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What Is The Best Cleaner For Roof Shingles

Does Spray And Forget Work On Roofs

What is the best cleaner for roof shingles ?

Wet and Forget is an excellent choice for cleaning roofs, as said. It offers a thorough clean that works over time. Also, its designed to get rinsed off gradually by rain, dew, and other natural processes. In turn, you dont necessarily need to rinse it off your homes roof after application.

Additionally, note that Wet and Forget is safe for a variety of outdoor surfaces. You can use it to clean concrete, patio pavers, and wood decks and fences. Wet and Forget is even useful on outdoor glass!

Lastly, note that Wet and Forget is bleach free. In turn, its an excellent choice for those sensitive to bleach odors. If you have allergies, asthma, or other such health concerns, consider Wet and Forget for your property.

Which Chemical Is Used To Clean Roofs

Contractors might use detergents containing various chemicals to clean roofs. One reason for using different chemicals is that they each address a different issue with your roof. Two, some chemicals are stronger than others and might offer a more thorough clean!

Many chemical roof cleaners contain ammonia, copper sulfate, and trisodium phosphate. Ammonia not only removes mold and algae but also helps inhibit it from returning. However, ammonia is too harsh for metal and especially copper roofs. It also offers a strong smell that many people find unpleasant.

Copper sulfate also helps prevent mold and especially algae growth. Its also safe for metal roofs and various other materials. Trisodium phosphate is an excellent degreaser, removing oily stains and residues from roofs. Also, a roof cleaning contractor might use a combination of these chemicals, for a thorough clean.

Removing Moss And Other Growth

If you decide to take a DIY approach to clean moss off your roof, you need to take all proper safety precautions. Use a rubber footed safety ladder, and make sure you have someone to spot you. Always wear a helmet, and never walk on the roof of your house. Roofers use a safety harness and rubber-soled boots for traction. They may also install toe boards and roof brackets if necessary. If you cant address the problem from a ladder, you risk a severe injury that will cost a lot more than hiring a professional.

If you can reach the growth from a ladder, you can try following these steps, but be warythere are several ways you can cause damage to your roof in the process.

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How Do You Keep A Roof Clean

Once youve cleaned your roof, its helpful to keep it clean! With just a few simple steps, you might find that your homes roof stays cleaner over time. Also, these quick fixes can prevent damage due to a buildup of storm debris, mold, and the like.

  • First, trim back tree branches hanging over the roof. These drop leaves, twigs, sap, moss, and other debris. They also supply a roosting place for birds who then leave behind unsightly droppings.
  • Next, keep the homes gutters clean and invest in a leaf guard if needed. Rainwater trapped in clogged gutters washes up to the roof, risking mold, algae, and other growth.
  • Also, brush the homes roof regularly and especially during autumn when it might get covered with leaves. This simple step can make a tremendous difference in its overall appearance.
  • Regular power washing by a professional can also prevent a buildup of dirt and other debris. Their services also protect a roof from damage caused by mold and algae growth.

Tampa Bay Pressure Washing Services is happy to bring this information about how to clean a roof without damaging shingles to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful! If youre in the market for expert roof cleaning, call our Tampa Bay pressure washing contractors. We offer full-service cleaning you can trust! To get your property started with a FREE quote, call us today.

Wash Safe Industries Roof Wash Review:

The Dos And Donts Of Cleaning Your Home Roof

In this review, you will be able to find all relevant information that you might need to know about this product before you end up using it.

When it comes to roof cleaners, you have to be very careful you cannot just buy the first one that crosses your road because many of them that are not worth your time and dont provide the results you are hoping for.

We have tried out and reviewed the ROOF WASH by Wash Safe Industries and heres what we have to say.

First of all, what you need to know are the things that the manufacturer promises you to get from using this solution, all the benefits and in general the process of how it actually works.

  • Perfect for removing Moss, Lichen, Mildew or even Black algae spots from any roofing surface.
  • Roof Wash is made using very eco-friendly and safe substances such as hydrogen peroxide.
  • A Fast Biodegrading process which makes it safe option due to the hydrogen peroxide which stays active for only 4-6 hours, which is more than enough for a clean roof.

Now, all of that might sound like just the perfect option to go with when you need to clean your roof, but the questions are, are those statements really true and is this product effective? Well, we are here to help you answer that question.

  • Price

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Should You Clean Or Replace Your Roof

If you’re looking at your roof and thinking it looks a little worse for wear, it might just need a good cleaning. Sometimes, the buildup of algae and moss on a roof can make the shingles look like they are in worse condition than they really are. A professional roofing contractor can inspect your roof and talk to you about its condition. If they think that cleaning it is the best option, they can either do the work themselves or direct you to a reputable roof cleaning company.

