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Who Can Install Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof Specifications

This Tesla Solar Roof Was NOT Built in a Day

As of February 2021, these are the published specifications for the Solar Roof:

  • Tile warranty: 25 years
  • Wind rating: ASTM D3161 Class F
  • Fire rating: Class A
  • Hail rating: ANSI FM 4473 Class 3
  • Roof pitch: 2:12 to 20:12
  • Inverter power: 3.8kW / 7.6kW
  • Inverter dimensions: 26″ x 16″ x 6″
  • Inverter warranty: 12.5 years

Some thoughts about this: the tile warranty is similar to other high performance solar panels with 25 year warranties such as LG and SunPower. The warranty also includes labor.

The inverter described is a central inverter similar to those offered by SolarEdge and SMA. Its warranty length is similar to a central inverter, which is half the duration of the 25 year warranty offered with Enphase microinverters . No word about how much an inverter replacement would cost.

Breaking Down The Price Of Teslas Solar Roof

Tesla solar roof systems are designed entirely with Tesla-exclusive equipment. With every Tesla solar roof install you can expect at least these four things:

  • Active solar shingles
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Tesla solar inverter

Heres the breakdown of how each of these pieces of equipment contributes to the total price.

1. Active solar shingles

Cost: $1.80 per watt

Teslas active solar shingles are tempered glass shingles, containing solar cells that generate electricity. It costs about $1.80 per watt to install the active shingles. Each shingle is 15 by 45 and designed to have a similar look to slate shingles.

If you installed a 7 kW Tesla solar roof, the active shingles alone would cost $12,600 before incentives. The bigger the solar system you need, the higher the total price will be.

See what solar incentives and rebates you qualify for

2. Inactive shingles

Cost: $13.30 per square foot – $20.75 per square foot

Teslas inactive shingles do not contain solar cells, they simply cover your roof like a traditional shingle and allow the active solar shingles to blend in with the rest of the roof. Because the inactive shingles do not generate electricity, they are priced per square foot, not per watt.

The price youll pay for the inactive shingles varies depending on how complex your roof is. Tesla divides roofs into three different complexity types, each with a very vague set of criteria:

3. Tesla Powerwall

Cost: $10,500

Watch out for design change fees!

4. Tesla solar inverter

Is Solar Roof Right For You

Dont need a new roof? Have a flat roof? Dont own your building? No problem! Greenway Solar offers expertise in traditional solar panels, community solar, energy storage and much more. Reach out for more information to get set up with renewable energy for your home or business.

Own your home or property

Technology early adopter

You need a new roof

You want an integrated approach

You have many vents and skylights requiring a smaller footprint

You are expecting adding additional electrical products to your home. You want maximum solar generation.

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Alternative Energy Southeast Now Offers Thetesla Solar Roof In Georgia

Considering a new roof? Get the ULTIMATE in new roof design.

The Tesla Solar Roof offers a beautiful new roof as well as clean solar power for your home. Its an all-in-one solution.

If youve been looking for a solar power option but have been limited because your Home Owners Association prohibits solar panels consider the Tesla Solar Roof.

How Much Does The Tesla Solar Roof Cost

A Tesla Solar Roof system is deployed for under $30,000 ...

However, we can use numbers provided by Tesla and numbers provided by real-life solar estimates from Tesla to compare the costs of a Tesla Solar Roof versus a conventional solar installation.

According to Tesla, their Solar Roof costs $21.85 per square foot with the assumption that 35% of the roof will be covered by non-energy producing tiles. That means a 2,000 square foot roof would cost about $44,000. Keep in mind that this includes the cost of replacing the entire roof material in place of solar tiles.

However, according to actual solar estimates from prospective Tesla customers, the actual cost of a Tesla Solar Roof comes out to approximately $35 per square foot. That adds over $26,000 to the cost of a 2,000 square foot roof.

As you can see, the pricing difference between what Tesla estimates and the ultimate price can be quite different.

The unfortunate task of getting a true price estimate for a Tesla Solar Roof is that not many have been installed yet. Tesla, not known for their transparency, has not provided numbers about how many Tesla Solar Roofs have been installed, nor provided much information about the ultimate costs of those installs.

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Tesla Expands Solar Roof Installations To Anywhere In The Us

Tesla has decided to expand the market for solar roof tile installations to anywhere in the US.

The move comes as Tesla aims to greatly accelerate solar roof installations.

Until recently, Tesla solar roof installations were limited to some approved markets in the US within a relatively short distance of Tesla Energy warehouses.

It has been limiting the growth of the product that aims to offer an alternative to regular solar panels, which is still the bulk of Teslas solar business.

Now sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla opened installations of the solar roof tiles to any customer anywhere in the US.

Anyone can submit an order regardless of their distance from a Tesla Energy warehouse, and the company will have the capacity to send travel installation crews to the location.

However, Tesla will send people to survey the houses prior to going forward with any project in order to make sure the structures are good candidates for solar roof tiles.

The company has been known for prioritizing projects with simpler roofs.

As we previously reported, Tesla significantly increased the price of the solar roof tiles earlier this year after introducing a new roof complexity factor.

