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What Is The Most Durable Type Of Roof

What Is The Cheapest Type Of Roof

The Durable Slate Company installing Spanish Del Carmen slate roof

Another category in which asphalt shingles wins is cost. In any case, asphalt shingles are the cheapest roof type to install.

This is also based on the fact that a coated asphalt shingle meets EnergyStar pre-requisites for the tax rebates, making the overall cost even lower.

Installing asphalt shingles can be as low as $8000, and this has to be done only once every 20 to 30 years. However, laminated or architectural roofing will cost a bit more.

Wood Shake Shingle Roof

Wood shakes are a thicker material than wood shingles, and they can be expected to stand up better than wood shingles to weather and UV rays. They are not suitable for most DIYers to install, requiring professional installation. Like wood shingles, shakes may be restricted in regions where wildfires are a known hazard.

Cons Of Asphalt Shingles

Shorter lifespan – Though some shingle brands last longer than others, asphalt shingles typically last between 15 and 30 years, but won’t last as long as more expensive materials like clay tiles or metal shingles, which can last a lifetime or more.

Prone to damages – Again, durability varies depending on the type of shingles you buy. While asphalt shingles are typically resistant to algae and mildew, they are prone to cracking in colder temperatures or blowing off in climates like Florida, where hurricanes are prevalent.

Not environmentally friendly – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the US produces between 7-10 million tons of waste in asphalt shingles every year. Although, some shingles can be recycled and used for asphalt pavement.

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Pros Of Metal Roofing

Long-lasting – One of the biggest advantages of metal roofing is its long lifespan, which can be up to 50 years or more.

Environmentally friendly – Because most metals like aluminum and copper are fully recyclable, they are environmentally friendly and can help reduce the number of carbon footprints. Metal roofs also reflect a great deal of sunlight, which makes them a good option for homeowners in warmer climates.

Durable – While aluminum and copper are softer metals and can become damaged on severe impact, they are built to last. Metal roofing is fire resistant and has been tested to withstand high winds. Some metals like steel, which is one of the hardest metals, can withstand hail and snow. Thanks to standing seam’s concealed fasteners, its panels overlap each other, creating a tight seal that prevents any kind of leakage.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Glass Tile Roofs

What Is The Most Durable Type Of Roof? (The Answer Will ...

The advantages of solar glass tile roof are:

  • According to Tesla, solar glass tile material will last a lifetime, making it the most durable roofing material available.
  • The solar glass tiles make your house self-sustaining, producing 100% of the energy used.
  • Tesla guarantees its solar glass tiles to generate power for 30 years.
  • Tesla provides a lifetime warranty against breakage and material defect.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Presently, Tesla solar glass tiles are expensive and not within everyones budget. Pricing is running about $2500 to $4500 per 100 square foot. For most roofs, the cost can run between $70,000 and $100,000.
  • Installers are few at present. Tesla is working on getting contractors trained in installing solar roofing tiles.

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Installation Costs And Lifetime Value

Asphalt roll roofing is normally installed on roofs with a relatively flat peak, so a 2,000 square foot house will have very close to 2,000 square feet of roof area.

Average costs for installing this roof are about $2.25 per square foot, for a total average cost of roughly $4,500. But assuming that this roof will likely need to be replaced perhaps 12 times over 100 years, total costs over this period, in today’s dollars, can be as high as $54,000 over 100 years.

Which Roofing Material Is The Most Durable

When installing a new roof, durability is always on top of mind as your roof should work for you in withstanding the elements and keeping your home safe. Understanding what type of roofing material is best for you depends on a number of factors. The type of roofing materials you choose to use can differ based on where your home is located and what kind of home you have. To decide which roofing material is the most durable and best fit for your home, keep on reading.

Slate Roofing

Slate is a very long lasting and durable roofing material. Due to its reputation of looking very aesthetically pleasing and also lasting a very long time, it is often a material that can be seen used in historic buildings.

Wood Shake Roofing

With dedicated maintenance, wood shake roofing shingles can last nearly 40 years! Wood shake is a durable, well-insulated material that works hard for you without the many additional add ons that roofs often need to be as stable as possible.

Clay Roofing

Clay tiles are a beautiful option for your roofing which are long lasting and pleasing to the eye. Clay tiling is used in some homes in the Greater Toronto Region and are great for withstanding the cold Canadian climate. While a great long term option for your home, clay roofing can be costly to repair and many roofing contractors may not have experience with the material. Be sure to speak to a trusted roofing contractor to find out if they have experience with clay.

Metal Roofing
Asphalt Roofing

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Slate Roofing Is One Of The Longest

Did you know that slate roofing can last anywhere from 75-200 years?! Thats a long time, especially considering that asphalt roofs only last about 20 years. The reason for its longevity is that slate roofing is literally made out of a rock. The slate has already been around for 100-400 million years before its even been harvested to be used as a roofing material.

