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How To Scale A Roofing Business

Invest In The Proper Equipment

How to Scale your Roofing Business Fast & Get Crews On Demand #leehaight #skydiamonds

Youre going to need to invest in the proper equipment before you render any services. Here are some things that youll need:

  • Ladders
  • Cutting tools
  • Pry bar and shingle removal gear

Please note that these tools will vary depending on what specific type of roofing company youre starting. This list is based on roofers who offer shingle-related services.

Get Help With Scaling Your Roofing Business

Scaling a roofing business requires your company to invest in growth opportunities through marketing, advertising, and more. Its impossible to perform all related tasks yourself, so you must hire either in-house or 3rd party assistance. We recommend partnering with Roofers Guild for all of your marketing needs in 2021.

Roofers Guild is a marketing company for roofers by roofers. We allow contractors to feel comfortable with their marketing campaigns rather than relying on outsiders who dont understand the grind of the roofing industry. While some marketing firms may have good intentions, they cant relate to the daily grind of an actual roofer.

How Technology Is Changing The Roofing Industry

Roofing Technology is changing the Roofing Industry to help you grow your roofing business. This week, Daniel Lakstins interviews his guest Matt Radford on the new technology and gadgets available in the roofing industry. Daniel and Matt discuss how much the industry has changed in the last 20 yrs and how technology has facilitated this change. The conversation goes from leaving acting careers to the pursuit of roofing, to drones, satellites, CRMs and everything in between. Matt Radford is a Lead Development Rep for the digital company known as Roofr. Roofr is a sales platform that helps contractors to automate their roofing business and to cut overhead costs while maximizing cash flow while increasing profitability.To learn more about Matt visit:

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Where Do You Start With Online Roof Marketing

So again, this is under the assumption that youve already got something happening, youve gotten a taste of what this online presence can do for your business, but even if you dont yet have something happening, this is still gonna be of value to you.

Once you actually pick up the ball, you decide that, Hey, it is now time for us to start getting online and start producing something.

Optimize For Local Map Listings

From residential roof replacement and roof repairs, to ...

Your prospects use Apple or Google Maps to identify nearby local roofing companies. However, these maps are not just for visibility only, but also for positioning your brand ahead of the competition. The ultimate goal of using Google maps for marketing is not for ranking higher on searches, but to attain high placement in local business listings on the relevant search engine result pages.

Today, we will share seven super simple tips on how to optimize your local map listings.

So whether you own a local small roofing company or a large one with various locations, you will love the incredible roofing marketing strategies and level up your local roofing company.

  • Fill out 100% of Required Information

But why fill out all the information in your map listing? Here are the top reasons:

  • It makes your roofing company appear more credible online
  • Get found in the local roofing Google search results
  • Convince prospects to book jobs with your company
  • Persuade previous customers to return
  • Makes your roofing marketing strategies more effective.
    • Post Pictures

    Google or Apple maps are inherently visual platforms that go over and above the maps themselves. Roofing company listings that have photos are more appealing than those without, which sets your company apart, but posting pictures can help optimize your map listing. Images are incredible tools for marketing your company, so be sure to leverage that in your roofing marketing strategy.

    • Get Online Reviews
    • Add Services
    • Consistent NAP

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    Remain Compliant With Industry

    Feel safe with the knowledge that your information remains secure by the latest in encryption security. signNow is GDPR and eIDAS certified and provides you visibility into your signing process with court-admissible audit trails. Configure user authorization and rights to control who has access to what.

    Return Phone Calls And Emails Quickly

    You have to produce everything super fast. And when I mean to produce, I dont just mean production like installation. Im talking about returning your phone calls and emails. Guys, you will be amazed at how bad contractors are at returning phone calls. Recently I was trying to reach a concrete guy. I found four companies on the internet, all with great reviews. Only one out of four returned my phone call the same day because the other three didnt want my business.

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    Modeling Corrugated Metal Buildingspainting

    After embossing the panels, the foil and the roof itself must be painted. Most aluminum foils have one side that has a more shiny surface than the other. Both sides will accept spray paint, but the matte finished side generally yields better results.

    You could leave the foil unpainted to represent brand new material, but it won’t take weathering powders very well. A light gray is a more realistic option.

    Both the foil and the styrene are easy to paint with spray paints. Use flat colors. There are many shades of gray available, including very inexpensive primers for bare metal. You could also use other colors to represent painted metal. Use light coats, and feel free to mix a few colors.

    Don’t forget to get the edges of the styrene. And, if your roof has an overhang, you’ll want to hit the underside as well.

    Once the paint has dried, you can cut panels from the foil using a sharp knife. Before proceeding to the next step, install the styrene roof or walls on the model.