If it does turn out that your roof needs replacement, your contractor might recommend shingles that contain copper or another material that helps to repel algae growth. A roofing pro can also give you tips on keeping your roof clean and how frequently to schedule cleanings.

What Are Roof Shingles

Not all homeowners are familiar with different roofing materials. Perhaps you arent even sure whether you have a shingle roof. Luckily shingle roofs are easy to spot.

Shingles are used as a roofing material for sloped roofs, so if your roof is flat, you can already know its not made with shingles.

Although shingle roofing is the most common choice of material in the U.S, sloped roofs can also be built with other materials. Other popular materials for sloped roofing include:

  • Corrugated metal
  • Thatching
  • Roof tiles

Corrugated metal and thatching are easy to distinguish from shingles. Metal roofs dont consist of individual tiles or shingles. Instead, each section of the roof will consist of one large sheet of metal. Thatching is also easy to tell apart, as thatched roofs are made from straw or reeds.

The only roofing material that can be a bit tricky to distinguish from shingles is tiles. With both shingles and roofing tiles, the roof will have a tiled appearance. The roof will consist of various tiles or shingles that overlap at the edges. Because of this, many people consider roof tiles to be a form of shingle. What distinguishes roof tiles from regular shingles is the material theyre made from.

In America, most roof shingles are made from asphalt. Occasionally, shingles can also be made from slate or even wood. Roof tiles are specifically made from clay. Its easy to see the difference between asphalt shingles and clay tiles if you know what to look for.

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What Causes Black Streaks On Your Roof

Those black streaks or splotches you see on your shingles are most likely black algae.

Black algae is a simple growth that can develop on just about any outdoor surface where there is sufficient moisture. And, unlike green algae, which prefers to grow in partial shade, black algae can grow even in the sunniest spots, such as your rooftop or on concrete surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways.

Thats because black algae are encased in a pigmented protective capsule that gives it its black or charcoal gray color, and which also protects it from the suns harsh rays. Black algaes protective capsule also makes it difficult to clean.

Why Your Shingles Need To Be Cleaned

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. How to wash your roof Shingles safely [Best Roof Wash Method]

Bitumen and asphalt shingles have a textured, sandy finish. Homeowners like these types of shingles because they have a long lifespan due to their texture and they come in different styles and colors. The rough texture on these shingles gives dirt, grime, moss, mold, and algae space to take root and grow.

If not cleaned consistently, moss and algae damage the surface of shingles and lead to fungus growth and wood rot in the roof supports. If your roof has shady spots or you live in higher humidity, like Florida, moss and algae grow more quickly, so more frequent cleaning is required to avoid replacing your roof shingles more often than necessary.

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Zincarmor 12 Wide Roofing Zinc Strip Review:

Thats why we are here to help you out with that by providing professional reviews of the best products that will change your life for the better. In this chapter, we will be talking about the Zincarmor because this is a solution that is considered to be very uncommon.

The reason why not many people use this solution is not that it is not useful, but because it requires some skills and time to set it up. Unlike other products that are used to battle algae and mold growth, this one is not a liquid that you can just simply spray on to remove the stains.

This product requires a much more sophisticated and advanced method that will leave results that last you for a much longer time than any other solution.

  • Cost Effective solution

Best Solution To Clean Metal Roof

Before you learn this step, definitely consider hiring a highly skilled professional as your roof is probably one of the most expensive investments you make on your home and would be worth its weight in gold to have it cleaned professionally, safely, and effectively. The active ingredient we use and recommend is Sodium Hypochlorite. Most hardware stores keep Sodium Hypochlorite in jugs at 6.5% as that is the highest concentration they can legally sell to the normal consumer base. We get the product for about half the price as consumers can get it for as we purchase in large quantities and we also get a contractor discount because we buy so much. Also the concentration we are able to get is around 12.5% and is labeled as Sodium Hypochlorite/Pool Shock anywhere it is stocked. So here are the ratios for cleaning your metal roof.

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Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof

One of the most popular and widely used methods for cleaning roofs is pressure washing. There are some advantages to pressure washing, seeing as its a quick way to clean a roof. The powerful pressure washer beams also deep clean the roof surface, getting rid of a lot of algae spores and tough stains.

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages to cleaning a roof with a pressure cleaner. Although roof shingles are made to withstand extreme weather conditions and powerful gusts of wind, they arent necessarily made to withstand pressure washing.

The beams from most pressure washers are powerful enough to cause injury any beam that powerful can certainly damage your roof as well. Many people claim that pressure washing blasts away roof shingle granules, stripping away the longevity of your roof one wash at a time.

Another problem with pressure washing is your roofing warranty. If your roof is new, pressure washing could possibly cause you to lose the warranty on your shingles. Check with the supplier where you bought your shingles before having your roof pressure washed.