You may find slate roofing on many old and historical homes. Chances are that the roofing you see is the original roofing. If youve purchased a home that you plan on living in for the rest of your life, it makes sense to invest in a roof that should last for the span of time youre in the house.

Most Durable Roof Types

Granite® Ultramat: For durable roofs

Moving on to the next category, lets take a look at the most durable roof type.

Oddly enough the most durable type of roofing is slate. It has been popular around the world for hundreds of years, and some of the earliest examples of it are still in great condition.

Slate is a form of stone. Meaning it cannot deteriorate, corrode, be burnt, or get damaged by water. It does not attract insects and is basically impenetrable.

It is unsurpassed in terms of durability and longevity, looks great, and can really improve the look of your luxurious home.

In simple words, slate roofing will outlast any other roof in rough conditions.

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Roofing Types And Life Expectancy

Asphalt 3-tab shingles have held the title of the most popular roofing material for decades. This durable material consists of an asphalt/fiberglass base shingle covered with protective granules to add extra durability as well as color. They are popular with homeowners due to their affordability and ease of installation. The most common types of asphalt shingles last approximately 20 years. Higher-quality shingles are available that can last up to 50 years.

Architectural shingles are similar to asphalt shingles as they are composed of the same materials, and are also recyclable. An extra tab or layer is added during manufacture to provide both increased durability as well as aesthetic appeal. The average life span of an architectural shingle roof is 30 years.

Wooden shingles or shakes have been used for centuries and are still popular today. This durable roofing material is often manufactured using hardwoods or composite wood materials. In moderate climate zones, wooden shingles and shakes can last approximately 30 years.

Slate, concrete, and clay roofing tilesaccording to the National Association of Home Buildersare the most durable roofing materials, with life expectancies of 100 years or more.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Shingles

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing shingles for your roofing project. Most likely, your budget is one of the largest factors. Accordingly, you want the best price on roofing shingles as well as the best value.

Typically, it can cost from $5,000 to $28,000 to replace a residential roof. Factors such as the square footage, your choice of shingle and local labor costs all influence the total price of installation.

For example, the average American home is around 2,000 square feet. Imagine that you have a 2,000 square-foot home. In that case, a new roof may cost between $7,700 and $60,500, including labor.

Across the United States, the cost to install a roof varies. On average, however, a new roof costs about seven dollars per square foot. This price usually includes all the various services involved in the installation, such as

  • Construction waste disposal
  • Two layers of old roof removal
  • Warranty

If you have special requirements, this will also affect the price of your roofing installation. The complexity of your roof will also contribute to the cost of the project.

The underlayment will also affect the cost of your roof. Also, the slope of your roof plays into how much it will cost to have your new roof installed.

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Most Durable Roofing Material Posted On 02/22/2021

Your roof is the first line of defense against strong UV rays, cold weather, wind, snow, and other harsh elements. A durable, properly installed roof will help you save energy, prevent leaks, and protect your family for decades to come.

But what is the best roofing material?

Avoid some common roofing mistakes by checking out our complete guide to the most durable roofing materials.

Clay And Concrete Tile Roofing

What Is the Most Durable Type of Roof?

Clay and concrete tile roofs are often chosen for their look and durability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, are suitable for homes in dry climates and can last up to 50 years.

  • Clay and concrete tiling add texture and curb appeal to any home. This roofing works best with Mediterranean and Spanish-style buildings.
  • Concrete and clay tile roofing materials are heavier and may require more framing support. It is recommended that these type of tiles are installed by a professional.

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Cons Of Metal Roofing

Expensive – The biggest disadvantage to installing a metal roof is its high price point. While metal roofs can last a significantly larger amount of time than asphalt shingles, they also cost at least double the amount. However, with little to no maintenance and a long lifespan, metal roofs do end up paying for themselves.

Prone to dents – Although metal roofs are very durable and can withstand some of the harshest climates, some softer metals like aluminum and copper can dent on impact.

A New Roof Or Replacing Old

A roof is no small investment, so whether you are building a new one or replacing an old roof, you want it to last as long as possible. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to how long your roof will last. Some of these are outside your control, such as the weather and environment where you live. A roof that is regularly exposed to extremes of temperature or severe weather conditions will not last as long as one in a more temperate area. Industrial pollution will also have an adverse effect on roofing materials.

But there are things that you can control when it comes to roof longevity, and these include:

  • Design, the more elements there are to a roof, the greater the possibility of damage.
  • Construction, a well- constructed roof will keep your family warm and dry for years, so make sure you choose a reputable roofing contractor.
  • Maintenance, regular check-ups, and maintenance of your roof will add decades to its lifespan.
  • And last but not least, our topic for today, materials.

