most standard roofing materials like asphalt shingles, standing seam metal or metal tiles, or clay or concrete tiles.

    While hip-style roofs tend to be more expensive than gable roofs due to their more complicated design, they are still fairly common due to their versatility and durability.

    After all, hip roof framing and overall builds require more materials and more expertise to construct, but you do end up with more stability and storage and living space underneath the roof.

    And of course, regular care, inspections, and maintenance are required to keep your hip roof in the best possible condition.

    What Are The Different Types Of Roofing

    Different Types of Roof Shapes

    With the different types of roofing, it can be confusing as to which one is the best for your home. In this article we will break down the three different types of roofing Wyben Amarillo Roofing offers to help you decide the right fit for your home.

    At Wyben Amarillo Roofing we offer composition shingles, metal roofs, and wood shakes for our clients.

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    About Burton Hughes With New View Roofing

    Burton Hughes is a senior project manager and roofing specialist for New View Roofing, a family and veteran owned North Texas roofing company. We feature Owens Corning and CertainTeed premium roofing systems and are GAF Master Elite certified contractors, with a complete line of commercial and industrial roofing solutions. We present clients a variety of options and provide free roof inspections and detailed estimates.

    Cons Of Mansard Roofs

    • Requires more materials and maintenance
    • The upper slope creates less-than-ideal drainage, and you can find yourself with standing water or insufficient water shed.
    • Obtaining permits to increase the height of your structure can be challenging to get.
    • The complex nature of this roof makes installation costs much, much higher than other types of roofs.

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    Metal Roofing Can Be More Cost

    Although most metal roofing products carry warranties comparable to the very best asphalt shingles , in practice, metal roofs have been known to last 50 years or more. According to State Farm Insurance statistics, metal roofs routinely have a longevity of 40 to 70 years. It is therefore very rare for a homeowner to install more than one metal roof over the time he or she lives in the home. By contrast, a homeowner will likely replace an asphalt shingle roof two or even three or four times over a 50-year period. Overall, while the cost of a metal roof is more expensive than asphalt roofing , it can save money over a long period.

    Thermoplastic Pvc And Tpo Roof Membranes

    Types of Roofing | The Home Depot

    Thermoplastic Polyolefin and Poly Vinyl Chloride roofing systems are adverse conditions resistant. UV light, chemicals including fats and oils, or bacterial growth are all slow to damage these types of roof membranes. They are lightweight, heat-reflective, and puncture resistant.

    Other benefits include strong air-welded seams, fire-resistance, and tolerance of both high temperatures and high winds.

    Downside: Beware of cheap, poorly made products. Since TPO has become so popular, many small manufacturers have tried to create their own product lines, allowing quality to slip through the cracks. Be sure to purchase this type of product from a reputable manufacturer.

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    What Is A Pyramid Roof

    As you might guess, this is a type of roof that is shaped like a pyramid.

    A type of hip roof with no gables or vertical sides, pyramid roofs are usually used for smaller homes like cabins and bungalows, or sheds, garages, or other outbuildings.

    Pyramid roofs are popular in hurricane or windstorm prone areas, since they are extremely wind resistant.

    They also provide good ventilation and extra storage or attic space, or the interior can be left open for a high ceiling.

    The overhanging eaves of a pyramid roof help to improve energy efficiency as well.

    Note that pyramid roofs may be costlier to construct and maintain due to the complexity of the roof design, but they do provide the aforementioned advantages.

    They can be crafted from nearly any common roofing material including asphalt shingles, composite shingles, metal shingles, slate, clay or concrete tiles, or wooden shingles or shakes.

    Five Common Types Of Residential Roofing

    Choosing the right type of roof for a new house or retrofitting, can be more difficult than most people could imagine. There are so many choices. Which one is right for you. Residential roofs can be made of asphalt, ceramic tile, slate, wood, and metal. Asphalt shingle is the most common and generally least expensive roofing material.

    Here are the most common types of roofing:

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    How Long Do The Different Roofs Last

    Asphalt Roll Roof: Lifespan: 5 to 10 years

    Composite Shingle Roof: Lifespan: 15 to 50 years

    Wood Shake Shingle Roof: Lifespan: 25+ years

    Standing Seam Metal/Steel Roof: Lifespan: 30 to 50 years

    Wood Shake Shingle Roof: Lifespan: 35-40 years

    Clay Tile Roof: Lifespan: 50+ years

    Slate Roof: Lifespan: 50+ years

    Concrete: Lifespan: 50+ years

    Roof replacement can be a costly and inconvenient endeavor, but with our roof cleaning pressure washing services, you can potentially extend the life of your roof and help maintain its aesthetic appeal. Call us today at 781-447-0022 or fill in the form here for a free estimate.

    Shingles Vs Metal Roof Whats Better

    What is Metal Roofing?


    When it comes to building a house cost, curb appeal and quality are the three main factors everyone cares about. For many people the answer to this puzzle lies with a single word in the residential roofing industry: shingles.

    Good quality shingles can be great insulators keeping your home properly insulated against extreme thermal changes. That means the right quality of shingles can help you save on the cost of air conditioning as the temperatures in your home are often well regulated requiring little or no extra regulation.

    Roofing shingles also provide a rich selection of roofing design options to choose from. You can also pick a suitable color from the rich variety of roof shingles colors that will effectively add aesthetic appeal to your home.

    Most importantly, shingles tend to cost less than other roofing materials such as metals. This means you can save quite a bit if you go with shingles for your roofing design. All you need is to know a bit about the shingle options available for your specific roofing needs and you can be sure to find an effective and affordable way to cover your house.


    Some shingles such as asphalt may not measure up to metal roofing when it comes to durability and strength. This is the main disadvantage of using shingles as a roofing material.

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    Types Of Roof Materials: Choosing The Best Option

    The roof of your home is arguably the most important for countless reasons. It provides protection from the elements, keeps your home warm, and protects your home’s structure, among other things. The roof is also, arguably, what can boost your home’s value the mostso a quality, well-maintained roof is essential. However, there are many different types of roof materials on the market, so knowing what to choose can be hard.

    Clay And Concrete Tile Roofing

    Clay and concrete tile roofs are often chosen for their look and durability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, are suitable for homes in dry climates and can last up to 50 years.

    • Clay and concrete tiling add texture and curb appeal to any home. This roofing works best with Mediterranean and Spanish-style buildings.
    • Concrete and clay tile roofing materials are heavier and may require more framing support. It is recommended that these type of tiles are installed by a professional.

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    Tear Off Or Second Layer

    It was once common to lay a new shingle roof over the preexisting layer at least once, or sometimes even twice. This is no longer allowed in some jurisdictions, where complete tear-off of the previous roofing is now required. Even where layering is allowed, applying a new layer of shingles over the old should be carefully considered on the basis of its pros and cons:


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