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How To Change A Flat Roof To A Sloped Roof

Cant The Flat Roof Have Shingles

How do I convert a flat roof to a sloped one?

Why not just install shingles on the flat roof? Its true that flat roofs arent exactly flat, they have a small pitch of a few degrees. Still, you cannot put shingles on a flat roof as water does not drain off them quickly enough. The absolute minimum slope for asphalt shingle installation is 2:12.

Why A Flat Roof Is Good For Your Home

A flat roof is a great choice for your home because it will not experience the same problems as a sloped roof. A flat roof has fewer design limitations and is more durable than most other types of roofs. With proper maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. The advantages of having a flat roof are numerous. Flat roofs don’t require steep pitches to drain water away from them as sloping roofs do, so they’re much easier to clean around since there’s less dirt buildup on their surfaces. They also have far fewer issues with leaks than sloped roofs do, which is why many professional builders prefer them over pitched roofs when constructing new homes or commercial buildings that need reliable protection from the elements. In addition, flat roofs are much more stable than sloped roofs when it comes to supporting the weight of snow and ice in the wintertime.

Flat Roof Leaking Causes

There are a number of reasons why your roof may spring a leak or other roof damage may occur.

Natural disasters like hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, electrical storms, floods, wind damage storms, and related severe weather often damage commercial roofing.

If you experience one of these natural disasters, inspecting your roof and assessing any damage is something that you should prioritize during the aftermath, even if you do not notice any leaks right away.

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Mbs: The Preferred Alternative

  • One of the fastest-growing and most popular flat roof systems in commercial and residential applications are modified bitumen systems . An MBS uses a special combination of coated basemat layers to seal the roof instead of applying a hot liquid adhesive to uncoated basemat. MBS flat roof systems have a reduced installation time when compared to BUR systems. This can be a cost-savings benefit. An MBS roof can be sealant-treated after the warranty period, extending roof life for up to 30 total years of use.

There are two basic types of MBS systems: 1) Torch-down systems and 2) self-adhering systems.

Torch-down systems use a special combination of layers to torch-seal the bituminous product layers with the help of specially designed substrates.

One example: the CertainTeed Flintlastic GTA flat roof system. It works for all stand-alone roof situations where a torch-application is acceptable.

The GTA membrane is preferable to the self-adhering option in most cases. Its made from asphalt, fiberglass-reinforced mat and APP modifiers.

A self-adhering system is similar to a conventional MBS. The SAS uses coated bitumen basemat to provide a waterproof seal on flat and low-sloping roofs. This product is ideal when a torch cannot be used. Add-on porches or garage roofs that intersect with wood or vinyl siding are common places where youll see an SAS flat roof system.

CertainTeeds Flintlastic SA is an example of a self-adhering product that can be used in low-slope applications.

Flat & Low Slope Roof Conversion To Pitched Gable Roofs

Raise flat roof to pitch roof for tile application.
  • about converting a low slope roof to a steeper pitched slope

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Flat or low slope roof conversion to sloped roof design:

Roof Re-Cover procedures, roofing codes, fire hazard & moisture warnings. This article describes & illustrates the construction of a sloped gable roof over the flat-roofed home shown above. The original tar and gravel low slope roof lasted many years but ultimately a combination of roof age, wear, ponding, and leaks led the owners to construct a gable roof over this building.

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Cons Of A Pitched Roof

The biggest set back to a pitched roof is the price.

Not only does it take longer to install, and therefore incur more contractor fees, the materials used and the skill required will push your construction bill higher and higher.

Youll also need to consider whether a pitched roof will be permitted in the planning stages. As we said above, the increased head height can be contentious. Both traditional planning permission and permitted development rights take height into consideration. Theyll also look at whether or not the height of your new roof will impact any neighbouring properties, such as through overshadowing.

And while a pitched roof requires less maintenance, should any repairs be needed, the roof will be harder for tradespeople to access – costing you more for the service.

Do I Need Planning Permission To Convert My Flat Roof To A Pitched Roof

This is an architectural change so you will be required to obtain planning permission from your local council before any work is carried out which usually costs around £210 for UK residents. For homeowners in Wales, you will be required to pay an application fee of £190.

Planning permission rules state that you must apply if your project is going to be more than 150mm from the existing roof and the alteration will be higher than the roofs highest point. You may also need to make an application if the volume of the roof is more than 40 cubic metres for a terraced house and 50 cubic metres for a semi-detached home.

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Your Homes Existing Architecture May Affect Your Flat Roofing Replacement

If youve looked at all the alternatives and determine that a roofing conversion is really the best option for your home, its time to start planning your homes new architectural design. There are a couple of different ways to go about a conversion. You can install a shallow pitched roof over your existing flat roof, add a trussed ranch-style roof to convert to cathedral walls, or even build a new floor and install the pitched roof above that.

