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What Is Metal Roofing Called

How Is Standing Seam Roof Installed


6-step process to install your standing seam metal roof

  • Tear off your old roof.
  • Install lock strips at the rakes and eaves.
  • Put down high heat ice and water shield.
  • Install your standing seam metal panels.
  • Fill in the gap between the standing seam metal panels and the top of your roof.
  • Lock the ridge capping into the Z bar.
  • Metal Roof Prices By Type

    It is important to understand that metal roofing is a broad term covering a range of materials with a large disparity in price. Metal roofing will generally run you anywhere from $5.00 to $12.00 per square foot, depending on which kind of metal roof you choose to install. There are more affordable metal roofing options, like steel panels, which usually cost you slightly less, as well as high-end materials, like copper roofing, which tend to average out on the pricier side and new roof replacement costs could reach up to $48,000 to install. See our chart below of the most common metal roof types and the average costs to install each.

    Metal Roofing Costs by Type

    Metal Roof Types

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    What Is A Pyramid Roof

    As you might guess, this is a type of roof that is shaped like a pyramid.

    A type of hip roof with no gables or vertical sides, pyramid roofs are usually used for smaller homes like cabins and bungalows, or sheds, garages, or other outbuildings.

    Pyramid roofs are popular in hurricane or windstorm prone areas, since they are extremely wind resistant.

    They also provide good ventilation and extra storage or attic space, or the interior can be left open for a high ceiling.

    The overhanging eaves of a pyramid roof help to improve energy efficiency as well.

    Note that pyramid roofs may be costlier to construct and maintain due to the complexity of the roof design, but they do provide the aforementioned advantages.

    They can be crafted from nearly any common roofing material including asphalt shingles, composite shingles, metal shingles, slate, clay or concrete tiles, or wooden shingles or shakes.

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    What Is A Butterfly Roof

    This is a type of roof that is v-shaped with two raised wings that meet in a valley in the middle much like a butterfly that is mid-flight.

    Butterfly roofs can have a dramatic effect and they are a good choice for homes with contemporary styling and for homes in arid or desert climates since the valley in the center allows for rainwater to be collected (there is usually a reservoir for this purpose incorporated into the design.

    Butterfly roofs also allow for larger windows bringing in more natural light and PV solar panels are fairly easy to add on, making this an increasingly popular option for areas suited to this type of construction, like the southwestern U.S. and tropical areas of the southeast.

    That said, these types of roofs are more complicated to build and maintain, and it is essential to ensure that the drainage system and waterproofing are top-notch.

    Solid membranes are suggested, although metal and other organic materials may work to keep a butterfly roof watertight depending on your location.

    The large windows and open design of a butterfly roof may also increase your heating and cooling costs since it will be more difficult to regulate the temperature inside the home.

    Copper Roofing Pros & Cons

    Standing Seam Metal Roofing. Call us at 800

    Considered to be the grandfather of metal roofing, copper roofs have been used for centuries around the world. Copper is an extremely long-lasting metal that in ideal environments, can last well over 200+ years. Copper roofs are 100% recyclable too, making them wonderful green roof options.

    Copper is an extremely soft metal, which makes it among the quietest types of metal roofing. However, with modern installation practices, all metal roofing now recommends proper substrates and insulation that minimize noise from rain or hail at the same level. The softer nature of Copper Roofing also means that in hail prone regions, it may be easily damaged. As a softer metal, hailstones will easily dent the copper. While this lowers the aesthetic value, it also performs better than a harder metal that, with a large enough hailstone, will puncture rather than simply dent the roof.

    If metal roofs are the SUVs of roofing, copper roofs are the Range Rovers of their class. This brings up an apparent downside to copper. Like the Range Rover, it is extremely expensive and depending on your needs, may be more than you need to get the job done. Another negative aspect of copper is its tendency to expand and contract with swings in temperatures. While this can be controlled with the proper panel or shingle, it does need to carefully be considered when choosing this metal.

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    How To Use These Terms

    Hopefully you have a better understanding of not just the common terms and components used in the metal roofing and rollforming industries, but also their various functions and importance to the machines.

    We hope this glossary will become your reference guide when doing research on metal roofing systems and rollforming machines. Whether you want a simple explanation on metal roofing, or are considering using a rollforming machine in your business, this glossary of terms youll need to know will help you become a more educated consumer or employee.

    New Tech Machinery has been manufacturing the worlds finest portable rollforming machines for 28 years, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the resources they need to make educated and smart purchases.

    Were here to answer your questions on portable rollforming machines as well as metal production. If you want more in-depth information, be sure to check out our learning center for the latest metal rollforming resources.