The expectation was that the price increase had put a dent in Teslas solar roof tile demand.

It showed that the company was still trying to drive demand for the product.

Tesla only noted this about solar roof deployment in its latest earnings:

Types Of Solar Panels

As the cost of installing home solar power has dropped significantly in the last decade, more homeowners are finding it to be a budget-friendly option. Even so, many are still not aware of the various types of solar panels that are available.

We install photovoltaic panels as they are available in many shapes and sizes, making them mountable on just about any existing roof.

Tesla has brought renewed interest to this segment of the solar panel industry and made it an affordable option. Like they did in the EV industry, Tesla took existing technology and tweaked it to make it more reliable, affordable, and appealing.

Tesla offers the option of solar roof tiles that replace your existing tilesand it was the first to manufacture solar shingles that look almost identical to regular shingles. They also offer low-profile panels that fit onto an existing roof.

Both provide the energy you need to power your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and significantly lower your energy bills.

Dynasty offers expert installation of these premium solar panels along with:

  • Free Consultations and Accurate Cost Estimate
  • Easy-to-Qualify, Low-Cost Financing

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Tesla Solar Roof

Fortunately, the third version of the solar roof sold in 2021 features larger tiles that dont need to be cut on site. It also has fewer pieces of hardware per tile. This means it can be installed more quickly than earlier iterations.

To give you some idea of the entire process, heres a certified installer doing a 4-day install time lapse. Some customers report up to 10-14 days.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Shingles

How to Install a Tesla Solar Roof 2021 Review

Itâs clear that there is a lot of consumer interest in photovoltaics that look more attractive than standard photovoltaics, and several companies have stepped up to introduce a range of products into the market. Thereâs no doubt that some of these products make for a nicer looking roof, but does it make sense to use these in place of conventional solar modules?

Letâs take a look at the pros and cons:

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Tesla Partners With Other Companies To Install Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla is starting to partner with other companies to install solar roof tiles and deploy the new solar product faster.

In October of last year, Tesla launched version 3 of its Solar Roof tiles, which is now also known as Solarglass, and it saw a significant price decrease through optimization and faster installation.

We posted a Tesla Solar Roof V3 real quote comparison showing that the price dropped by 40%.

Since launching the new version of the tiles, CEO Elon Musk wants an acceleration of production and installations of solar roofs.

In March, Tesla announced that Gigafactory New York was now producing enough solar tiles to install 1,000 solar roofs per week.

While the company based that claim on producing 4 MW of solar tiles, which isnt really enough for 1,000 roofs, it is still more than Tesla can install in a week as the installation capacity remains the bottleneck to expand solar roofs.

We previously reported on Tesla trying to hire many new roofers in order to expand its capacity, but it is also looking to certified third-party installers to install its novel solar product.

We have only heard of a handful of companies being onboarded onto the program, but it might be about to change as Tesla started to supply them with the tiles, and some are actually starting their own installations.

Mohammed Abdalla, CEO and founder of Good Faith Energy, announced:

He shared a picture of the installation of a 9.3 kW Tesla solar roof on his own house on LinkedIn :

One Customer Under Contract Told Ars His Price Rose From $66000 To $87000

by Timothy B. Lee – Apr 13, 2021 8:50 pm UTC

Tesla has jacked up the price of its solar roof, which integrates solar panels directly into roof tiles, Electrek reports. A 12.3 kW system that Electrek priced at $54,966 last summer now costs more than $70,000, according to Tesla’s online calculator.

Customers report that Tesla is not only raising prices for future solar roof installationsit’s demanding more money from some existing customers whose panels haven’t been installed yet.

“Tesla has reneged on its solar roof contracts and has raised the prices for people who have already signed contract with them,” one Ars reader told us. “For example, they are asking for an additional $21,000 for my project from about $66,000 to $87,000.”

Another customer with The Verge:

One solar roof customer told The Verge he signed a contract in February to install the solar roof for $35,000, with an additional $30,000 for the batteries. Later, he received a terse email from Tesla stating that in several days he would receive a new contract with higher prices. He was told he now owed $75,000 for the solar roofa 114 percent increaseand $35,000 for the batteries.

There’s also no guarantee that Tesla won’t change its estimate once it sends someone to actually look at your house. The cost calculated by Tesla’s website is only an initial estimate.

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How Much Electricity Does A Tesla Solar Roof Generate

The amount of electricity a Tesla Solar Roof generates depends on the amount of solar shingles that have been installed. Tesla will estimate your energy requirements based on your current electric bill and the size of your home, and provide you with a system that should more than meet your energy needs.

Is It Worth It To Get A Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof Installed In 4 Just Days

If youre willing to pay the high price point, need to replace your roof and like the idea and sleek aesthetic of Teslas solar shingles, then it may be worth it to get a Solar Roof. Otherwise, Teslas Solar Panels, or even traditional solar panels, may make more financial sense while still increasing your homes energy efficiency.

Teslas solar options are significantly more expensive than other renewable energy alternatives on the market, and the company has had a record of changing quoted prices for the Solar Roof fairly regularly. However, if you have the finances and do not mind integrating your home into the Tesla system, a Solar Roof is a good long-term investment for your home.

