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What Is The Best Paint For Metal Roofs

Tips And Tricks For Painting Your Corrugated Metal Roofing

What Paint is Best for Your Metal Roof? PVDF vs. SMP

The reason that many homeowners and businesses are looking to add corrugated metal roofing to their home is simple: corrugated metal roofing provides a variety of awesome benefits. Corrugated roofing is solid, resistant to weather damage, and considerably more durable than other roofing options. Additionally, corrugated metal roofing tends to last longer than traditional roofing options. With that being said, you do need to know a little bit extra in order to properly paint your own corrugated metal roof the correct way. Without any delay, lets get right to our top tips and tricks for painting corrugated metal roofing.

  • Paint When It Is Warm & Dry The easiest way to properly paint your corrugated metal roof is to wait until you have a warm, clear day in order to do it. Rain and other weather-related debris will only exacerbate your painting session.
  • Scrub Your Roof with TSP Start off your painting project by scrubbing your roof with a trisodium phosphate mixture. TSP allows you to prep your roof for painting by de-greasing it with a special chemical. This allows your paint to adhere properly to the roof, thus making your job easier than ever. Once youve scrubbed the roof down with TSP, power wash the mixture off with water.
  • Safety Tips To Remember When Painting Your Roof

    Here are some of the safety measures to uphold when painting the roof.

    • Paint the roof while standing on the extension ladder rather than going on the rooftop. Ensure that the ladder is well-positioned to prevent it from sliding.
    • When you have to work from the rooftop, put on a harness and attach a rope for safety, in case you lose balance.
    • Get someone to help you hold the ladder as you work on your metal roof. This will help keep the ladder stable, preventing it from sliding.

    What Is The Best Metal Roof Paint

    Licenced Builder Greg Catton explains what makes a great metal roof paint, AND names names.

    People often ask me whats the best metal roof paint on the market.

    Its a fair enough question as youll know if youve done a bit of research into iron roof restorations, metal roof paints dont come cheap, and the last thing youd want is one that doesnt go the distance.

    I do have the definitive answer to this question and Ive got to tell you that you wont find it at Bunnings but first let me explain WHY my number one pick is the best paint for a metal roof.

    There are three factors that make a quality metal roof paint better than its competitors, and in some cases, much better. They are:

  • The solids level in the paint
  • The breathability of the coating, and
  • The flexibility of the metal roof paint.
  • Lets look at these separately.

    The best metal roof paint is high in solids.

    The most important factor to consider with metal roof paint is the solids level in the coating.

    Let me explain why.

    You see, paint coatings are made from these main constituents:

  • Pigments the ingredients that give the coating its colour
  • Binders the ingredient that holds the pigment in place, a constituting agent
  • Extender larger pigment particles that give strength and adhesion the film
  • Solvents used to give viscosity to the coating
  • Additives used to modify the property of some of the ingredients.
  • Many roof coatings claim to have high pigments in their coatings but this is misleading.

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    Not Washing The Roof Before Starting

    A major mistake that people make all the time is painting over a dirty roof. To avoid this mistake its important to ensure that the roof is clean from any dust. A great way to do this is by using a power hose that can blast away any sand and dust from the roof.

    After power hosing the roof, wait for it to completely dry so that you can sweep it. This will ensure that your roof is completely free from any dust particles.

    Can You Paint A Metal Roof

    Best Paint For My Metal Roof Panels: SMP Paint v Kynar®

    Yes, you can definitely paint a metal roof, and there are some telltale signs that your roof needs a new coating.

  • Is the color fading or appearing chalky?
  • Do you see rust spots?
  • Are there paint bubbles or areas with peeling paint?
  • Are there long cracks in the paint?
  • Are there any paint stains under trees?
  • Periodically make it a practice to inspect your roof. Once you become familiar with its appearance, it will be easier to tell if something needs repair or cleaning.

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    What Kind Of Paint To Use On Metal Roof Discover The Best Guide

    Are you searching for the best guide on what kind of paint to use on metal roof? Repainting a roof is an excellent way to give it a new look. That is as long as the roof is in good condition, and not porous. In other words, repainting a damaged roof will not spare you from doing repairs and cleaning/defoaming beforehand.

    Roof paint will give your tiles a new shine, and if you choose a water-repellent paint, it will enhance the protection of your roof covering. But do not count on paint to plug infiltrations and hide mold, that is not its function.

    Lets find out here what you need to know about roof paint.

    What Are The Best Roof Paint Products In Australia

    We believe that the Roofbond by Shieldcoat range of roof paint is simply one of the best in Australia.

    More than 21 years of experience and an intensive ongoing research and development programme give Roofbond by Shieldcoat roof paints a leading edge over its competitors.

    In fact, Shieldcoat commits 20% of its annual income to researching improvements in paint formulation, durability and environmental impacts.

    Shieldcoat is proudly Australian made and now has an established international reputation.

    Shieldcoat is so confident about the performance of its Shieldcoat roofing paints and roof coatings that theyre backed up with an industry-leading 10 to 15 year warranty.

