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How Much Does Equinox Louvered Roof Cost

Protection From The Elements And High Temperatures

The power of a pergola! Powered Louver Roof Systems!

Its hard to enjoy outdoor living when inclement weather strikes. An opening roof, however, is able to protect your homes patio area from the sun and rain. The louvres give homeowners the option of opening and closing their roof to control the amount of sunlight that hits their patio and to completely protect it or to let the right amount of light in. That means, during hot, sunny days, the louvres can be adjusted for maximum shade to protect homeowners from the sun or opened up to allow for more light penetration.

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What Is A Louvered Patio Roof

Similar to the slats in your window blinds, louvered roofs give you control over exposure to the sun and weather. They were historically found in the Middle East, implemented to stave off the rain but welcome sunshine. Now they adorn patios across the world, making decks and outdoor areas accessible no matter the weather. Combining the aesthetics of a louvered pergola with the functionality of a patio awning, they beautify your home as they add versatility to your outdoor living space.

A series of slats, or louvers, are mounted to overhead rafters. These can be rotated from horizontal to vertical, or to any position in between.

Louvered roof parts, constructed of durable extruded aluminum, will not rust or deteriorate through exposure to the sun or elements. They also come in an assortment of powder-coated colors to complement your home and landscape design.

The Pros Of Louvered Roofs

Flexibility for Your Space

Your outdoor space is lovely, but it is rarely perfect for hanging out in. Over summer, your patio bakes under the sun. Meanwhile, fall brings rain and maybe snow to your area. These changes affect how comfortable using your outdoor space can be.

A louvered roof can help solve that. Moving the louvers changes the entire dynamic of your space as well as its look. You can change from full sun to full shade quickly, depending on your preferences.

Most louvered roofs provide you precise control over the tilt of the louvers. This control means you control what breezes the louvers catch if they catch any at all. This control over the air circulation means your space is always comfortable for you.

The tilt also lets you control the amount of light. Light carries with it heat as your patio area or pool deck bakes. You can tilt the louvers throughout the day to maintain a comfortable light level for your activities.

Weather Resistance

Many louvered roofs feature materials like aluminum that are durable and do not rust. Since louvered roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, this consideration is beneficial. Many manufacturers also undergo voluntary testing.

Depending on the model you buy, the louvered roof may come with rain sensors and an automatic system to swing the louvers closed. This useful feature can keep your outdoor space dry and drip-free.

Energy Benefits

Get the Look You Want


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Wood Patio Cover Lattice

Second to the roofed cover is the lattice wood patio cover. Still a great wood cover but services a much different purpose. For the most part, the wood lattice patio covers are meant to allow a certain amount of light through. Most people who choose these covers place them specifically where they wish to have at least a minimal amount of light. Call us for a free quote.

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The Cons Of Louvered Roofs

Equinox Louvered Roof System Patio Cover NEWS


While louvered roofs are durable, they are not the least expensive option for your outdoor space. Instead, you can look at it as an investment in your home and your enjoyment of your area. Remember to check with your contractor for any rebates.

No Way to Remove the Shade

One of the significant downsides is that you cannot simply fold the louvers away once you have a louvered roof installed. That means you must work with the shade for as long as you have the louvered roof.

User Friendliness

Some models of louvered roofs are better than others in terms of user friendliness. For example, smart features are much more user friendly than a manual opening system. It is a decision you need to make at installation.

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Option One: Wood Louvered Pergola Kits

This type of design has been around for centuries so you know it has staying power! With this style, you have even more choices with how your structure looks since they come in many different designs from simple wood slats all the way up to intricate lattice work details. These structures are fairly lightweight as well which makes moving them between locations an easier task than steel or aluminum however paint may not last quite as long when used outside year round.

Wooden louvered pergolas are often the most traditional of these structures and have many benefits. For example, they can be painted to match any color palette or landscaping you like for a custom look that fits your personal style. Woods also come in various types including red cedar, western red cedar and cypress pine, so one might suit your needs better than another depending on what type of climate you live in! In addition, wood is durable enough for outdoor use year round as long as it is treated with a high quality sealant before installation.

Its also easy to repair if any damage occurs, just sand down the affected area then add another coat of stain or sealant most people only have to do this once every two years!

In terms of concern about decay, cedarwood offers the traditional feel along with built-in resistance to rotting, weather and attack by insects and other creepy crawlies.

Are Louvered Roofs Waterproof

In short, yes. The unique design of louvered roofs makes them waterproof. They are manufactured to be watertight during showers and have an integrated gutter system that allows the rain to run off. As with any roofing system, waterproofing is a major consideration, and louvers really do keep the rain out.

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Luminox Louvers Are Affordable

What you get is a stripped-down version of the more expensive louvered roof systems out there. But what you do get is functionality. It had louvers that are actually extruded like the equinox louvered roof systems that opens and closes via remote. Basic but still, a beautiful system and very nice functionally.

