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How To Open Mini Cooper Convertible Roof Manually

Used 2018 Mini Convertible Pricing

BMW Mini / cooper convertible soft top hood operation and problem solving

The base 2018 Mini Cooper Hardtop 2 Door starts with a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of about $22,500 when you include the $850 destination charge. The more powerful and desirable Cooper S Hardtop starts a little over the $26,000 mark, and the JCW Hardtop begins at more than $32,600. The 4 Door model costs $1,000 more than a base or Cooper S. Convertible base prices start at more than $27,500 the S Convertible at more than $31,000 and the JCW starts at nearly $37,500. Options inflate those prices more quickly than youd expect. Other compact hatchbacks like the Honda Fit, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Sonic and Hyundai Accent and Veloster cost less, but they arent really direct competitors, either. Before buying, check the KBB.com Fair Purchase Price to see what others are paying. Note that up-front premium pays off later, thanks to the Minis good resale value.

Troubleshooting The Hood Release Latch

  • 1Pull the hood release latch. If your Mini Cooper was made before 2009, the latch is located under the dashboard on the passenger side of the car. If your Mini Cooper was made in 2009 or later, the latch is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car. Pull the latch toward you as if you are opening the hood.XResearch source
  • 2Check the cables for slackness. As you pull the latch open, use a flashlight to identify two cables behind the latch. Use your fingers or a hooked pick to pull on the cables. If the cables are relatively easy to pull, they are loose. If the cables are taut with tension, then there may be another issue with the cables underneath the hood of the car.XResearch source
  • The lower cable opens the right side of the hood, and the upper cable opens the left side of the hood.
  • 3Open the hood manually. Pull on each cable with your fingers or a hooked pick to open the hood manually. Tug on each cable until you hear a pop, which signals the opening of the hood. If the hood will not open by pulling the cables, you will need to take your Mini Cooper to a mechanic to troubleshoot the problem.XResearch source
  • 4Visit a mechanic who is familiar with Mini Coopers. A mechanic will be able to open your hood to inspect the hood release cables underneath the hood. To fix the issue, the mechanic may just need to clean and re-grease the cables. If one or both of the cables are broken, the mechanic will need to replace the broken cables.
  • Common Convertible Top Problems

    • Convertible top won’t open or close
    • It can be caused by a bad fuse, relay, top motor, lift cylinder, etc. Read this article to find out.
  • Convertible won’t move or gets stuck
  • Broken cable or lift cylinder
  • Convertible top won’t go up / down
  • The same causes as described above.
  • Convertible top moving very slowly.
  • Often caused by a weak lift cylinder.
  • It can also be caused by binding or convertible motor failure.
  • If a convertible system may seem complicated at first, don’t let fear stop you from carrying a few basic troubleshooting steps yourself.

    This troubleshooting guide provides instructions and detailed steps to follow if you are experiencing problems with your convertible top.

    If you have any tips that we may have missed, please add them in the comments section to help future readers.

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    Driving The Used 2018 Mini Convertible

    Even the base Mini Cooper Hardtop 2 Door with its turbocharged 3-cylinder engine is enjoyable to drive. Granted, by todays standards 7.3 seconds to 60 mph isnt exactly fast, but its quick enough, and the turbocharged 4-cylinders in the Cooper S or, even better, the John Cooper Works edition are even quicker, whether you choose the automatic or the short-throw 6-speed manual transmission. All Minis benefit from a suspension thats set up for fun driving, with quick steering and a tossable chassis that makes carving back roads genuinely enjoyable. Of course, getting to those back roads means driving down the highway, and here the Mini falters a bit. That quick steering thats so fun on a mountain road makes the Mini feel twitchy and nervous on the highway. The sporty suspension results in a rough ride. And theres no avoiding the road noise at speed.

    Check Convertible Top Fuses And Relay

    How To Open Mini Cooper Convertible Roof Manually / Mini Cooper ...

    Checking the fuses is easy, and you can complete this step yourself. Locate the fuse box and look for the convertible top fuse.

    Depending on the model, the fuse box is located on the dashboard’s side or under the hood in the engine compartment.

    Pull the convertible top fuse. If the fuse is blown, replace it and check if your convertible will operate normally. If the fuse is ok, check the relay. The relay can not be inspected visually, but there are ways to test them.

    You can locate an identical relay in the fuse box and swap it with the convertible top relay. If the relay and the fuse are not the problems, move to the next step.

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    Check Convertible Fluid Level

    A considerable number of convertible top problems are caused due to low hydraulic fluid level. If the level drops below the MIN, the convertible top will either not operate at all or move too slowly, not close, or stop halfway.

    Locate the convertible top motor. In most convertibles, it is located in the trunk behind the lining. Also, check near the spare tire or behind the rear seats.

    If you look at the fluid reservoir, you should see a MIN and MAX on the side. MAX, in some cases, is not marked because it is the same as the fill hole. You can’t fill them past the filler hole since the fluid will leak out, which is by design.