How To Clean Roof Shingles From The Ground

The skill of Roof Cleaning For Asphalt Shingle Roofs

If you are concerned about voiding the warranty on your roof shingles due to walking on them, then you can clean your shingles from the ground. In this instance, using a garden sprayer attachment with your hose is ideal. Put liquid bleach in the sprayer and apply from the ground. Apply bleach from top to bottom, as you dont want to spray up and under the shingles.

It is important to note that leaving the bleach on the roof to sit too long will damage the roof. Ensure that you rinse the roof after 15 or 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary until all the damage is gone.

Best Time to Clean an Asphalt Shingles Roof

The best time to clean a shingle roof is when there is no rain in the forecast for several days and when temperatures will not drop below freezing. Freezing will freeze water to your roofs surface, negating the effects of the cleaner.

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What Is The Cost Of Roof Shingles

The average cost for a new tile or asphalt shingle roof can be between $400 and $650 depending on your location and chosen materials .

Most roofers will charge an additional fee to remove old tiles before installing new ones which can end up costing you a pretty penny if your roof is more than ten years old.

How Can I Make My Roof Look New

Sometimes a thorough cleaning is all thats needed to make a roof look new again. In fact, some homeowners are surprised if not downright shocked at the difference made by a professional roof wash! Removing layers of dirt, soot, dust, mold, and other debris can often improve curb appeal instantly.

Also, its vital that you keep gutters clean and clog-free. Clogged gutters let water and other debris build up. In turn, roofing shingles might absorb that water and become curled and buckled. Leaves, twigs, and gutter debris can also pile up along roof edges, creating an unsightly look.

Lastly, consider updating to a better-quality shingle and new gutters when possible. Todays shingles come in a wide range of color options and sizes. A new shingle color and updated gutters can complement your home and increase curb appeal instantly.

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Proper Roof Power Washing Is Not A Diy Job

Never assume you can rent a pressure washer and manage roof washing on your own. There are many reasons why properly cleaning a home’s roof is not a DIY job note a few of those reasons here:

For all these reasons, it’s best to leave roof washing to a professional exterior house cleaning company or someone experienced in roof washing and cleaning.

Why Does My Roof Look Dirty

How to Clean Asphalt Shingles with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner

If you live in a humid area of the country, youve probably seen unsightly dark streaks on asphalt shingle roofs. Though often attributed to an accumulation of dirt, defective shingles, mold, or mildew, the most common culprit is actually a blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma that is spread by airborne spores.

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Wash Safe Industries Best Professional Roof Cleaner

Product Overview

Wash Safe Industries, as many of you probably know by now, is a well-known vendor of home-based products. And we do have one of its premium roof cleaning solutions, which indicates that the makers at Wash Safe are very adamant when it comes to meeting customer demands.

For those who are looking for the bestprofessional roof cleaner, there cant be any better options than this.

After observation, you will find very few options out there with such a premium price tag. As a matter of fact, you probably wont find more options like this out there.

So, how exactly is its performance?

Well, to be honest, its really a great option. For instance, the hydrogen peroxide formula of the wash safe industries roof wash isnt just eco-friendly, its also safe to use around the pets and plants, which is slowly becoming a necessary feature more or less.

Its one of the safest products out there right now, thanks to its clever bio-degradable formula, which takes action in around 6 hours. This works as an advantage for the premium Roof Wash from Wash Safe, which gives it a huge overall advantage.

So, theres actually no question about its overall performance from the wash safe industries roof wash. Thanks to some clever engineering tricks, this roof wash does a really good job of fighting streaks, lichens, and black algae, removing their trace without much of a hassle.

Do keep that in mind whenever you make your purchase.

Hiring A Professional Roof Cleaning Company Is An Investment In Your Home

Regular, professional roof power washing will restore the overall appearance of your home’s roof, removing built-up soot, grime, dust, and other debris, as well as various stains and areas of discoloration. Roofing shingles and tiles will then look fresh and vibrant so that your entire home seems cleaner and newer.

A soft wash system will also remove algae, mold, moss, and mildew that is typically unreachable with a standard hose or pressure washer. The detergents and surfactants used during a soft pressure washing are meant to penetrate all nooks and crannies of a roof, dissolving dirt and debris trapped under shingles and around roof eaves. Low-pressure rinsing won’t strip away loose tiles or granules on the shingles themselves, while still protecting those tiles from damaging storm residues.

A thorough power washing also reveals areas of damage along the surface of a roof. A home’s roof might have soft spots, indicating the need for structural repair, hidden under water stains or layers of soot and grime. A professional cleaning reveals damaged areas so that repairs can be made promptly, preserving the framework of the home and avoiding roof leaks and eventual water damage.

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