    Metal Roofing Buying Guide : Facts Myths Prices Faq Metal Roofs

    If you are looking to replace that old asphalt roof on your home with a metal roof this Spring, Summer or Fall, but still have a few lingering questions or concerns, then here are the top 70 metal roofing facts, myth-busters, FAQ, plus an overview of costs and pros and cons to consider before making your buying decision.

    via Birdseye Design

    Did you know? A metal roof can be a sensible way to protect your home, especially if you happen to live in an area that experiences a lot of storms, rapid temperature changes, beaming sun that melts asphalt, large hail, or heavy snowfall. Just ask any homeowner in Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, upstate New York, Northern New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and they will readily attest to this!

    New Shingle Roof

    You can estimate the cost to install a new metal roof including materials and labor with the help of a free calculator here.

    You deserve a reward for getting this far! So, here are some equally important bonus facts to consider:

    Bottom Line:

    A metal roof offers better ROI than any other remodeling upgrade. This can be especially important if you care about maximizing your homes value and curb appeal for many decades to come.

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    What Is A Metal Roof Uses Types And Definitions

    Stores. Homes. Offices. Barns. Hotels. Metal roofing is everywhere. And knowing what a metal roof is and its different uses, types, and definitions will assist during the buying process by making you a better informed consumer.

    Whether you notice them or not, metal roofs are everywhere. You probably wouldnt normally think to look at the roof on a home, but if you take a drive down any road in any city, youre likely to find a house or building donning some kind of metal roof.

    But how much do you know about metal roofing? Did you know that it often requires little to zero maintenance after its installed? Or that you can choose from a variety of looks and styles, like standing seam or stamped metal roofing?

    Here at Sheffield Metals, we want to help you choose the best roof for your needs, which is why we think explaining the basics of metal roofing will assist in your decision-making process. In this article, we are going to discuss:

    • Reasons to consider or choose a metal roof
    • Common roof terms and definitions
    • The different uses and applications of metal roofing
    • Types and options available with metal roofing

    What Is A Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel


    A corrugated panel has a repeating wavy or rippled pattern across its design. It was the first mass-produced metal panel design in the United States. These panels can be used for roofing, siding, decking, and flooring. Corrugated panels are connected by overlapping the sheets, and then securing them in place with exposed fasteners. Trapezoidal rib panels are often mistakenly referred to as corrugated roofing.

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    Standing Seam Metal Roof Vs Screw Down Metal Roof

    If youre getting a new metal roof installed over a heated space then youre probably going with a standing seam metal roof. Even though its usually installed as a new roof, customers also like to use a standing seam for accent purposes because of the clean look it has. Its popularly used for front porches, side porches, back porches and bay windows.

    Screw down metal roofs are usually used over a carport, garage, back screened-in porch, barn, anywhere thats not a living or workspace. However, you can find contractors that will install them over old roofs.

    Whatever metal roof system you choose, you need to be aware of factors like expansion capability, maintenance, oil canning, and cost so you can make the most informed decision possible.

    Metal Roofing Can Be Installed Over Existing Roofs

    Metal roofs can be installed over your existing roof without tearing off shingles, provided local building codes allow it. While shingle removal is the preferred route, tear-off is messy and raises the cost of the job.

    A potential problem with this type of installation is trapped water vapor. If trapped between the metal roofing and old roofing, moisture can build up and cause mold and rot. But roofers can install a vented metal roof that eliminates this potential problem. Or, installing the new metal roofing over furring strips will raise the metal and provide a ventilating air pocket between layers.

    Make sure to consult local building codes before having a metal roof installed directly over old shingles. Some jurisdictions may require full tear-off whenever a new roof is installed.

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    What Is A Flat Roof

    A flat roof is almost exactly that a roof that has so little slope or pitch that it appears to be completely flat .

    Flat roofs can be made from many types of material, although EPDM rubber or TPO and PVC roofing membranes are the most common, along with tar and gravel, roll roofing, or metal sheets.

    There are many advantages to a flat roof you can use it as a deck or patio, for instance.

    The outdoor living space can be a wonderful advantage in the spring and summer, or whenever the weather cooperates in your area.

    Depending on the details of your property, it may also be possible to partially enclose a flat roof for a penthouse-style private deck.

    You can also put heating and cooling units on top of a flat roof, which is a good way to keep them out of the way and avoid obscuring the architecture of your home with that equipment.

    Another advantage of a flat roof is the ease of installing PV solar panels, which will improve the energy efficiency of the structure and of course, adding solar makes a flat roof eco-friendlier.

    One note, flat roof repair can be particularly complicated if you dont have the right roofing company helping out.

    You can also grow a garden on a flat roof, therefore creating a green roof which not only is good for the environment, but also adds an additional layer of insulation and helps make your heating and cooling systems more efficient and cost-effective.

    How Much Does Metal Tile Roofing Cost

    Can You Put Metal Roof Over Shingles?

    Metal tile roofing costs $4.00-$6.00 per square foot for material. The installed price of a metal tile roof is slightly higher than the other metal roofing options listed in this article.

