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What Is Considered A New Roof

What A Great Roof Looks Like And Being Sure You Get One

Why choose a liquid flat roofing system for your new flat roof.

There are just a few keys to getting a new roof you enjoy now and one that serves you well in the years ahead:

  • Before selecting a material and specific color, look at a lot of houses, in person or online, to narrow your choices to what looks good on homes like yours
  • Research the materials youre considering by searching to find consumer guides on the materials, costs, comparisons to other roofing types, and even information on top brands
  • Understand the warranties available for the roofing materials youre considering
  • Find a roofer using the tips above

Ultimately, the goals are to select quality roofing that looks good on your home, get competitive estimates from some of the best roofers in your area and then get to know them and their work before making your decision.

Is Your Roof Defective

And how can you tell if your roof might be defective?

If your roof is relatively new and you are seeing issues like shingles buckling and curling, granules coming off asphalt shingles, missing shingles, or other similar problems, then your roof might be defective and you should reach out to the roofers in your area or contractor who built or installed it, as well as your insurance company.

This goes doubly so if the insurance company paid for your roof due to damage from a weather event or disaster.

If your roof is only a few years old and you are noticing any of the aforementioned issues, then you might need to get your roof looked at by professionals because it could become a bigger problem, especially if you are considering selling your house in the near future.

Also keep in mind that the value of your house may increase or decrease depending on the age of your roof, so if you are planning on moving in the near future, you may want to get your roof assessed before you put the property on the market.

Moreover, if you are thinking of purchasing a new home or other property, then you should make sure that the roof is relatively new and in good repair if not, youll want to ensure that the property is priced accordingly and be aware that you may need to replace the roof soon.

Pros & Cons Of Repairing Your Roof

Some homeowners make the mistake of waiting to deal with roof damage until theres enough work to justify calling a roofer. But the best time to deal with roof damage is the moment you see it.

Delays can lead to more severe problems. Water can get under the shingles or behind the flashing. Missing or damaged shingles can allow wind to lift up even more shingles.

Leaks into the attic or the interior of the house can result in thousands of dollars of damage if left unattended.

Once youre aware of any damage to your roof, deciding whether to repair or replace your roof can depend on a lot of factors.

But when comparing the pros and the cons of repairing your roof, there are four areas worth focusing on the cost, the time involved, the functionality and the aesthetics.

Roof repair: Here are the pros.

Cost – Repairing your roof may be less expensive than replacing your roof if the damage is minor or limited to a small area.

Time – Repairing your roof is quicker than replacing your roof. This could be important if the roof is exposed and bad weather is expected.

Functionality – A repair wont actually extend the life of your roof beyond its original life expectancy, but it may help the roof reach its full lifespan. Repairing damage quickly helps prevent the need for more extensive repairs later on.

Roof repair: Here are the cons.

If you opted for a partial replacement it might turn out to be almost as expensive as replacing the whole roof.

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Pros And Cons Of Roof Repair

A roof repair project isnt always the ideal choice in some situations. To help you weigh your options properly, lets take a look at their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of roof repair:


  • Roof repairs are more affordable.
  • It doesnt take long to finish repair projects.
  • They can help extend the lifespan of your roof.


  • When replacing a few shingles, it may be difficult to match their colors with the original pieces. These repairs may affect the aesthetic value of your roof and lead to a less desired curb appeal.
  • Poor patches and workmanship can lead to more problems.
  • It can mask underlying problems.

Schedule A Roof Replacement Consultation

Add Distinction to A Roof With Dormers

Making the decision between reroofing and a roof replacement is not always easy. If you are trying to save money, reroofing may seem like a more attractive option. However, not all roofs are in the proper state to be reroofed and doing so can cause more harm than good. In addition, most experts would agree that a reroof will not last nearly as long as a new roof. For more information, schedule a free roof replacement consultation with our roof replacement contractors at Beyond Exteriors today.

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Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Before you start thinking about replacing your roof, you first ought to make sure thats really what you need. Listed below are some common signs that you might need a new roof:

  • Its been 20-25 years since the roof was replaced
  • Water is leaking into your home or business
  • Shingles are visibly cracked or damaged
  • The roof sags
  • Theres mold in your home or business
  • Moss is growing on the roofing material

You might also need a new roof if youve seen a recent spike in your energy bills. This could be a sign that your home is not using energy efficiently and is leaking hot or cool air out through the roof.

Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling My House

If you think your existing roof will cause issues during your home sale, then you should replace it before listing. A roof replacement is expensive, so make sure you really do need a new roof.

If you do decide to move forward, youll be in good company. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 18% of sellers reported replacing or repairing their roof before selling.

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How Long Does A Cedar Shake Roof Last

Cedar roofing is a popular choice due to its elegant appearance and weathered look that tends to get better with age and the fact that it is rot-resistant and insect-resistant. Cedar shakes or cedar shingle roofs can last for several decades or even longer with regular care. Cedar shakes or cedar shingles can last for around 30 to 40 years depending on the climate, the presence of any overhanging trees or other vegetation that may cause problems, and the level of maintenance that you or your roofing contractors perform.

Cedar shakes or cedar shingles can last from 20 to 40 years with proper care and maintenance, and they can withstand wind uplift of up to 110 MPH.

When you start seeing cedar shingles or shakes cracking or peeling, then you know it is time to look into repairing or replacing your roof.

Cedar shakes, shingles, and other types of wood roof require regular upkeep to stay in good shape.

An annual roof inspection think of it as a yearly physical for your roof is necessary to check out its condition, replace any split or peeling shingles, and check for leaks.

Treating the wood with a preservative that can penetrate the wood every five years can help prolong the life and beauty of your cedar roofing.

Ask the contractors who have built or inspected your cedar roofing if you need to treat your cedar roof and set up a regular maintenance schedule if you want to ensure that your cedar shingles or shakes last as long as possible.

Is There A Right Season For The Job

Why You Need To Know How Old The Roof Is BEFORE You Buy Your Next Property

You might be wondering when you should schedule your roof replacement. However, there is no one time to schedule your work. You should get the job done as soon as possible.

This is due to the fact that postponing a roof replacement could cause more damage to your home. If you wait to replace it, you risk water damage and other complications. The sooner you schedule your replacement, the better.

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What Is The Roof Replacement Process

Installing a new roof is a huge commitment but it is one that can be highly rewarding. If you determine that reroofing is not the best option for you, a complete roof replacement may be in your future. During a roof replacement, contractors will perform any necessary safeguards to ensure that your property is well protected from possible falling debris. Next, all old shingles must be completely removed to allow the contractors to inspect the wood decking underneath. If any problems are found during the roofing inspection, they should be addressed promptly before the new shingles are placed.

It is very important to have a solid base for your new roof. If any warping, sagging, wood rot or other types of damage are present, it may make it difficult for new shingles to remain intact. During a roof inspection, contractors will also check other aspects of the roof, such as if there are missing nails in the wood sheeting. The roof surface is then prepared for shingles. A drip edge may be installed on the edges of the roof to prevent rain from seeping underneath the roofing materials. An ice and water shield may also be installed to help prevent water leaks.

How Long Does A Tile Roof Last

Tile roofing systems can last for years if properly cared for, and they tend to be popular in warmer and wetter climates due to their heating and cooling efficiency and water resistance.

A tile roofs lifetime largely depends on the type of tile roofing material that you choose and any regional weather factors that may apply.

A tile roof will have a longer or shorter lifespan based on the climate it is located in for instance, a tile roof in Florida is going to require a different type of maintenance than a tile roof in Illinois.

Furthermore, a tile roof might last longer than a shingled roof in Florida, for example, because tile roofing can better withstand the heat and humidity and possible hurricane or tropical damage that can occur in that state.

On the other hand, a tile roof in Illinois can still last for several decades, since the climate is much more temperate and the roof is less likely to be subject to thermal shock, hurricanes, or other weather events that can cause serious damage.

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Expected Costs For Reroofing Vs Roof Replacement

The costs of these methods vary drastically because there are different factors to consider, like the materials, size, current location, and the overall labor.

There are also other tools you need and other factors to include, such as the level of your house and where youre located. In this section, you will get ideas on expected costs for both processes.

Reroofing Costs

The costs for reroofing may vary based on labor, job size, materials, and location. In addition, if there is a need for special equipment like roof jacks, it may also affect the cost. Also, the slope or story of your house is a big factor that will affect reroofing costs.

