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Can You Paint A Roof

Painting Vs Replacing Shingles

Spray Techniques How Painting Roof Shingles- How to Painting A House

Painting a roof is considerably more affordable and easier than replacing it, which is why plenty of home and business owners lean towards the former. While roof paint cant act as a magic wand and guarantee a vastly extended lifespan of your asphalt roof shingles, painting roofs can prolong wear and issues that arise with age, effectively acting as a means of putting off more expensive and extensive work.

As long as your roof is in stable, decent condition with no serious issues, a fresh coat of roof paint to the shingles is a perfectly viable alternative! Some specific roof paints are also effective at combating mildew and algae. Just buy a quality one from either Amazon, Home Depot, or other local home improvement stores.

What Does Painting A Roof Involve

If you dont know very much about painting a roof, you may assume it just involves cracking open a tin of paint, grabbing a brush and going for it. But there is actually far more involved in painting a roof than just the painting part. So beware of people who quote very low prices, as you mayliterallyjust be getting a coat of paint!

How To Paint A Metal Roof

This article was co-authored by Patrick Coye. Patrick Coye is the owner and operator of Patricks Painting & Home Improvement in Alexandria, Virginia. With over 15 years of experience in residential construction, Patrick specializes in painting, wallpaper removal/installation, drywall, staining decks and fences, and kitchen cabinetry painting. To date, Patrick and his team have painted over 2,000 houses and stained over 800 decks. Patrick’s Company won a “Top Job” award from the American Painting contractor magazine in 2020.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 87,050 times.

If the paint on your metal roof is starting to crack and peel or if youre tired of its color, it might be time to paint your roof. Painting a roof can be a difficult job that takes a long time, so you should consider hiring professional painters to do the work. If youre up for the challenge, though, youll need to make sure you have the right kind of paint, clean your roof, and apply several coats. All the effort will be worth it when you end up with a roof that looks brand new!

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Can You Repaint A Metal Roof

So, the question is, can you paint a metal roof? The short answer is yes, you can, but there are several things you must consider before moving forward with your project.

Metal roofs are designed to last you up to 50 years. Many styles, colors and neighborhoods change over 50 years and there might be a point in your life where you want to update the color of your metal roof.

The first thing you need to check is the current warranty. If you have a warranty on the painted metal panel and decide to paint over the roof, it will void the warranty.

In regards to actually painting your roof, the preparation is an important step that must be completed. You will need to power wash your roof with a pressure of 2,500 pounds per square inch. Power washing removes mold, mildew and old paint which can interfere with paint adhesion.

You can use acrylic latex paint or oil-based alkyd paint just make sure you buy one that is specifically designed to paint a metal roof.

Painted metal roofs come with a baked-on factory finish. To ensure that the paint will stick to the previous finish, you must prime the surface. No matter what type of final coating of paint, a primer will ensure that rust will not creep through, and that the paint will stick.

When applying the paint, you will need specialty brushes or rollers. Use a roller designed for corrugated panels and a regular paint roller for standing seam panels.

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Can You Paint A Colorbond Roof

Can You Paint A Metal Roof Rather Than Replace It ...

There is a common misconception that Colorbond cannot be painted. This is, in fact, a myth. Colorbond can easily be restored and repainted, provided the correct paint is used, and the work is executed by a professional.

Repainting a Colorbond roof requires a particular process and practice. Executing this process is not something a homeowner will be able to do alone.

Restoring Colorbond roofing is within the scope of a licensed roofing contractor, and its important to look for someone who has the experience and knowledge in Colorbond roofing.

Colorbond roofing requires a metal roofing specialist and specialised products that have been specifically designed for Colorbond roofing materials.

Hiring an amateur painter to complete painting a Colorbond roof will only result in a poor-quality job that will cost you in the long run.

Colorbond painting takes time, effort, experience and specialist Colorbond metal roofing knowledge.

Painting Colorbond roof sheeting can be done DIY if you have the expertise, but its generally best left to the professionals. Painting Colorbond steel requires the right prep work and uses a multilayer coating system, so its not unlike repainting a motor vehicle and needs to be done with care.

You also need to use the correct paints. A specialist roof painter knows how to use Wattyl paints that are produced to exactly match original Colorbond colours, so you can get a perfect match if youre topping up old paint.

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Essential Roof Painting Supplies

  • 1-inch Nap Rollers: Thicker rollers work better on rough surfaces like shingles.
  • Roller Frames and Extender Poles : Extenders help you move/stoop less and paint more!
  • Paint Trays: Find deep paint trays that wont spill easily when tilted. You can even get paint trays that attach to your ladder!
  • Harness: In some localities, harnesses and ropes are required for working on roofs safely even when they arent required, they are always a good idea!
  • Roofing Shoes: Avoid nasty slips and falls with water-resistant, traction shoes.