    One: Finding Commercial Roofing Leads With Reonomy

    How to Scale a Roofing Company 8 figures and beyond as a Family Business with Values.

    Reonomys property intelligence platform helps you identify and find leads based on very specific filters that cater to your exact needs as a roofer.

    Below, find the most common use-cases for commercial roofers on the Reonomy platform:

    Geography-Based Search:

    Reonomy makes it easy to search by geography. Find roofing leads based on certain states, cities, and other locations.

    Property Type Searches:

    Maybe you specialize in upgrading mid-size multifamily.

    Or, maybe you only work on industrial properties.

    Whatever the asset class might be, you can narrow down your market to exactly that.

    Search by the Size and Age of Buildings:

    Say you only work on buildings larger than 20,000 square feet.

    Perhaps you want to connect with owners of older buildings thatll likely need renovations in the near future.

    You can sift through any market to see all properties that meet both of those criteria .

    Pair this with the geography and asset type filters mentioned above, and Reonomy will show you a very specific list of potential new job leads.

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    Market Your Roofing Business

    Once everything is ready to go, it is time to market your small business and generate leads. By now, youve already identified who youre going to target, so youll need to be strategic to get in front of them.

    Local search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a great way to start. Essentially, this means that you make yourself discoverable to people who are searching for roofers near me or roofers in . SEO is when you optimize your content for those keywords so that it ranks organically, and SEM is generally when you use paid ads so that your site is listed at the top.

    Forming strategic partnerships with HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers and other similar companies that share the same target audience with you is a good idea. You may offer referral bonuses when they send work your way.

    You may also send workers out to canvas and go door to door. Essentially, youll load them up with flyers and tell them to look for people who could be customers. This can be effective because it puts you in direct contact with potential clients, but it may not be well-received by everybody.

    Sign Up With Crm Right Away

    CRM is a customer relationship management platform. You have to have it. Why? To avoid situations like this. Hey, whats up man?Hey Dan, did you order that special order we talk about two weeks ago?What order? I thought, yeah we talked about it, but I didnt realize you wanted me to order it.What do you mean I didnt tell you. We were sitting right there at the bar and I told you to order it. You said you were going to do it tomorrow. What do you mean you dont remember?No, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, listen, listen. If you told me to order it, I would order it. Wed been drinking and I mean we discussed it, I remember talking about it, but I didnt understand you wanted me to order it, okay?So what am I supposed to tell my customer now?Ill order it right now. Okay, bye.

    There are a lot of CRMs for roofing companies on the market and this is where I want to talk about my friends at JobNimbus, theyre also the sponsor of this video. I recently called them and said, Hey guys, Im doing this series of videos for roofing contractors to help them to start and scale their business, and JobNimbus was like, Absolutely, we would love to partner up with you guys. Long story short, theyre sponsoring this video, and are probably going to do a few more in the future. For years Ive been using JobNimbus. I burned myself with the other two CRMs. JobNimbus is one of the cheapest CRMs on the market. I dont know anything the platform cannot do. Its only $25 per user.

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    Consider Equipment Investments Carefully

    Getting the job done right so you can build a profitable business requires the right tools. The cheapest options may not be the safest or the most efficient. For example, to maximize productivity so you can decrease labor costs consider the Equipter RB4000, a self-propelled compact dump container that was designed for roofers, by roofers.

    You Bought A Drone For Your Roofing Business Now What

    Scale Your Construction Business with Smart Contractor

    Do you still think drones in roofing are just for taking cool marketing pics? If so, you are missing out. A drone can be much more than a flying camera. If youve purchased a drone for your business, the next step is to pair it with the right software solution and take your business to the next level. With the right software, a drone can improve your roofing business in ways you may have not even anticipated.

    Pair a drone with software and youll discover benefits such as improving your sales process, limiting man hours on roofs for improved safety, and more efficient inspections. Youll be able to wow customers with polished inspection reports, easily get accurate measurements, scale your entire sales process, and still be able to take some cool photos for your marketing materials when you finish a job.

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    Establishing The Level Of Competition

    Once you have decided who your customers might be, you need to find out how well they are already served.

    How many other roofing firms are there in your area? A look through the relevant classifications on and other similar online directories will give you an idea of how many roofing businesses there are in your area. You could also look at local print directories. Try searching the web for roofing businesses in your area too. How many offer the same services that you intend to offer? These are your direct competitors. Bear in mind that there may be other roofers working in the area who don’t advertise anywhere – some of these may be ‘cowboys’ who operate illegitimately.