    Suppose the fluid level is too low the convertible pump operation completely to protect the motor and the hydraulic system components. In some cases, the pump does work, but air may be introduced into the hydraulic lines.

    In return, not enough pressure will be built-up to operate the convertible up and down. If you suspect air in the system, it operates the convertible top three to five times to get the air out of the lines. Recheck the level.

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    Check Convertible Pump Operation

    The following video shows a convertible top motor running. Pay attention to how the pump sounds. While the pump is running, the hydraulic system has air trapped in the lines.

    Also, this system has a major hydraulic fluid leak, and for that reason, the level drops below the MIN mark as the level drops, the convertible struggles to move up and down.

    Check the operation of the convertible pump motor. Turn ignition on but engine off and press the convertible top switch to retract the top.

    Buying A Convertible Car: Should You Worry About The Roof

    Mini Cooper Convertible Soft Roof Top Opening And Closing Operation

    Imagine cruising in a convertible on the open road when its a beautiful, sunny day with nothing but blue sky above.

    If youre thinking about buying a car, its easy to shift your attention to convertibles. Theyre sleek, fun, and exciting. Theyre also cool.

    And, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, convertibles are surprisingly safe. So, why wouldnt you want a convertible?

    Actually, we can think of a few reasons, and were listing the pros and cons, so you know what youre getting into before signing the papers on a new or used drop-top.

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    Mini Cooper How Do I Open The Trunk

    This is an odd question, I am sure, but we bought a used Mini Cooper, but it didn’t come with an owner’s manual. We have figured out how to open it with the key fob, obviously.

    The problem comes when we want to pop the trunk and quickly pull something out when the car is running. This Mini doesn’t have the keyless start option. So we actually have to turn off the engine to get the key out to pop the trunk.

    This seems ridiculous to me, since all the other cars I have driven have a latch somewhere inside the car to pop the trunk.

    How Do You Reset The Roof On A Mini Cooper Convertible

    Resetting a MINI Cooper Sunroof: Instructions If your MINI Cooper sunroof isnt working like it should, all you need to do is press and hold the open button until the sunroof fully retractsthen keep holding the button down. After 10 to 15 seconds, the sunroof should reset and move back into its original position.

    Do Mini Coopers have sunroofs?

    MINI Panoramic Roof Panoramic roof systems can be found on new MINI models throughout the lineup, including on the: MINI Hardtop 2 Door- Found on the Signature trim and above. MINI Countryman- Standard at base Classic trim and above. MINI Clubman- Featured on the Signature trim and above.

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    Everything To Know About Convertible Roof Types

    Convertibles are so iconic that their presence in pop culture cannot be overlooked. One of the staples of a cool protagonist n any movie is owning a convertible! Convertibles have an aesthetically pleasing design that excites most car enthusiasts. The way the roofs in the convertibles open has also evolved over the decades as per popular demands. The technology has changed, and so has the look, and thanks to technology, a few convertible roofs are truly fascinating to know about!

    Mini Has Ripped $4800 Out Of The Price Of Its All

    How To Open Mini Cooper Convertible Roof Manually / Mini Cooper ...

    Mini has ripped $4800 out of the price of its all-new drop-top. Has it also ripped the guts out of the Mini experience?

    WHAT IS IT?This is the third-generation Mini Convertible, codenamed F57 and using the same UKL1 platform as the new hatch and recently released .

    WHY WERE DRIVING ITThis is our first drive of the bigger, more mature open-top Mini on Australian soil. In a competitive market thats seen four-seat convertibles struggle think Volkswagen Eos and the Mini is the class benchmark for style and dynamics.

    MAIN RIVALS, Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet, Holden Cascada, Fiat 500C

    THE WHEELS VERDICTThe Mini Cooper S Convertible is much easier to live with, almost as much fun and even more affordable than its predecessor. The grand scale of the Mini design language hasnt taken the edge off its looks like some believe the five-door hatch has, and makes this the clear go-to drop top in this segment.

    PLUS: Better value for money timeless style balance and dynamic poiseMINUS: Poor rear vision with roof down lack of rear legroom

    For the entry-level Cooper, theres the sweet 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine that weve lauded in the hatch versions. Its the six-speed manual Cooper S that were driving here, and for its $45,400 ask adds inch-bigger 17s , LED headlights, driving modes as well as leather sports seats over the Cooper. All Convertibles comes with an electronic diff lock as standard.

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    The Mini Cooper S Convertible Promises Open

    I completed a series of pottery lessons last month. In working with pieces of clay to create what would hopefully pass off as usable serve ware, Ive often agonised over little details, spending double or triple the amount of time others typically would as I tried to make a vessels walls a little thinner or round off the base more smoothly. Eventually, I learned to embrace some of the imperfections and accept that they came with the territory.

    The second facelift of the current-generation MINI feels like the brands own journey in tweaking and refining their cars, which were first introduced in 2015. MINI describes the exterior redesign in this facelift as a purification by reduction: the hexagonal surround is larger the round headlights feature black inner housings to enhance their presence and the front fog lights from the previous iteration are now replaced by vertical inlets at each corner of the front bumper to improve aerodynamics with the air curtains.