Either way, your homes existing design may interfere or affect the changes you can make. For instance, if youre not building a new floor into your home, your design may be limited if the existing ceiling joists arent arranged correctly. That means you may have to tear out the ceilings below the roof as well.

An architect or structural engineer should be able to provide advice on whats possible in your homeand what additional changes youll need to make before you can get your dream roof.

Roof Restoration To Extend The Life Of Your Flat Roof

Revit Architecture Roofs Tutorial Flat Sloped Roof

Roof restorations make your roof new again and resolve existing roofing issues. That way, you wouldnt have to change your roof which is a costly project.

If this is your first time to hear about a roof restoration service, heres what its about. Roofing restoration entails cleaning the roof, repairing, and replacing some materials to make it brand new. Previously, we featured a guide about roof restoration. In there, we explained that a roof restoration improves your flat roof in various ways so it lasts longer:

  • Makes your building more energy-efficient
  • Improves the overall look of your commercial roofing system
  • Strengthens your roof so that it becomes resilient to environmental damage

Here at Cox Roofing Systems, we also offer quality restoration services. We recommend our exclusive TTR which combines EPDM and polyurethane insulation.

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Need Help Adding A Flat Roof To Your Home

When you choose a roofer to work on your flat roof to pitched roof transition, choose one that has experience with both types of roofing. With an understanding of both systems, they can do a better job of predicting and resolving any issues your specific roof may develop. You can find local roofing contractors through IKOs Contractor Locator.

Eliminating Problems With Your Flat Roof

While there are plenty of high-quality solutions, when the time comes to upgrade your flat roof, for those who have experienced a lot of issues over the years, you may want to install pitched roofing to eliminate these problems entirely. Unfortunately, some flat roofs made from poorer quality materials or those which werent installed well when originally chosen can experience recurring issues. This includes leaks, water pooling, blistering and tears. High performance flat roofs can resolve these problems, or you may decide that pitched roofing will create the effective drainage system you want, while increasing the longevity of your roof.

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What Does Converting A Flat Roof To A Pitched Roof Entail

Before converting your flat roof to a pitched roof, you should explore the various options available, and if possible, work with a structural engineer or architect who will help you decide on the best options for you. There are various options, such as constructing a shallow pitched roof over a flat roof, building a completely new floor and putting a pitched roof above it or installing a trussed roof.

The following steps are involved when converting a flat roof to a pitched roof:

  • The first step involves removing the flat roof, which includes taking off all tiles and coverings, along with the roof battens. This will then allow the roofing specialist to assess the condition of the roof structure and check for rot before commencing with the installation.
  • The joist spacing will then be checked to ensure it can accommodate a pitched roof installation. Once this is confirmed, trusses will then be placed over every second joist and connected to the wall structure.
  • Once the trusses are in place, the gable ends will then be measured to figure out how much plywood is needed to cover them. The plywood will then be laid out covering the entire roof then hammered onto the trusses to form a new shape.
  • To waterproof the roof, tarpaper is typically rolled along the length of the roof and up towards the peak. This will then be nailed in place and the tiles and ridge boards will then be installed.
  • Do You Need To Insulate The Garage

    How to Turn Your Flat Roof into a Pitched Roof

    Converting a garage into a family room is a popular choice for many people who require the extra space and are looking to increase the value of their home.

    If you are considering a conversion, a pitched roof may be a better option than a flat one as you can more easily insulate and ventilate it.

    Garages tend to be cold and have little to no insulation because a flat roof does not allow much space for insulation. A garage usually doesnt need insulation unless it becomes a habitable room at which point, the height of the roof will become important.

    The material you choose for insulation depends on the pitch of the roof you opt for. Aim for a good balance between ventilation and insulation if you are converting your garage into a room.

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    The Cost Of A Remodel From Flat To Pitched

    Of course, even if youre sold on the idea, there are substantial costs involved with any major roof work. The new roof itself can be expensive, but other contractors will also need to be involved, as a major roofing remodel involves more than just the roof. Siding will need to be extended up into the new eaves, and any existing chimneys or HVAC pipes will also need to be extended.

    Evaluating the costs of a project like this can be difficult, as they can range significantly depending on region, season, and current costs of materials. However, our research indicates that as a very rough ballpark figure, you should be prepared to spend upwards of $30,000 for an average-sized residential structure.

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    Dont Panic Mr Mainwaring

    The first rule of flat roof ownership is dont panic! Pooling, in particular, is common on many flat roofs yet contrary to popular belief, its not the end of the world and can be easily addressed. Regular inspections and basic maintenance can help to resolve issues quickly.