    By comparison, a clay tile roof costs anywhere from $10.50-$18.50 installed, but without factoring in the potential cost of reinforcing your home if needed.

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    S Of A Metal Roof Structure

    FASCIA The trim right below the roof that runs the perimeter of a structure to help keep water from running into the structure.

    DRIP EDGE A long piece of metal that is installed so water runs into the gutter and away from the fascia.

    EAVE A portion of the roof that extends past the supporting wall.

    VALLEY The internal angle at which two sloping roof planes meet.

    HIP The external or jutting angle at which two sloping roof panels meet.

    RIDGE The highest portion of a roof where at least two roof panels come to a point .

    GABLE The triangular section of a wall between the edges of a sloping roof. The trim occupying this article is typically called gable or rake trim.

    CRICKET A peaked saddle construction installed between a chimney and the roof surface to prevent against the accumulation of snow and water.

    FLASHING Sheet metal that is used to seal different portions of the roof, i.e. chimneys, valleys, etc., and provide extra weather-tightness.

    CURB An accessory used to mount additions and provide a level resting structure on a sloped roof.

    ROOF DECKING The base or foundation that the underlayment and roofing material are attached to. Common roof deck materials are metal, plywood, and oriented strand board .

    PITCH The slope of a roof, which is measured using the roofs rise divided by its run.

    How Far Apart Do You Put Snow Guards

    If you are going to use a rail-type system, install your snow guards approximately 1 to 2 feet from the eave. This is where most of the snow piles up as the sun causes it to melt and slide towards to bottom half of the roof.

    Beginning at about 6 inches above the bottom edge of your roof, place two snow guards evenly spaced out in a staggered pattern across the entire roof. then then go up about 8 feet and continue to place your snow guards in the same staggered pattern as you did at the bottom edge.

    Some things to keep in mind when installing a metal roof snow guard is that you should pay attention to the manufacturers instructions. Since snow guards they are intended to last the entire lifespan of the roof, its recommended not to glue them on but to attach them mechanically.

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    Whats The Total Metal Roofing Price

    Metal roofing prices will vary depending upon the difficulty of the installation, location of the job, and the accessories that are required.

    Heres a ballpark cost including materials and labor:

    • Price Of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing – Materials and Installation

    $7 to $12 Per Sq. Ft.

    • Price Of Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Materials and Installation

    $10 to $16 Per Sq. Ft.

    Metal Roofing Does Not Attract Lightning


    You might think that a metal roof will attract lightning, but this is not borne out by facts or statistics. According to a technical bulletin from the Metal Construction Association, “Metal roofing does not in any way increase the risk of a lightning strike.” Not only that but if metal roofing does happen to get struck by lightning, it is less combustible than conventional roofing materials such as wood shakes or shingles.

    As the bulletin asserts, “Because metal roofing is both an electrical conductor and a noncombustible material, the risks associated with its use and behavior during a lightning event make it the most desirable construction available.”

    The reason that metal roofs do not attract lighting is simple: lighting seeks a path to ground, which is why trees, telephone poles, and other such structures tend to attract lightning. Metal roofs are isolated structural components, with no direct path to ground inherent in their design. Hence, there is no scientific reason for lighting to strike a metal roof any more often than it strikes an asphalt shingle roof.

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    Can Roof Flashing Be A Diy Project

    While the Do-It-Yourself disposition can motivate homeowners to get the job done while saving money, it is in the homeowners best interest to hire professional roofers to install or repair flashing.

    Improperly installed roof flashing leaves your home vulnerable to water damage that can range from moderate to devastating and costly. Besides, pro roofers understand the most efficient practices and the building codes involved with the process.

    Without the proper precautions and expertise going into the work, the DIY process may not pass code inspection, and it is possible that the roof and the roof features will become damaged in the process, putting additional expenses on the homeowner. Working on a roof is also a dangerous task that may lead to injury or fatality.

    This does not mean that the homeowner cannot find other ways to save money. Here is some helpful advice on how to avoid unwanted house expenses in the future:

    Disadvantages Of Metal Roofing Panels

    • Less Corrosion Resistance
    • Lifespan

    Less Corrosion Resistance

    Metal roofing panels are long lasting and corrosion resistant. However, aluminum, copper, and zinc will not corrode. Steel is an excellent choice as long as you dont live near the coast or in an environment with excessive moisture.

    The Weight Of Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing will weigh more than aluminum or copper roofing. This will create more of a load on your house that causes stress on the structure. Even with the additional weight metal is still lighter than most non- metal building materials.

    How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?

    Metal roofing lasts a long time and its considered a lifetime roof. Its designed to last 40 to 60 plus years, which is longer than most non-metal materials. The lifespan of your metal roof will be determined by a number of factors including the style of the panel profile, gauge of the steel, and the finish.

    Even though metal is an excellent choice and its long lasting, it still has a shorter lifespan than aluminum, copper, or zinc.

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