    • what services do they offer
    • do they advertise any special features, for example an insurance-backed guarantee, 24 hour emergency service
    • do they belong to any trade associations, for example the National Federation of Roofing Contractors or the Federation of Master Builders
    • are they signed up to the Competent Roofer scheme, enabling them to sign off aspects of their work for Building Regulations

    Two: How Roofers Turn These Leads Into Paying Customers

    Once a list of leads is created, roofers tend to analyze properties in a few different ways to better understand how they fit into their ideal scope of project.

    From there, if theyd like to pursue an owners business, theyll use the property owner contact information available on Reonomy to reach out directly via phone or email.

    Analyzing Prospect Properties and Owners

    Thanks to a direct Google Maps integration, Reonomy helps you actually see the roofs of prospect properties without having to bounce back and forth to another map online.

    You can toggle between Street View and Aerial View to zoom in to see the propertys roof, spin the map to see each side of the building, and click to see the building from straight above.

    This will help decipher what type of roof any building has, as well.

    Collecting Owner Contact Details

    All map images and building measurements can be found in the Building and Lot tab of any property profile.

    The tab right next to that one, titled Ownership, is where you can find the phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of the propertys owners.

    With that info, you can either reach out by phone to cold call the owner, or you can start building powerful email and direct mail campaigns.

    Optimizing Cold Calls

    The most successful cold call campaigns for commercial roofing contractors are conducted by experienced phone marketers and salespeople.

    In saying this, by using Reonomy, you know you have a highly qualified call list.

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    What Is Scaling In Business

    When companies scale, on the other hand, they add revenue at a faster rate than they take on new costs. A company that is scaling may gain $50,000 in new revenue for which they spent only $5,000 on to allow more efficient marketing to a wider audience. The companys gains outpaced its losses, allowing it not only to grow but also to scale.

    Tips To Scale Your Construction Business

    How to Scale a Roofing Company to Over $100 Million in Annual Sales

    Construction is an industry that has been booming for the last decade, and it doesnt seem like it will be slowing down any time soon. However, most new entrepreneurs dont…

    October 14, 2021 by BOSS Editorial

    Construction is an industry that has been booming for the last decade, and it doesnt seem like it will be slowing down any time soon. However, most new entrepreneurs dont realize how complex this industry can be when you first get started. To make your company successful in a competitive market, you need to plan properly from the start. Below are six tips for scaling your construction business.

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    Why Is Roofing Recession Resilient

    The idea of constantly emptying pots and bowls wears thin quickly. So you can only put off a leaky roof for so long.

    Food, water, and shelter are the cornerstone necessities of life. As a result, its generally considered sound advice to invest your money in any business that can provide one of those necessities.

    Food, water, and shelter are the cornerstone necessities of life. As a result, its generally considered sound advice to invest your money in any business that can provide one of those necessities.

    In fact, if you look at the trends surrounding publicly traded roofing companies in the following graph, you can see that they tend to perform very well as economic hardships ease up. Owens Corning and Beacon Roofing Supply are two of the biggest publicly traded roofing companies on the market.


    As Trevor Soare points out on SeekingAlpha, both companies took a big hit around the recession of 2008. However the following year the two stocks outperformed the SPY by an average of almost 200%, Soare explains.

    The reason for this is simple, according to Soare: The idea is that a leaky roof will always take priority over the latest smartphone or a new car.

    Look At Employing Team Members

    As you scale up, you will quickly realize that it is not healthy or productive to try and do everything yourself. When you take on new staff, you get the opportunity to take your attention directly away from running the business and instead focus simply on growing the business. New employees, whether full-time or part-time, will be beneficial. New employees will allow you to scale up your business with ease, and they will help you strengthen your business, especially if they have an entrepreneurial mindset.

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    Find Your Target Markets

    Dig deep into the specifics of your target market. Look at jobs, median income, and home formation. By studying the area in which you’re interested in investing, you’re able to find tenants more effectively and cater to your marketing. Looking at school rankings and how desirable your area is to new families can help you find long term occupants.

    How To Scale Your Roofing Business With Acculynx

    Commercial Roofing Contractor Charlottesville VA ...

    Date: August 5, 2021

    Time: 4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    The opportunity to grow your business is within reach, no matter how big or small you are now. AccuLynx business management technology can help you meet and exceed your goals by giving you all the tools you need to run a more productive and profitable roofing businessfrom anywhere.

    In this webinar we’ll show you how AccuLynx can help you scale your entire business, including

    • A simple workflow that provides structure and standardization across your teams
    • Estimating and sales tools that give you greater control over job profits
    • Real-time job tracking and alerts so every project stays on schedule
    • Customizable reporting to give you greater insights into your business performance

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