    If the roof is easily accessible with ladders, then a quick visual check at the start and end of winter should identify any problems. Also a quick check after any particularly heavy rain at any time of year is a good idea.

    Adding slope to flat roof projects isnt always the major re-build that it might sound. The facelift approach is basically just that, removing the layers that comprise the flat roof and repairing part, or all, of the structure as necessary

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    How To Make A Flat Roof Have A Pitch

    Commercial property owners and managers in Toronto ON would sometimes think about adding pitch to their flat roofs. If youre considering the same thing, Cox Roofing Systems is here to tell you that this project is difficult but it can be done.

    This guide will cover the following essential points:

    • Typical reasons to add slope to your flat roof
    • How to make a flat roof have a pitch step by step process
    • The downsides of flat roof to pitched roof conversions

    Potential For Lower Insurance Rates With A Flat Roof Instead Of A Sloped One

    Revit Roof Tip #7 – Use Shape Editing To Create Flat Roof Slope

    A flat roof is less expensive than a sloped one because it has fewer corners, which are more difficult to seal.A flat roofcan also be installed with lower-cost materials that have the same durability as more costly ones. A sloped roof is an excellent choice for many homeowners because it provides better drainage and offers more space on the rooftop. However, installing this type of roof does come with some disadvantages such as higher installation costs and potential leaks in your home’s ceiling if not installed correctly. Repairing a damaged solar panel system. Solar panels add value to your property while saving you money on electricity bills compared to standard electrical systems however, they do require maintenance over time like any other appliance or fixture within your home or business establishment. Damaged solar panels can be repaired if caught early before the damage spreads to other parts of the system. If you are considering installing solar panels, or have already done so and noticed something wrong with one of your panels, contact a professional H& R contractor to diagnose the problem.

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    Locating The Leak For A Flat Roof Leak Repair

    Discovering the source of a leak in a flat roof is usually easier than finding one on a sloped roof or a shingled roof. That said, roof leaks of any kind can be more complicated than they initially seem especially if youre an amateur trying to DIY roof repairs.

    There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that the spot where you initially notice water entering your interior rooms might not actually be where the leak itself is, since water that penetrates the membrane of your roof can travel across the roof until it reaches a seam in the sheathing/roof deck, skylight or electrical, HVAC or plumbing penetration and then manages to drip or seep through to the inside.

    Nonetheless, there are steps you can definitely follow to determine the source of the leak , whether or not it is easy to find or readily evident when you first notice the water entering your interior.

    Interior Space In Your Building

    When youre debating whether to install a flat roof or a sloped roof, an important thing to consider is the space just below the roof inside your building. Do you utilize your interior space to the extent that some extra space just below your roof could pay off? If so, a flat roof will free up space, allowing you to stack supplies, shelves, or whatever you need higher than you would be able to with a sloped roof. If you plan to use all of the vertical space in your commercial building to its full extent, a flat roof will help.

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    Your Home Value Will Increase About 1/2 The Cost Of Roof Conversion

    If you are considering converting your roof in order to raise the value of your home, keep in mind that the value of your home will only increase about half of the cost of the roof conversion. As a result, if you are considering selling your home within the next 7-10 years, converting your flat roof may not be worth the required time and money.

    Convert Flat Roof To Pitched

    Flat to pitched roof service

    Are you thinking of converting your flat roof to a pitched roof? A pitched, or sloped, roof can add curb appeal and storage or even living space, it reduces maintenance in many cases, and it may solve structural problems with an ailing flat roof. At the same time, there are several good reasons not to convert a flat roof to pitched. Expense is a big one, and pitched roofs have their own issues with maintenance and leakage . A flat roof also can add distinction to a home, making it stand out among the horde of gables and hips in the neighborhood. The decision to convert a flat roof to pitched should be carefully considered. Here we’ll look at the basics to help you decide.

    What’s Wrong with Flat Roofs?

    Flat roofs have a bad rep in the building business. Many real estate agents and homeowners are afraid of them, and some insurers flat-out won’t cover them. But the fact remains that flat roofs have protected buildings effectively for centuries. They work well on large commercial structures, and they can work just as well on houses.

    Methods for Converting Roofs

    Why Consider a Roof Conversion?

    Here are the primary reasons homeowners choose to convert a flat roof to pitched:

  • Solution to a maintenance problem. Poor design and/or construction of the existing flat roof may have resulted in frequent or recurring problems.
  • Why Not Convert?

    Consult an experienced, licensed roofing pro to help you make the right decision about your flat roof.

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