    And Shieldcoat was the first paint company in Australia to offer a warranty against colour and gloss fade.

    Shieldcoat is highly committed to reducing its impact on the environment and its roof paints were one of the first to meet the ISO 14001 standard for environmental impact.

    All Shieldcoat coatings also meet ISO 2000 2008. The 100% acrylic coatings and paints can be washed out in water to minimise your impact on the environment.

    The high quality Shieldcoat range includes metal roof paint, roof tile paint, heat reflective paint, as well as undercoats and sealers. Nutech and Dulux are also highly reputable paints that can enhance your roof.

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    How To Choose The Right Paint For Your Corrugated Metal Roofing

    Not every paint you find in the market is suitable for a metal roof. There are paints for metal roofs. The tips below will help you find the best paint for your metal roofing.

  • Check the Local Painting Regulations
  • Are there rules that specify colors homeowners can use to paint their homes? Since most homeowner associations have such rules, you need to talk to a representative of your neighborhoods association to see if there are restrictions on any colors.

  • Pick a Paint Color that Matches Your House Style
  • Your roof should look quite different from the sides of your house. Paint the roof using a neutral color that complements the sides of the house. You may also consider a lighter color that accents the color of the house. A paint specialist can help you find the best color.

  • Get a Primer Designed for Metal Corrugated Roofing
  • Priming a metal roof surface before painting helps to improve the adhesiveness of the paint coat. Primers come in various forms, including emulsion, cut-back, and polymer-based. You can get the primers for metal roofs at a local home improvement store.

  • Choose an Acrylic-Based Paint over the Oil-Based Paint
  • There are two types of roof paints: oil-based and acrylic-based paint. The latter works best on most metal roofs, including the galvanized metal roofing. To ensure that you are using the correct type of paint on your roof, ask a professional roofer to inspect the roof first.

    How To Prepare Your Roof

    Why NOT to apply Metal Roof Coatings – The worst thing to ever do

    If youre one of the lucky ones that has a metal roof with no previous history of painting, then you can skip this section.

    Metal roofs are rarely in a pristine, ready-to-go condition that is just waiting to be painted, so if your roof has paint already, youll need to estimate how much its going to cost to remove it. It can be expensive to repaint metal roofs.

    The more layers of paint, the less likely its going to be worth it, financially, over replacing it altogether. You dont want to go into this project with a half-baked cleanup plan that just involves scraping and sanding as much as you can before adding a new coat of paint.

    If your roof just has one previous coat of oil-based paint, then you should be able to get most of it removed through some hard work, provided you have the proper tools.

    Youll need to start with large scrapers, down to sanding tools, and finally wire brushes. After that, you can move onto pressure washing and attending to any rusty spots.

    If theres a lot of rusty areas, this could really compromise your new coat of paint, so err on the side of caution.

    As for other types of metal paints, acrylic paints take more time to remove, but otherwise apply the same rules as the above instructions.

    Asphalt coatings are trouble, and it is often not worth the investment of buying special metal paint due to the simple fact that old paint will never come off completely.

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    Roof Paints And Their Use

    Here are the main categories of roof paint:

    Clear roof varnish: improves the hydrophobic qualities of a roof without changing its appearance. When using this type of paint, you only require a single coat.

    Acrylic roof paint: resists very well to exterior conditions, limits water penetration, and renovates.

    Polyurethane roofing resin: mainly for terraces and flat roofs, and limits water penetration.

    Just as it is essential to clean, defoam, and treat your roof, applying a water repellent treatment is often a good idea. Water-repellent paints are available, but we think it is better and more effective to apply a water-repellent treatment first, then a roof paint.

    Some paints can also help to strengthen the thermal insulation of your roof by reflecting the suns rays and helping to protect the attic from extreme heat. Once again, beware: paint will never replace an insulation or under-roof screen!

    The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Roofing Paint

    It goes without saying your roof is going to take a real hammering from our tough climate no matter where you live in Australia.

    Metal roofs, terracotta or concrete tiles all suffer from degradation and aging thanks to intense UV exposure, salt-laden winds, drenching downpours and corrosive pollution.

    If you’re the owner of your house you’ll know that your roof is perhaps the most important part of your house. So it makes sense to protect it, keep it well maintained and looking great.

    Roof paints or roof coatings offer the very best protection whatever the roof type. The right kind of roofing paint will add many years to the life of any roof and will increase your propertys value and maintain the like-new appearance of your roof.

    Whether you want to enhance your roofs durability and water resistance, increase heat reflective thermal performance or simply want to change your roof colour youll need to check out this ultimate guide to choosing the best roofing paint for your needs.

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    Best Paint For Metal Roof : Can You Paint A Corrugated Roof

    October 5, 2021 | Kevin Carter

    The first question that comes to someones mind when thinking of getting their metal roofs painted is whether it is necessary! Besides mere enhancement of the beauty of your home, a newly painted metal roof is required for the following reasons-

    • It increases the lifespan of your roof.
    • Ensures more energy efficiency of the home.
    • It makes sure the roof does not have leaks, pits, or pores that can fall vulnerable to weather conditions.

