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How Much Does Epdm Roofing Cost

Which Epdm System Is More Cost

How Much Does a Single-Ply Membrane Roof System Cost? (2019)

Even though it has been suggested that the Firestone RubberCover is the cheapest EPDM system on the market, this is not correct according to our research. The cost appears to be low because most retailers/stocklists do not comply with the manufacturers correct usage instructions and suggest using less amount per square meter. This product comes with a 30 year BBA certification for 150m2 domestic roofs when the correct amounts is used and the cheapest option costs around £9.75 + vat for 1.3 liters. So apparently, it is not that cheap.

Below we compare the cost of various EPDM systems to help you choose the cheapest one.


Do Epdm Roofs Have Any Disadvantages

Compared to other single-ply roofing systems, EPDM roofs require more steps to install, which will increase labor costs to some degree. EPDM requires cleaning, priming, and taping to adhere its seams, as opposed to TPO roofing roofing or PVC roofing roofing which simply needs to be cleaned and heat welded.

Basic EPDM installations dont include reinforced scrims, meaning lower puncture resistance and more prone to weather or accidental damage. Of course, reinforced EPDM is an option however it does come with additional material cost.

EPDM roofs also require more seam maintenance. Because of their chemically bonded natures, the seams will eventually become unadhered and will need to be repaired.

EPDM roofs are a trusted, time-tested, cost-effective piece of proven roofing technology. Thanks to their relatively easy installation, lower maintenance costs, energy efficiency, lower material costs, weather resistance, and impressive endurance , it certainly has earned its place as one of the most common commercial roofing systems available.

If youre ready to hear more about EPDM or learn whether its the right roofing system for your building type, send us your details and well get to work right away.

How Much Does A Flat Roof Cost Per Square Foot

There are a number of factors to consider when replacing a flat roof. These would include the size of your roof, what materials you are using, the type of weather that the , as well as the overall cost per square foot. While all these factors are important, most of our clients consider the cost first.

Generally speaking, the cost of flat roofs are provided in a measurement unit called a square. Each square is equal to one hundred square feet. In most cases, the general cost per square of flat top roof is somewhere between $350 and $1200, which means that a square foot of a new flat top roof, fully installed, including labor can cost between $3.50 and $12.00. It should be noted that these prices are only estimates based on industry standards, and a true estimate given by a qualified professional roofer is a more accurate method of determining costs. At , we believe in honesty and being a trustworthy contractor to every homeowner who reaches out to us.

Like everything else, the quality of the material used, as well as the kind of material used will adjust the cost. And this is one area that you dont want to mess around. The brutal winters and storms that can frequent the Boston area can wreak havoc on a buildings roof, so choosing the right roofing material can mean the difference between having long lasting protection and replacing the roof in a very short time indeed.

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What’s The Difference Between Epdm Pvc And Tpo Roofing

With so many choices available in the market today, does the color matter? The answer is yes. Your commercial roofs color absolutely mattersand not just for aesthetic reasons. The material its constructed from makes a huge difference in its performance capabilities, and the color is closely related to the material when youre talking about single-ply membrane roofing systems. So, what are the differences between the most popular types of single-ply materials for new installations and replacement applications?EPDM – Typically black, and thermoplastic materials vs. TPO & PVC – which typically tend to be white.

Epdm Roofing Cost Guide

How Much Does Rubber Roofing Cost in 2021?

Homewyse Cost Guides estimate approximate cost ranges for basic work in typical conditions. The estimates should only be used for preliminary planning. Homewyse estimates are NOT substitutes for quotes from qualified vendors. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for an accurate assessment of work required and costs for your project – before making any decisions or commitments.

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Rubber Roofing: In Summary

If youre looking for a single-ply roofing membrane suited for flat roofs, EPDM, TPO, and PVC are among the most popular and worthwhile options. The optimal choice will rely on your budget and specific roofing needs.

On the other hand, rubber shingles should primarily appeal to those seeking an eco-friendly and reasonably affordable alternative to a more traditional type of roof like stone slate.

Signs You Need To Repair Your Epdm Roof

While an EPDM roof should remain in top condition for 20 years or longer, poor installation can mean frequent roofing problems. If inexperienced contractors and unprofessional work have left your roof in poor condition, look to Homestead Roofing Company., for EPDM roof repair. Consult our roofing experts as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

  • Ponding Water
  • Poor Flashing

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Rubber Roof Installation Cost Factors

The basic cost of purchasing and installing a rubber roof does not consider all scenarios that impact the overall price. While the size, shape, and type of roofing material you choose influence the cost, a few other things add to or subtract from the average. Make sure you consider the following before starting your roofing project.

