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How To Waterproof Concrete Roof Deck

Waterproofing Your Roof Deck With A Tpo Membrane: Pros Cons And Costs

How to Waterproof a Plywood Roof Deck.

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While having a roof deck is a great way to increase living/entertaining space, one of the biggest issues that many homeowners experience is frequent leaks.

Properly waterproofing a roof deck is often a challenge, because the materials used most frequently, either EPDM rubber, or a Tar/built-up material, do not offer solid protection against leaks.

However, there is a much better, longer lasting alternative: a TPO roofing membrane. Its designed with hot air-welded seams, which makes it impervious to water infiltration.

While a TPO membrane costs more than rubber, you get the benefit of enjoying a leak-free roof deck for years to come. Also, since roof decks are typically small the real difference in price is miniscule and can be as little as $200-400. Therefore it is always preferable to use TPO membrane instead of rubber.

Learn more about TPO membrane costs, as well as pros and costs of installing it on your deck.

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Water Proof A Concrete Slab Roof Which Serves As A Roof

I am looking for a solution that would add minimum thickness to the slab. The deck is surrounded by a railing which would have to be replaced to meet code if the deck surface is raised too much. Two inches would be OK. The initial thought is a membrane but I would like to have a ceramic or manufactured stone tile surface. Is there a membrane material robust enough to accept these materials applied directly on the membrane? Any suggestions for another finished surface?

The Aquron Waterproofing System

The holistic Markham approach to waterproofing can completely remove the need for waterproofing membranes in many structures.

  • Intelligent slab pour and expansion joint design, to avoid movement cracking.
  • Aquron hydrogel treatment as an admixture and spray-applied to the exposed face.
  • Superswell waterstops, and strip drains if required, for water control at the joints and penetrations.

Its crucial that this approach is implemented from early design stages.

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Choosing The Proper Sealer For Your Concrete

All exposed concrete should be protected with a sealer. A failure to use the right sealer, or to properly apply the sealer, increases the risk of concrete cancer to your structure, leading to expensive maintenance, repairs and replacements down the track. Sealers protect from moisture and prevent the build up of mould and fungus on the concrete.

Create Functional Beauty With A Custom Finish

Roof &  Waterproof Deck: Bathroom Remodeling Orange County ...

Making the decision to have an epoxy coating applied to the surface of any flooring is not the final decision to make. The next decision is about aesthetics and enhancing safety. With many colors and patterns to choose from among the many epoxy floor coating finish options available, every project can take on the custom appearance desired

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Should You Consider A Concrete Commercial Roof

Now that you have an idea on how to stop water leakage from concrete roof, there is a follow-up question. If you have not yet made a decision, should you really pursue a concrete roofing for your commercial property?

A concrete mixture should only be handled by experts.

To guide you further, here are some of the pros and cons of having a concrete roof:

How Do You Waterproof A Roof Top

Steps to waterproof a roof The first step in waterproofing a roof is cleaning of the substrate. Following cleaning, priming of the surface is designed to improve the adhesion of the membrane. The third step is the treatment of details. Next step is the application of the liquid membrane onto the roof .

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Vinyl Decking Looks Great On Roof Decks

Previous options for roof decks were pretty drab in flat greys, whites, and beige. Luckily, todays printing technology allows you a variety of choice so you can create an enjoyable outdoor living space. Whether you prefer the look of stone or wood, there is likely a type of vinyl surface that will suit your style and your space. Once installed, a PVC vinyl surface will require very little maintenance and could last you 10-20 years or more!

Armortrak Polyurethane Flexible Coating

Concrete Roof Deck Polyurea Waterproofing Rehabilitation Work

ArmorPoxys ArmorTrak Polyurethane Flexible Coating was designed to resist peeling, flaking, and chipping. Used by the US Navy on many of their boat decks, you can rest assured that ArmorTrak is the real deal. This innovative deck coating is able to hold up in the absolute harshest conditions and environments including moisture, UV sunlight, chemicals, and debris. ArmorTrak can be applied to create a smooth, durable, and waterproof surface over virtually any existing roof including concrete, wood, metal, and rubber. Within hours of application, your roof deck will be ready for use as it can be applied simply with a brush, roller, or spray. ArmorTrak is available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors, so youll enjoy a truly unique outdoor space.

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Concerns Posed By A Concrete Roof:

One of the main problems facing building owners with a concrete roof is the materials porous nature and tendency to crack. These cracks, micro-fissures and imperfections form on the surface and allow water to seep into the slab, which lead to leaks and can cause corrosion of the rebar that reinforces your concrete roof. In addition to leaks that damage the contents of the building, the structural integrity will be compromised over time if not taken care of.

How Much Does A Tpo Roofing Membrane Cost

Being a highly durable and long lasting material, TPO comes with a higher price tag than EPDM rubber or built-up roofing.

Expect to spend about $6.50-8.00/sq.ft installed, on a normal roof. On roof decks you will spend about $9-11/sq. ft. installed.

The cost will vary depending on the thickness of the membrane you select , your location and the contractor you hire.