Motorized roof systems options

The louvered roof system offers a multitude of options for your home not found in traditional patio cover systems. Items such as shade control, the touch of a button louver controls for instant shade, rain, and wind sensors when mother nature decides to let loose. These two sensors automatically close the louvers in the event you are out of town or cant get to the cover in time to close it, saving valuables stored underneath.

Differences in louver Manufacturers

Much like its big brother, the Equinox louvered roof systems , or even the Apollo patio covers or Solara adjustable roof systems or louvered roof systems . Both carry fully extruded aluminum louvers or blades, extruded aluminum center beam, posts, and a gutter system. Extruded aluminum offers a much more robust and sturdy cover than when compared to the roll-formed patio covers. As for larger spans between posts, extruded aluminum works the best.

Louvered Roof Installation In Columbia Annapolis Ellicott City Severna Park & Other Communities

Equinox Opening Roof DFW – Testimonial 3

Looking for a way to beautify your home and bring the outdoors spaces indoors? At Diamond Decks, we have the answer. Louvered patio roofs offer a uniquely elegant solution to integrating your homes interior and exterior living spaces, and the Equinox Louvered Roof is the top system Maryland homeowners can choose.

Get louvered roof and patio design ideas from our gallery here.

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Choosing The Best Louvered Roof For Your Outdoor Space: Struxure Vs Equinox Vs Solara Vs Cardinal

Your outdoor space is an opportunity to expand your living space, especially if you cannot get enough of the great outdoors. Louvered roofs are a recent addition to your outdoor options. A louvered roof gives you control over the environment and adds value to your home too.

There are many louvered roof brands on the market and making the choice can be complicated. Weve picked out the long-lasting brands with proven track records: StruXure, Equinox, Solara, and Cardinal. Continue reading to see how the Backyardville choices stack up.

Options When Considering A Louvered Roof System

When considering the purchase of an automatic patio, you may want options to go along with it. Generally, people who purchase louvered roof systems also buy lights or heaters. Lighting is considered a must-have for most buyers. Equally important for many others are heaters and shades. Below we’ve put together a shortlist of some of the add-ons you can purchase with your new cover.

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Roof System With Louvers

A louvered roof system combines beauty and practicality with its multipurpose and changeable motorized covering. Outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, patios, and guest areas may all benefit from this roofing system.

Furthermore, each louvered roof system may be made from a variety of materials, paint colors, and finishes. It is generally determined by the requirements and preferences of the homeowner. Louvered roof systems are often constructed of steel, wood, or aluminum, and are painted or finished to the users specifications.

A variety of louvered roof systems are flexible enough to work with a variety of architectural styles. Bay windows, pitched roofs, and angled walls may all be accommodated by the majority of them.

They may also be constructed and configured for use as a pergola. Heres where you can learn more about our pergola measurements guide.

What Add The Most Value To A Home

Equinox Louvered Roof Austin

What Home Improvements Add the Most Value? Kitchen Improvements. If adding value to your home is the goal, the kitchen is likely the place to start. Bathrooms Improvements. Updated bathrooms are key for adding value to your home. Lighting Improvements. Energy Efficiency Improvements. Curb Appeal Improvements. Mar 24, 2020

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Design Options For Louvered Roof Systems

Our beautiful louvered roof patio cover is designed with sleek, streamlined features that can blend well any architectural home design. This is essential because Billings homeowners who buy a louvered pergola roof for their patio tend to have a highly developed sense of style and independence.

You can choose the color, design, and size of the louvered roof patio cover based on your homes exterior paint, outdoor paving design, and even furniture. This all means that your patio cover will look fantastic and compliment the outdoor decorations that you already have around your backyard.

Image Source: https://www.equinoxroof.com/

These covers are available in different materials and slat sizes, allowing for up to 1600 motion range for any roofing system, and here are some of the most popular roof styles and add-ons that customers choose for their louvered roof system:

What Is A Patio Cover

A patio cover is essentially a patio shade for your house. Patio covers are usually attached to your home and have 2 or more columns that support the structure. Patio covers are great for making your patio more like an outdoor living space. It will provide shade, protect you from the sun and make your outdoor living spacing more enjoyable.

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Construction Of The 2 Pergolas

Both StruXure and Solara custom pergolas are made of aluminum, requiring minimal maintenance. They are termite-proof, will not rot or rust, and do not require painting. There are, however, differences in construction:

StruXure Adjustable Pergola

  • StructureStruXure home pergolas feature fully-extruded aluminum with stainless steel fasteners and a premium powder-coated finish, offering a superior fit and finish and enhanced durability.
  • LouversStruXure pergolas have wider, 6-inch louvers, offering improved views. Louvers pivot, featuring aircraft-grade aluminum pivots that never wear. Louvers can tilt from 0 to 170 degrees .
  • Sliding systemOptional sliding roofs incorporate louvered roofing sections that operate like the sunroof of a car, sliding out of sight to offer unencumbered sky views.