First, the roofing company may want to remove the old shingles if they are lifting or in bad shape. They will inspect the roof before starting and let you know if this is needed. If the old shingles need to be replaced, the cost of your rubber roof may increase, but removal is most often included in the pricing. If the roofer charges for this service, the cost is usually $1 to $2 per square foot.

You may decide to have foam sprayed for additional insulation. There are two types of spray foam: open-cell that costs $0.50 to $1 per board foot and closed-cell that costs between $1 to $2 per board foot. The average additional expense of installing spray foam is $2,700. However, the total cost varies according to how much insulation your roof requires.

Decking is the plywood located under the roofing material. If the roof has been leaking, this plywood may have become rotten and needs to be replaced. Most roofing professionals include the cost of replacing one to two pieces of decking but will probably charge for anything above that. The typical charge is an additional $70 to $100 per 32 sq.ft. of roof area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epdm Roofs

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

Still have questions about EPDM roofing? Youve come to the right place! In this section, weve answered some of the questions were most frequently asked about this material. Take a look and see if we answered your question. If you have any more questions, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our roofing experts!

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Clean And Prepare Existing Roof $010 $150 Per Sq Foot

When you have a solid roof that doesnt require major modifications or corrections, the contractor will need to clean and prepare the roof, so the insulation adheres properly.

There are four ways a contractor can prepare a roof for single-ply membrane installation:

  • Air Pressure Cleaning
  • Wet Vac for dirt, gravel and dust removal
  • The price can be as high as $1.50 per sq. ft. because some roofing contractors might have to subcontract out specialized cleaning, such as Dry and Wet Vac work.

    Rubber Roof Repairs & Maintenance

    Life expectancy can vary anywhere from 7 to 50 years. Typically, you’ll need to do some maintenance during its life. Common issues include:

    • Tears and Rips: Roof repair costs vary, but large objects and impacts like a tree branch or hail need repairs to stop further damage to underlying materials like insulation and wood.
    • Patch most small tears with a rubber sealant patching kit for only about $25. Anything larger will need a piece of roofing material.
    • Roof Cleaning: Keep your roof clean and free of debris. Have an annual roof inspection and cleaning. Clean and landscape ballasted materials as needed.
    • Coat and Reseal: Sealing a roof only costs about $850. Coatings and sealants can prolong or rejuvenate your roof without the need for replacement. For example, white silicone rubber roofing sealant runs about $20 a gallon. As roofing ages, it becomes brittle and deteriorates.

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    Are You Unsure With The Cost Of An Epdm Roof

    If youre unsure about how much roof membrane you need, we have an easy-to-use EPDM Flat Roof Kit Calculator designed to give you a clearer answer on how much an EPDM roof costs.

    Although we sell our range of EPDM flat roofs per square metre, we also offer EPDM flat roof kits as well as EPDM flat roof shed kits too.

    These EPDM flat roof kits come in a range of sizes designed to cover any given surface you want to apply the synthetic rubber membrane too. Depending on the kit youve chosen and for what surface, the kits include the correct adhesive and roller, instructions and gloves.

    All our rubber roofing shed kits come with free next working day delivery. For more information, contact us or give us a call on .

    Where To Use Epdm

    Everything You Need to Know About Flat Roofs: Types, Cost ...

    EPDM roofing systems are considered to be the ultimate weather protector. They provide protection from wind, rain, hail, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. If you have a flat or low slope roof that cant be seen from the ground and needs plenty of protection, this type of material is highly recommended. It may not be pretty, but it does its job.

    On rooftop decks, EPDM can be covered with a wood deck, outdoor carpet, or Astroturf. It can also be painted with Hypalon paint, but it will have to be repainted every three or four years. If youre looking for EPDM roofing contractors near me, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • Roofing contractors should always be licensed and insured. This is for the homeowners benefit as well as the contractors. Contractors should have the appropriate training and experience to install a rubber roof.
    • A permit needs to be pulled to comply with building inspection requirements. The average cost for pulling a roof building permit is between $400 and $1,000. However, keep in mind that the cost varies from state to state.
    • Remember that a dumpster will be parked on your driveway for the duration of the job, blocking your garage if you have one. Some dumpsters prove to be too heavy and may cause concrete to crack.
    • It may be less expensive to DIY this job, but then you are left with the mess, maybe injured, and will not have a warranty. Also, you cannot be certain that as a non-professional, you can do the job properly.
    • Roof reinforcement is a way to make the roof stronger and more durable. This is usually done using polyester scrim, mat, or fabric mesh directly from the factory, but thats not always the case. Check with the manufacturer to make sure your rubber roofing is reinforced or consult your roofer to find out how and if you can reinforce it.