When estimating your total budget, you should also factor in the cost of

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Is There A Waterproof Cement

Waterproof cement is the name given to a portland cement to which a water-repellent agent has been added. Hydrophobic cement is obtained by grinding portland cement clinker with a film-forming substance such as oleic acid in order to reduce the rate of deterioration when the

Knockdown Vs Handtrowel: Concrete Flooring Finishes

Building Waterproof Roof Decks

These days, it seems days that the construction industry is getting the upper hand on creativity and art. Whatever the project, the industry seems to come up with an idea that beautifies the result. Surprisingly, that is even true of concrete. Colorized and textured concrete are becoming common and provide a beautiful and innovate touch

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How To Repair Leaking Concrete Deck

  • Cracked concrete roof deck is leaking
  • Are silicone and hydrolic cement needed
  • Do not use silicone, use Epoxy
  • Then a concrete overlay

Libbie, a handy woman hailing from Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada – our northern ally – emailed me with a great message. Read it for yourself:


Love your videos: I am a pensioner with limited physical ability ~ BUT ~ consider myself able to do a lot of handy work, the house has a concrete deck on the second floor and I have water ingress issues into the garage area below via one minor crack on the surface and crumbling flashing at the edge of the deck. This seems to occur when the snow melts on the deck

I need to know if I have to inject silicone into the cracks and then use a hydrolic cement patch product. I do not have the $ to remove the cement and replace with a wooden deck: I live in a rainforest area. Help me OBeWan! I LOVE your website and concise way of teaching. Thank you so much.”

Libbe, the LAST thing I would inject in that crack is silicone.

I’ve written extensively in the past about EPOXY injection materials for concrete cracks.

Type: CONCRETE EPOXY CRACK INJECTION into my search engine.

To get these magic products to work, you need to make sure the crack is wide enough to accept the material. Hairline cracks don’t play well with the epoxy injection materials. The epoxy manufacturers will tell you the MINIMUM crack width.

There are MANY epoxies to choose from.

Think about it…..

Flat Roof Decks: A Bit Different

Whats the difference between a regular roof and a flat roof, and why does it require different material? The key is in the word flat. When a roof is flat water is going to spend a lot more time in one place giving it more time to find a way underneath the roof surface and into the structure. So rather than a roofing material that simply lets water run down it, you need a roofing material that offers a completely waterproof barrier. Hence why waterproof decking is popular. As a multi-ply PVC membrane, vinyl surfaces can hold up to the rigors of continued exposure to water, heat, wind, etc.

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How Vinyl Waterproof Decking Benefits Roof Decks

There are a few things that make PVC decking different in regards to roof decks. First, its designed to be waterproof and walkable whereas most other flat roof materials are not. It also incorporates CoolStep technology so you dont burn your feet .

When installed professionally, a vinyl roof deck surface incorporates into the structure of your home, condo, or commercial development. This method means that you get waterproofing from end to end not just on the surface. By incorporating the vinyl surface into the structure youre leaving much less room for water to find a way in.

How Do You Seal A Concrete Slab Roof

Tile Roof Deck Install – DekTeks Concrete Deck Tiles Installed On Roof Membrane Using Pedestal Pads

The problem is that concrete is not waterproof, so a waterproof membrane is fitter over the concrete surface to seal it. The best way to seal it is a torch-on system and then an aluminium coating to protect it from the sun.

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How Novatuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating System Can Protect Your Concrete Roof:

As a fluid-applied epoxy roof coating system, NovaTuff Coatings easily bond with the existing substrate, filling all areas where water penetration has occurred. When properly installed, our Epoxy Roof Coating System forms a long-lasting and sustainable watertight barrier that extends the life of your roof and protects against leaks and UV radiation, one of the main causes of breakdown on non-coated concrete roofs.

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  • |#1

    I’ve done a few brick roofs that have performed well. Schluter Ditra shows a detail for it in their manual but the system we have used is cheaper and thinner. There is a picture of it here if you scroll down a little

    Cover your roof with Mule Hyde EPDM from ABC supply or equal to stop water penetration, cover this with Ameridrain dimpled plastic drainage mats lay 1/4″ Hardi tile backer over that loose and then lay a second layer on top with thinset adhesive glueing the two layers together. This is held in place by gravity and the uprights for the handrails. Thinset tile, or brick pavers to the backer board. bind the edges of the brick with treated boards held off the edges of the roof with spacers to allow for sub-drainage.

    Total thickness is a little over one inch plus the tile or pavers. All components except the EPDM from ABC are stock at the Lowes in our area. Detailing the edge where the water falls off is tricky, you need to get it to fall clear of the bottom of the projection so it won’t run down the wall but this is an issue with any flat roof structure.

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    Tip #3 Regular Professional Maintenance

    Time and again, we would like to emphasize the need to regularly conduct maintenance. You should schedule this at least twice a year. Apart from the usual inspections and cleaning, there are far more extensive maintenance procedures. Buildings are usually high and large which make them difficult to access especially if you are not trained to do so. Because of these reasons, you should have a commercial roofing partner to monitor and study your concrete roofing structure. You have to report all roofing-related concerns that you may have so that they can address it properly.

