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Where To Buy Roof Top Tents

Best Upgrade Rooftop Tent

Watch This Before You Buy A Roof Top Tent | Harry Situations

The ultra-clever trick the Condor pulls is how it unfolds its wings. Like most hardshell designs, it pops up, but the lid forms one wall . From that position, the tent unfurls like a soft clamshell design. This makes the Condor and Condor XL absolutely huge inside over seven feet across when open.

Interior height is also maxed-out at 50 inches, and the weight is reasonable too: 135 pounds for the smaller unit, and 160 pounds for the XL. Theres also a zip-open skylight for stargazing. Another bonus is a hardshell lid that lets you rack other gear on top, like kayaks, bikes, or skis.

Why Buy Roof Top Tents

If you are in the market for a new tent, you will see that there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. This can make it a little bit overwhelming, as it can feel difficult to know where to begin. However, one type of tent that you should definitely look into purchasing is a rooftop tent. There are a lot of benefits associated with this product when compared to standard tents, and we are going to explore these in further depth below.

You Have A Smaller Vehicle

A strong roof rack and a sturdy vehicle are what really make a rooftop tent work.

If you have a smaller car that doesnt include an excellent system for setting up your tent, you may end up with something unstable and a little worrisome for sleeping in.

Furthermore, your equipment needs to last for a long journey, so even if you arent sleeping in the tent, it will have to be stored on top of your vehicle for the entirety of the trip.

If you really want to rooftop camp, you will need to either have a great car or truck for it or borrow one from a friend.

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What Is A Roof Top Tent & Why It’s For You

Before we look at the benefits that are associated with a rooftop tent, it is vital to establish what this sort of tent is. This is a tent that will simply be fitted to the roof of your vehicle. While you are driving, it will be collapsed so that it can easily be transported. When you arrive at the spot that you are going to be camping at, you will unfold the tent and you will mount it to the roof of your vehicle. You simply need to make sure that you purchase a roof rack to support the tent. You can get some sets that have the tent and the roof rack included, or you can purchase both separately.

Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland

Best Rooftop Tents 2020

Total Expert Score: 98/100 | Consumer Score: 89% give it 4 stars or more

Closed dimensions : 56 x 48 x 14 in. | Open dimensions: 56 x 96 x 52 in. | Total weight: 132 lb | Material: Cotton, polyester

  • Large awning included
  • Some reviewers reported zipper problems

Many rooftop tents give you the option of adding an annex room beneath the tent where it hangs over the side of the vehicle, but few include one with your purchase. The Ranger Overland does, and it comes in at an impressive 90 x 90 inches. Thats plenty of room for more campers in addition to the main tent itself, which can accommodate two adults on its foam mattress. Of course, if there are only two of you, then youre free to use the annex as a kitchen, living room, or changing room.

The tent install is easy and shouldnt take two people more than an hour or so. Reviewers on also noted this tents high quality for the lower price. From what I can tell, this tent is built with the same quality and materials as the higher-priced tents on the market, said one.


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Odyssey 55 By Free Spirit Recreation

The second place in the podium goes to the Odyssey 55″ by FSR. An innovative tent with a patented gas strut system to open and close the RTT in a smoother, safer and better way, and to avoid any long-term issues from extended use.



FSR has characterized for constantly changing the market with innovative designs. The Odyssey series is the latest model they have, and it comes in two sizes: 49″ and 55″. The latter is our preferred choice given the extra space to even fit a child, or a pet.

This excellent tent is only 7″ tall when closed, reducing not only the wind resistance, but having much less impact on the fuel consumption and less noise.

The patented gas strut system help open and close this tent in less than 60 seconds, as well as guaranteeing a longer life span and a much smoother process.

Add to that the cross-bars on top of the tent with a 250 lbs load rating, and you’re looking at the possibility of taking kayaks, surfboards, or other gear on top of your car tent. Honestly, an all-in-one model with durability, quality and comfort.

And the number one is: The Skycamp 2.0! This Roof Top Tent is a true beauty, one of the best roof top tents out there.

Lets start with a little background of the company and the tent.

The brand iKamper was born after a South Korean traveler, inspired by Jack Kerouac, travelled around America in a campervan. His vehicle was always in bad shape, so he was always complaining.

What happened?


  • Rainfly


Best Large Rooftop Tents

For families that love to get out into the world and camp just about anywhere, a large rooftop tent can be a great solution.

There are lots of things to consider when looking for a large rooftop tent, including how much youre willing to spend, how often youll be camping, and whether or not you want an annex. Youll also need to decide whether or not youll need a hard shell tent.