How To Paint A Roof

When painting a roof, youll need to use acrylic latex paint that can stick to asphalt shingles and help keep out the elements. Choosing the wrong paint can make a lot more work for you.

  • Before applying the paint, youll need to check your roof for any damage and for shingles that will need to be fixed or replaced. As mentioned above, paint can make detecting damage more difficult, so youll need to find and address any issues before painting.
  • The next step is to clean the roof. A power washer is a great tool for removing the dirt and grime that you dont want beneath the paint.
  • Then youll need to prime and seal the surface. Use a water-based primer and sealer.
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    Schedule A Roofing Inspection

    Painting your roof should never be used as a substitute for roofing repairs. Before embarking on your paint project, Modernize recommends scheduling a roofing inspection with a vetted contractor.

    It is important to consider the lifespan of your roof ahead of this project, and discuss with your contractor. Experts estimate that a painted roof will need to be redone every five to seven years. Most asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 20 years and will need to be repainted multiple times over that period.

    Working On Your Roof Safely

    How To Paint Your Roof With A Broom

    After you determine the paint you want and gather all of the necessary materials, youll need to prepare so that you can work safely. Continue reading this section for the best way to paint safely:

    • Grab a buddy If youve decided to do the job yourself, grab a friend to help you out. Make sure you thank them in some way, whether its buying them a beer and pizza or paying them for their efforts.
    • Work from a ladder as much as possible Its usually safer when you work from a ladder rather than up on the roof. Just remember to keep it away from any power lines or doors.
    • Wear a harness with a safety rope when youre on the roof If you need to go on the roof, wear a harness with a safety rope. Anchor the rope securely to either a tree or a part of your home.

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    The Disadvantages Of Painting Roof Shingles

    Regular Maintenance/Repainting

    Painting your roof shingles means that you will have to do more regular roof maintenance than you would with unpainted shingles. Paint doesnt hold up to the elements as well as bare shingles, so you might notice the paint fade or chip every few years. While it does extend the life of the roof overall, the paint that makes up the top coating isnt impervious.

    So, once every five to seven years, youll likely be back up on the roof, repainting! Unless you only have to do minor touchups, that means stripping all the paint. Then, youll have to check for any shingles that need repaired or replaced before priming and painting the roof. Thats a lot of extra work, just to have your roof be a different color!

    Roof Painting is Hard Work

    Lastly, painting your roof shingles can be a hassle all the way around. Working on a roof pitch is dangerous and requires lots of safety equipment. It makes more sense to hire a professional contractor to do the job for you, and that can get very expensive, very quickly.

    Some people will try to paint their roof shingles themselves, but its tough to do this correctly. Choosing the right paint is of the utmost importance, and the actual painting requires great attention to detail. This leads some people to decide against painting their roof because it feels as though its just too much work.

    When Can A Metal Roof Be Repainted

    All types of metal roofing are suitable for repainting, but it should be noted that newly installed metal roofs should not be changed for at least six months as they need time to weather.

    Before painting a metal roof, though, you must also prepare it for the process ahead by removing mildew, dirt, and any loose paint that may be left over from the original paint job. A jet power wash is the best way to achieve this, and can complete the task in a matter of minutes.

    When you want to change the color of an existing metal roof for the first time, using a diluted vinegar solution to remove any old paint oils and residue is a wise move too.

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    When Painting Asphalt Shingles Makes Sense

    Using paint to improve the look of your roof, or any other part of your home, is a very practical option. If youve just moved into a home that has a roof with an undesirable color, you can paint it instead of wasting time and money to have it completely replaced.

    Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors to fit your needs. If your roof is of a darker hue, instead of going through the hassle of replacing the shingles, you may want to paint them. Dark-colored roofs notoriously absorb a lot of heat and could possibly increase the temperatures inside the home.

    The following are some of the benefits that are associated with electing to paint your asphalt roof:

    Make Sure Your Roof Has Enough Time To Weather

    Can you paint Roof Tiles?

    While its possible to paint a metal roof yourself, the timing of this project is key to its ultimate success. Before you can apply a new coat of paint, you need to be sure your metal roof has had enough time to weather properly.

    If your roof has been recently installed, it needs to weather for at least six months before a new coat of paint is applied. If youve recently purchased your home, check to make sure your metal roof is at least six months old before attempting to repaint it, even if you hate the current color.

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    Spray Primer And Then Paint The Roof

    Use the appropriate water-based primer, mix it with the right amount of water, and load it into the sprayer.

    Start spraying at the top of the roof and work your way down.