  • The slope of the house

Say, for instance, if your house comes with a vertical slope and two stories, it will need more time and labor for the construction team or contractors to work with your roof. Unlike a single-story home with a lower slope, a two-stories home would require them to get up and down every time. That said, the higher the slope, then the higher the costs, and vice-versa.

  • Materials

Another aspect that could affect the cost of the reroofing project is the materials. For example, when you go for asphalt shingles, then the cost would be low. However, if you opted for metals for materials, it often requires other services that could also add to the cost.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles tend to be weak and could get damaged by strong winds and falling debris. This means that asphalt shingles need to be replaced more often.

Signs You Need A New Roof


Have you noticed shingles cracking, buckling, or curling up?

If you witness these signs, you definitely want to look into a new roof or at least contact a roofing contractor for an assessment.

If your shingles are losing granules then you also want to look into replacing your roof.

Roof valleys or if your roof shingles are falling apart and missing in some areas are another sign that you should have your roof assessed by professional roofing contractors and possibly replaced.

Roof valleys or missing shingles in general can also be a sign that you need to replace your roof or at least do some serious repair work.

Can you get up on your roof and walk around and observe?

If the roof is spongy-feeling or if you start feeling like you are bouncing a bit when you are walking on it, then your roof might need to be replaced.

Do you see any granules missing if you have an asphalt shingle roof?

When your shingles are losing granules, then youll notice the loose granules around the base of your home, in your gutters, or scattered in your yard.

The shingles themselves might also appear to be discolored.

This is definitely a time to work with a roofing company to determine any problems with your roof and figure out whether you need repairs or a total roof replacement.

Replacing missing or damaged roof shingles can also be a DIY project if you are somewhat handy, but that depends on your own abilities, the type of roof you have, and your do-it-yourself skills.

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When To Replace A Roof

If youve experienced a major weather event or a catastrophic disaster like a hurricane, tornado, house fire, or smoke damage then you already know that you need to replace your roof and that it is time to work with your insurance company to make a roof insurance claim and get the necessary work done.

However, if you havent had to deal with a significant disaster, you may still need to replace your roof due to its age, type, or other issues such as overhanging trees or shrubbery causing damage, or extreme humidity.

For instance, a typical residential roof will generally last for around 20 to 25 years, with the caveat that if your roof was installed with one layer over another, you will want to hire a roofing contractor or company who understands this type of roofing job in order to ensure that your current is properly repaired, replaced, or otherwise taken care of.

How Much Does A New Roof Affect An Appraisal

An old roof can negatively affect your appraisal when it comes time to sell. A home buyer would ask for a discount for the expected roof repairs or installations in such a case. With a new roof, your home value could go up significantly. If you need exact amounts, you might be asking, how much does a new roof affect an appraisal?

A new architectural shingle roof can increase the appraisal value from $10,000 to $15,000, depending on your areas market conditions and the cost of roof installations. To get value for your money, you should examine the current state of your roof and discuss your options with a reputable real estate agent. A newer home, 5 years old or so, may only need minor repairs. However, an older roof, 20 years old or more, may require a new installation.

While the numbers are enticing, there are different factors you need to know. I will provide you with a lot of information I gathered from more than a decade of working as a Master Inspector. Lets examine some of the things you need to consider.

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Getting Started With This Guide

Repairing or replacing your roof can be a costly proposition at best, so its a good idea that as a homeowner you know when you might need to replace your roof and how long the particular type of roof that you have lasts in general.

Additionally, it is perhaps even more important to look at how long various types of roofing materials and how long do shingles last can matter if you are buying or building a new home, so you can understand how long your investment can last.

Whats more, there is the resale value to consider.

Establishing the current state of the roof, how long your roof is going to last and what can be expected from the type of roofing materials used, the climate in your region, and the other idiosyncrasies of your property and particular location is an important aspect to consider before you buy, even if you plan on staying in that home for a while.

Top Differences Between A Reroof Vs Roof Replacement

How Green Roofs Can Help Cities | NPR

Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is a big investment. However, doing so can mean the largest return on investment . Reports indicate that upon the resale of a home, a new roof yields more than 80% of its original cost. Additionally, more than 30% of real estate agents accredit a roof restoration as a prominent way to ensure a quick sale.

If your roof isnt in the best condition, dont put off improving it. However, a big question when upgrading a roof is whether you should choose reroofing or a roof replacement.

What are the differences?

Lets take a look at both to answer that question. This will also help determine which is the best option for you.

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