Weve compiled a list of the 6 best large rooftop tents to help you make an informed decision. It wont be long before youre sleeping under the stars with your family!

Here are some of the most popular online stores to buy roof-top tents:

Visit here

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The Dynamic Nature Of Rtt Camping

It’s important to note that people tell us one of the main reasons they want to own a Roof Top Tent by Bigfoot Tents is the “Freedom” aspect of traveling. There are hundreds of FREE parking spaces in EVERY city in the U.S.A. The truth is when it comes to an R.T.T. you can park in any traditional automobile parking space. Use your imagination, and think of the most beautiful place you can within driving distance. Now drive there, open your RTT and stare out. When you take a break from reading a book in the breeze, cast your eyes onto whatever real estate you can muster. The forest, woods, wetlands, creeks, rivers, lakes, fields, parks, festivals, parades, dog parks, beaches, and nature reserves are all proper for a Rooftop Tent.

A beautiful customized 4 Door Jeep rocking a Jeep Roof Top Tent – Washington D.C.

Top 5 Benefits And Drawbacks Of Owning Car Roof Top Tent In Australia



  • Fast and easy set up at the campsite , saving time for wilderness fun
  • The tent is off the ground, away from snow, mud, insects, snakes, and other animals, big and small that might interrupt your sleep
  • The mattress is included in most models, and bedding can be kept inside, further accelerating the tent set up for the night
  • The campsite has a smaller footprint, and the tent can double as an awning to protect from rain or sun or serve as a ground-level annex
  • Setting up the tent does not require perfectly level ground, though the car must be levelled using blocks or stones


  • The minimum price tag is around $1,000 which is much more expensive than traditional ground tents
  • Getting into and out of the tent using the ladder might be difficult for older people, small kids, and animals
  • Maximum capacity and height are limited, so theres no way to stand up to your full height or hold a 10-person party inside
  • You can only camp where your car can reach and park, so the selection of campsites might be a bit limited
  • Lifting the tent to the roof of the car and mounting it is a time-consuming two-person job requiring heavy lifting

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Roof Top Tent Accessories

MT-120 Roof Racks

  • 1280L x 100W x 120H
  • Designed to go on top of the Motop roof top tent

MT-135 Roof Racks

  • 1430L x 100W x 120H
  • Designed to go on top of the Motop roof top tent

Awning Brackets

  • 130L x 130W x 100H

Due to the size of this item, there will be additional delivery costs on top of the calculated freight if you do not have a forklift on site to receive the item. Please let us know if you dont have a forklift available for delivery when you place the order and we will contact you with the costs or alternative delivery options.

Roof Top Tents On The Market

We need to go out and explore, as the folks from Overland Bound would say. So we thought: Hey, lets try something new! Let’s scale down, even though we’re a family of four. And we’re ready to explore all available options with you. Let’s look at the best roof top tents the world has to offer.

There are two categories of pickup trucks. The first is a vehicle typically sold in North America, like the Ford F150, that runs on petrol and is typically very big. And then there’s the rest of the world, where pickups are Diesel powered and smaller. Outside of the USA, the Toyota Hilux is the king of pickup trucks, followed by the Nissan Navara, the Mitsubishi L200 , the Ford Ranger and, recently, also the Volkswagen Amarok and the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. They’re roughly the size of a Toyota Tacoma.

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Top 7 Product Ratings

Very comfortable, durable, has entrance awning, weather protection, included annexDurable canopy, telescoping ladder, versatility, quick conversionRectangular design allows for more room on the rack, quick installation, durable canopyLight, affordable, breathableTool-free mounting system, locks to rack, light
ConsLongest conversion time , side window awnings don’t roll up, priceNo entrance awning, no added extrasThin mattress, longer conversion time, Cordura cover may be less durableQuestionable durability, bulky for a two-person modelMounting system limited, large gap between tent and rack
Bottom LineA versatile rooftop tent that offers maximum comfort no matter what Mother Nature decides to doOur top recommendation for most people provides excellent quality and comfort across all four seasonsA rooftop tent that leaves lots of room on the rack for extra toysA decent two-person rooftop tent with a breathable canopyA quailty rooftop tent that doesn’t require a handyman to install
Rating Categories
56 in x 96 in56 in x 96 in87 in x 40 in84 in x 48 in56 in x 96 in
Floor Area
26 in x 56 inn/a
12 in x 48 in x 56 in12 in x 48 in x 56 in9.5 in x 24 in x 83 in11 in x 42 in x 48 in12 in x 48 in x 56 in
Floor Materials
Double level pockets, loop inside for hanging lights and gearn/aLocks, quick release, clear sky windows in rain fly

How Do We Rate Rooftop Campers

The 5 Thinnest Roof Top Tents You Can Buy  Roof Tent Insider

Theres no way to identify the single best tent out there that will be perfect for every nature enthusiast regardless of their vehicle, budget, and camping preferences. Thats why we wont even try to do that. Instead, well share a detailed roof top tent comparison that relies on many factors. This way, you can check out the specs across a variety of models and find the one that hits your sweet spot.