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Wood Shake & Shingle Roof

There are two types of wood roofs, those made out of wood shingles and wood shakes.

Wood Shakes vs. Wood Shingles: Whats the difference

Wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles and stand up better to weather and UV rays. This roof requires professional installation and isnt the best option for an environment where theres a big fire chance. Wood shake roofs usually last about 30 years, but most of them last even longer.

Wood shingles are machine sawed and more uniform in thickness than shakes. Wood shingles are mostly made out of cedar because its durable, flexible, long-lasting, moisture-resistant, and insect-repellent.

Cedar also has natural oils that prevent decay. You can choose between red, yellow, and white cedar.

  • Red cedar is great for accepting stains and fire retardants.
  • Yellow cedar is more water- and insect-repellent because it has a tighter grain, but it doesnt accept staining or painting as well as other species.
  • White cedar grows faster, so its better for the environment.

Both wood shake and wood shingle roofs need a lot of maintenance, especially if you want them to last for a long time. Moss growth can cause wood shakes to decay prematurely. Split, curled, or cupped shakes need replacement occasionally. Depending on how wet your climate is, youll need to power-wash the roof every 3 to 5 years and apply a waterproofing preservative.

What Is The Most Commonly Used Type Of Roofing Material

What Are The Best Roofing Shingles?

Asphalt shingles are definitely the most commonly used type of roofing material in America today. This type of roofing material has skyrocketed in popularity because it is more affordable than metal, slate, or wood, while still being fire-resistant and long-lasting.

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 30 yearsbut it could last longer depending on the climate and frequency of roof maintenance.

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Types Of Metal Roofing Materials

The homeowners living in areas with relatively harsh weather conditions look for the most durable roofing options. One of the most reliable roofing systems is the one made of metal. It is not surprising that the residential metal roofing industry has witnessed a boom in the last few decades.

The unique forming methods of today paired with the amazing designs and colors make it the Cadillac of roofing.

If you have come across details of amazing benefits of metal roofs, it is smart to consider it for your home. But do you know all the important details about the top roofing metal types?

Here is a brief detail of the 5 common types. Read along to find out the one that suits your roofing requirements.

Choosing The Right Roofer For The Job

No matter how much you spend on roofing materials, the project will only turn out well if you hire a great contractor. Finding a good contractor is the hardest part of home renovation projects for most homeowners. Nevertheless, its essential to find an honest, trustworthy professional contractor.

Talk to friends and family members to find a great local contractor. By asking for word-of-mouth referrals, youre less likely to end up dealing with an unscrupulous service provider.

Youre also more likely to find a trustworthy service provider if you stick to contractors in your community. Also, local contractors are familiar with municipal regulations. They also have established relationships with local suppliers and laborers.

As you search for a contractor, look for a service provider with a manufacturers designation. This accreditation indicates that a service provider has exceptional skills.

Resultantly, a brand is willing to stake its name on the credibility of that particular contractor. GAF, for instance, only awards the top 2% of roofing contractors in each market the status of Master Elite Contractor.

You should also check with the Better Business Bureau . The BBB keeps a record of consumer reviews about local service providers.

The organization also sponsors an accreditation program. A business must maintain fair and ethical business practices for an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Clay And Concrete Tiled Roof

Adobe style roofs use clay or concrete tiles, a popular choice in Southwestern United States. Not only do clay and concrete give your home a unique, textured feel, but these materials are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Clay and concrete are appropriate in climates prone to wildfires as theyre non-combustible. Theyre also energy efficient, keeping your home cool year-round so your air conditioning unit doesnt need to work very hard. They stand up to falling debris with their naturally durable surface, giving you a roof that will last 40-50 years.

Top 6 Roofing Materials

What Is the Most Durable Type of Roof?

From wood shake to asphalt shingles, roofing material is an important consideration that contributes to the overall look and style of your home.

Updating your existing roof allows you to add value to your home and communicate your home’s look and feel. While roof framing, preparation and proper installation are always important, the material you choose for your roof can bring the exterior of your home to the next level.

“It’s really an opportunity to upgrade your home in terms of look, style and color,” says Tom Bollnow, senior director of technical services for the National Roofing Contractors Association .

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Pros Of Slate Roofing

Durable – Slate is one of the most durable roofing materials available, able to withstand strong winds, fire, and excess water. Slates usually tend to last longer with steeper roofs, when water runoff is less likely to leak under the slates, which is why you’re more likely to see slate roofs in colder, wetter climates.

Long-lasting – Slate is also one of the longest-lasting roofing materials, lasting upwards of 100 years or more, and typically comes with a warranty that lasts 50 years.

Eco and environmentally friendly – Because slate is made from natural elements, it is completely recyclable. Slate’s embodied carbon value reaches only 16% of other roofing materials, which is the amount of energy needed to deal with any created waste, and has the lowest carbon footprint.


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