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How To Generate Roofing Leads

Launch A Review Campaign

How to generate roofing leads in 2018

Most businesses arent proactive about collecting customer reviews. If you launch a review campaign, you can stand out. Better yet, you may generate exclusive roofing leads in the process, either through repeat business or referrals.

Ideally, you should capture reviews right at the point of service or with a quick follow up soon after the completion of work. Get in touch with your previous clientsvia email, phone, in-person, and social mediaand ask them to help to leave a review on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Home Advisor.

Most people are happy to help businesses that have provided a memorable product or service. If you offer customers a great experience, its possible to gather many positive reviews to leverage across future marketing campaigns.

Create Targeted Landing Pages To Get Roofing Leads Online

One way of getting quality roofing leads online is by creating landing pages with your potential customer. The main aim of running internet marketing campaigns is to send your prospects to your roofing website. So, consider your web visitorâs first impressions. Your ads should send potential clients to the right place to have the desired impact. Your homepage might not assist a prospect in making a decision, and the wrong page can send your chances away.

For instance, if clients click on an ad for TPO roofing, they might get annoyed if they finally land on a general roofing page. If they find information about flat roofing, they will navigate to another roofing company website. Similarly, if a customer searches for âRoofer in Memphis,â they expect to see results for roofers in Memphis, TN.

It is essential to design custom landing pages for all the clients that you target. If your roofing company serves customers all over the nation, then you need to create pages for every city that you serve. If you do different kinds of roofs, then consider creating separate landing pages for each roof.

What Is The Best Way To Generate Roofing Leads

How often do you shrug your shoulders when somebody asks you

Whats the best way to generate roofing leads?

New or not to the roofing industry, you need people to be thinking of your company when they need to get their roofs done.

Lead generation should be an essential part of your plan. Thats how you continuously attract customers and expand your business.

In todays guide, Im going to show you a list of strategies to attract more roofing prospects. You can use these tips right away. Dig in.

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Ask Your Customers To Leave Reviews

Do you ask your roofing customers to write a review after youve completed their project?

Love them or hate them, online reviews impact a potential customers perception of your business. Before they decide to hire you, they might want to get a feel of who you are by checking out reviews.

So as you can see, online reviews are a form of social proof. Theyre guaranteed to generate new roofing leads.

Assuming that youve optimized your profile on business directories, you can now start asking your current customers to leave a review.

There are many ways to do this. You can send them an email request , add calls-to-action on your website, or simply have a candid conversation over the phone or in person.

Angies List Thumbtack Homeadvisor Houzz

13 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads  The Ultimate Guide

Opportunity 2/5 | Expensive 1/5 | Quickness 1/5 | How long to wear off 3/5

You know them Im sure because they spam the hell out of roofers but it doesnt mean you shouldnt at least add yourself to their platform. Its still worth it to EXIST on them but you have to be strong and not cave to their aggressive salesmanship. Ive heard of people spending 23k to be featured on Houzz for a year and getting exactly 0 leads.

Home Advisor may be appropriate for some if absolutely necessary, but the problem is you may be inundated with expensive leads that are already picked over, and that have absolutely no awareness of your brand or allegiance whatsoever.

I think roofers should run their own experiments and try every possible opportunity for leads before settling in to 3-4 ways to get leads that work for them but in general, I doubt that those consistent, on-fire leads youre looking for arent going to come from some parasitic website like the ones above that sometimes literally rank for your own name above you, and then sell the lead back to you. Lame.

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Track Storms And Place Timely Ads

Many roofers up their advertising right before and after a nasty storm. When a storm devastates a building or damages the roof, being the first roofer to come to mind can be a huge advantage. Many apps let you track storms all over your service area, so you know when and where to start placing more social media and PPC ads.

Property Data & Owner Info Platform

If youâre a motivated professional, youâre not afraid to peek under the hood of where many list providers get most, if not all, of their data â public records. Thatâs why for data-driven professionals, advanced property data and owner information software is an absolute must.

Home and property services businesses, like roofing companies, benefit significantly from the continuously updated records and all the advanced functionality that these platforms can provide. More importantly, these platforms give you control and the ability to discover quality leads based on the criteria that make them a âqualityâ lead for YOU.


  • Ability to mix and match property data, mortgage information, and demographic insights to create hyperlocal mailing lists whenever you like
  • Explore leads and refine marketing lists based on visual cues and insights
  • More advanced capabilities include links to social media profiles, skip tracing, emails & phone numbers for appending
  • Mobile app with GPS functionality, ability to add notes, images, files
  • Mailing lists that auto-update themselves with new leads
  • Robust integration and automation functionality
  • More


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Ways To Get More Commercial Roofing Leads

Commercial roofing jobs are where the big bucks are made.