    The Piano Black Exterior option suits the Zesty Yellow paint on this MINI Cooper S Convertible the MINI logos, door handles, side scuttles, fuel cap, model lettering and tailpipes, as well as the surrounds of the headlights, radiator grille and rear lights, are finished in high-gloss black.

    Special thanks to Eurokars Habitat for this opportunity.

    Check Cylinders For Fluid Leaks

    Another common reason why convertible tops fail to operate is due to leaks at convertible lift cylinders.

    The hydraulic cylinders move the hardtop or soft-top up and down. They have seals and o-rings that shrink and crack due to age.

    When this happens, they start to leak, and over time, the convertible top fluid drops below the required levels, and the convertible stops working.

    You can visually inspect all the cylinders for leaks by manually opening and closing the convertible.

    At first, the leaks will be minor, but they will worsen over time, and you will eventually see leaks on the trunk floor or a stained convertible top.

    Have a friend help you during this process so that the top doesn’t fall on you.

    Find out how many cylinders operate your convertible top. Scrutinize all of them for any fluid seepage.

    Convertible top leaks are quite obvious, but in the early stages, they may difficult to locate. By the time your convertible top stops working, the leaks should be easy to identify.

    Inspect the hydraulic lines. Make sure they are tightly connected.

    The hoses should not be cracked or leaking. Address any leaks that you may find at the pump, cylinders, or solenoid.

    Replace any damaged or leaking o-rings.

    You can get an o-ring assortment kit online and replace any damaged gaskets.

    Lift cylinder gaskets can’t be replaced easily and either need to be replaced or be sent to a shop that does convertible top repairs

    They can often refurbish them.

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    Other Things To Consider

    In addition to malfunctions of convertible roofs opening and closing mechanism, understand that you might need to deal with leaks. Water intrusion can be a hassle, and its more likely to occur in a roof with moving parts.

    To test against this before you buy the car, consider hosing it down to see if you notice water dripping into the interior. While the individual seller or dealer might not favor this type of test, if theyre confident the car is in good condition and know that youre a serious buyer, they should allow you to check it out. Both hardtops and soft-tops can be prone to leaks.

    Also, as with anything mechanical, a convertible roofs opening and closing function can deteriorate over time because of wear and tear. So, if you are considering buying a used convertible, be sure to check out the open and close function repeatedly to see if it operates smoothly.

    Its also a good idea to do some research on the model youre considering to determine if it has a history of malfunctioning. Read consumer reviews and talk to mechanics and folks who have owned the model before to see what their experience was with the vehicle.

    Finding The Hood Release Latch

    Mini Cooper conv manual top relase
  • 1Look for the latch on the passenger side if your car was made before 2009. Walk over to the passenger side of the car. Look under the glove box near the doors frame. Identify a black hood release latch. On the latch is a picture of a car with its front hood raised.XResearch source
  • 2Find the latch on the drivers side if your car was made in 2009 or later. The latch is near the floorboard where the foot pedals are. Look under the dashboard next to the doors frame. Identify a black latch with a picture of a car with its hood raised on it.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Pull the latch toward you to pop the hood. Use your fingers to pull the latch toward you. Pull the latch until you hear a pop and feel the tension release from the latch. Your Mini Coopers hood should have popped open.XResearch source
  • If the hood is still closed, you may need to pull the latch harder.
  • If the hood does not pop open after multiple attempts, the hood release cable may be broken. Ask a mechanic who is familiar with Mini Coopers to look at it for you.
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    Troubleshooting Convertible Top Problems

    To troubleshoot your convertible top problem, we assume you already know how to locate and check fuses, relays, convertible top components such as lift cylinders, convertible modules, and pumps.

    If you are having trouble finding these parts visit your dealer most dealership parts departments are kind enough to print the convertible top diagram for free.

    Required Tools:

    What To Do If Your Moon Roof Wont Open

    Step 1: Locate the damaged moon roof. Try to open the moon roof. Use a flashlight and look in the tracks of the moon roof to see if there is any debris, dirt, or harden grease. **Step 2: Use a screwdriver and a degreaser cleaner to remove the the debris, dirt, or hardened grease from the tracks.

    Why is the sunroof on my XLT not closing?

    I have the XLT model with sunroof/moon-roof combo. the sunshade will only close in the back moon-roof portion but refuses to close over the front sunroof portion. i have tried to look for the fuse for this but the manual is no help.

    What does a moon roof on a car do?

    A moon roof is an opening on top of a vehicles roof which allows light or fresh air to enter the cabin compartment of the vehicle. The moon roof may be manually or automatically operated according to the type of vehicle and the design.

    How can I get my sunroof to open and close?

    Push and hold the TILT switch until full glass open and closed is witnessed . Release the switch and verify successful initialization by carrying out one-touch open, one-touch close and one-touch vent operations.

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