Solara Pergolas

  • StructureSolaras economical roll-formed pergolas are their most popular option, however, they also offer upgraded extruded aluminum custom pergola systems.
  • LouversSolara louvers are thinner, featuring 4-inch louvers made of high-quality recycled aluminum. Louvers are supported from below by 30% fiberglass clips with a UV protected alloy on edge. These clips raise/lower the louvers, tilting from 0 to 130 degrees .

What Determines The Louvered Motorized Pergola Cost

Arcadia Adjustable Louvered Roofs.mp4

The cost of the motorized pergola is primarily determined by the manufacturer first, size second, motorized roof options third, and installation costs last. As previously mentioned, there are actually quite a few outdoor living manufacturers of these automatic louvered roof systems. Of course, the main question everyone has is… who’s the good, better, or best?

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Patio Cover Cost 2019

The average patio cover cost is about $1,000 to install a 10ft x 10ft patio cover. A patio cover is an inexpensive way to upgrade your homes exterior space depending on the type you choose. Some patio covers cost more to install than others. Learn more about the cost to install different types of patio covers below.

Cost By Size

  • 10×20 ft patio cover: $1,500, range $1,000-$2,000
  • 80×20 ft patio cover: $5,000, range $4,000-$6,000
  • 100×100 ft patio cover: $7,500, range $5,000-$10,000

Cost By Type

  • Aluminum Patio Cover Cost: $3,500, range $2,000-$5,000
  • Vinyl Patio Cover Cost: $5,050, range $3,800-$6,300
  • Wood Patio Cover Cost: $10,000, range $7,000 to $13,000
  • Lattice Patio Cover Cost: $5,750, range $4,000 to $7,500

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Solara Vs Equinox Louvered Roof System

Solara Adjustable Patio Cover VS Equinox Louvered Roof System.

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers VS Equinox Louvered Roof System

Choosing louvered roof systems for your patio can be confusing. Most of the homeowners will purchase one or two louvered roof systems in their lifetime and when you buy a louvered roof system it should last for a long time . Since louvered roof systems are relatively new the US market and not too long ago they used to be marketed only for high end custom home clients the information and specs that you can find online can be very confusing and inaccurate. In this article we will review Solara Adjustable Patio Cover and Equinox Louvered Roof Systems. This information should help you make the right decision in choosing the right louver system for you.

Equinox louvered roof systems is owned by Amerimax which is a big corporation that has various products. Equinox louvered roof systems is only one branch of their divisions.

Solara adjustable patio cover is an international company based in Phoenix Arizona and only manufactures louvered roof systems. This is their main product and they specialize in shading systems.

Equinox louvered roof systems is marketing their product of the US market and has a very low volume for the Canadian market. Solara adjustable patio cover is an international company with branches in Israel, Europe Caribbean, and the Far East .

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How Does An Equinox Louvered Roof Work

An Equinox® Louvered Roof contains louver blades, which rotates in unison over a 160 degree range of motion activated by a small 12 volt DC motor. The louver blades have the ability to stop anywhere allowing an exact regulation of light, shade and ventilation desired.

The blades are controlled by either a single toggle switch or multiple toggle switches conveniently placed in the patio area or the remote control. Power to the system is provided by a small rechargeable battery through the use of a solar panel incorporated into the system or by a small transformer which plugs into an ordinary household 110v outlet.

The Equinox® Louvered Roof system can also be integrated with home automation systems allowing pre-programmed settings, times, moisture sensors, etc. When closed, the interlocking louver blades create a waterproof seal and a slight pitch drains the water away into the incorporated gutter and downspout system.

Add Value To Your Home

Equinox Louvered Roof system Patio Cover

As per the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey, residential architects insist that consumers list patios and other outdoor amenities as their number 1 special function room for seven consecutive years.

Homeowners want to get the most out of their next real estate purchase, and this means that you can add a wow factor to their properties by installing a louvered pergola.

Such versatile and modern features have a curb appeal vital in creating that first impression necessary to make a sale. Besides, having a patio in your home increases the living space at a budget-friendly price!

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How Much Does A Motorized Pergola Cost

Motorized pergolas can cost much more than wood or Alumawood patio covers. So what is the motorized pergola cost per square foot? Expect to pay no less than $65 to $110 dollars per square foot for a louvered motorized pergola. Of course, the $65 per square foot is possible with Luminox Louvered patios. These price ranges are based on actual proposals. . -patiocovered

Motorized pergolas and louvered roof systems are taking the market by storm and companies like Equinox roof system, Vergola louvered roof system, Outdoor Elements louvered roof system, Struxure louvered roof system, and Apollo louvered roof system seem to be the major players in this industry.

Louvered roof systems are nothing new, however. Vergola was the first to have manufactured louvered pergolas. Soon to follow were Equinox’s louvered roof and the others.


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