    There is nothing wrong in involving yourself in roof repair projects. However, it should always be under the supervision of a roofing specialist. Always prioritize your own safety. Besides, professional roofers are always ready to assist you provided that they have the licenses to operate, tools, equipment, and appropriate skills.

    The Phases Of Concrete Cancer

    OC Waterproofing

    According to the Australian Concrete Repair Association there are four stages of concrete cancer progression. In general terms, the cost to fix concrete cancers multiples by roughly five through each stage of the cancers progression in the concrete. This is sometimes referred to as the Law of Fives.

  • Design, construction and curing of concrete
  • Corrosion has initiated, but damage propagation hasnt started.
  • Deterioration begins to propagate through the concrete.
  • Advanced propagation concrete cancer and significant damage.
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    Waterproofing A Concrete Roof For Safety And Longevity

    Whether its a concrete rooftop that youre concerned about, or perhaps there are other construction materials you want to ensure are stable and waterproof for years to come, theres no doubt that investing in superior waterproofing systems is the best way to protect your assets. Not only can you protect your roof from the extreme climates Australia endures, you can also have the peace of mind that you are doing the best that you can to protect your building and constructions from unnecessary damage.

    And remember, if youre having any other water problems in the home its best to consult with a plumber before taking action.

    How Is The Guarantee Of Flat Roof Decking

    If youre familiar with the saying the proof is in the pudding then youll like our take on it: The proof is in the warranty! While youre welcome to shop around, youll find that when it comes to flat roof decking products, the warranty on Tufdek PVC vinyl decking is one of the best in the business. If youre looking to maximize peace of mind when it comes to your roof deck, check out our vinyl surface warranties.

    The next step is to get a Tufdek certified contractor to come and take a look at your flat roof to see if a vinyl roof deck is in your future. We hope you enjoy it .

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    Commercial Concrete Roofing Composition

    Before we get down to the bottom of the problem, there is a need to understand what concrete roofs are made of. Being aware of their composition gives you a better perspective in dealing with it.

    A concrete mixture is made from sand, cement, and water.

    Concrete roofs are composed of sand, cement, and water. These materials are combined together to form a compound. It can be used to build not only roofs but also floors, ceilings, decks, and many more. It is also important to note that concrete is a heavy material. Hence, it requires the right amount of structural support.

    High Museum Of Art Woodruff Art Center

    Waterproof Flat Roof Decks by Duradek

    Challenge Waterproof the 20,000 sq.ft. concrete roof deck of a new museum wing. Museum wing was designed with 1,250 metal-based circular skylights spaced 18 inches apart in order to achieve natural lighting throughout the gallery area.SolutionInstallation of Kemperol membrane with Kemperdur aggregate surfacing adhered directly to the concrete deck substrate, including self-terminating flashings at all skylights. Self-terminating feature of flashings eliminated the use of termination bars and field-welded counterflashing. When construction was complete, the High Museum launched Louvre Atlanta, an unprecedented partnership with the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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    A Waterproofing Guideline System Designed To Give You The Best For What You Actually Need Each Application Guide Will Have A Level Of Application Needed For The System And Conditions You Are Applying It To For All Diy’ers We Recommend The Better Systemclick On Each Box To Find Out More


    Great for mild climates and areas that will most likely not see large swings in weather. This includes places that have mild to moderate rain a few times a year and are not overly humid or hot. Also serves as great protection when hurricanes and snow blizzards are not expected.


    For climates that experience all four seasons and need to be well protected all year round. We recommend this system for our DIY and professional contractors. This system makes sure you and your clients are well protected when the weather can fluctuate dramatically.


    A system designed for our facility management buildings and large warehouses/schools. This system is designed to stand the test of time while being moderately monitored and maintained which saves on costs and staff overhead.

    How To Waterproof A New Concrete Slab

    SealTite MaxPly is a high strength-bonding adhesive for bonding SealTite Duramesh Membrane to flat concrete roof surfaces. Used as part of the SealTite Waterproofing System on flat concrete roofs.

    SealTite MagMar is a premium quality ultra-durable, Urethane Hybrid Nano-Polymer waterproof topcoat that forms an extremely durable and highly flexible waterproofing protective film. It is UV resistant and weather resistant. For exterior use. Solves any decorative, protective and waterproofing problem with one product. For use on flat concrete roofs, tiled roofs, galvanized iron roofs and cromadek roofs. Also for decorative and waterproofing protection of areas such as roof ridges, parapets, skylights, flashings, joints, gaps and roof screws, gutters, flat concrete roofs, concrete slabs and tiles.

    SURFACE PREPERATION Ensure surface is dry and in sound condition free from dust, rust, grease, oil, algae, fungus or any loose or flaking particles.

    PRACTICAL TIPS Do not apply if rain is expected. Ensure each coat is dry before commencing next coat Do not overspread or apply too thin. Regular maintenance coats will add and enhance the already existing film thickness.

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