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Tesla Solar Roof Available In Central Oregon Bend Resident Says Extra Cost Is Worth It

BEND, Ore. — A new way to do solar roofing has arrived in Central Oregon, and it’s backed by Tesla, the high-profile electric car maker.

Jake Hermeling is the first Central Oregon homeowner to have a Tesla solar roof built on a house.

I think the beauty of the product is that you cant tell its solar, Hermeling said Monday.

The roof has solar tiles that are designed to look like shingles, instead of the typical solar panels.

Most people come by, they have no idea, Hermeling said.

The roof was installed by Greenlee Roofing, a Bend-based company that received clearance from Tesla last January.

The company’s website said the solar roof tiles are “are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles.”

A few other companies have clearance throughout the state, but Director of Sales Hobie Smith said Greenlee is the first and only in Central Oregon.

Smith said a roof like Hermelings would roughly cost $18,000 to $20,000 for typical shingles. The solar roof is close to $25,000 to $30,000 more.

But Hermeling said having a “net positive house,” with the opportunity for a tax rebate, is worth the upfront cost.

As I was factoring it into my build cost, it was not a difficult decision for me, on the financial side, he said.

Smith said the solar roof could eliminate a homeowner’s typical monthly energy cost.

Everything that he would be spending per month, whether it be $150 to $200 per month, hes gaining back, Smith said.

Tesla Roofing And Installation: What You Need To Know

As you are already aware, Tesla is a company dedicated to energy efficiency and innovation. Legacy Roofing understands that this ingenuity is beneficial for many reasons. We are proud to be the first in Utah to offer their latest design in energy efficient roofing to our customers. This high-end roof is engineered for durability and has been tested against the conditions of a category three hurricane, making it safe during any weather conditions. Since it is made of an extremely durable tempered glass material, it also gives your home a sleek and modern design. Other solar panels cannot provide the look of a Tesla design. Installation can generally be done in under a week, depending on the size and complexity of your roof.

After doing a thorough inspection of your roof and its size, we will work with the Tesla Solar Roof design team to custom fit build details for your roof. Once this is complete, we will meet with you to cover details in cost and installation so that you have a full understanding of all of the benefits of this new and innovative roofing option.

No matter which of our products you choose for your home, we are proud to be your trusted roofing contractors. Our highly skilled team will inspect your roof for free and provide a very fairly priced estimate for your consideration. Because we are confident in our work, knowledge and skills, we will always offer a no pressure experience.

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Who Can Install A Tesla Solar Roof

Installing a Tesla Solar Roof takes specialized know-how and training. As of 2021, there are only a few roofers in the United States who are certified to perform the installations.

Since each roof is unique, every installation must be customized. So, standardizing the installation to make it quick, easy, and scalable has been difficult. Musk has owned up to big mistakes and is working hard to correct them.

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How Much Do Tesla Solar Tiles Weigh

Tesla Now Installs Solar Roofs Within 4 Days, Hopes To Make It 1 Day

Per Tesla, their new solar tiles will be approximately half the weight of a standard roof tile. This is a hard claim to make without defining the standard roof tile being used in this statement.

To understand the range of tile weights, lets look at this:

  • Concrete Tiles between 9.5 12 lbs. per square foot
  • Asphalt Shingles between 2.5 4 lbs. per square foot
  • Spanish Tiles between 6 19 lbs. per square foot
  • Slate Tiles between 7-10 lbs. per square foot

Our approximation when taking all of the solar tiles components into consideration is that the tiles will weigh about 15 20 lbs. This is a rough estimate due to Teslas ambiguity when discussing the weight of their solar tiles.

We reached out to one of our excellent roofing partners, Chandlers Roofing, to get their perspective on Teslas new solar product

Aesthetically the Solar Roof is beautiful, but well need to wait and see how Tesla will resolve taking it to market, says Trevor Leeds, President of Chandlers Roofing, Roofing is a different animal than solar. There are different variables that have to be considered like waterproofing and the roof-attachment method. Compliance codes for roofing are also much different than solar. Will Tesla figure out how to be a national roofing contractor? Is Tesla looking to assume this liability and overhead? All of these unknowns will need to be worked out.

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Cheyenne Resident Becomes First In State To Install Tesla Solar Panel Roofing

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – For one Cheyenne resident and his wife, theyve wanted solar power ever since they owned their home. In January, the homeowner, Chris, who only wanted to be identified by his first name, was told he needed his roof replaced.

He said insurance was going to cover the cost of an asphalt roof, but with the federal tax credit coming into play, it made the cost low enough to consider it. Last week, it all became a reality as WyCo Wind and Solar and Weddle and Sons Roofing completed the project. According to WyCo, this is the first project of its kind that Wyoming has ever seen.

Its exciting. Weve done one other power wall job that was 10 power walls, so weve been involved with Tesla a bit and its really exciting to be on the cutting edge as Tesla is, said WyCo Operations Director, Joel Helleso.

For Chris, he said they wanted to go solar to be energy independent and help reduce their impact on climate change. He said its pretty cool to be the first in the state to have this roof, but didnt play a role in why they had it installed.

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