    Wow! Im sure you didnt even think of all these advantages. Now, you can only enjoy these benefits if you can get your hands on the best metal roof paints of the year.

    A lot of my friends were looking for good paint for their roofs. They couldnt make up their mind, but most importantly, they didnt even know what to look for in the first place. Hence, we thought of easing it up for everyone. And so here we are with the best options and all the info you need on metal roof paints!

    Let The Painting Begin

    Tile Roof Paint

    Now that you have all of the information you need, its time to begin the painting process. Either hire a professional to help you out or grab a friend and the necessary supplies, and you can get started.

    At Legacy Service, we provide a broad range of services, including but not limited to metal roofing installation, replacement, and repairs. To learn more about metal roof replacement, call us at 215-798-9790 or contact us at .

      Contact Us

    • 95 James Way, Suite 100 Southampton, PA 18966

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    Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant Indoor & Outdoor Coating

    If we are to name one of the best paint for old metal roof, this paint will surely be mentioned. This paint too like some of the previous picks is completely water based. Manufactured by Liquid Rubber, it is available in the color water in a container measuring 1 gallon. Due to its watery base, it is quite smooth and easy to apply. On top of this, it has great adhesion as well.

    Not just outdoor roofs, you can use this paint to color your indoors as well. It provides a smooth coating for metal roofs, sloped roofs, and every other kind of roof, and also works on wood and concrete. Furthermore, you can even paint the plant boxes with it. Besides, it can be used to paint the basement.

    This paint provides high flexibility due to its efficient elongation. Its final membrane will give you full coverage without running the risk of adhesion failure. On top of this, the paint completely blocks out UV rays, thus protecting the inhabitants of the house from any harm. It also helps to keep the house cool by blocking the heat rays.

    Each gallon of this paint is capable of covering an area of 30 square feet if you apply 3 to 4 coats. A layer of these many coats will give you a color membrane of 30 milliliters, which is good enough to protect the metal surface.

    Highlighted Features

    • Provides maximum adhesion

    Forgetting To Use Sealant

    Sealant is an important chemical that helps bond everything together properly. Many people skip this step and end up regretting it because of the extra maintenance it causes. This is one of the most important mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

    Heres why sealant is so important

    Sealant will help seal the paint in on the surface so that it does not peel away from the roof. When looking for the perfect sealant, find one that is safe to use. It should be able to withstand a wide temperature range and it should be durable to use. Always ensure that it specifically made for metal roofs and that it is non-flammable.

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    Henry He587372 Roof Coating 5 Gal

    If you need the right quantity of paint for your rooftop and would love to apply two to three coatings for maximum protection, then the second pick on our list will be perfect for you. This paint from Henry comes in the color white and is perfect to put on a roof subjected to heavy sunlight during the day.

    Since the paint is white and reflective of sun rays, your house is guaranteed to remain calm even in scorching weather. The paint contains high solids, resins, fillers, and titanium dioxide, which makes it highly durable and sustainable. Moreover, the coating has extreme peel strength, which makes it resistant to peeling.

    To add more to its list of great features, the paint protects your roof in all weathers, be it rain or shine. Also, the paint is formulated in a way that it forms a permeable membrane. This lets moisture vapor vent, creating a relaxed space inside the house while preventing infiltration of water.

    Last but not least, this paint can release and reflect 91% of the heat energy coming from the sun into the atmosphere, thus preventing the roof from getting too warm.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Protects against the suns heat
    • Formulated in a unique way to prevent peeling
    • Forms a permeable membrane

    Best Primer For Rusted Metal

    Painting a Metal Roof. Painting with an airless paint sprayer.

    Rust-Oleum is one of the biggest and most respected names in metal painting, particularly rusty metal its right in their name! Like many of their products, Ive had great success with the High-Performance Rusty Metal Primer. It adheres well and goes on easily and smoothly.

    Luckily, this formula comes as a liquid instead of a spray so you can easily use it to cover your entire roof. It would be a nuisance trying to do that with spray cans! Plus, this primer dries pretty quickly and will be ready for a coat of paint the day after you apply it.

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    Painting A Metal Roof

    White Roof Cooler

    Because we have a flat roof, the roof that was over half of our house was painted white. This was done to lower the summer temperature in the rooms below. It made a big difference.

    On a 83 degree day, our black metal roof registered 153 F while the white roof only measured 108 F. Cool roof information.

    Metal Rust Reformer

    A rust converter is a chemical treatment that turns iron oxide into a more stable form such as iron tannate. The advantage of a rust converter is the treatment is less invasive and the only surface treatment needed is a cleaning of loose rust and soiling generally with a wire brush. Rust converters have wide stretching usage in conservation, they are used from the stabilization of iron based museum artifacts and collections to iron architectural elements and outdoor sculpture.


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