    Is It Easy To Repair Epdm Roofing

    Its generally very easy to repair damage to an EPDM roof caused by impact or puncture, which can happen after a storm, high winds or hail. Generally, your roofing contractor will come identify the damage and diagnose the issue, clean the surface, prime it, and patch the damage. It doesnt take long to repair minor issues on an EPDM roof.

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Epdm Roofing

    Pros: Homeowner-friendly installation. The materials relatively light yet highly resistant to scuffs and tears. Leaks are easy to patch.

    Cons: The standard black material absorbs heat, and light-colored coatings add 30% or more to the cost. Even the black version, though, costs more than BUR or modified bitumen. Its also more vulnerable to punctures than other choices.

    What are you waiting for?

    Our goal is to your experience as hassle-free as possible. When we partner with you, we handle your roofing needs quickly and efficiently with the utmost personal service, professional workmanship, and quality materials.

    Rubber Roof Pros And Cons

    How much does a roof cost to replace part 1

    Rubber roofs are one of the easiest roof types to install, one of the most low-cost ones, and the easiest to maintain, making them a very popular choice among homeowners. However, as they are a cheaper material, they can sometimes crack and heat up easier than other materials, which may lead to changes in the temperature of the home. In addition to this, any mistake in the installation of EPDM, TPO, or PVC shingles can result in leaks and expensive roof damage.

    Rubber roofing is one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly roofing products available. It is made of up to 95% recycled materials. This means that not only are contractors reusing materials but in 20 to 40 years, when the roof needs to be replaced, the debris will be recyclable. The white on black option is the most UV-resistant. This type of roofing insulates well so that less energy will be consumed.

    Some rubber roof types come in a variety of colors, particularly TPO and PVC roofs. This makes them a popular choice as homeowners can pick between white, black, and gray rubber shingles. Manufacturers can add more customized colors to come up with a complementary shade to almost any home color. They can be made to look like cedar shingles in a brown or clay red. They come in white on black shingles, which lends contrast to your roof. The shingles also come in a 3-tab style, just like regular shingles.

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    Installation & Replacement Cost Factors

    Though it is possible to install roll type roofing on sloped roofs, this is mostly for flat and low slopes. It’s the most common type of commercial roofing. If there are less than two layers of roof, a membrane can be installed directly over your current roof without the need for any demolition. Code requires no more than two layers at a time.

    • Old Roof Removal: adds $1 to $2 per square foot. Codes vary from place to place, but if there is only one layer of old roofing, new installation doesn’t require removal of the old roof. Two or more layers require the removal of the old roof.
    • Accessibility determines labor costs. At $75 to $90 per hour for most contractors, this can add up quickly. Contractors may increase hourly pricing for hard to reach locations.
    • Climate will often determine the type of material used. A roof is subject to extreme temperature changes, wind, hail, and moisture. Some materials perform better in differing climates. Local contractors are the best place to get information about what works in your area.

    Rubber Roof Membranes Or Sheets

    Rubber roofing membranes are manufactured to fit the shape and size of a particular roof. This is not a cheap option, but it does offer some distinct advantages, including a reduction in roof leaks since there are no seams in the material. Rubber roofing is available in two membrane options EPDM and IB. These rubber membranes can be quite heavy, which can make installation more difficult. Rubber roofing works very well on smaller or flat roofs.

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    Epdm Roof Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

    • Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a EPDM Roof contractor estimates are typically free, unless its a service call for a repair.
    • Expect the EPDM Roof prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
    • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
    • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out I.e difficult configurations, patterns, hips, valleys, dormers, curbs, ventilation, etc. The additional complexity of your roof will add to the EPDM Roof.
    • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of EPDM Roof and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
    • Remember, there are multiple styled homes in the U.S from: Contemporary, colonial, cape-cod style, ranch, bungalow, victorian, etc. So keep that in mind and try to budget a little more, before starting your EPDM Roof project.

    Widths Ranging And Thicknesses

    How much does it cost to waterproof a roof?

    EPDM roofing systems are sold in a variety of widths and thicknesses to help meet any homeowners needs. Its widths range from 7.5 to 50, and its thicknesses are available in 45 mil , 60 mil , 75 mil and 90 mil . The roof can be attached through adhesives, ballasting, or mechanical attachment. Its good to know that the thicker material you choose, the longer your roof is designed to last. The average lifespans for each thickness include:

    • 45 mils About 12 years
    • 60-75 mils About 12-17 years
    • 90 mils At least 25 years

    EPDM should be installed by professional roofers. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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