What do we take into account when rating the tents? Weve selected eight parameters that matter most to the majority of campers. These include:

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Where Exactly Can I Buy A Roof Top Tent

Ever since the 1930s, rooftop tents have continued to gain traction, and for a good reason. They create a unique space that allows people to camp anywhere they want, but you are probably still wondering where in the world you buy one? Let us find out!

There are several places to buy a rooftop tent, whether online, in-store or even second-hand in person.

Here is a list of online places you can find rooftop tents available:


As you can see, there are many places to choose from when purchasing a rooftop tent. Buying online is the most popular option. However, there are in-person stores you can look at, but some retailers will have them shipped to their store if it is not available. Some of these places are Dicks Sporting Goods and Lowes.

On the other hand, many of these retailers hold accessories for your tent if you wish to go that route. Some locations even allow your rooftop tent to be shipped to a store local to you if you decide to order online.

Do You Like Disappearing Into The Wild From Time To Timeare You In Love With The Night Sky Away From Urban Light Pollutiondo You Want To Hear Nothing But Lively Wildlife Sometimes

If your answers are positive all around, camping must be your favourite pastime, and gear is always on your wishlist. Still, if youve never tried camping in a roof top tent, youre missing out. It might look weird at first, but once you give it a go, you will never return to your old-fashioned tent and sleeping bag combo. Unlike your favourite setup, rooftop models are attached to your vehicles cargo rack and unfold into a comfy sleeping nest in a few short minutes . As a result, you get closer to the stars and further away from the nasty critters waiting to snack on your food or your ankles. Think of it as having your own portable treehouse. Isnt it a childhood dream come true?

Of course, as the name suggests, you need a roof to attach your sleeping place to otherwise, it would be no different from camping at ground level. Unfortunately, not every vehicle is made equal, and some simply cannot handle the additional weight. As a rule of thumb, your car should have cargo racks and be able to withstand at least 165 pounds of weight. Thats dynamic load, but if you can get your hands on static load figures, they should accommodate for the weight of your tent and everyone inside to be safe. If youre thinking of buying a 4-person roof top tent, youll need an SUV or a pickup truck, but some sedans and town cars may be able to handle one- or two-person setups.

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How Much Do Roof Top Tents Cost

Rooftop tents carry a hefty price tag compared to traditional ground tents, and rightfully so when you factor in all the pros, they offer.

In general, you can expect a roof top tent to cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000. That averages out to $2,250. However, you can find some models for as low as $900!

Do not feel like you have to drop thousands of dollars to have a nice tent. There are plenty of options to choose from for all different budgets. Below we will talk about the cheapest roof top tent and the most expensive to see how big of a difference it makes!

Best Affordable Rooftop Tent

Watch BEFORE You Buy a Roof Top Tent

At just 101 pounds, the two-person Yakima Skyrise HD is light for this breed and is the most tentlike of rooftop units in this guide by which we mean, it has a domed shape that allows you to sit up comfortably once inside.

The clever opening system you use the ladder as a giant pry bar to unfurl the unit and get it set up is the same as several other clamshell designs in this guide. Its a slight chore to anchor the rainfly, but ultimately not that challenging. However, if you want to use the tents top window for stargazing or to stand up through it , youll have to remove the rainfly and gamble that no thunderheads roll in overnight.

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Purchasing A Rooftop Tent Online

Given that rooftop tents are such large investments, we recommend going into your local retailer or gear shop and comparing various models before making a decision. Simply put, theres no substitute for being able to hop in a tent and get a feel for the overall build and dimensions. Most REI Co-op stores have a selection of Thule Tepui and iKamper tents, and you can also find models for sale at rack, vehicle accessory, or overlanding stores. Another advantage to shopping in person: theres a good chance most brick-and-mortar retailers offer installation services. But theres no denying the deals you can find online, and the most rooftop tents listed here can be purchased from the comfort of your home. Shipping fees might offset your savings , but some retailers ship free of charge, including iKamper and Roofnest. If you know which model you want to buy and dont have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping, buying online isnt a bad idea.


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