A lot of roofers prefer commercial jobs because they are much more lucrative. A commercial job can sometimes be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

However, there are big challenges involved with commercial roofing that you dont see in residential. Some challenges include lead generation , dealing with more sophisticated buyers, and a more complicated sales process.

B2B vs. B2C

What might work in a residential lead generation campaign might not work with commercial lead generation campaign and vice versa.

On average B2C leads are going to be less expensive than B2B leads. However, there might be less competition with some channels that target the commercial roofing business.

In the end, it comes down tracking your numbers and knowing exactly how much it costs to acquire a customer.

In the rest of this article, Ill go into detail and provide a general overview on how to generate commercial roofing leads for your business.

Build Dynamic Mailing Lists

How To Generate Leads and Marketing For Your Roofing Company – Roofing Sales Funnel

Unlike traditional mailing lists that grow old the second you buy them and require lots of manual effort to make them work, PropertyRadarâs dynamic mailing lists actually work for you by:

  • Alerting you about new leads by sending mobile push notifications or emails
  • Sending single piece direct mailers or triggering multitouch, multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Updating themselves daily with new roofing leads and opportunities â so theyâre always fresh and up to date.

PropertyRadar’s dynamic mailing lists helps put your direct mail marketing campaigns on cruise control.

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Once Youve Claimed The Listing What Youre Going To Want To Do Is Follow All Of The Options Available To You And Fill Them Out In Its Entirety

Dont leave anything blank. Ive taken over many roofing contractors Google My Business listing and the first thing I noticed is that theres so many empty fields. Google has this available to you. They have provided you with fields for you to fill out, so take the time and go to the services section for example.

Give Google all the information that it needs to be able to display it to the public.

When someone that is looking for roofing services heads over to Google and types in whatever roofing service they need, whether it be a roof repair, roof replacement, Google is able to associate that information with someone who is local as well as someone who provides the service.

So by you telling Google what service you provide, youre able to then let Google make the connection between the person searching and your company. So dont slack off on this, guys. Definitely take the time to fill out all of the available options to you.

Thats including the messaging feature.

This is a new feature, somewhat new, that Google has made available to where a person looking for a roofing service can simply send you a message, a text message, as simple as that, right?

Make sure you have that activated, right? So just go through every single step, fill everything out, and make sure that everything is active.

Use Googles Local Service Ads To Get More Roofing Leads

Googles Local Services ads are a type of pay-per-lead ad, and they appear at the top of the search results page. These ads get about 13.8% of clicksthat means if 50 people in your area search for roofing services, at least 7 of them will click one of those ads and turn into a roofing lead.

How much more money would you make per month with 7 more roofing jobs?

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Google Adwords Pay Per Click

PPC also known as pay per click is a method of advertising, in which you pay for traffic. The amount that you pay and the quality of the traffic depends on many different variables. I want to focus on Google, so I am going to talk about .

Google Adwords is the platform that you can use to manage ads that run on the . The reason that the platform is very powerful is because you can create an ad which appears at the top of the search engine results immediately. You do not need to use SEO to get in front of potential leads.

The other reason that the platform can be powerful is because you can measure exactly how much money you spend and how many leads are generated from that money. If you spend $100 and you generate $500 dollars in business, is that a good investment? Absolutely!

So you maybe wondering where do these ads appear? Generally, they appear directly under the search bar in Google.

Now the big difference between these ads is going to be where they take you after you click on one of them. Many businesses set it up so that the ad takes someone to their website. The problem is that there can be many issues with the website. Maybe the site loads slowly or the website is confusing and/or distracting.

The solution?

The key is to set-up the ad so that when someone clicks it, it goes to one page, also known as a landing page. The page is designed to load quickly and not be distracting with clear action points such as a phone number to call or inquiry form.

Snail Mail Or Direct Mail Campaigns

Generate Roofing Leads: 11 Roofer Marketing Strategies 2019

Yes, direct mail still works. Send out fliers with your companys name and roofing services. Send out postcards with an offer for a free roofing consultation. Make sure your direct mail packages are tailored , you can find out information about the addresses youre sending mail to. Make them targeted, and let the customer know you are aware they need roofing services, and you have what theyre looking for.

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Social Media Roofing Lead Generation

You cant get around it everyone is on social media today. Regardless of age, demographic, or location, people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites. So, use this to your advantage. Advertise on social media. Make sure youre targeting roofing leads that are interested in roofing services. You can utilize an app like Boostpoint. This allows you to enter your target location, and learn about local customers who might be your next target. Make sure youre geo-targeting those areas in the ad campaigns you create.