    Make sure the entire roof is covered in primer.

    Let the primer dry and then load up the paint, mix it with water, clean the sprayer, and then load the paint into the sprayer.

    A single coat should do thanks to the primer. Let it dry.

    What paint to use to paint roof tiles?

    Water-based acrylic paints or latex paints will work best for your roof in most conditions.

    And you should try to pick the white color paint as it will help the roof to reflect light better and keep the home cooler during summers.

    Things to Remember When Painting Roof Tiles

    In addition to having the right supplies and allowing enough time for the paint to dry, there are a few things to remember.

    • Check the Forecast: Avoiding painting in the rain or when rain is expected soon
    • Start Painting Late in the Morning: Preferably after 8-am in summer, 10-am in winter
    • Stop Painting After 12pm: This avoids excessive temperatures in the summer
    • Keep Remaining Paint: Youll need it for touchup work

    Before painting also take certain precautions so that you can perform your job safely. Some of these are:

    1- Hire a roofing inspector: Let him do the job by climbing and checking the roof before you paint

    2- Get a helper who can come on the roof with you: You may need one while performing tasks like moving the airless sprayers tank

    Apply The Paint Appropriately

    While the application process is typically an easy task, you want to be sure to do it in a smart way so you stay safe and your final project looks as professional as possible. You can use a sprayer to reach high areas or sections of roof too steep to walk on. Rollers and paint brushes designed for metal surfaces also work well.

    Expect to apply a few coats of paint to cover the surface properly and allow plenty of drying time between each layer. Never walk on wet paint since it can be slippery and always use a harness and non-slip shoes.

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    How Can I Paint A Tpo Roof

    TPO is a fairly new roofing material that began gaining popularity with roofing contractors in the early 90s throughout North America.

    It is found mainly on flat roofs, or a roof with a very slight gradient, and this roofing product quickly gained popularity because of its lower price and greater efficiency repelling the elements than other flat roofing materials being used at that time.

    TPO is made of three layers a TPO polymer base, a polyester reinforced fabric center and a thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply.

    While more economical and easier to install than other roofing materials, TPO roofing was, and continues to be limited in the colours its manufactured in generally being available only in the colours of white, light grey and black.

    The expert roofing team at Clinique FCA, our local roofing business, has worked with many building that feature TPO roofing, and one of the questions that the team often hears is how can I paint TPO roofing?

    In some cases, TPO roofing that has been installed for several years can fade slightly, and often times, home and business owners find that the original colour of the TPO roof doesnt match their colour scheme or overall aesthetic for the building.

    According to the TPO roof specialists at Clinique FCA, there are several important steps to follow when painting a TPO roof that include surface preparation, application techniques and the proper choice of paint.

    The tips to follow when you paint a TPO roof include:

    How Long Should A Colorbond/metal Roof Paint Last

    How to paint a roof

    Colorbond roofs are known for their quality and durability. They last significantly longer than other roofing materials, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions. But while the roofing material may have many more years left, it is only natural that the colour fades when affected by the environment.

    Usually, it takes a couple of years of service before the Colorbond steel starts to age. By that time you can expect some evenly spread weathering of the surface, as well as a slight reduction in the initial glossy appearance. Still, it would normally take a few more seasons before the colour starts to fade visibly.

    It is important to keep in mind that repainting your Colorbond roof yourself or by an unlicensed service provider could void the warranty issued by the manufacturer. Should you choose to overpaint before the warranty has passed, consult the manufacturer or the company that installed your roof to negotiate future warranty.

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    Want To Replace Your Shingles Get Help From Expert Roofers

    If you live in the Delaware Valley, the home improvement contractors at PJ Fitzpatrick can replace your asphalt shingles and make your roof look as good as new. Whether you need a few repairs or an entire roof replacement, you can trust PJ Fitzpatrick to make your home safe, functional, and beautiful again. Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice for the job when it comes to roof repair and replacement services in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania:

    Fully Trained Service Department

    PJ Fitzpatrick has a well-trained service department dedicated to roofing issues in Delaware Valley. No other home repair company has a service department like ours. Our service area sees a lot of roof damage from heavy rain, wind, and snow, so we put together a team of experts that can get our customers the best help when they need it most.

    Dedicated Team of Roof Specialist on Staff

    PJ Fitzpatrick has a dedicated team of roof repair specialists who work for us full-time. These are not subcontractors, unlike other companies! Whether your issues are caused by leaks, damaged shingles, wind damage, or rotting wood, our roofers will determine whats wrong, will discuss the repair process and price with you, and proceed with the updates to ensure your home is fixed the first time around. Youll be experiencing peace of mind and additional curb appeal in no time.


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