Ner With The Blackstorm Roofing Marketing Team To Get Consistent Stream Of Roofing Leads

With this guide, you have numerous tips and hints on generating roofing leads, both offline and online. As a roofer, you have many tasks requiring your attention, from managing workers to sourcing raw materials. Thus, you may not have all the time to test and implement some of the lead generation tips discussed above. So let the team at Blackstorm Roofing Marketing take that off your plate!

At BlackStorm, we provide the best internet marketing and website design services for roofing contractors who want to generate more leads and book more jobs.

If you are serious about creating a lead generating machine for your roofing business, kindly book a free strategy session with our growth experts and bring in more quality roofing leads to your company today.

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Content Marketing = Roofing Marketing

Creating content for your ideal customers is a great way to get more roofing leads. Consider writing blog posts and articles that you can post on your website, and make it easy for your audience to share that content on social media.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • How to Prepare for a Storm
  • Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing
  • Benefits of Conducting Regular Roof Maintenance
  • Which Roof Colors Complement Your House

Network With Real Estate Agents

Best Flyers Design: How to Generate leads for Roofing Company!!!

Both residential and commercial real estate agents often need roof work for their properties. The key is to target real estate agents who work with buyers. Buyers are usually the ones who request roof inspections and repairs, and they trust their agent to recommend businesses. To network with real estate agents, find ways to establish yourself as a helpful resource. Provide free information or ask to speak at local meetings.

Offer to write guest blog content for local real estate agents websites. This gives you a helpful backlink to your own site and allows them to offer more helpful content to their customers.

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Your First Storm Got You Thinking Getting Leads Is A Piece Of Cake Think Again

When you first open your roofing business, the rush of new leads may give you a false hope that youll easily find leads consistently. But, finding new roofing leads is something that you need to work on continuously as part of your overall marketing strategy. As a roofing business owner, you should have some creative ideas in your pocket to use to help you generate new leads as your business grows. The following methods are reliable enough to bring you some leads that you can convert to sales but creative enough to excite people about your company.

Using Lead Generation Strategies For Business Growth

Now that lead generation basics are understood, lets discuss ways to create new leads for your business. There are two ways to generate leads in todays marketplace: offline strategies and generating online leads.

Ideally, a strategy would include some form of both, but ultimately its best to focus your time and energy on the strategy that you find works best for your specific roofing business. Attempting both an offline and online system and analyzing the data about what is driving the most leads most cost-effectively is what you need to dedicate your business toward.

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Print Advertising And Direct Mail

Famous ad executive Albert Lasker once explained advertising to President Kennedy as salesmanship in print.

The world of advertising was a lot different before the emergence of digital media. Before radio, television, and social media came into being, direct mail was the most results-oriented, measurable type of advertising.

Advertisers would send physical letters to people who fit the demographics of their ideal customers and include a specific call to action. Recipients had to phone a number, clip out a coupon, fill in a form, or return a postage-paid business response card to benefit from a limited-time offer or some other discount offered in the letter.

Direct mail is now more commonly referred to as direct response, so it includes channels other than traditional mail. With more and more businesses relying on digital mails to get leads, a personal letter in the physical mailbox of a homeowner can really stand out from the crowd, especially if youre based in a relatively small town. A simple postcard with your roofing companys name and contact details can grab the attention of people in your area and highlight their interest in your service. Youll never know unless you try it.

Still not convinced?

A Clear Call to Action

All other printed materials you use to advertise your business should also have a clear call to action. This is important so you can direct people to a particular action, and its easier for you to measure the results of each campaign.

The Right Google Ads Setting For Your Roofing Company

4 Simple Reasons Why Commercial Roofing Leads Are Easier ...

For any Google campaign, there are 4 main settings: Networks, Audience, Language and Budget.

  • Always select Search Network, do not use the Display Network when using the method that I have listed above. .
  • Choose the audience location, you can select any country, region, city or subject. You can also type in the postcode or zip code to narrow down where you want to show your ads. Remember to include all suburbs near your location. Remember, the Google Ads Training Guide shows how you can adjust the location in more detail.
  • Let English for language
  • Next, you will want to set the daily budget for your campaign. The goal is to collect enough clicks to test our ads and keyword performance. Here I suggest you set the daily budget to $10 per day, this works out to be $300 per month.

    Then select Maximize Clicks.

    Now you can click finish, and your Google Ads campaign will be created and will start running. Just note, it normally takes about 24 hours before you will start to see any results.

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